Eighty Five

Hollander and his assistant check in, it’s just after three, we leave the bugs dry until quarter to four. Eloise clicks on the power.
A woman’s voice, has to be Olsen, “Senator’s aide called, he’s running a few minutes late, quarter after or so.”
Hollander, “Prob’ly gettin’ his dick sucked by some lobbyist. Schmidt is an asshole, but he’s our asshole and he does what he’s told, the little prick. He’s a fuckin’ greedy bastard, but he’s bought and paid for. The other creep is less expensive at least.”
Olsen, “I guess he is. You have him by his pedophile balls,” she laughs, “his family values extend to the children of families he doesn’t even know.”
“You have the materials prepped?”
“Of course. Nicholson is going to get the contract for surveillance drones to be used in Congo allegedly to track militants conspiring to overthrow the current regime. Once the government starts using them to target leaders of the opposition, not just track, we sell drones to the rebels, and Simpson’s lasers and other weapons to both sides. It will be a bloodbath all round.”
“Friedlander’s aide workers will get called in, then we can move all kinds of drugs and arms all over Africa. This may be our biggest payday ever. And the beauty of it is, it’s just niggers killin’ niggers, nobody gives a shit.”
Janah, “Crikey, ain’t America great?”
“Who was the maniac President, he was going to make America great again wasn’t he?”
“You mean Trump? The Republicans fell apart after that debacle.”
Eloise, “These people are completely insane.”
“I guess, but they’ve been getting away with it for years. If one of our Society contacts hadn’t wondered about paramilitary troops guarding a nondescript building tucked away in the woods, they’d still be getting away with it.”
Janah, “Olsen’s got a phone call, Senator must be coming up.”
“Senator, good to see ya’, what’s your poison, Tennessee whiskey as I recall.”
“Hollander, Miss Olsen, yes, with a couple of rocks. Um…the place is clean I trust?”
Olsen, “Checked myself soon as we arrived, nobody else has been in here since.”
“Can’t be too goddamn careful, everybody is monitoring everybody. My staff has to send out pointless emails to keep the hackers at bay.”
Olsen, “Who uses email anymore?”
“I use it to make them think I’m a Luddite, no interest in the latest technology. All the important stuff is on encrypted phones or multiple channel digital where it’s impossible to figure out who sent what to whom from where.”
Olsen, “Not impossible, but you’re right, it’s a time consuming pain and most of the time it’s weeks old when it’s deciphered.”
Hollander, “Senator, I know you’re a right busy man, and I won’t suck up a lot of time. There will be problems in Congo, we’ve sniffed around and the natives are restless. Congressman Fischer is going to be introducing a bill we helped him write to authorize assistance to the current regime. Just drones to track rebel activity you unnerstand?”
“When will the real war begin?”
“Hard to say, and it may never happen.”
“Hah! Jessica doesn’t make money selling a few tracker drones. Never mind, I don’t want to know. You need me to twist a few wrists for the less ideological of my colleagues, the ones who think negotiation is better than force.”
“You may say so.”
“And for me?”
“The usual, an even million, in virtual currency.”
“I need one more thing on this one.”
“If we can, what is it?”
“There’s a woman in my district, she’s collected quite a following. Not enough to unseat me…yet. You may have heard of her, Andrea Levinson, Jew bitch. I’ve got a fairly large Jewish contingency, and I’ve taken good care of them, supported their causes, but…”
Hollander, “You’re not one of the tribe.”
“No. And my people have discovered substantial donations to her war chest. She hasn’t formally declared, elections aren’t until next year, still…”
“You want her out of your hair.”
“It would be helpful to run unopposed, and cheaper. I don’t want her eliminated, just badly compromised.”
“Simpler just to make her disappear.”
“Something messy, drugs, sex, a sting of some kind. The other seems excessive, and the conspiracy crowd will point fingers.”
“Understood, we’ll think up something.”
“Thanks Hollander, and Miss Olsen, and thanks for the drink, we’re done, yes?”
