Twice as Dead II

Daphne Sylk

Our cast of characters, some psychopathic, others like the rest of us, only neurotic.

Katya Kazakova and her twin Katja: Identical to a fault. Born in Belarus, involuntarily moved to Russia. Russian father killed in Chechen war. Angered with being saddled with twins, mother saw the second to be born as a curse. No husband, barely able to support one child, she took out her anger on Katya. Self absorbed mother couldn’t tell them apart so Katja often impersonated her sister and took the beatings for her.
Mother eventually bailed when they girls were six and ran The girls were placed with an elderly couple looking for the state stipend. They weren’t loving, not much even caring, at least they weren’t abusive. The girls fended for themselves, happy to be left alone. The couple sold them to a woman who took them to America, claiming they would be adopted by a rich American couple. She turned them over to a Slavic child seller in Houston. The third day there, they killed him and the two other men who held them captive, slit their throats with butcher knives. They lived for several years by theft, at night breaking into empty homes, houses for sale were easy opportunities, during the day learning English, math and money by going online at libraries.
Eventually they learned to break into occupied homes when they discovered how many people kept cash and guns lying around. On a chance encounter with a prostitute, Penny, Katya made a deal to kill her abusive pimp for five thousand dollars. Penny didn’t have the money, Katya did it for the thousand she could scare up.
Penny knows Katya as Vika, she also doesn’t know there’s a twin. Katya figures it best if Penny doesn’t know much about her and nothing about Katja. Penny and “Vika’ went into the murder for hire business.
Penny is the middle-woman, clients don’t know from Vika, they call Penny. She sets the fee, Vika takes out the target, they split the fee 50-50. Both twins go on the jobs, sometimes Katya does the kill, sometimes Katja.
In the course of events, opportunities arose for the twins to steal drug money, lots of it. One theft ran to millions in cash. They had already started a business, Katya Donut, wildly successful, they have four outlets in Houston. Over the years, they washed much of the cash and bought a house.
​Katya is an eidetiker, what’s commonly called photographic memory. She learned how to create IDs, licenses and birth certificates. Sixteen at the time, their ID says they’re twenty one, they were able to get bank and brokerage accounts, credit cards, the whole American dream.
Katya speaks English quite well, so can Katja, but she retains an accent when she discovered people find it charming.
Ellen worked at one of the donut shops, a high school girl of fifteen, hotter than Texas sun. She became a lover, with the additional attraction of being as cold blooded as the twins. A third contract killer.
Ultimately, they moved to New Orleans, remodeled a place in the French Quarter, hired a young college student to maintain the place. Mani is Thai and took to killing as if born to it. Apparently it’s true, like attracts like, killers of a feather so to speak.
The twins are telepaths, when they are talking to each other silently the conversations will be in italics.