Chapter Eighty Five

Today Janah goes to town with Daria, grocery shops, Daria gets the attention of a couple of teenage boys.
When they return home, Daria says, “Boys want me to meet them at a burger stand later. Hang out they call it.”
“Any reason to think they might be useful?”
“There will be girls. Girls talk.”
Janah, “You’re new, and pretty, kind of a threat, why are they going to tell you much?”
Dasha, “Sister will make them.”
Janah, “Duh, where is my brain? Of course she will. Daphne, you lurk in the shadows, if there’s a problem, don’t let Daria kill anyone. Daria, unless you are physically in danger, let any bullshit boys throw slide, okay?”
“I know, it’s work only.”
At eight, I drive past the place with Daria, there’s a gaggle of kids hanging around, eating fries, drinking sodas, trying for nonchalant, which translates to cool in their world,
“See the boys?”
Daria, “Yes, the two to the left, talking to the table of girls.”
“I see them, I’m driving down the block, you can walk up like you made it on your own, I’ll be around.”
I drive up the main street, take a left, let her out. She heads back to the burger stand, Tillie’s. I park and take a more circuitous route back. The street I’m on is dead, shops all closed, I can see Daria clearly, thank you eagle. I lean on a doorway and pretend I’m a spy.
I pay attention up the street as well as down, a patrol car comes around the corner, I’d expected that. Kids hanging out, the constabulary has to make sure they aren’t terrorists. More likely a bored cop checking out adolescent girls in short skirts and tight jeans.
I walk up the street, I can see through Daria’s eyes, she’s shooting the breeze, actually laughing at something, chatting up the girls and ignoring the boys. Man, Amaya’s good.
Amaya, Damn straight, go charm the copper.
The whole family is in my head, busy in there tonight.
I walk straight to the car, “Evening officer, nice night.”
The cop is older than Jackson, balding, overweight, not gone completely to seed, big chest, a mustache. I don’t favor facial hair, besides eyebrows, none of my girlfriends has any.
His badge says, Benson, Benson says, “You’re the new arrival.”
“Sure am.”
Benson, “This is a dead street to be hanging out, walk’s much nicer down Main. People there, maybe not so safe in this direction.”
I was walking away from Main, which led to his cautionary comment.
“Officer Benson, I’m not out for a walk, I’m spying.”
Benson smiles, “On what, nothing happening here.”
“See the kids at Tillie’s? One of them is my friend’s daughter. We’re new here as you know. A couple of kids asked her to meet them. We want her to make friends of course, but I’m making sure they’re the right kind of friends. So I’m sneaking around.”
Benson laughs, “Good to see you look after her. Those kids are okay, sometimes a little tiff over girls, but it’s a small town. Most of the time it’s understood who is with who. Most of ‘em don’t really do much going steady, they love the one they’re with, if you catch my drift.”
I lay out my charm smile, “Good to know, glad I ran into you, I feel better. And I’m glad you let the kids see you are around.”
 “They don’t like it much, but cops don’t take the job to be liked.”
“I met your sheriff yesterday. I can’t read him, or his pal Felicia. Did he tell you my story?”
Benson thinks this over, which of course tells me he did, he figures that out, “Yeah. He’ll check it out, has to since you volunteered, but it sounded to me like straight up self defense.”
Benson is mulling something over, I feel energy from Janah pass through my brain to Benson. She’s working his head through me.
Minutes pass, like time stops, as if we’re a portrait of a woman leaning on a squad car talking to a cop.
Benson blinks back to the moment, “You said Felicia is his pal, you figured them pretty quickly. What tipped you?”
“You’re a cop, an experienced one. You see the glances, body language, hear the tone of voice, what’s said and what isn’t. You know the feeling, when a conversation between two people is an act, like that.”
“You should be a cop,” he’s blank again for a few moments, then, “I work here, I got to watch my back. Just watch yourself around them two. That’s all I’m gonna say.”