“Right as rain Senator, we appreciate your support.”
Janah, “Efficient, under a half hour.”
“I need to start reworking the videos into a coherent whole.”
“You’re going to have more later today, and there’s Becker tomorrow.”
“Yes, it won’t hurt to think about how to pull it together. We need to get this public before more wars start and they figure out how to trash the Levinson woman.”
Dasha checks in, “We haf already feenish wiz Ellis, Daria says they are also done wiz Potemkin. No new information, it confirms what we were told by the others.”
“You have them parked?”
“Da, we are coming to hotel now.”

I relay the news to Janah and Eloise, “Ellis and Potemkin confirmed what we know, nothing new.”
Eloise, “Good, we don’t need any new faces to chase.”
“No, enough already.”
Daria and Katja stopped for Chinese on the way in. We eat quietly, I’m running through the interviews, getting a sense of the order I need to put things.
“I’ll add text explaining who is who. Friedlander is out of the country, do we want to snatch Nicholson? She lives in Montana.”
Janah, “Let’s see what Hollander and Becker talk about tomorrow. I didn’t check, has there been any meaningful chat between Olsen and Hollander since the Senator left?”
Eloise, “No, they had dinner sent up, conversation was minimal, a TV came on, news, then what sounded like a movie. If they also have breakfast in the room, fine. If they go out, I’ll turn off the devices, she’s going to do another search if the room was left vacant. I’m guessing they’ll want housekeeping to refresh things with Becker coming for his marching orders.”
Katja, “Nicholson woman lives in Montana, where are the drones made?”
Eloise, “The drone parts are made in Korea and China, parts are shipped to her Montana facility for assembly. The software is out of India.”
Janah, “She’s smart, no one company makes the whole thing, not even in one country.”
Katja, “What about the ones they sell? Can’t they just take one apart and reproduce the design?”
Eloise, “Trademarked, I mean, yes, it could be stolen, but the manufacture is not like putting together a toy. You need precision robotic equipment. Each bit will be patented and international trade agreements are more rigid today. Plus, I’m guessing the software is kept closely held and encrypted. Any attempt to break the encryption destroys it. It would be dumb to do it otherwise. Just trying to get inside one of our drones without the proper codes, or by force, makes them inoperable and destroys vital systems. The chips actually fry.”
“Speaking of fry, I’m fried. I’m going to collapse until morning. Bad girls who want to be bad tonight will have to find another playmate.”
Daria, “I’m done too,” she looks around at sleepy eyes, “looks like you and I aren’t the only ones.”
We pair off to beds, to sleep, fool around another time.

Eighty Six

Today is nothing until Becker shows at the suite, which gives me time to sort the video interviews and Hollander’s audio. We could have planted video in the suite, but it’s dicey. Even if we stick it in the wall like we did the audio, the camera lens has to be clear, not covered, which means someone looking closely might spot it. The gauze over the audio mike is the same color as the wall we put it in, and high up on the wall. The only real way to catch it is an electronic check, and the electronic check is meaningless if the device is off.
Four girls go for breakfast, Janah and I remain to keep an ear on the audio in Hollander’s room. They bring us fruit and yogurt from the buffet when they return. 
“Nothing doing, Olsen’s an early bird and a news junkie. Hollander got up a few minutes ago. Mumbled good mornings and coffee making sounds. Breakfast is being delivered shortly, looks like they aren’t going out soon, maybe lunch.”
Other than the drone of news, they aren’t making much conversation. Apparently the relationship isn’t sexual, they slept in different rooms. Hollander is good ol’ boy belly fat from his web photos, he owns a football franchise and there are lots of pictures of him. In several of the more recent, there’s a woman just off his shoulder, the whole look, black pantsuit, sunglasses, black jacket, no doubt a gun under it someplace.
“This must be Jan Olsen, she’s not as young as we are, looks mid thirties, she’s in shape though. I don’t get the sense of fat anything. Grace B, you tuned in?”
