Ninety Three

Sloane sleeps with Janah, I’m in Sloane’s room with Sarah, other than the sure bet the twins are with the twins, I don’t know who else is up to what.
Sarah’s sometimes aggressive, sometimes slow and affectionate, like tonight. She’s being especially affectionate to my legs. 
She works her way to the soft sensual and I’m treated to magic tongue, which sends me off climactically. After a shudder and vibe, I settle in to kissing her, then in a burst of genius, turn her over for a tongue tush tingle. Subsequently rewarded with Sarah’s squirmy giggly orgasm. 
I love making girls go off. I flip her and get her flying again, tongue is busy tonight and she tastes of sugar and vanilla, that’s it, French vanilla, yummy.
Sarah gasps, “Jaysus, I thought I was airborne, thank you. Now lay back, I have a plan.”
She straps up, oohhhhh.
We crash comfortably snuggled, not a muscle moves until Dasha is poking me in the side.
“Ees time for making breakfast, seventeen mouths to feed, I haf already coffee and tea. Gud marning Sarah, before you go to Japan, you will come to tweens, we will make you feel gud.”
Sarah grins, “We have tonight and tomorrow night, whichever works.”
I’m up, flushed, brushed and in the kitchen. The way Dasha was checking out Sarah’s racer legs, I wondered if she might leave breakfast up to me, but she doesn’t, duty first, sex later.
“What are we having?”
“Haf to be buffet style, too many and they might not all get up at the same time. After last night dinner, maybe cut fruit, yogurt, Miso zoup.”
“Good, then we can make egg salad, and deli cuts for finger sandwiches for lunch. I’ll figure it out later after we see who’s going to be around. Our guests may want to get out and around while they’re here.” 
Dasha, “Ah, you geev me gud idea, sister and I will take tweens to Russian Tea Room for lunch wiz maybe Eemaya and Chloe. We will haf movie actor lunch.”
“That is a good idea, Katya and Katja will appreciate it.”
“They did appreciating last night. Katja said sisters felt like granite body wiz smooth soft skin.”
“Did you tell them about the bear?”
“Da, they think we make a joke until sister peeks up both girls, one wiz one arm one wiz another, like hold two babies. Then they are all over us. Ees gud.”
“I’ll bet. And how did you show your appreciation, if I’m not being too nosy.”
“We leek front and back, then fuck them with strapping on machine. They are delirious when we haf feenish.”
I go into Daria’s head, she’s in the shower looking down on two idents getting double tongued.
“Daria is having a happy shower.”
Dasha stops, I can see she’s tapped into her sister, “Ees gud for Daria.”
“Do you want to join in? I can finish up here.”
“Nyet, ees for sister to feel gud, then I am anyway feel gud.”
Dasha is ferocious about her twin, and now that they can carry a hundred twenty in each arm, you don’t want to see ferocious.
“Dahfoney, before we take tweens to lunch, you and I will keek qi dummy for a working out.”
I wonder if the dummies are up to her.
During breakfast, plans are laid for our film girls to go to the Russian Tea Room.
Amaya, “We shall be elegantly fabulous. Daphne, can you arrange a car, I do not want to deal with parking.”
“I’ll call Angelo, he’ll be delighted to ferry around the more famous of us. Let him take a photo so he can show Angela. I’m sure she’ll stick it on the wall with the others she has.”
Angela is Angelo’s wife, similarity of names is coincidental. Angelo is one of our original drivers, a former inmate we’d set up with a car service. Now it’s him and a dozen other felons making an honest living, grateful to us for loans banks wouldn’t touch. The rule was and is, no shady crap. Drive, make your money, go home and have a drink. The service isn’t for carting stolen property or delivering drugs. 
We don’t own the business, we financed it. They paid us back over several years, we didn’t charge interest. We did the same thing for a couple of dry cleaning businesses, other former inmates do plumbing, construction, electrical work, there’s a custom cabinet operation. Same deal, we paid for the start up and equipment, they paid us back. All the additions and remodeling to the condo has been by them, the work is pristine. They also do remodeling and finishing for the properties we own.