I don’t want to be in this burg the rest of my life, I press, “Officer Benson, the air in this town isn’t right, there’s a vibe. You know it. If you were to do your duty, and check up on us, sometime when Jackson is occupied, maybe we can clear the air.”
“JK is going to see you tomorrow. I can’t be seen at your place, the nosy witch across the street will be on the horn in seconds.”
“After he comes, how do I reach you? Give me a location, a nice safe one. When he goes, I’ll meet you.”
“I don’t know how you figured things so quick. How do I know you ain’t working his end?”
“You don’t. He have reason to suspect you of anything? And see what he gets on our story, see if it checks out.”
“He could fake that to support you.”
“Call Milwaukee yourself, say you’re following up on something. Come on, you’re not a rookie, you know how to play it. How do I know you aren’t laying a trail of breadcrumbs for him right now?”
Benson gets a sardonic grimace, “You really shoulda been a cop.”
“Benson, there’s slime all over this town. Let’s clean up and get people back to a life without fear of their own protectors.”
Benson thinks it over, despite Janah’s brain probe, he’s a cautious man, he’s got his own fears. I send a booster shot.
Benson startles, just a blip, as the unseen energy hits his mind, he rubs his temples, “There’s a trailhead, off a dirt road, two miles out of town, north, on the left. Look for a red triangle nailed to a tree, you can see it from the road. Drive up, the road ends, that’s the trailhead. I go there to hike sometimes. If you were to happen on it, we might run into each other. I’m off tomorrow, I like to go in the afternoon, around two, two thirty. Gives me a few hours ‘fore sunset.”
“Sounds nice, maybe I’ll have a hike tomorrow.”
“Think it over real careful. I don’t think you know what you’re getting’ into. I hear you, you’ve caught a scent, but it’s dangerous to mess with him.”
“More dangerous to mess with me.”
Benson studies me, cocks his head, sees black eyes staring, he nods and drives down the street.
I go back to Daria’s mind, she’s entertaining the girls with stories of frozen Milwaukee and how glad she is to be out of it. I see her giving one girl more attention, I feel her mind in the girl’s. They get up and start down Main Street, the boys call after them.
“Hey, where you going? It’s early.”
Daria, turns to them, smiles brightly, “We are trying to decide which one of you is cutest and it will be easier if you aren’t there to distract us.”
One of them says, “Oh…cool…yeah…that’s cool.”

Chapter Eighty Six

Daria walks the girl up and down Main. She’s got the girl’s mind and she’s sucking it dry on the details of Popper High and a teen’s life here. Then back to Tillie’s, the girl thinks they talked about cute boys. Daria says her goodnights, they ask her to stay, she says it’s better to keep her mom happy while things are new. She looks forward to seeing them in school, whenever she gets registered.
She’s handled them beautifully, went straight to the girls, didn’t flirt with the boys, asked the girls questions about themselves, complimented them on this and that and bullshitted her way through popular music and TV shows. She was going to be everyone’s BFF.
I pick her up a couple of blocks further on, out of sight of Tillie’s, five minutes later, we’re around the dining table for a recap.
“Daria, you were splendid, I was dancing with Officer Benson, so I didn’t get all of your conversation, but it’s clear you charmed the kids’.”
“Simple, Amaya trained us on teen talk, I followed directions.”
Amaya, I am not a genius, I am genius.
I laugh, which gets me questioning looks from my audience, “Amaya is being Amaya.”
Dasha, “She should take credit. We would have no clue how to talk to these children if not for her.”
Janah, “So, Daria, what did you find out?”
“Jackson is making kids have sex with him, girls seduce their fathers, mothers have sex with their sons, he has videos. He doesn’t make them, they make their own and give them to him. They don’t know why, they just do it, they don’t feel guilty about it, they don’t feel happy about it.”
Janah, “In a way, that’s good. When this falls apart, maybe they’ll just forget, or it will be a vague dream.”
Daria, “The fat one, Felicia, she has sex with the girls.”
“I got that dyke vibe, she’s into the cop uniform too much, and too much stuffed into it.”
Dasha, “And you have a meeting with the policeman.”