“Dig around and see what’s what on Jan Olsen, Hollander’s bodyguard.”
I have to kill an entire thirty seconds before I have a bio.
“Good job Grace B.”
“What did you fucking expect?”
“Olsen, Jan. Went to Stanford, already a second degree black belt in taekwondo, continued training there, graduated as a third degree and a BS in psychology with a pre law bent. Undistinguished performance, went to law school, graduated and earned her fourth degree belt, ah hah, subsequently FBI for eight years. Left to open a private security company with one employee, herself, and one client, Hollander. He must pay her well.”
Janah, “And she gets to sit in the owner’s box, fly private and probably doesn’t have much to do. Has Hollander been attacked before, or threatened?”
“Grace B?”
A report pops up, “Botched kidnapping attempt, just before Olsen came on board. Two guys tried to snatch him in a parking lot. They apparently misjudged his fat for incapacity. He got a nasty cut on the arm, the kidnappers got flattened, well, one did, the other ran away. They caught up with him in an hour. The plan was to demand ransom from the team, Hollander doesn’t have family except for a younger brother living in another state. They don’t seem to be particularly close.”
I finish Olsen’s report, “She’s either asexual or discreet, no record of boyfriend, girlfriend, never married. I suppose if we were interested we could surveil her, but I don’t see the point.”
By three, I have the video-audio mix arranged, I send it to Amaya. If anyone can spot a missing piece, or a faulty flow in the narrative, it’s her. It will take her a while, the compilation is well over two and a half hours.
We make tea and wait, at four, Olsen’s phone dings, she listens, “Becker is on his way up.”
We hear the door open, then close, a new voice, “Jan, you get more beautiful every passing day dear. And Hal, good to see you.”
Hollander, “And you Senator. How’s thing’s on the hill?”
Becker laughs, “I suspect you know better than I do Hal. We have a late session tonight, I have an hour, hope it’s enough time for my favorite supporter.”
“More than, drink? I guess not if you’re going back to the Capitol.”
“Maybe coffee, any available?”
Olsen, “Black, cream?”
“Cream and sugar, sweetener if you have it.”
“Coming up, Mr. Hollander?”
“Coffee is good, I can have a large adult beverage later. Jan and I are going to splurge and go to Valletta, I’m in need of osso bucco.”
Becker, “None better in the city, had dinner there with, um, some people, last week.”
“Lobbyists from the airlines, still whining about expanding the bullet train routes.”
Becker, “Do I have any secrets from you Hal? Yes, the poor sods think that bullet trains are ruining the environment, or that’s their story. Bullshit from airlines, they dump more greenhouse gas than ten thousand head of cattle. In fact, there has been minimal environmental impact and the people love the damn things. Airlines took a big hit on the lucrative Easter corridor routes, Boston to Miami. And then New York to Los Angeles. Now that we’re expanding north south routes, they are screaming. People won’t be stuck on flights going to hubs and changing planes to get from Butte to Tucson, Chicago to New Orleans. And at significantly cheaper prices, all with wifi, restaurant cars with good food, and bars. It’s a new world and the transportation industry has completely changed. But you didn’t call me over to discuss the obvious, what can I do for you?”
Hollander, “We would appreciate your support on the drone bill, we can get it through the House, there are a couple of intransigent Senators as you know.”
“You have a friend here, I know the guys, and the woman. You need not play hardball on this one Hal, I have a few buttons to push, they’ll come on board. I’ve assured them that appropriations will include Dr. Friedlander’s excellent work with victims uprooted by the nastiness in Chile, and should something unpleasant happen in Africa, he will be adequately funded to do his humanitarian work there as well. They’ll feel all warm and squishy like good little liberals.”
Hollander actually claps his hands, “You are a treasure Senator, an absolute treasure.”
Chairs creak and slide, must be time to go, Hollander says, “Thank you for coming, I need to make a few calls, Jan will see you out.”
