Chapter Nine

Eloise returns to the condo, Janah, Daria, Nikko and Zi are off, Amaya is going to her agent’s, an attorney with Walker and Walker, our long term law firm, Chloe will accompany. That leaves Dasha and me.
We finish cleaning the dishes, refresh bedroom linens, run the vacuum around and dust, swipe bathroom counters. That sucks up a couple of hours.
“We’ve cleaned and tidied, what would you like to do?”
Dasha, “We will go to MoMA, Dahfoney.”
Great idea, I like MoMA, even if I’ve been there a thousand times. Our membership lets us avoid the masses in line, and it’s early in the week, so perhaps the tourists haven’t clogged the exhibits.  
Dasha likes the art, Warhol, Pollack, van Gogh. She has her own enhanced vision, courtesy of the eagle and owl, the colors more vivid, details leap out. When we see these works, we see them in HD, the shapes and colors are brain tinglers. There is an actual vibration in our head, I don’t know what cocaine does from direct experience, but what we experience is intensely enjoyable.
Munch’s The Scream is on display, Dasha comments, “Ees like sister.”
My heart hurts, “Is it as bad now?”
Dasha, “Nyet, better now, Vesnushki takes pain away.”
“What do you mean?”
Dasha, “Daria tells Vesnushki many times. No mahter how much she tells, Vesnushki listen. Daria sees pain in Vesnushki. They make game, throw pain in fire, watch it burn up.”
“It comes back sometimes.”
Dasha, “Da, but every time smaller, now ees nothing.”
“Good, very good, I am much relieved to hear it.”
Dasha, “Da, gud.”
We are strolling through exhibits, Warhol’s soup cans, Pollack paint splatters, van Gogh’s dark thickly layered Starry Night, an exhibit of abstracts, some similar to Kara’s work.
“And what does she make of Eloise?”
Dasha, “Eloise haf gud brain for machine. Sister like to find out things, they will make machines, you will see. We will haf lunch now, Dahfoney.”
Janah, You really know how to make her cough up the information.
Maybe it’s all she knows. I have to be specific if I want to know more.

“Dasha, besides that, does she know anything personally about Eloise? She sort of popped up in Spider’s network, she didn’t come with operating instructions.”
Dasha, “Nyet, why care about personally? She knows machine, Daria wants to find out, personally not mahter.”
Get your answer?
Janah, Yep, two computers talking to each other. Interesting, how Daria relates to Chloe on a very personal level, you and Amaya are slotted in a separate place, the rest of us in a single box.
Eloise has a special skill that interests Daria. Like Chan was able to guide her qi. If someone has a skill she finds useful, they become a specific tool in her tool box, for a specific purpose.

Janah, Got a call coming in, see you later.
Dasha and I are deciding where to eat, I recall a Chinese restaurant near Rockefeller Center called Wu Liang. I think it over, I’ve had good lunches there, but the service is spotty. You don’t need to speak Chinese, but since I do, I get better treatment. I also recall it’s rather packed at lunch and the tables are practically stacked on top of each other, so we walk the five blocks to the Russian Tea room on 57th.
Much better idea. Dasha is in her element, we’ve been several times with the twins and the wait staff loves them.
Dasha, “I will make order, Dahfoney.”
Works for me, she is back and forth in Russian with the waiter. Since we had a big breakfast, Dasha opts for appetizers and orders red borscht, which is pickled red beets, vegetables and dill in a short rib broth served with a braised beef pirozhok, a beef stuffed croissant like pastry.
Pelmeni, Siberian style beef filled dumplings with sour cream, peas, dill and mixed mushrooms and a caviar tasting consisting of buckwheat blinis with sour cream, chopped boiled eggs, onion, parsley, topped with trout, salmon and white fish roe.
While we wait, she has a chilled vodka neat. She’s not twenty one, doesn’t look more than fifteen, but she has a driver’s license with the right date on it. We decided it foolish to have to sneak the twins sips of Janah’s or Amaya’s cocktails, and we fake ID when we travel anyway. They drink at home, they’re Russian, that’s how it is.
Everything is splendid, filling us without stuffing, chef comes along and banters with Dasha, she gets another vodka on the house, we decide on dessert and split cheese and cherry blintzes with vanilla ice cream.
Chef, “Where is Daria today? ”
Dasha, “Sister works with Nikko and Zi at business now, busy. Daphne and I visit MoMA, then we come here.”
They are speaking Russian, I follow in general, know enough Russian to catch the drift. Our dessert arrives, Chef wanders off to a couple of tables, then back to his kitchen.
The blintzes are lovely, nice sweet touch to round off the meal. I settle the tab, Dasha does do svidaniyas, we decide to walk the three miles to the apartment.
7th Avenue is an easy walk, not the crowded nightmare of 5th, we aren’t in a hurry.
Along the way, I ask, “Did Daria get a sense of how Eloise felt about being with the family? It’s probably more people than she’s hung with in a while.”
Dasha, “Nyet, she does not say, Daria no ask. They talk of machines after tea, then dinner, then movie. We go to bed, Daria makes sex with Eloise, we slip.”
I laugh to myself, Janah comes online, Sheesh, you usually have to pry specifics out of her, then she blurts out specifics you didn’t ask about.
They’re complicated, and she’s had two double vodkas.