“Yeah, and Jackson is due here in the morning. Make sure one of you is in the basement, lock the hidden door and be still. Jackson is slick, he may find a reason to explore the house. I’ve asked him to keep an eye on us, opened the door for him to check things out.”
Janah, “Then I’ll take Daria for a drive. We’ll do window shopping, have breakfast or lunch, be seen in town. We only went to the grocery yesterday.”
“Good, let’s see, do you wait until he gets here, so he can see Daria and you leaving?”
“Why not, let him think he’s got the parties sorted out.”
Jackson shows at ten, even though I’d heard him driving up, I let him knock first, then wait thirty seconds before I open the door.
“Sheriff, how nice to see you, please come in. My friend and her daughter are just leaving on errands, Fran, Janette, this is Sheriff Jackson.”
All smiles, Jackson says, “I’m real sorry to hear about your troubles Ms. Singleton. We’re gonna be sure they don’t come up again here in Popper.”
Janah doesn’t make eye contact, “I hope not.”
“I talked to Milwaukee, my contact is going to follow your husband…”
Janah, “Ex husband.”
“Right, ex husband. He’s gonna follow him for a while, check up, if he goes out of town, he’s gonna call me. Course, he could leave town for a lotta reasons, don’t mean he’s comin’ here. According to Milwaukee, he’s not going anyplace for a while, Darlene busted him up good.”
Janah, “Asshole deserved worse.”
“Can’t argue, but worse mighta got Darlene in trouble, there’s self protection and overkill, she took it far enough.”
Janah turns to me, “Fran and I are going to town, need anything?”
“Nothing comes to mind, take your time honey, see you later.”
They leave, I get Jackson coffee, a cup for me, we sit at the kitchen table.
Jackson, “Pretty girl, Fran. Ms. Singleton too, if she fixes herself up a bit.”
“Janette hasn’t been in the mood to pretty up, she’s still stressed out, jumpy.”
“Understandable. And how are you taking it, the whole business?”
“I’m good, hell, I’m real good now that I got Janette and Fran away from that asshole. I told her a thousand times to get rid of him.”
“You gave up a lot to move down here. Leave behind a boyfriend? Family? You’re a beautiful woman, must have been a pack after you.”
“I dated around, Milwaukee is blue collar, which is fine, I don’t need to move uptown. But the guys were all up into football, sports bars, it’s that kind of place. My idea of a date doesn’t include meeting up with his pals at a beer joint to watch big screen TVs. Listen to them whoop it up or complain about the boss, get shitfaced.”
Jackson laughs, “Familiar with the type. Never got much into it myself. Did a tour in Iraq, came back, got into this.”
We bandy about how he came to Popper, how he stumbled into the sheriff’s job when the former sheriff bashed his car into a tree.
“Sheriff was past his prime, liked his drink too much. The others didn’t have my military experience, one of ‘em is older, don’t think he wanted the responsibility. He likes to hunt, fish, be outdoors, didn’t want the twenty four seven hassle of sheriff. Council looked around a little, didn’t take ‘em long to realize there’s no line at the door to be sheriff in a small town with two deputies, three if you count Felicia. I was first and last choice.”
“Well, they got lucky, you seem like a good man for the job.”
“Thanks. It’s a little lonely, women here aren’t inclined to hook up with the sheriff, not the single ones. I get a hints from a couple of married gals, don’t seem right, me bein’ sheriff and all.”
He gets quiet, at first I think he’s waiting for me to crack open the door a peek, then I feel a tingle in my brain, he’s trying to get in my mind, this will be interesting.
Janah, I’m monitoring, I presume Dasha is too. If he’s good, we’ll ratchet up the firewall.
Got it. At the moment, I feel it, it isn’t that much.
I decide to give the appearance of cooperation, paste a blank look on my face, stare straight ahead. I feel the suggestion as much as hear his voice
“Darlene, you and I will be good friends, we can have a lot of fun. Let me take care of things, and you can take care of things for me, it’s gonna work just fine.”
