Seventy Seven

Sloane and Cassie are nicely exhausted, Oceane spent time on the dock, then trailed then around the woods.
“Girls need a shower, dump the clothes by the laundry room, it’s snuck past tea time, cocktails when you come down.”
“What's for dinner mom? I’m starved, we ran a hundred miles.”
“Grilled walleye, baked potato, basic, but we’ll grill lots of fish, and there are additives for the potato. Dasha made brownies, you won’t die of starvation.”
Sloane and her pals return in long pullovers and socks, Dasha has champagne open for them, a Russian Standard for herself. We have a bit of cheese cut on a platter and crackers. They take a plate and park on the mats in front of the fire. The great thing about our mountain place is, even in summer, it gets chilly enough at night to light a fire.
I go outside to grill fish, Dasha hands me baked potatoes through the window to put on the grill, it gets the skins nice and crispy.
Fish takes almost no time to cook, I hand the platters to Dasha through the window. I grill on the side deck, keeps the smoke away from the front deck, the window to the kitchen is just off to the right.
“Mom, this is terrific, grilled mushroom and onion for the potato, sour cream and butter. Tonkatsu and lemon butter for the fish, wow. I’m gonna pig.”
‘Dasha made extra potatoes, if you don’t want them tonight we’ll do something with them for breakfast.”
Oceane, “The wolf is waiting.”
Sloane, “Can I let him in mom?”
“Don’t feed him.”
Now there’s a wolf sitting on the floor between Sloane and Oceane. He’s too dignified to grovel for tidbits, Cassie flips him a hunk of fish. He’s not too dignified to snap it out of the air. So much for don’t feed him.
While Dasha and I clear and clean, Sloane, Cass, Oceane, and wolf sit on the porch and watch the star show. It’s dark as death in the mountains, stars seem endless, and there are always shooting stars, meteors or burning up spacejunk sailing across the sky. The wolf heads to his den, girls come inside chilly. We have  heaters on the porch, they must have gone to the dock.
“Mom, we’re fah-reezing.”
“Lucky for you, Dasha has hot chocolate and brownies, park by the fireplace, you’ll be toasty in no time.”
Sloane kisses Dasha, “You are the best.”
“Thanking you, when Eemaya ees here, she will tell you she ees best of everything.”
Sloane laughs, “I love Amaya, she is never in doubt, come to think of it, neither are you. You and Amaya have a lot in common, self confidence and the skill to back it up.”
“Eemaya ees best person, she makes sisters beautiful, and takes care of Vesnushki, who ees best peerson of all.”
Dasha’s right, Chloe is a delightful bundle of happy, the happiness fairy, when she’s in the room, there is joy.
Cassie is levitating in front of the fire, Sloane brings hot chocolate to them, “Cassie, you need to be grounded, and the cocoa is hot, sip first.”
Cass floats to the mat, Sloane hands her the cup, rich chocolate with fat marshmallows melting on top and a spoon to dip into them. I bring a plate of brownies sprinkled with powdered sugar. Chocolate-sugar buzz.
Dasha and I park on the couch behind them, it’s still except for cracking wood. I sip my chocolate, dang it’s good, just the thing. Oceane feeds Cass a chunk of melted marshmallow. For this evening, life is perfect. I’ve even forgotten to check in with Janah, by now she’s sexed everyone at home.
I blink into her head, she’s not just fast asleep, she’s comatose. I blink out, my sexpot needs a solid night of rest.
Amaya checks in, Your other is the most disgustingly wonderful sex toy. I see you’re doing domesticity. Good thing, tonight here would have irredeemably corrupted the already corrupted children. Look through my eyes, gaze on perfection.
She’s seated in front of her three way mirror, and she’s perfect, staring at herself for my viewing pleasure. She kisses the mirror.
I am the hottest girl on the planet, in the solar system, in the galaxy, the universe. God wants to be me.
I’ll worship you anytime, anyplace, snap your fingers, I’m on my knees.

She grins, Exactly what Janah did, I let her pleasure me for the entire audience. I’m sure there was a collective orgasm. When I climax, the world shivers with me.
“Your communist angel says hello.
Dasha, her sister misses her, as do I, you may tell her so.”

I relay the message.
Dasha says to tell you to come soon and make sex with her, she will feel good.
So adorable, she means that I will feel good of course, and I will, and so will she. Kiss her for me, while I watch.