A door closes, then Jan’s voice, “Your good work is much appreciated. I know you have a session this evening, however, we have arranged some entertainment for you tomorrow evening, the regular address. Say, seven?”
“How thoughtful.”
“I am assured, the young gentleman is picture perfect, and trained by the best.”
“May I ask his age, just so I can bring an appropriate gift?”
“Eight, just bordering nine. Blond I’m told, and anxious to please.”
“You are a dream Jan.”
“Our pleasure Senator.”
A door closes, Hal returns, “Titillate the perv?”
“I thought he was going to drool. The boy will be delivered earlier and will be waiting, alone. When Becker is done, he leaves, someone collects the kid. I understand this one is busy almost every evening, must be a pretty thing, he’s ten grand a throw.”
“Fuck, we might wanna get in the kiddie biz, sixty, seventy grand a week? One little boy?”
“Girls are even better, they can serve a couple of clients a day. Some people make them work it several times a day, but not the kind of talent we’re talking about. You have to allow for recovery time or risk using up a valuable asset too soon. Besides, rich customers generally treat the kids better. Strangely, it isn’t always about fucking and sucking. Some of them just want a pretty naked child around for a few hours, the kid might jerk them off, but the customer doesn’t fuck them to death.”
“How’d you get so familiar with the business?”
“Personal experience. My parents made good money off me. When I got older, I ditched them and handled my own client list. Paid for Stanford, law school and put a couple hundred thousand in the bank. I gave it up when I went to the FBI.”
“Get the fuck out, you never told me, you’re not jerkin’ me around are you? No, you wouldn’t, that ain’t like you. Well short my stocks, I thought I knew somethin’ about the world, guess I missed some classes.”
Janah, “Daphne, let’s track Becker tonight, just to get him going to an address, maybe see who picks up the boy when he’s done.”
“Will do, he’ll maybe call a ride service, no, that would leave a record of where he went, he’ll drive himself.”
“Have you checked in with the Minders?”
“Lauren did, we can stretch it one more day, after we track Becker tomorrow night, we need to wrap this.”
“I know, I wanted to finish tonight, but this is too juicy to pass up.”
“I don’t know, what do we do with it? We can’t out the boy on a video.”
“Good point. We can figure out who’s prostituting the kid though.”
So we wait one more day. It’s not a big deal, we have to finalize our makeshift documentary.
Katya, “Do you release the video to the media? They’re going to vet it and do another full investigation.”
Janah, “No, and we aren’t sending it to the Feds either. I can run it through the Society, or we can just post it ourselves. But that’s dicey, the principals are going to lawyer up and the government may bury it, try and handle things internally. It embarrasses everyone, particularly those who should have known.”
“The Society can Deep Throat it to the media, an anonymous source etcetera. One reporter, a solid journalist. If her paper doesn’t have it out in a few days, we go to another.”
Katya, “Sounds like the way to go.”

Eighty Seven

Tonight Lauren and I follow Becker to his kiddie rendezvous, a pricey condo in Georgetown. It’s troublesome to fly drones in DC, we aren’t going for audio anyway. We video Becker going in, he’s out of his Senator duds and into casual, a coordinated running thing, carrying a box under one arm, the kid’s present I assume.
Dasha and Katya are in a second sedan down the block from us. Two hours later he leaves. Dasha, pulls out a block behind him, we stuck a tracker on his SUV. We have a plan, and if we’re right, Becker is double dead meat.
Five minutes later a silver Mercedes pulls up, woman goes in, nice, we got a full face shot of her and then full frontals of her coming out with the boy.
Lauren, “Geez, he’s so pretty he could be a girl.”
He’s in short shorts, white cotton that hugs his butt, white sneakers and a slinky t-shirt. Slim, not a hair on his legs, nowhere else one assumes, except the long blond on his head that hangs to his shoulders. He’s carrying the same box Becker went in with.
Lauren, “Let’s follow them.”