I don’t move, or even blink, he stands, grinning, “Stand up, Darlene.”
I move as if I’m robotic, he’s in front of me, one hand runs down my arm, the other is behind my neck, he pulls me in and kisses me. His hand explores my butt, he presses himself against me. His hand moves from my neck to my breast, I’m not wearing a bra, he fondles, his hand goes up my shirt, his fingers over my nipple. The butt hand moves between my legs, more kissing, he squeezes, rubs his hand against me.
I pretend to wake up, put my hands on his arms and push him back, not hard, just distance, “Slow down sheriff. I do expect to be asked out a time or two, then we see what happens.”
Jackson smiles, “That’s fine, Darlene. You’re more than worth waiting for. How about we have dinner tomorrow?”
“Let me get settled in, maybe next week. But stop by for coffee if you want. Just give me a call first if you don’t mind, want to make sure I’m not covered in dirt out in the garden.”
Jackson, “You’d look good even covered in dirt, but I understand. Thanks for the coffee, and the kiss, both were real tasty. Look forward to seconds.”
I walk him to his car, watch him drive off, I have an urge to bleach my teeth.

Chapter Eighty Seven

Dasha, “He is not very good.”
“No, he didn’t show much, but based on what we know, he’s got more juice than he demonstrated today. He was just testing the water, see if I was susceptible.”
Janah, “I’m guessing he wanted to see if you would just give it up without him forcing it. No point in burning energy if the pot’s already hot.”
Dasha, “What does that mean?”
“For all he knew, I’d have sex with him with no mind manipulation. We know it takes energy, depending on the mind, it can take a little or a great deal. If he could have had me without taking my mind, better for him.”
Daria is staring out the window, the curtain is only drawn wide enough for her to see out, Dasha’s where she can’t be seen from outside. It’s just the backyard, there’s a chain link fence, trees and shrubs. There’s no one paying attention to our place, not from the rear. Tricia keeps her front windows open, apparently fascinated by our comings and goings.
A thought hits me, I walk to the front, peek through the curtains, Jackson’s car is in her driveway. Maybe he wants more coffee, or maybe he’s getting his unfulfilled sexual urge fulfilled. I briefly wonder if Tricia is the jealous type, or if her husband knows Jackson drops by while he’s at work. Duh Daphne, of course he does, that’s the idea, JK’s sticking it in his face.
I go back to the others sitting around the kitchen table, Dasha makes tea.
Janah, “When I felt JK making his move, we decided to come home, in case he got over eager. You could have handled him physically, but that opens us up to problems. If I show up, he’s got to back off.”
“He’s at Tricia’s, likely getting himself calmed down, he’s already had coffee and his libido engaged.”
Janah, “Doesn’t mean they’re having sex.”
Daria, “She is his girlfriend. I see it when she talks of him, all rose blush.”
“The soup thickens.”
Janah, “Speaking of which, what’s for lunch?”
“We only had fruit for breakfast, want an omelet?”
Janah, “Good for me.”
Dasha, “I’ll make eggs, Daphne can sauté vegetables.”
I smile, marveling at how Dasha play-acts her American accent. And couple of shared omelets later, Dasha sends me off to rest while she cleans up, Janah joins me. We wind up making love. Janah’s logic said I’d been man fondled, which is no turn on for me, but it had put fondling in her head, so she wants to follow through. Her logic is hardly logical, but I’m not complaining. We lay in post-O warmth, I check in with Dasha, see that she and Daria are playing around, so check right out.
“Our girls are going at it, you must have leaked lust vibes into the atmosphere.”
Janah, “I don’t think Daria needs extra vibes, she’s pretty well vibed on her own. Particularly since Dasha started reciprocating.”
“Dasha clicked in one day several months ago. Chloe told me Daria’s aura sparked afterwards. It’s also when the power merging started. Don’t know if the merging released Dasha or the lovemaking pumped up the merge. Guess it doesn’t matter.”
Janah, “And there is no sense of one or both of them running off the rails?”
“No. They are significantly more socialized. Amaya has done a remarkable job as acting coach.”