Dasha and I change into sweats and hit the workout room, Sloane joins us. We alternate on the dummies, which are shaped like bodies about six feet tall. One is built like a fat guy, one a muscular type, one a skinny guy. There are buzzers implanted under the triple thick neoprene skin that tells us we hit the right spot. A one second buzz says we hit the pressure point, two seconds says we inflicted pain, three is a disabling blow. Sloane and I get the buzz from speed, Dasha from power.
A half hour in, we’re breathing hard, sheen of sweat on faces. Dasha punches the fat dummy so hard she puts a hole in the shell, the implanted buzzer falls to the floor in pieces.
“Uh oh, I haf broken dummy.”
“S’okay, I have replacements in storage. That was one of our older ones anyway, time to retire it.”
Janah comes in, “Holey moley, she busted straight thought that sucker, and those outer layers are tough.”
“I may have to get one made of the synthetic rubber and wire they use to make tires. Actually, I’m going to. Let’s see if Dasha and Chan can beat that puppy up.”
Janah, “How’s it going to buzz?”
“It won’t. If we don’t know the pressure points by now we’re hopeless. We’ll have it just for taking punishment.”
Dasha, “You will invite Chan over when girls are een Japan, sister and I will haf a workout wiz him. He ees een for big surprise maybe. Black also.”
“That’s a good idea, we haven’t said anything about grizzly bear transmissions. I’ll call them next week, tell them we’re doing sparring sessions and we’d like some heft to deal with.”
We head to the showers, Angelo collects the girls, I arrange lunch. Nikko and Zi are out, that leaves Janah, Sloane, Eloise, Oceane, and Cassie. 
I announce lunch over the intercom, I’m certain Oceane and Cass have been in the pool, Eloise is organizing robot parts. We’ve trained them to appear for lunch, no more chasing around the condo to pull Eloise away from her mechanics, or Oceane from her conversations with aliens. Sloane and Janah are easy, they usually show up early.
“If you want to return to whatever you were doing, just take your plates. Make sure the food is gone when I come around to collect them, Eloise, that means you.”
I’ve had enough experience to know if I don’t threaten, I’ll go up later and her sandwiches will be stacked on the plate untouched.
Eloise smiles, “I’m going to eat here. If I go back to the workshop, I’ll see something I need to do, then I’m in trouble with the chef.”
“Good then, what do you want to drink?”
“Coke Zero please.”
Eloise is a Coke junkie, followed by Monster or Red Bull. Fortunately, like me, she likes the sugar free kind. In her case probably wouldn’t matter, she's like ninety five pounds.
“How’s the bot coming, are the parts right?”
“So far. Our metals and mechanical engineers are first rate. I can Skype them if I have questions, they’re as excited to see how it runs out as I am. It’s not like they don’t have experience, our drones are made by robots, just ones that stay in one spot doing the same job over and over.”
She turns to Sloane, “If you have time, I need extra hands to start assembly, Daria’s busy with Russian Standard and Beef Stroganoff.”
“Glad to, I’d like to see how it goes together, like the whole process.”
Janah, “Me too, can I look over your shoulder?”
Eloise, “Happy to have you.”
“I’ll worry about assembling dinner.”
Janah, “Don’t go crazy, after the Russian Tea Room, they won’t want much. Just call Marconi’s and get pizza.”
“I’m going to get a few groceries, make sure you know where Oceane and Cass are. Wait, Cass, you and Oceane go with me, be good for you to get out.”
I clear lunch dishes, Oceane puts them in the dishwasher. It’s a pleasant day, at the crossing point near the end of summer and the beginning of fall. We walk a block south to Christopher St, then over to 6th, my favorite seafood specialty store, Citarella. I’ve decided to pass on pizza, instead get jumbo cooked shrimp, steamed lobster and lump crabmeat. To start, six dozen Wild Prince Edward Island Oysters packed in ice.
And the good part is that Citarella delivers, we don’t have to haul diddly.
Janah, Citarella will be making a delivery in an hour or so. Everything that needs to be iced will be, just leave the stuff on the kitchen counter.
Better than my pizza idea.
Well, there’s nothing vegetarian, you may be eating pizza anyway, or do you want me to get something veg from the deli?
No, call Dom later and get a veg extravaganza, doesn’t need to be the big one, Oceane will eat seafood.
I’m walking the girls around, it’s a lovely day, see you in a bit.