Janah, Ah, the verbal liberator libation.
I switch to Dasha, “Just like that? You’re in bed, Daria decides to jump her? Eloise goes along?”
Dasha, “Dahfoney, Daria ees next to me in bed, I am in her brain, I feel Eloise hands on sister, touching all over, Daria turn over, Eloise kissing. Then they make sex on each other. I sex myself while they make sex, ees gud to watch, very sexy.”
“Gee, wish I’d been in your head. Guess I’m too nosy.”
Dasha, “I do not care, we like to excite you.”
“Yes, I enjoy it.”
Daria and Eloise are not total machines, cyborgs maybe? No, I’m not being insensitive, it’s only word play, not a personality judgment. Not that the twins would care one way or the other.
Chapter Ten

Amaya and Chloe are home, “How’d the meeting go?”
Amaya, “Melinda is splendid, a crackerjack lawyer, knows the publishing and film business. Three offers for options are in, one is very healthy, but they want more creative control than I am willing to surrender. Options come with an expiration date, they want too much time for their money. Childers is still the front runner. The publisher is happier if we go to paperback and eBook before a film is announced. Childers is doing a documentary now anyway. He will get a screenwriter on it, crank out a script and make a movie, no dithering.”
“Sounds like he’s more than the front runner.”
Chloe, “Amaya likes him, he’s going to get it. The process is a way for Melinda to bill hours and keep her in front of the studios. Amaya wants her to get paid, she’s been a good sounding board. Amaya’s also talking with Nikko about not optioning it at all and funding the film ourselves.”
“Fair enough. Dasha and I slogged here from the Russian Tea Room, we need a shower. It’s a couple of hours to tea. I’m going to clean up my act and chill. You guys get lunch?”
Chloe, “We had lunch with Melinda in mid town, The Palm. I had a 2nd Avenue Burger, Danish bleu cheese and smoked bacon, Dasha should try it, check out the competition in bleu cheese burgers around town.”
Amaya, “Melinda and I were more sensible, we both had lobster salad, the place really is quite good.”
Dasha, “Dahfoney, you will take us to Palm for bleu chizz burger.”
“I’m getting hungry again.”
We go off to the shower in my room, while we’re soaking under warm rainfall, I hear Amaya and Chloe playing flute and shamisen downstairs. Nice shower accompaniment. When we’re dry, we stretch out on the bed and drift into the twilight haze of semi-nap until Dasha finds a toy in the side table.
“Dahfoney, you will make me feel gud with vibrating machine.”
Nice idea. I wet it in my mouth, ease it over the sensitive spot it’s intended for, when she is nicely hydrated, I ease it in, kiss her hard legs, she’s alternating lip biting and soft groans.
“Dahfoney, you will kiss me here,” she points to a spot just over the vibrator.
I enthusiastically follow directions and am rewarded with, “Dahfoney, you will leek me now.”
Ooooh, I detach the toy, roll between her legs and do my thing to her thing. Before long, she’s in a thrashing squirm, then release, deep breaths, a post-o shudder.
There’s a first time for everything, this is the first time for this thing, and it came out of the blue (maybe the bleu chizz) and it is delightful.
Dasha, “Ees gud.”
“You’re scrumptious, I see what keeps Daria after you.”
Dasha, “Sister ees sexy fiend. I am not so sexy as Daria.”
“Maybe you aren’t as interested, but you are sensually sexy. I got off getting you off.”
Dasha takes a final deep breath, exhales, “We will make more sex soon, Dahfoney."
Janah, Finally scored.
Have to respect my restraint.