Janah, “And they are more trusting, of us anyway.”
The twins appear at our door, they are in nothing, as are Janah and I. They pile into the bed with us. It’s not for sex, everyone has done their thing, they don’t offer a reason, I don’t care, I like them here.
Dasha, “We make sex. I use strapping on, Daria feels gud,” she’s reverted to Dasha-speak.
The girls are spooned together, Daria behind, her arms around Dasha, kissing her shoulder. Dasha toys with my breast, we settle into a hazy twilight for a time, Daria’s face buried in Dasha’s hair, dozing lightly, Dasha asleep, head on my shoulder. A lovely hour of snuggle, like kittens in a box.
I begin to stir, time for me to find Benson, I drive up to the dirt road, left a couple hundred yards up to the trailhead, his car is there. Up the trail a half mile, I see him sitting on a fallen tree, there’s a decent view of a small valley, it’s hardly mountainous, there’s a swath of trees below.
Benson, “See you made it. How was the visit from our sheriff?”
“He made a pass, got a bit physical, I handled it.”
“Have a baseball bat handy?”
“He wasn’t that physical.”
 “I don’t think many women turn him down, he try to fuck with your head?”
“Know about that, do you? Yeah, he gave it a shot. How good is he at it? He didn’t put a lot of effort in.”
“He was testing. Not everyone is susceptible, a lot are. Did you let him think you were?”
“But you aren’t.”
“Whatever you are, it’s a hell of a lot more than meets the eye. What do you know, what do you want to know?”
“I’m pretty sure the former sheriff’s wreck was his doing. When he told me the story he was lying and the only reason to lie is that he had something to do with it. I’m sure he’s doing high school girls, and I’m sure he’s an incest video collector. Felicia likes the girls.”
“You work quick.”
“Life is short,” I can’t see explaining how, for us, life is long.
“I heard stories, never seen no video, seen a lot of scared, shamed faces though. Jackson and his pal Felicia are having fun with it, to the extent someone like him can have fun. For him, I think it’s more of an obsession with power, for Felicia, it’s a way to get to young girls. He’s completely mad, she’s a garden variety perv. They cover for each other, although there’s only been one formal accusation, against her. A tenth grader accused her of rape, Jackson swore he and Felicia were on patrol at the time, it didn’t stick. The girl’s father made a stink, huffed and puffed, then allegedly took a shot at Jackson, a real shot. Jackson killed him in self defense, so he said.”
“You think it was set up.”
“The guy went after Jackson alright, but I don’t think he had a gun. I knew Weaver, he wouldn’t know which end of a gun the bullet came out of. This is Alabama but not everyone has guns. Jackson’s story was that Weaver came into the station, pointed the gun, took a shot, missed, Jackson drew and killed him. I came in shortly after, the gun was junk, a throw down.”
“That trick still works?”
Does when Felicia says Weaver came in holding it. Weaver showed up wanting to face down JK, more likely Felicia. JK shoots him, takes the throw down and shoots a hole in the wall behind him, wraps Weaver’s hand around it. Ain’t no way to tell who fired first, no reliable way. Kid outside told me there was a loud pop, then another not so loud. JK’s gun would make more noise, he fired first. But a kid across the street, who didn’t see anything, the door closed and Weaver was twenty feet inside the office.”
“And a deputy swears Weaver came in with it and took a shot at Jackson.”
“That sealed it. There was a minor league investigation, I was there first, but JK had the other deputy, Barney Fife little twit, write up the report.”
“Is Barney on the good team, or the bad one?”
“JK owns that little asshole. Felicia was drunk one night, down at Eddie’s bar. She called Mo, that’s Barney’s real name, a skinny cocksucker. When I asked her why, she snickered and said, ‘cause he got caught sucking cock.’ I tried for the story, but she figured she’d said too much, said she was just drunk and waddled her way out the door. I never heard nothin’ else about it. I do know that Mo likes to drive over to Birmingham when he’s got a coupla days. He’s not married, lives alone and ain’t got kin in Birmingham. Don’t mean he’s queer, I know that. I also know if JK or Felicia says jump, Mo leaps.”