Ninety Four

We make it all the way to Chinatown, then to Fong’s. It’s mid afternoon, the place has customers but is mostly empty. Chan is in his spot in the corner near the kitchen, he’s talking to a couple of Chinese, younger men in suits.
Ning, “Daphne, Oceane, Cassie, what a pleasant surprise. Tea?”
“Great, we’re not eating, just walking and decided to walk here.”
“Glad you did, you guys are out of town so much. Did Danika say, we’re planning a week at the fun house in Arizona with Black and Sonia.”
“She didn’t mention it, doesn’t matter, enjoy. They’re always glad to have visitors. Which reminds me, I need to talk to Black when I get home.”
The two men stand, bow to Chan, they bow and exchange a few words with Ning in Chinese. I don’t recognized them, they could be from anywhere, Chan gets a lot of  Chinese visitors. He’s the Chinatown Godfather, inherited his role from Mrs. Fong who was defacto Mayor of Chinatown for decades. And his reach extends to Chinatowns across the globe.
The exchange is just pleasantries, they don’t know I speak their language. After subtle glances at Oceane and Cass, they leave.
Ning, “Young men cannot resist a peek at two lovely girls.”
“They get that a lot, I doubt they notice.”
Oceane, “Men have settled a dispute.”
“Or perhaps they do.”
Ning smiles, “Oceane knows the unknowable.”
“She’s sensitive that way.”
“I’ll bring the tea.”
We join Chan, “Master Sylk, what brings you to Chinatown?”
“Friends we don’t see as often as we’d like. Oceane says you’ve been resolving conflicts.”
Chan shrugs, “Young girl is a mystic, Cassandra even more so. A small matter of territory in Vancouver.”
“Funny, they didn’t look Canadian.”
Chan ignores me. Twenty percent of the population in Vancouver is Chinese and Vancouver was originally immigrant Brits and Irish, it was never indigenous Canadian.
“We would appreciate it if you and Black could find a day next week to come over for sparring. We need more substance than we can provide on our own.”
“Maybe the temple, Black and I usually go Wednesday or Thursday anyway.”
“Good then, call me with a time.”
“What has the family been up to, Ning said you were in Arizona.”
“Amaya and Chloe are going to Japan next week, the girls from New Orleans are going to accompany.”
“As bodyguards.”
“Security, yes. Hopefully, since it’s Tokyo, there won’t be much for them to do. Chloe is doing a couple of commercials, she’ll do a few talk shows to pimp the product. Don’t ask me what, cosmetics of some kind. Eloise and Daria are building a robot to clean house, they figure three years to get it fully operational. Maybe we’ll wind up with robot servers at Ultra Violet.”
“Nikko won’t go for that.”
“No, she’s all for automation, but not automated employees. She doesn’t have a phone tree at Murakami Sylk, phones are answered by a receptionist. Employees have mobiles, some give clients their numbers, others prefer to give the company main number. Nikko’s rule is as instant a response as possible, she never wants to hear ‘nobody called me back’.”
Chan nods, “Sounds like Japanese sister.”
He turns to Oceane, “And what occupies your time young one?”
“Cassandra, art, the pencils tell me when they want to be busy, even when it means I must sharpen them. When things grow, they get bigger, as things are used up the get smaller. When the pencils get too small to use, they want to be put in the fire. It doesn’t hurt them, they do not feel anything.”
“They return to the void, reappear as something else.”
“I listen when Cassandra talks to the others,” she waves her hand in a arc, “out there. There are multitudes, but nobody hears them.”
“Where do they live, out there?”
“In the before now and the after now.”
“When did the before begin, and when does the after end?”
“No beginning, no ending.”
Ning, “How beautiful.”
Chan nods, “They are the Absolute in human form.”
“And I absolutely have to get them back to the finite condo.”
Ning, “A moment, I’ll give you won ton soup for Dasha, also hot and sour, egg drop for your vegetarian.”
“They will burn incense for your long life and prosperity.”
Ning, “You and Janah gave us that already, it is we who are grateful.”
I get Amaya on the brain line, Home?
Yes, just getting out of the car.
Ask Angelo to collect us at Fong’s, Ning has several quarts of soup for us and I don’t want to schlep boxes home.
He’ll be there in ten.