I turn to Dasha, “Message from Amaya,” I slip my tongue into her mouth, we taste like chocolate and marshmallow, hey, maybe…
Dasha sends her regards, and lust, and reminds you to watch over Vesnushki.
Chloe shall always be safe, she says hi, and we shall be along day after, bye.

Seventy Eight

I hear the houseboat , so does Sloane, wolf girl goes out to the dock and howls.
Dasha, “What ees crazy girl yelling about? Oh, she hears boat coming.”
“Janah gave me a heads up, the ride is an hour in the houseboat.”
We walk to the dock, we had to expand with two powerboats and a bit bigger houseboat. Instead of one long dock, there are three slips and passengers can get on or off either side of the boat.
Janah has an extra case of Gosset and another of Heidsieck, “I didn’t want to get snowed in and run out.”
“When did it start snowing in the summer?”
“Climate change, you never know.”
Impeccable logic, or a strong taste for Champagne.
They get settled inside, I go with Janah to our room to tongue swap.
Janah, “It was strange, not touching you for three days. I think my exhibition escapade was partially due to my disorientation. My sanity compass was gone and I drifted off course.”
“Second thoughts? Sounded to me like you enjoyed it.”
“Mixed emotions, I did enjoy it, it was exhilarating. I still tingle when I think about it. It wasn’t completely out of character, I do it at home sometimes, did it for Susan when we were living there. I was close to taking it further, but I waited until we were more age appropriate.”
“Sis might have gone for it, then she would have felt guilty.”
“She didn’t feel guilty when I was sixteen. You were at school, I was home alone with her. I did my tease leaning next to her pretending to look at her laptop screen. Her hand on the back of my thigh, then over my butt. I turned, undid the belt of her robe and knelt between her luscious legs. That was the end of tease.”
“We’d started up at fifteen, you weren’t a virgin lez. My mother couldn’t wait to tell me she’d done my girl.”
“It didn’t bother Chris, at least she never made a thing.”
“C-mom had regular side dishes since before you came along. It turned mom on that her honey was with some hottie, she liked the humiliation.”
“You inherited that from her. Chris liked the sense of power and control she had over a gorgeous woman, as do I.”
“You used it on both of us. I recall you nude on the couch next to Sis, asking her about Chris’ latest overnight sensation. Mom would get worked up telling you how Chris hit on the girl right in front of her. The girl would stare at her and smirk while Chris fondled, how they left her sitting alone in the club or restaurant. She loved it.”
“And I loved how she would go down on me while you watched.”
“It made me squirmy, she’d always recap the next day, just to rub it in. I’d go to our room and tingle myself while she fed me more details. That’s when I learned the joys of  being a strum queen.”
“Then she started offering a helping hand. Sis was always hot for you, surprised she didn’t give up and give in.”
“We liked the tease, the edge of incest. I’d go to her room after she showered and towel her dry. Sometimes my hand would slip away from the towel, she’d get breathy, I’d finish her off. Apart from a few gentle kisses and our finger assists, nothing happened.”
Sex talk has us warm, I slip off her little dress, nothing else to remove. Then drop my snug cutoffs and take off my t-shirt, now we both have nothing else to remove. If panty makers relied on us, they’d be bankrupt.
We’re engaged in a standing make out, our door is only partially closed, I sense a spy.
“You can come in Sloane”
 “Sorry,” she’s not that sorry, she’s only wearing a silk pullover that barely covers her, in fact, the boy part is sticking straight out.
Janah, “Shut the door and come here.”
Soon as Sloane is next to her, Janah has her hand on Sloane’s smooth, straight, circumcised dick, just a shade over seven inches.
I’m staring at Janah’s fingers doing a slow trace. When I look up, Sloane is grinning at me. I bite my lower lip and return to the matter in Janah’s hand.
Janah, “On the bed and strum for us Daphne.”
While I work myself, Sloane watches me, Janah’s on her knees kissing the shaft, I’m paying close attention to the action. After kisses and series of slow licks, Janah takes the cock in her mouth, I groan, my tummy tightens. My middle finger slides along my pussy, makes me shiver.
A few minutes of suck, then Janah stands. Sits on the vanity, spreads her legs and leans back.
“Fuck me Sloane,” my breath quickens as Sloane enters and slow fucks.
Janah’s steaming, I can feel it, she orgasms, me too.
“Daphne, come pump it on me, right over my pussy,” Sloane pulls out, I’m off the bed with her cock in my hand.
I do a gentle back and forth, the cock is wet with Janah and my hand slides along, slick and sensual.
Sloane groans, the first shot explodes on the target site, we’re all watching the lava flow, then a second adds to the pool. I squeeze, get a last bit which is on my index finger. Janah takes my hand and licks it off.
Janah, “Lick my pussy Daphne.”
She uncrosses her legs, I kneel between, the creamy confection covers her softness. I lean in.
I discover I like the taste and texture. When I’m done, Janah’s had another orgasm and I’ve swallowed the all the fun juice.
Janah pulls me up, licks my lips, then her tongue is inside my mouth, tasting the remainder.
The three of us collapse on the bed, like a trio of sardines.
Janah, “Daphne’s not a jizz virgin any longer.”
We laugh, Sloane says, “Well, what about it?”
“I’m adding it to my diet.”
Sloane grins.
Janah, “You don’t get it all the time, I want my share.”
Sloane, “Maybe I can spray you both, it works for Oceane and Cassie.”
“Good plan.”
“Sometimes it’s like you did today, Oceane likes to lick it off Cassie.”
“Variety is good.”
Janah, “Variety has made me hungry, it’s almost tea time, what do you have?”
I mental Dasha, What’s for tea, Janah’s hungry.
Da, okay, we haf shortbread and ginger snapping cookie, I will put out also chocolate. Eef you are done wiz sexy time, you will come here. I haf also sexy time, sister missed her sister. She ees content now.