“And Felicia isn’t his boss.”
“Nope, he outranks her, but you’d never know it. Rank don’t mean nothin’ here, JK’s the boss, Felicia’s the compadre, how it is.”
“Anything else? Doesn’t anyone in town get it? Want to be done with JK and the fat woman?”
“The videos, if they exist, would keep those folks under control, and while I don’t know about incest movies, I do know JK is quick to make threats and he’s good at picking up information from gossips like Tricia. He uses people’s screw-ups to keep them in line when he ain’t messin’ with their heads. You tell a wife about her infidelities, she’s not gonna make a complaint. Most folks got some kinda dirt under the rug. JK is a vacuum cleaner, collected a lotta dirt in six years.”
“So, what we have here, is a malicious extortionist, with the added advantage of being able to trap minds, some anyway. He hardly needs the gossips, he can make people confess their sins when they are susceptible to his hypnosis. He makes families perform sex acts, shares young girls with Felicia, and isn’t above murder.”
“That’s the summary. I could rattle off lots of suspicions, if I could make any of  ‘em stick, I might. But I’m afraid of him, I admit it. I’m not far from retirement, got a wife and grandkids. If I quit, I leave the few people I can help completely at his mercy and it ain’t like my old ass is in demand someplace else. I’m not proud of me, just want to get by.”
“He ever get into your head?”
“Not at first, I shucked and jived so’s I could get the lay of him, wasn’t a threat, didn’t want the job myself and made it plain. He poked around a little, I could feel the pull. Soon as I did, I found reasons I needed to be elsewhere. He quit when he seen I wasn’t gonna start giving him grief. My wife needs a doc regular, takes a bunch of prescriptions. I gotta look after her, no good for me to take him on head to head.”
“You got vacation time?”
“Coupla weeks. I take my vacations, get out of the stink for a week or so.”
“How soon can you take one?”
“Anytime. JK likes me gone. Not sure why he hasn’t unloaded me, or worse.”
“You give him a patina of respectability.”
Benson sighs, I feel for him, he knows he punted when he should have tried for the first down, “Forty years of playing cop and I end up as ground cover for a psychopath.”
“Start your vacation, when you get back you’re going to be busy,” I walk down to the car, drive back to the house.

Chapter Eighty Eight

Janah, “We heard.”
“How do you want to go about it?”
Dasha, “Sister and I want to fix fat woman and sheriff.”
“What do you propose?”
Dasha explains their idea. It’s bizarre enough to work.
“Janah, do you have any objection, concern?”
“Always concern, but it’s a solid plan, and if they’re going to be a part of it, they need to be a part of it, not sitting on the sidelines.”
“We do not sit, we feex.”
That night I call JK, “Hey Sheriff. I was thinking about us, you know, from earlier? And I was wondering if you might be able to pass by the house tomorrow, say three thirty, I mean, I know you have to work, you might need to be on patrol or something.”
Jackson, “I can send Mo on patrol, Benson is going on vacation starting tomorrow. Old boy looked frazzled, he needs it.”
“Felicia can cover the rest I guess, I mean, you might need a couple of hours here, you know?”
“Benefit of being the boss, I make the rules. Felicia’s here eight to five, later some days, she likes being on her own, says she gets more done with us on the street.”
“Good, see you tomorrow….Sheriff.”
I hang up before I can get a snappy or suggestive reply. Now I have to make sure we have enough inappropriate clothing.
“Dasha, Daria, what do you have for this act tomorrow?”
We figure out what works, it’s almost seven, Dasha and I scare up dinner, just grilled cheese, chips and coleslaw. Our grocery shopping was intended to be simple, there isn’t much decent takeout here, Tillie’s burgers aren’t bad though.
We eat and watch TV, we have a dish, there are movies. Life of Pi, which was colorful, too long but had its moments. We’re asleep by eleven.