Janah giggles, What restraint? You score everyone else all the time.
In the immortal words of Dasha, Dahfoney ees for making sex.

Janah, What I always thought. We’re headed home, Nikko just collected me, see you soon, sex toy.
Good day for quiet tea, we observe silently, Amaya and Chloe play for a while. Some days we recap the day, some days we have full ceremonies, some days we do zero but enjoy stillness in the warmth of our family. An hour passes, I start to clear cups, the snack platter, our worker bees, Daria, Nikko and Zi, go to their rooms to deconstruct, bathe, read or catch up on the daily news online. It’s two hours to dinner.
“Dasha, what do you want to do for dinner?”
“I will steer fry vegetables and tofu, make fry rice wiz gahrlik sauce and ohnyon, you will get roast cheeken from deli.”
Good plan, I head down to the deli on 7th, pick up three roasted chickens and schlep them back to the apartment. I cut them in pieces, put them on a foil lined pan for later warming. Dasha has her veg selections chopped up in chunks, three blocks of tofu under the press to remove the water. It stir fries much better that way, stays firm. I see the rice is almost done. Drain it, let it cool, then lightly cook eggs and shallots in grapeseed oil, set that aside and fry cold brown rice in a bit of oil, drizzle of soy sauce, add the egg-shallot mix just at the end.
Cocktails made and served, then dinner with Beaujolais, our wine drinkers aren’t much for whites, they seem rather plain or too sweet.
Nikko, “The money is stacking up, Janah, do you have any thoughts on projects?”
Janah, “Lacy is overflowing with applications. Should we build a school for the girls she can’t take? Or a school for first through sixth? Chapman's starts at seventh. The Society could use another ranch.”
Nikko, “You don’t want to expand the three we have.”
Janah, “No, twenty kids appears to be a good number. The way we structure the ranches there are kids from five or six to eighteen, it’s like a super family, bigger would lose that atmosphere.”
Nikko, “I’ll speak to Lacy about the school, I think we should charge, we’re going to have to hire teachers and staff, pay salaries, buy insurance and equipment. Unless you’re talking about a very small school, it’s going to take a reasonable revenue stream to operate. We can front the set up costs, money we aren’t going to get back, private schools run on a thin margin.”
Janah, “Good, put together something. For the ranch, we’ll buy the land and fund improvements, the Society and temple will cover operations. The monks run them incredibly efficiently. Unlike our schools, there’s very little external maintenance expense.”
“How are our financials?”
Years ago, we built two schools in Brooklyn and the Bronx, one boys, one girls. They’re for kids who are bright and bored in regular school, but are also poor. Many of the students board at the schools, everything is free, meals included. David, a monk we entered the temple with years ago, runs them both with the help of other monks, some of whom are instructors along with teachers who are on salary. They are run under the auspices of the temple, and over the years attracted so much interest from Trusts and education philanthropists, it costs the Shaolin very little to operate.
Nikko, “It’s the nature of wealth to compound. We live rich, but not extravagant. We never spend anything like what we make, the two free schools need very little from us, two hundred thousand is the most we shelled out in a year. The Sylk Trust owns the ranches, but the Society pays operating costs. These new projects will make a temporary dent in liquid net worth, but they also have value if we own them, or tax value if we donate the money, like buying and improving the ranches. The new school can either be owned by one of our corporations, or we can make it a 501c3, like Chapman's, then parents can get a tax deduction for donations to endowment or capital projects.”
Janah, “Make it like Chapman's. Lacy makes it plain that along with tuition there are expected additional donations to the school.”
Dasha, “Daria and Eloise haf project.”
“And what is their idea?”
Dasha, “They will build machine.”
“Care to elaborate?”
Dasha, “Eloise can make machine to operate entire apartment electric, also flying machine to spy, send data to computer, leessen in secret, take photo….wait…” it’s clear she’s mentaling Daria, then, “also veedeo, owdeo, gud for sneaking on people.”
Janah, “She wants a workshop.”
Dasha, “Da, they will make robot, you will haf idea for machine, they will make something.”
Amaya, “That’s cool.”
Janah, “Nikko?”
Nikko, “Where we going to put it?”
“Add on to the twins room, a separate room. How big do they need it, Dasha?”
Daria answers, “Same size as our room. Work tables, shelves, tools, many power outlets, parts, equipment. Besides cost of room, less than fifty thousand for all equipment, we build computers.”
Nikko, “If the family agrees, then we will build the room, another solar roof, you will have to furnish it according to your work needs,” she looks around at the rest of us, “do you want to proceed?”
“This is pretty easy, it’ll be fun to see what they come up with.”
Janah, “Just don’t burn down the place.”
Nikko, “We’ll fireproof it, sounds like something we can build out of concrete block. It’s solid, reinforced with rebar, the holes are filled with more concrete. We have sprinklers throughout the apartment, we’ll just run more lines.”
Chloe, “Isn’t that very heavy?”
Nikko, “We’ll use lightweight block and fill, I’ll get a structural engineer to scope out the total weight and what the roof can take. To be sure, we’ll reinforce the roof, it won’t be a problem.”
“Sounds like a go, any objections?”
There are none, we’re all too interested in what the two girls can create.