“Cookies today.”
“Good enough, let’s clean up our act and go.”
Sloane retrieves her shirt and leaves, Janah and I do a quick shower and scoot downstairs, the others are already there.
Amaya, “Renewing old acquaintances?”
“She was gone for two nights and almost three days, what do you think?”
“Chloe is always devastated if I’m gone a day.”
Dasha, “Eemaya can no let Vesnushki out of her sight for an hour.”
“Proves my point, I saw you wasted no time cornering Daria.”
“Nyet, sisters are no deeferent than rest of fahmahley, better when everyone ees together.”
Nikko, “Well said and agreed.”
Zi smiles, her samurai isn’t all cold rationality, she can be sentimental, just not dramatic.
Dasha, “Dinner ees for seven or seven thirty, tonight burghur wiz chizz bleu and grill ohnyon, Dahfoney ees for grilling, we haf steak cut fries, garden burghur for Janah and Oceane. Cassie, do you want garden or regular?”
She looks at Oceane, “Garden.”
Oceane, “We are to the dock, the wolf is waiting, he brought his family.”
Amaya, “How do you know that?”
Oceane smiles, Sloane and Cass follow her sylph self out the door.
Amaya goes to the door, “Damn, there they are, mom dad and four cubs. Chloe, we shall sit on the porch.”
Everyone goes to the porch, too much fun watching the girls interact with the not so wild animals, not tonight anyway.
Dasha and I return to the kitchen, burgers are premade, they’re marinating in the fridge. We cut potatoes in wedges for steak fries, put them in a bowl of cold water. Sometimes we use frozen, most of the time fresh. Big pot of oil to heat up later, we’ll fry the fries then put them on paper towels in baking pans to keep warm in the oven while I deal with burgers.
Six thirty, Amaya’s bartending, passes around beverage of choice to the others outside, then a chilled Russian Standard shot for Dasha.
“Spasibo Eemaya, enjoy your cocktail wiz the others, we will slow down dinner, tell them it will be seven thirty.”
“Good, I’m wanting to get a bit snockered, I’ll have a second drink and wine with dinner.”
“We haf also beer, cold Sapporo and Tsingtao.”
“Even better.”
Dinner is served as planned, girls are always hungry when we’re in Canada, they scarf burgers, fries and a few beers. Nikko has a fire blazing.
Chloe, “The cubs were so cute, playing with Cassie, little yips as they leapt around trying to reach her levitating over the dock.”
Zi, “And mom and dad twisting their heads trying to figure out how she did it.”
Half the crew bundles up to watch the star show, the rest of us content to enjoy the crackling fire until the logs disintegrate into small bits of flame and embers.
Sloane, “Mom, Cassie wants to sleep in front of the fire, can we stoke it up again?”
“You know where the firewood is, two or three logs, you’ll be asleep before they burn up.”
I find comforters, pillows are all over the place, Nikko checks the grate, satisfied that it’s secure. Everyone goes off to bed. In the silent Canadian wilderness, sleep comes quick and deep.