And he is, we climb in.
“Don’t screech around any corners unless you want soup on the carpets.”
Angelo, “Not gonna spill a drop Miss Daphne. Hello Oceane, hello Cassie. My wife’s gonna be t’rilled, I got shots of me wit’ movie stars at the Russian Tea Room. And I got a shots of the girls. Katya is like Daria, quiet, Katja is like Dasha, hilarious. And that Ellen, wow, her and Amaya together, Angela gonna give me grief about them two.”
“Remind her they’re all queer.”
“Only thing that’ll save me, look,” he hands me his phone.
He’s surrounded by Amaya and Ellen, each of them kissing his cheek, then one of Chloe and him. 
“Yeah, I could see her point, but what philandering man goes home and shows his wife the evidence?”
“Angela will have her fun, but she’s gonna stick all of the photos on the screensaver. You guys are mixed wit’ family photos that run all day.”
Home, we tote the boxes up, it’s not quite tea time. The lunch girls must be digesting, I imagine more than a couple of vodkas were downed, along with the required toasts.
I find Amaya sprawled on her bed, “God, those Russians, I swear they could chug a quart of vodka and walk straight home. I had three and quit, they had at least three more. Fortunately we ate like starved refugees along the way. They behaved themselves though, and the staff squirreled us away in a corner. Chloe faced a wall, the twins were all dressed differently, if people recognized anyone, they didn’t act like it. When we left a few heads turned, but it was too late to be barraged for photo requests and autographs. Angelo had the doors open and we evaporated.”
“There will be tea, but we’ll understand if the famous don’t attend. I’m sure you don’t want to think of dinner, but it’s seafood from Citarella, nothing as heavy as Beef Stroganoff.”
“Actually, we ate reasonably, it was no pig fest, we did more damage at Ultra Violet the other night. We spent most of the time discussing potential movie plots. Katya is quite creative, she thought up a plot that mimics a chess match. The opening, pawn to whatever is seen on film as a character making a tentative move to capture the king, which is not a king, but some important character. Each segment of the film has a chess move on screen, knight to queen three, whatever they call those bits. You see where it is headed?”
“Yes, the final scene is checkmate, a draw would be too boring. And the concept is quite creative, if done well, it explains chess in the context of an involving action thriller. You may create an entire generation of chess enthusiasts.”
“I know nothing of chess, but Katya does, so, I was surprised to find, does Daria. They play games via text messages, do not even use a board, they remember the positions and moves. That is wickedly intelligent.”
“Dang, I had no idea. Sounds like you bought yourself a screenplay project.”
“And it will be brilliant.”