The Mercedes goes across the Potomac to Arlington, to an area called Ashton Heights. The house is standard suburban, two stories, slate siding, porch along the front. 
Lauren, “Nice enough place. It doesn’t look like a pimp’s house, or a place where a bunch of kiddie prostitutes is kept. This is just a regular neighborhood.”
“You thinking what I’m thinking?”
“Let’s listen in and see,” she pulls out our remote listening device, we’re close enough, one house down across the street. 
We can see in the front window, the boy asks, “Mom, can I play a game before bed?”
Woman’s voice from elsewhere in the house, “Bath first, I’ll be up to check you out. A half hour of video, then bed, you’re working again tomorrow night.”
We see him go upstairs. A few minutes later the woman passes through and goes up. Lauren shifts the direction of the disc, water’s running, then off.
Woman, “You good?”
“Yeah, he was nice enough, gentle, used a condom, followed the rules. He’s got a healthy dick, not too big. He was clean.”
“What did he want?”
“Usual, he stripped right away, wanted me to play with it, then he took my clothes off. Wanted me to walk around, dance. He kept telling me how beautiful I am. Bend over, show him my butthole. That excited him, he licked it like, forever. He sucked my cock a bit, then I sucked his, slipped on the condom and he fucked me for a while. Then we laid on the bed and he kissed me everywhere. Finally he wanted to be sucked off. Most of them want the same thing, jerk it off in my mouth at the end. He liked it that I swallow, and that I thanked him for being so sweet.”
“You’ve gotten into this. Stand up, let me check…..”
A giggle, “I like your finger in there, lick it, it feels good.”
I tell Lauren, “Enough. I know more about mom and sonny than I want to.”
Lauren, “This woman has bred the kid for it, groomed him so to speak.”
We shut down the electronics and return to the hotel.
Janah, “We listened in, family values, that’s what’s important.”
“I know it happens, hearing first hand is still weird. What do we do about it?”
Janah, “The boy, as Lauren said, has been twisted by twisted mom. Either she’s his birth mom or she got him as an infant.”
“Look at the video of them, he’s her kid. We won’t know, perhaps she was in the business as a child like Olsen, might even be why Olsen knows her, or of her. There’s no reasonable course of action for us, outing her outs him. Then they take him away. Given his predilection, he could wind up worse off.”
“If he’d been returned to a kiddie bordello, that’s one thing, but he wasn’t. We can’t fix everything sad to say.”
Janah, “No, we can’t. Maybe we can scare her, like send the video of her bringing the boy and picking him up, then the audio of them talking. The problem is, what does she do if she thinks she’s cornered?”
“Woman like that may decide the child is too much of a risk. Let’s leave it where it is.”
“What do we do with our footage, Becker going in, coming out, the kid and mom coming out?”
“We can’t put that in, just hold on to it for now.”
Amaya has sent her edits back, she shortened a couple of interviews and reordered the flow in one spot. 
Dasha and Katya show up, Katya waves a cell phone at us, “Becker’s. We got him walking to his front door, Dasha made it impossible for him to breathe, I got the phone, took his wallet and watch to make it look like a simple robbery of opportunity. He never saw either of us. Considering Dasha’s strength, he is bound to think it was a man.”
Daria has the phone, “I suppose you did not make him cough up his password.”
Katya, “It will give Grace B something to do.”
Daria plugs in the phone to one of our tablets, “Grace B, get inside this thing and if there are photos or video, download them. They may be encrypted, but I doubt it.”
Girls have cocktails, Katja and Janah fetched pizza, we settle in to relax, it’s been a long trip for us. Fortunately, we’re on a plane home tomorrow, to Arizona for a few days, then our tribe goes to Malibu.
Ten minutes later, the screen pops open a file, then a second.
Grace B’s voice comes through, “This dope was begging to be caught. No encryption, I found the most recent contact on the phone, he has hundreds of files in the cloud, or had, we have them now.”
Daria, “Thank you Grace B.”
“Thank Emma B, I got her to do the heavy lifting.”