Seventy Nine

Dasha’s out in the Stingray with Sloane, Oceane, and Cassie. I see her rip the lake off to the west. Sloane and Cass love the speed, Oceane loves the water. The lake’s no good for swimming without a wetsuit, we keep sets in the storage closet.
Summer temperatures average seventy for a high, into the forties at night. A couple months of moderate temps don’t make up for frozen winter, the lake is filled with snowmelt not underground hot springs.
Nikko, Janah, and Zi are out hiking, they’ll come back with herbs, mushrooms and berries. Amaya and Chloe are hanging on the porch with Daria and Eloise. Dasha and I take out trays of hot chocolate, we sit and sip.
Amaya, “Eloise, anything on your tech plate?”
“Small modifications to the drone, we can fly a few miles an hour faster, comes at the cost of battery power. The graphene batteries were a vast improvement, I can’t see getting any more mileage out of tinkering with them. Our home gadgets are performing adequately, Daria and I can’t think up things to add. At some point it gets absurd with too many buttons on the tablets. Other than that, we’ve been kind if idea dry. The tech we have requires a fair amount of maintenance, even chips don’t last forever.”
“You put robot floor cleaners in all the homes, they’re great, vacuum and mop. I don’t have to get on my knees and scrub Chloe’s bathroom floor anymore.”
“Advantage of Daphne’s dislike of carpet. All our floors are hardwood or stone. The robot handles throw rugs okay, unless they’re small, like bathmats.”
“Carpet is a dirt magnet, no amount of even wet cleaning gets it out.”
Amaya, “Twice as Dead 2 released to good numbers, better than the first film. Katya and Katja were a second hit behind our own twins.”
“Adding Ellen’s bit turned out well, she got a mention in several reviews. What was the line? ‘Harry Childers introduced Emma Watkins who played the devastating Divinity Dane, a professional escort with a twist, she only takes select female clients. The shot of a Washington power broker, played by the  author Amaya, kissing down her nude torso then to devastating legs was heartstoppingly erotic. The scene of her and twins was electric, nuclear even. Too bad Amaya played the part dressed, I recall her stripper role in Ultra Violet. Made me revisit my own sexuality.’
“We gave Ellen, Katya, and Katja stage names to afford some privacy. Dasha and Daria used their real names in the first, no reason to stage name them in the second.”
“Murakami-Sylk is too well known, Daria is one of the business faces and Dasha had already been interviewed about the restaurants several times. Stage names would have been pointless.”
Dasha, “You are writing something new?”
“Marinating ideas. We are introducing new lines at Chloe Couture, been busy with
Mayumi and Satomi on designs. We have to do photos next, then they can add them to the website. Chloe and I have to go to Japan in the fall, more cosmetics and talk shows. She’s getting a million dollar payday.”
Chloe, “The Japanese have always been generous, I love it there, fans are so enthusiastic.”
Amaya, “Their generosity has generated millions in sales, you should get twice as much, but we have no need for greed. And they provide first class air, drivers and top shelf accommodations. Plus they bow a lot, I am worthy of many bows.”
The Stingray goes screaming by, then makes a sharp u-turn and back to a spot about fifty yards out from the dock. Dasha keeps an eye out while Sloane, Cass, and Oceane jump off the boat and swim. We don’t get much boat traffic when we’re here, the monks take customers in different directions. Other guides use different parts of the lake to avoid crowds of boats. The lake is teeming with fish, each guide has his or her spots. Some people don’t use guides, the pushier ones try to horn in if they spot boats catching fish. One more boat doesn’t matter much, it’s not worth arguing about.
One such party comes down the lake on a direct path to the swimmers, Dasha, boat coming, fire it up and block the swimmers.
Da, I see it, I hear the engine, our boat slides in front of the swimmers, they’re just treading water at the moment.
I hear Dasha tell them to get in the boat.
The other boat is still thirty or forty yards away, plenty of time to cut speed and ease around. But they don’t. It picks up speed and passes within a couple of feet from our Stingray’s bow. There are three men, I hear them shouting.