Chapter Eleven

Nikko rounds up a contractor, one we put in business from our inmate program. We get a specialist to reinforce the roof, the structural engineer said it would be a good idea. Nikko decides to reinforce the whole roof. We did it partially when we built the first two rooms up there, it essentially involves taking up the old roof, adding additional support beams, replacing old questionable ones.  
Some of us go to our cabin in Canada, Nikko, Zi, Eloise and Daria stay in town to oversee construction.
After a month in Canada, we return, roof reinforced, the new room is in progress.
I’m at Susan’s, “Good thing we did the roof, there were spots that needed supports replaced. The thing wasn’t going to collapse, but it opened up the possibility of leaks when snow piles up. The engineer said we could add whatever we want now. While he was looking over the roof, Lacy had him inspect the rest of the building. There are needed repairs to a few support beams in the walls, nothing imminently dangerous but as long as work is going on anyway, she wanted to get it done. Overall, he said the building is in great shape.”
Susan, “Good to know. I don’t suppose it will hurt to have him walk this place, I own the whole building. It’s a good time, the first floor tenants are moving, so there’s only the fourth to inconvenience. The Feldmans are easy to get along with, they’ll appreciate that I’m keeping the place looked after.”
Nikko, ask the structural engineer to call Sis, she wants an inspection.
Will do.