Ninety Five

Whatever they did at lunch doesn’t stop cocktails or dinner. Dasha and I prepare oysters on the half shell for a first course, gone in less time than it took us to shuck them. Then the soups, then more seafood, peeled shrimp, lobster and lump crabmeat with crackers, seafood sauce and melted garlic butter.
Sarah, “Geez, like New Orleans, although they don’t do much lobster, and it’s sooo good dripping in butter.”
“Seafood seemed light enough after your lunch, then Ning spotted us the soup.”
Ellen, “That was perfect hot and sour, all her soups were excellent.”
“She kept Fong’s original recipes intact, when they opened Asiana she developed different dishes. It’s Asian fusion, a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese. More upscale than Fong’s. We’ve been a few times, it’s really good but not the kind of food you take out, part of the enjoyment is presentation.”
During our after dinner movie, Janah snags Ellen for a nighttime lustathon.
Janah, “Want to participate?”
“I think Ellen would like exclusivity, besides, Mani’s been playing with my legs under the comforter and she’s started playing a bit higher up, ooohhh.”
Sarah’s got one more night with Sloane, it appears to be more of a free for all, Oceane and Cass go up with them.
I’m being tingled in bed by Mani, have no idea about the others, but anyone who wants girl play will find it here.
Our last day is spent at home, even Nikko and Zi hang around. We must have been occupied, the day zings by, then we do Italian from Marconi’s.
To bed fairly early, then up early to take the traveler’s to JFK. Even first class they want you to check in hours before boarding. Flights leave at nine thirty-ish, I have them at the airport for six thirty. At least they’re in first class, that buys them space in private lounges away from the travel zoo.
It’s Saturday, traffic inbound to Manhattan is light, I’m home in no time. Dasha is making breakfast.
“What can I do?”
“You haf done, bring girls to airport at crackup of dawn. Sit, here ees coffee. I am making scrahmbulled and beeskit, greets, seemple.”
Nikko is up, Zi comes along, then Janah. Unusual for J to be up so early on a Saturday.
“An occasion? Don’t tell me you couldn’t sleep,” Janah can sleep anywhere.
“Phone call. We need to go to Springfield Illinois.”
Nikko, “How exhilarating, what’s in Springfield?”
“A guy who thinks his daughter is his wife replacement.”
Nikko, “Christ, these guys never end.”
“Pedophilia is a worldwide problem, America is one of the biggest child sex cultures. Everything from bad uncle Tommy to pimping kids for money to incest.”
“Where’s the wife, the mom?”
“Gone, as in disappeared. Springfield is the state capitol, there are a bunch of little towns surrounding it and a lot of nothing roads. If this guy disappeared his wife, there’s plenty of empty space to dig a hole.”
“Any other kids?”
“How do we know that daddy is bad dad?”
“Suspicion arising from a clinic visit. The girl was in for fever, kid stuff. She submitted a urine sample, there was a trace amount of blood from a vaginal tear, the bleeding wasn’t internal. Could have been from self stimulation of course, but it wasn’t seen as likely. Kids play with themselves but not enough to draw blood. The doc questioned the girl about it, asked if she hurt herself, nothing forthcoming.”
Nikko, “You’re not going to Springfield based on that.”
“No, we stuck Surveillance on him. He’s doing more than playing with his daughter. She’s kept at home, he says for religious reasons, and she’s home schooled.”
“I’m afraid to ask, age?”
Nikko, “Don’t even think about anyone but me, who and where?”
Janah, “Justice Jameson, yes his name is Justice.”
Nikko, “Perfect, that’s exactly what he’s going to get.”
“We can be in Springfield this afternoon. First, get him separated from the girl without scaring her to death. From the surveillance audio, she’s not okay with this, there’s no enthusiasm, just resignation. That’s something, she won’t be unhappy he’s gone. We have no information about her mother, we don’t know if the girl much remembers her. She was four when mom disappeared.”
“Does he have a routine. Times when he’s gone and the girl is home?”
“Yes, he locks her in her room when he goes to work, she goes with him sometimes for common errands, groceries, drug store. She’s not restrained, just in a room with a small bathroom and no windows. There’s a TV, they hear kid programs, no evidence of internet or a phone she can access.” 
“Sounds like we need to get him to or from work then.”
“What’s he do?”
“Driver for a medical supplies company. Hospitals carry the least inventory possible, his company warehouses thousands of medical items from scrubs to bandages, cotton balls or orthopedic rehab devices. If it’s used in a hospital, clinic or for physical therapy, they have it. He has a run from Springfield to Decatur to Champaign, about ninety miles one way.”
“Surveillance follow his route?”
“Yep, regular coffee stop in Decatur on the way back. Eats lunch at one of the Champaign hospitals, not good for us. There’s also a window when he returns, from parking his rig, clearing up paper work then walking to his car, truck, maroon Toyota Tacoma.”
“What happens to the girl? One of the ranches?”
“I’ve already alerted Colorado.”
Nikko, “Sounds like a detain, take the girl, work on the target, get the girl to Colorado.”
Janah, “I want to know what happened to his wife.”
“You going to turn him in, I mean if he killed her?”
“No, it stirs up questions about the girl. We’re our own legal system, we know he’s guilty of raping his daughter, that buys him an incapacitated life. We don’t kill unless he’s a Shadow, but he’ll have a very hard time of it, won’t be truck driving anymore.”
Nikko, “Can I castrate him?”
“That’s messy and might kill him. Daria or I will do mental housekeeping, he won’t be himself, and he definitely won’t be getting any erections.”