“Thank you Emma B.”
“My pleasure.”
Grace B, “I do not know when your Senator had time to legislate, he spent most of it fucking little boys. Now, can you kindly leave me alone for a few hours? I have housekeeping bots to spy on, let the little bitches out of my sight, they go outside to smoke and gossip about the lesbians.”
“Thank you Bs, you made this so much simpler, have a good evening.”
Lauren, “Good God, she’s right, there are hundreds of pictures, his stupid face in lots of them. Licking little penises, getting himself sucked off, jizzing in their mouths, sticking his wiener into boy butts, geez, here’s some of him licking their asses, and eeewww, some of them licking his. This putz is going to the hell beneath hell.”
“He’ll plead some sort of mental issue. Not a problem, the Society will insure he goes to prison, one where jail justice is a guarantee. Becker is in for an ugly death.”
Katya, “You did not want to kill the rest of them because a long investigation is worse.”
Janah, “Exactly, they get to suffer under the spotlight, and the country gets a reality check on the kind of crap parts of their government gets up to. It will be a mess, fingers will point all over the place. In the end, government won’t be squeaky clean, or even clean, but it will be cleaner.”

Eighty Eight

Home again, yay, double yay! Time for serious workouts, I didn’t do jack following people around West Virginia and Washington. Janah sent along my docudrama, edited beautifully by Amaya, it would make a splendid Netflix Special. First though, it went to a Pulitzer prize investigative journalist at the New York Times. 
When the story broke, the Feds went nuclear. Denials streamed in about who knew and who should have known. The usual gaggle of talking heads and ‘experts’ all weighing in. You can imagine, hoked up wars to sell weapons, NGOs in the business of moving illegal drugs and weapons. Two Senators and two Congressional aides, one Senator wallowing in kiddie porn, one NFL franchise owner facilitating extortion and bribery. 
Lawyers lined up at the Attorney General’s office groveling for plea deals. 
In a televised press conference, she said nobody got jack, the evidence was, according to the AG, “So completely overwhelming, details so specific, there is no reason to offer any accommodation to any of the defendants, they are all going down for this, with the heaviest penalties the law allows.”
She was asked about the informant, who had supplied such detailed reports to the New York times reporter, “They were promised anonymity, they get anonymity. I don’t know who did the work, I’m just glad someone did before another pointless war was manufactured out of thin air. Nicholson Inc. is, pending the results of our investigation, banned from all government contracts and from exporting any drones or other weapons to any country anywhere. All funding of Dr. Friedlander’s work is withdrawn and he is being pursued by Interpol as we speak. He will be extradited and stand trial in the United States. Hal Hollander has been barred from any involvement in any sports franchises and remains in custody as an international terrorist, along with his assistant Jan Olsen, who is being investigated on child pornography and child prostitution charges, along with Hollander.”
Asked about Jonathan Wartler, she said, “We have not located Dr. Wartler, reliable sources say he is dead. We have rounded up the paramilitary operation, those are separate charges regarding the murder of patients under Dr. Wartler’s care, not care, I should say illegal experimental research.”
A few million other questions, finally the AG says, “I can’t answer all these questions, we are in the initial stages of investigation. When we know more, we will have another press conference. I want to be perfectly clear, and I have the support and confidence of Madame President, nothing will be buried, painted over, covered up, and every participant will be brought to swift and full justice.”
At that moment, unannounced, Madame Prez shows up, “As Janice said in no uncertain terms, nothing will get in the way of our complete and unrelenting examination of this blight on our nation. I receive daily updates on every aspect of this investigation, and will continue to do so through the entire process, including sentencing and subsequent corrective legislation. We will request every court appearance to be televised, there will be no closed courtrooms, no secret depositions. The exception will be in any case where children are involved. Be assured, anyone involved in child pornography or child prostitution will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The names of adults involved, beyond the ones we already have, will be revealed as they are uncovered and the cases proceed. And now the AG and I need to go, we have a lot of work to do.”