After a small breakfast of fruit and yogurt, we kill time with yoga in the morning, Dasha and Janah spend time on gymnastics lite while Daria and I take a long walk around the hood. Most folks are at work, we barely see anyone, do a brisk five miler and return. Janah and Dasha have showered, Daria and I shower, do hair.
I hard boil the remaining eggs, open a couple of cans of chicken and make chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. We start on our makeup and get dressed. It’s two thirty, Jackson is due in an hour, but he may show up sooner, anxious to see if my innuendo has more behind it.
Daria is in tiny cotton shorts, wedgies and a snug t-shirt. If her legs aren’t perfect, they’re as close as it gets. A hint of seductive eye shadow, but young girl as well, she looks thirteen or fourteen, bangle bracelets, no nail polish, lip gloss. Pink ribbon in her hair.
Janah, “We’re off, when we get done with Felicia, I’ll mental you, see if it’s good to come back.”
“Got it.”
They drive off to visit Deputy Dumpling. Janah parks around the corner from the station, Main is empty, Daria walks around the corner and goes in the sheriff’s office.
Felicia has her back turned to the door, hears it open but doesn’t turn around, “Be with you in a minute, have a seat.”
Daria turns the lock on the door. Janah can’t mental with Daria, but I can. If there’s a problem, Daria will tap me, I’ll tell Janah. She can bust though a locked door in a heartbeat. For the time being, she’s sitting on a bench a half block away pretending to read a book. She’s the opposite of Daria, baggy jeans, big shirt, floppy hat and sunglasses, Ms. Nobody.
Felicia turns, almost drops the copies she’s carrying. Daria is standing next to her desk chair, her hands rest on the sides of her thighs, one knee bent, tight t-shirt with nothing underneath. Her shorts are snug enough that it’s obvious there’s nothing underneath those either.
Felicia, “Well, well, and who are you little honey? Pretty thing like you, I’d know you if you’re from around here.”
“We moved in a few days ago.”
“You’re the new folks, the daughter.”
I’m watching through Daria’s eyes, Felicia moves slowly towards her, she’s taking her sweet time, eyes all over the young vision, she actually licks her lips.
Dasha, “Fat woman ees wanting sister.”
“I’ll say, she’s damn near drooling.”
Felicia finds her voice, “What can I do for you honey girl?”
“I was taking a walk, I think I got turned around, can you tell me how to get to Montgomery Street?”
Felicia sits in her chair, staring at the shapely satin legs, Daria takes a step to her, inches from the deputy.
Daria giggles, her hands run down her thighs, back up, she rests them on her hips, Felicia bites her lower lip, Daria says, “Do you think my legs are pretty?”
“Honey girl, I think your legs are the finest things I’ve seen in a long time.”
Daria smiles, “I like to dance, I have muscle, you see?” she stiffens one leg, enhances the long curve of muscle, “feel how hard.”
For a second, I think Felicia is going to faint, one hand reaches out, fingers trace the curve of muscle, “Oh my.”
Daria giggles again, “That feels good,” Daria has her mind, Felicia is overwhelmed with craving, doesn’t need more invitation, both hands up and down one leg, then the other, then hands up and down the back of her thighs.
Daria squeezes her legs together, her fingers make a V on her tummy, then one hand moves inside her shorts, “It feels so good,” Felicia is staring at the hand as it makes its way down.
Felicia’s hands work their way up, over Daria’s tush, thumbs sneak under the waistband, “I think you want me to take these off.”
Daria’s hushed voice, “Uh, huh.”
She begins to slide the shorts down, Daria’s hand is between her legs, one finger busy, Felicia is actually panting. The shorts are halfway down Daria’s legs, Felicia is the cobra under the spell of the snake charmer.
“God you’re gorgeous.”
Daria moves her hand, Felicia stares at the bareness, a glistening wet finger extended, Felicia opens her mouth. Just she is about to taste perfection, her mind dissolves and she slumps over, out for the long count.
Daria pulls up her shorts, I mental Janah, Daria unlocks the door and Janah’s inside, locks the door again and they set to work.

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