Susan, “Can you ask Nikko to give me the engineer’s name?”
“Already did. He’ll call you.”
She laughs, “You give instant messaging a whole new meaning.”
“It comes in handy.”
Susan, “I’m going to miss having Daria around, but she’s missed her sister, even with her new pal.”
“They getting along?”
Susan, “As far as anyone can tell, I don’t read auras, they sure don’t say much. My gaydar picked up their more intimate side.”
“Yeah, that fell out of the sky. Eloise made the first move, Daria didn’t object.”
Susan, “I couldn’t tell she was interested in girls, I’m pretty good at spotting girls who like girls, Eloise didn’t register with me until Daria stayed here. Then it was easy to see, the shy way she looks at Daria. She doesn’t touch people, or at least never did me or Taylor, but she does little things with Daria. If they’re working on the computer, she touches her arm, rests her hand on Daria’s leg for a couple of seconds. I brought fresh towels to her room, Daria was drying off from a shower, Eloise never took her eyes off her.”
“She’s got good taste, the twins are hottettes.”
Susan, “Does she, you know, um, Dasha? Never mind, I’m wandering into stuff that’s not my business.”
“It’s no big deal, the answer is no, since I can be in Dasha’s brain, I’d know.”
Sis, “They always manage to work in synch. Daria says a few things to me or Taylor, Eloise almost nothing. I never hear them talking to each other.”
“Wonder if they can mental?”
Sis, “Crikey, don’t tell me, she’s only been around a few weeks.”
“Daria reads auras, she may just know what’s on Eloise’s mind, at least enough to guess what to do next. Chloe does that with people all the time.”
“Family of freaks.”
“Tell me about it.”
Our quiet ones appear from Eloise’s room, Daria does manage, “We will go to workshop now.”
Susan, “Take your keys, Eloise, Taylor and I are going out for dinner.”
Eloise nods, goes to retrieve them.
“If she forgets, I have a set at the apartment, or she can just stay there.”
Susan, “I have a few finishing touches on the city’s system, the money drain is plugged.”
“Were you able to trace the thief?”
Susan, “Yes, two, they’ve been busted, the DA is happy, the city is happy. Employees are adjusting to a new log-in system that requires two step entry and password resets every thirty days. They also don’t get to pick passwords, they are randomly generated. I know they’re going to write them down, almost have to, one is a combination of twelve digits and letters, the other is eight. They gripe and deal with it. There is no longer any access to financial accounts from outside the system, no signing in from home or a laptop someplace.”
“And you managed to stay out of the news.”
We walk the couple of blocks to the apartment, the girls go upstairs to check out the workroom, the walls are up, plumbing and electrical done, the roof is on and solar panels are being installed. I go to the twins’ room to find Dasha; Daria and Eloise are there looking at workbenches on the internet. They are still deciding on whether to buy premade or have things built to their specifications.
“You guys need to make a decision soon, the contractor says the place will be ready in a week.”
Daria, “We will buy these tables,” she points to workbenches on the screen, then clicks to another window, “and these chairs, we design shelving. Tools and computer parts will be here tomorrow.”
“You going to automate the apartment?”
Daria, “Da, we have already plans. Will be finished before workshop is ready.”
You can buy home automation systems, we just never got around to fooling with it. The girls want to do it themselves, a gear up for other projects, and Eloise had automated Spider’s place years ago, she knows what to do.
The week is a flash of activity. Everyone is out most of the day except the twins, Eloise and me. Dasha and I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, Daria and Eloise are all over the apartment installing sensors, changing light switches, hooking up security cameras. They do one thing at a time and test it before moving on to the next. They’re at it from the time they get up until late in the evening, their only breaks are Daria to Lacy’s for dance, Eloise does tai chi, afternoon tea and meals.
By the time the workshop is finished, we can operate everything electric in the place from any IPad or phone, everyone has at least one of each. Turn on a TV in any room, change channels and volume, see what’s on, all the audio systems can be controlled for volume and station. The plants on the roof are watered automatically, and the system doesn’t come on if it’s rained or raining, or if the chance of rain is over eighty percent. Each room can be temperature controlled individually, from any location, the security cameras come up on the IPad, we can see the entrance to Chapman's, the elevator downstairs, the hallway, the roof, the fire escape and any room in the house. All of it can be done from anywhere, in or out of the apartment or across the country.
We wonder why we lived without it for so long.
Chloe, “Daria, Eloise, this is just splendid, it’s like magic, you are both amazing, thank you.”
Amaya, “Don’t be peek in my room, I am not running a porn cam for your nasty entertainment.”
“You can shut down the system in your room anytime, the whole interior surveillance system shuts down when we’re all home.”
Amaya, “Good. I was thinking of sticking tape over the lens.”
“Not necessary. Besides, if I want to watch you have sex, all I have to do is show up.”
Amaya giggles, “That is different. Come to think of it, maybe I will run a home porn cam. You can enjoy me toying myself from your own bed.”
“Just let me know, I’ll turn on the system and you can turn me on.”
Janah, “I hadn’t thought of that, interesting option for the exhibitionists in the family.”
“That’s just me, Amaya and you.”
Nikko, “Don’t even think about it, gaggle of sluts.”
Eloise is blushing, she’s not used to our foolishness, Daria says, “Do not pay attention to Daphne ridiculous, she is good person, just silly.”
Nikko is tapping her screen, “True and true, and thank you girls, it is wonderful.”
The others offer thanks, including me.
Daria, “Dobro pozhalovat, Eloise made simple, she knows how to make machines work, she is showing me. We go to workshop now and organize, have a nice day, thank you for coming, did you enjoy lunch, we appreciate your business, blah, blah, bye-bye now.”
We’re laughing, Eloise actually giggles, very softy, it’s cute. They scoot upstairs, the twins’ room has a door to the workshop, which has another door opening to the roof. There are big windows in two walls so they aren’t always in artificial light, a geek playhouse.