Ninety Six

“Someone needs to stay with Oceane and Cass, and handle meals. I’ll stay, Sloane too. The rest of you can handle one guy.”
Dasha, “Sister should go, I will stay also here.”
Janah, “Nikko, Zi, Daria and I ought to be more than sufficient, overkill probably, but it costs no more to fly four than two or three. Hampton has acceptable suites, we only need two.”
Nikko, “Do we even need rooms?”
“We can’t get there until this afternoon and may miss his coffee stop in Decatur. Even if we catch up to him, we have to refocus him, and the girl needs to be collected. She’s going to be confused and maybe disoriented. I’ll have to talk her down, or up. If we get lucky, Nikko and Daria grab Justice, Zi and I will break in and release the girl. Girl sounds cold, she has a name, it’s Lauren. ”
“And you need to get moving, disguise up, your ID is in order, Transportation has two cars, an SUV and a plain as day sedan. I’ll get you to Teterboro. Janah, let’s get rid of white hair, what do you want?”
“Mouse brown, it’s easy to wash out.”
We don’t temp color anyone else, sometimes Nikko does strange makeup, but they will likely have to snatch Jameson in a relatively public place and she doesn’t need to stand out.
“Dasha, prep a drone and a dart gun. It might be helpful to tranquilize him first, and the other pharmaceuticals. The case is ready, drugs in the refrigerator.”
Ninety minutes later, I drop them at the terminal, they have minimal personal luggage, but the pharma, drone and dart gun cases look like luggage. Flying private means we don’t have to explain what’s inside. Even if we did, the parts are disassembled and the drugs are labeled insulin of varying potency. The potency levels refer to our various refocusing drugs. 
Tranquilizer, which we call Sleep. Truth is our hyper version of truth serum. Trust is a highly effective synthetic oxytocin, and Oblivion, which speaks for itself. Oblivion won’t be used unless they discover he’s a Shadow.
Back at the condo, I check up on Oceane and Cass, they’re swimming in the endless pool we have rooftop. Sloane is sunning herself while she watches them.
“Sloane, it’s getting on to lunch, have the girls shower and come down please.”
“What’s for lunch?”
“Dasha’s handling it, I caught the scent of tomato basil soup, sandwiches, Boar’s Head chipotle chicken probably.”
I go downstairs, Dasha’s stirring soup, the chicken is on a platter with multigrain bread for toasting, or not, Oceane likes it soft.
“Girls are coming, they need a quickie rinse from the pool, wash the chlorine out of their hair.”
“Da, okay, we haf nice nothing afternoon, they can do whatever, we will follow sister and Janah, maybe they can come home tomorrow.”
Despite mentaling, she doesn’t like being physically away from Daria anymore than I like being away from Janah. For years, we never were apart for a day, but the circumstances of our extended family changed and we needed to accommodate. 
The girls come down, Sloane pops two pieces of bread in the toaster, I ask Oceane, ‘You want toast or plain?”
Dasha sets out bowls of soup, I make a sandwich with chicken, kewpie mayo and smear of Tonkatsu, cut it, give Cass one half and Oceane the other. They eat healthy, but not much. Sloane, on the other hand, makes a second sandwich.
“Gotta keep the wolf fed mom.”
“Understood,” she's a sinewy rail, I think she could eat chocolate covered anvils everyday and not gain an ounce.
Oceane, “Nikko and Daria are in danger.”
That changes the subject, “Don’t screw around Oceane, what is it?”
“Dark, black, death,” as if she’d said nothing out of the ordinary, she feeds Cass a spoon of soup.
I go online, Nikko, Janah, what’s up?
Oceane says Nikko and Daria are in danger.

Janah, Crap, anything else?
Only dark, black, death. Suggest anything?

Nikko, Suggests we take a more careful approach. If she’s right, he’s a Shadow, Zi or Janah will figure that out. Think she might have mentioned it earlier?
My bad, it comes to her when it does, she doesn’t go to it, and better than getting surprised. Daria might have spotted him as a Shadow, but now we know.
Dasha’s already told Daria, you keep your radar on high, this puke could be more than a handful.

Will do, the good news is, now I can kill him.
Nikko, sheesh, she won’t want the simple way, dart him with Oblivion. That’s not samurai, she’ll want to face him down, and a powerful Shadow is not for facing down. Not unless you’re a Janah or Daria. Nikko and I are good, but our qi is not at their level. Oceane’s omen doesn’t suggest a lightweight.
Sloane, “Are they going to be okay?”
“We’ll know that when we do. If Nikko insists on a slap down, it could go hard on her.”
“But Daria will be there, Janah and Zi.”
“They were originally going to get Lauren while Nikko and Daria did Jameson, let me check.”
Janah, you’re changing plans, yes?
Oh yeah. We’re going to confirm, there will be a drone. We’ll tranq him, haul him someplace and do an interrogation. Nikko can have the final cut, but we do it without a fight. She didn’t argue.
Maybe get Lauren while he’s traveling, you can deal with him in the comfort of his own home.
Good point. We’ll see how things develop.

“They made adjustments, might get the child first, while Jameson is working.”
Sloane, “Good. Poor kid, think she’ll be a mess?”
“Unknown. We don’t assume, it sets up preconceived notions.”
“Like me, you didn’t leap to a conclusion that I was permanently traumatized.”
Lunch done, Oceane and Cass go for their afternoon siesta, Sloane to her room, or she might snooze with the others.
Dasha and I clean up, decide to skip cooking dinner, we’ll order something out. We park on the couch and get into our others’ heads.

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