She takes her Attorney General by the arm and they leave the podium together, down the hall from the press room to the bowels of the White House.
More talking heads, regurgitating what we just heard, I click off the TV.
“Think they live up to the promises?”
Janah, “Might be some prevarication on prior conflicts they started, there had to be some CIA involvement. My sense is the President and AG are sorely pissed and aren’t inclined to listen to any bullshit. With two rogue Senators that got away with it for several years, and two Congressional aides ratting out Congressmen, it’s going to be a long while before anyone on the Hill trusts anyone.”
“It’s going to be a while before America’s international relations are repaired.”
Ellen, “Hell girl, you guys saved the country from digging itself in deeper. If that doctors pig research had continued, if the other doc, the alleged aide organization, kept running guns and narcotics, several kiddie prostitution rings continue operating and Nicholson’s drones shipped to dictators and rebels alike, the damage would have been worse.”
Janah, “All because a Society contact wondered why a small research facility needed private paramilitary guards.”
“You know him, or her?”
“Spoken on the phone, we don’t do video calls in the Society. Messages via text or email are on an emergency basis only, even though the messages are tightly encrypted and, like Snapchat, disappear in minutes. We don’t leave so much as a vapor trail in a windstorm.”
Amaya, “Well I am happy it is over. We need to get to Malibu, the film releases next week, to marvelous critical reviews I should add.”
Zi, “After the amazings, splendids, and Chaz Bennet’s, ‘Zycyryn, which is pronounced Zis-er-in, is visually magnificent, made more magnificent by the characters, the silken sultry voice of superstar Chloe Sylk as the children’s ward added just the right touch. The big question? Who are the children’s delightful mystery voices?’”
Mani, “And Michael Monet, ‘Murakami Sylk Virtual Reality raised the bar for all other animated productions, the children were as real as if they were standing in front of me, the worlds they visit I felt I inhabited. I was riveted the entire time’.”
Chloe, “The killer review was from Dragon Lady, ‘I have a major complaint, the film Zycyryn, at an hour and fifty minutes, was a lifetime too short. This is not the best animated film ever made, it is the best film ever made.”
Amaya, “The children and the VR people did it, although my script was truly magnificent it came almost directly from the stories the children told me.”
“Do we take the children to the opening?”
“I think they deserve a bit of spotlight, but it is up to the Mamas.”
Dasha, “I will ask the children, if they want to go, then we go.”
She and Daria go up to the dorm, I can see through their eyes, the children are absorbed in a Japanese lesson with Kota B. The Mamas wait until Kota B takes a break.
Dasha, “Children, your movie comes out next week. Do you want to attend opening? Ees up to you, people will take photograph, maybe you will eenterview TV peerson or whatever.”
Nadia, “What do we say?”
“Eemaya will coach wiz Chloe, they haf done a thousand times.”
Valeska, “We should consult the Gids, can we answer tomorrow?”
“Da, of course, you will go back to lesson now.”
“You must first give us kisses Mamas.”
They like up for double cheek kisses, I feel twin hearts touched, maybe they won’t kill anyone for a while.
They return to the patio, “Children must consult with Zycyryn.”
Amaya, “I suppose that’s proper, the Gids made it all possible. Frankly I am amazed they do not communicate directly with me, I am fabulous.”
“They communicate with you all the time, you call it creative inspiration, they don’t mind if you take the credit.”
“Then they must, justifiably, adore me, I am infused with talent.”
Nikko, “Cripes.”
Grace B, “Her Royal Worship stands alone in our adoration.”
Amaya grins, “Thank you Grace B.”
Nikko, “Gear up Daphne, I need to do some damage.”
Uh oh, I’m in for it now, “Kendo or street fight?”
“Hour of kendo, then I pummel you.”
Chloe, “I’m in for kendo, I’ll leave the other violence with you, twenty minutes?”
Nikko, “Good,” she almost grins, so I kiss her slick smooth lips.

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