Chapter Twelve

The weeks shuffle by, Daria and Eloise stay parked in the workroom most days, Eloise goes to the condo every other day for a system check. Most nights she stays there, a couple of times a week she stays with the twins, then one day Daria orders a twin bed and when it’s delivered it goes in the workroom.
I ask Dasha, “What’s up with the bed?”
“Eloise ees feel bad to take our bed. I tell her no to mind, but she says our room ees for Dasha and Daria, so we get bed for her. When she ees work late, she will use bed.”
“Good thing we put a bathroom in there, Janah figured if it didn’t work out as a lab, we would have another bedroom with a bath and shower.”
Dasha, “Eloise gets up at night to go in workroom, also to smoke electric cigarette. She no want to wake us.”
“Very considerate, good for her.”
Dasha, “She ees nice girl, too scary of opeenyon, Daria tell her fahmahley does not haf opeenyon, but no mahter.”
“She is who she is. Our family has all sorts of oddballs, she fits right in.”
“Da. Ees gud, she makes sex with sister, she ees excite for Daria.”
“Bother you?”
Dasha, “Nyet, Daria likes girl. Eloise show Daria meeny things for machines. If girl ees gud for sister, ees gud for me. I do not make sex with her, only Dahfoney and Daria. Gud for me enough.”
“I’m glad I got to join the Dasha club, I like making sex with you.”
I get a Dasha blink. That means I’ve said something absurdly obvious.
“Did she get sheets, a pillow and a blanket?”
“Da, da, ees all feex, Dahfoney. Ees time to go to diner and make lunch for tomorrow. You will come with me, Daria ees coming now.”
Good to have a plan. I walk with the girls to the Village Diner, it’s only ten, the place isn’t packed. I sit at the counter, Chuck brings a cup of strong Greek coffee and we bat the breeze.  
Chuck, “Dasha is making us famous. Who’da thought simple food would have been such a big deal?”
“Too much elaborate stuff at restaurants, this is plain, understandable, and it tastes great. Not everyone wants to be a food geek. Our favorites at home are still Ms. Alva’s recipes, and I’ve got a Chinese monk, a Japanese girl, two Russians, Amaya, who is from the northeast, Chloe from the Midwest and Janah from Manhattan.”
Chuck, “Where’s Eloise from?”
Chuck laughs, “I only know about her from you, she’s invisible otherwise.”
“Eloise is not a girl about town. She’s a girl about technology, she’s not a geek, she is THE geek. If it’s human, she’s not much interested,” I skip the Daria part, too much information.
Chuck, “I’ve known you for twenty plus years, you and Janah have collected a unique family. Everyone else sticks to their cultural tribe, you made your own tribe.”
“Most of that’s Janah. She gets a notion in her head and people show up. As close as we are, I still can’t tell you how it works.”
Not time for a philosophical discussion of intention.
I hear the Mini rumble, “Hey, Daph, where you been?”
“We went to Canada for a month, added the room, the guys did a great job. Daria and Eloise were busy installing a system to operate all our electrical stuff from an IPad. Our place is fully automated. I can change the temperature in the apartment from my phone, turn on the TV, see the security cameras in the apartment, look.”
I pull out my phone, show them live feed from the apartment, the pages to set the temp, turn lights on and off, set satellite radio station, adjust the volume, everything.
Mini, “Damn, that is slick, geez, I gotta keep up, I still have to look for the remote then remember how to operate the damn thing.”
Chuck, “You can change the channels on the TV from your phone? Get outta town.”
“Daria and Eloise created and installed the whole thing in a week. I was floored at how simple it is to operate.”
Chuck, “Kids today, Christ, in ten years, they’ll be building personal drones.”
“Actually, they have them now, just not much flying time or range,” I don’t mention that the girls are working on one, with both extended air time and range.
Chuck, “Man, I am so last century.”
Mini, “I gotta get to the kitchen, help out Dasha, take care, Daph.”
Chuck pours me a second cup. Daria is in her place at the register, she’s checking out a customer, idiot girl smile right where it belongs, customer chatting away convinced she’s hanging on every word.
I sit at the counter and play with my new toy, turn on the radio at home, lights off and on, I see Amaya walk to the kitchen for coffee, Hey, cutie, smile, you’re on camera, she turns to the camera, pulls up her t-shirt and leans against the counter.
Home porn cam, you look nice and warm, perhaps I can get a personal tour later.

Amaya, Why do you think I disrobed for you? I feel you heating up.
Chloe comes into the frame, she kisses Amaya, hands over the luscious territory, she looks up at the camera and winks.
This is more fun than turning the lights off and on.
Amaya, Nikko is correct, you are a filthy slut.
I’m not the one displaying myself and getting fondled by a famous fashion model.

No, you will be the one between my legs later, God you are so blessed.
I laugh, Amen, sister, amen, I click off the phone before I have an orgasm at the Village Diner.
I see Amaya’s face in my head, Chloe’s tongue in her mouth, such nasty girls.
I have an external home porn cam and an internal home porn cam, my cams got cam.

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