“Don’t cut us off asshole, dumb fucking cunt,” a few other epithets.
Their boat turns.
Dasha, come in and don’t waste time doing it.
“Eloise. Launch a drone, get the video, and load a few tranq darts in case, hustle.”
Daria takes off with her, they’re back as Dasha and the others are stepping out of our boat onto the dock. The asshole boat pulls up to the other side of the dock, the engine shuts off.
I’m on the dock, the drone is airborne, Dasha and Sloane are alongside.
“Oceane, take Cassie and go to the house.”
Asshole One, “Fuck you think you doing bitch, pull right in front of us.”
I walk up to him, he’s still in the boat, “There were swimmers in your path, there was nothing else to do.”
Asshole Two, he appears the most drunk, “Dumb cunt coulda caused a wreck, why’s they swimmers in the goddamn lake anyway? Fuckin’ lake is for fishin’.
Three is quiet, maybe less shitfaced than One and Two, or more hostile.
“The lake is for lots of stuff, including swimming. It’s also stupid to be running a powerboat at top speed drunk, really stupid.”
A-One, “You callin’ me stupid bitch?”
“You so stupid you have to ask?”
It takes him time to process, when he does his stupidity ascends to new levels, he steps to the dock and gets in my face. Then he does the ultimate stupid, he pokes me with a finger.
“Lissen cunt….”
My knees hits his balls at the same time the heel of my hand hits his teeth, he’s launched back into the boat and lands hard on a cooler.
A-Two staggers to the dock, pulls his hand back, Dasha crushes his jaw and kicks him back into the boat.
A-Three, “Got to stand my ground against a vicious assault, fearing for my life and all,” he reaches for a pistol.
Sloane is over the gunwale, her jaws locked on his arm before she lands. He yelps, the pistol drops from his hand into the lake. Sloane lets him loose, then high kicks him in the jaw. Blood drips from his fractured wrist and his mouth.
“This is Canada shithead, not Florida, or you too dumb to notice.”
He gets red, really red, I think it might be a cartoon where steam comes out of his ears. Instead, a dart sticks in his chest, he stares for a second, then collapses overboard.
“Nice work Eloise,” I jump in the boat, “Sloane, help me get the dork out of the water before he drowns.”
My owl claws grab his belt by the front, Sloane has it by the back, we yank him up and flop him in. He chokes and coughs up a little water, good thing, if he's waiting on mouth to mouth from us, he’s a dead man.
The other two are in various states of pain, but conscious.
“Suck it up and listen, let me show you a movie,” I replay the drone video on my phone, “see here’s where you made an unprovoked attack, then your pal made a second one, then your other pal tried assault with a deadly weapon.”
I look at the twins, “Collect wallets, passports if they have them, look for weapons, don’t leave prints.”
While they do that, I continue, “Here’s how this goes. We’re going to know who you are, where you live, the names of your wives, children and their grandparents. Then we’re going to find out where you work. If you ever return, all of them will see the rather humiliating video. That’s in the future. In the present, the RCMP is on the way. They will see the video. If you’re lucky, they’ll take you to the border and stick you on a watch list so you can never return to Canada. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get the same treatment, with a few broken bones to boot.”
A-One, ‘You can’t so that shit, hey, you can’t take our guns neither.”
Dasha and Daria uncovers a shotgun and another pistol, Sig by the looks of it.
“People are always telling me I can’t do what I’ve already done. The pistol in the lake is illegal in Canada, barrel’s too short. The Sig P229 has a seventeen round magazine, that’s a no-no. And I’m willing to bet you didn’t fill out a Non-resident Firearm Declaration Form.”
“Amaya, send Oceane down, she needs to do a bit of underwater search.”
Oceane comes along, I point to the spot, she walks into the lake, doesn’t have to dive, feels around with her foot, up comes the snub nosed .38.
“Thank you dear one, go back to the house now.”
A-Three has recovered, “Can’t prove it belongs to me.”
I laugh, “I have it on video dork.”
Now they’re at least sober, and quiet. I hear a big boat, it’s the rangers.
Daria has the driver’s licenses memorized, no passports, left them where they’re staying. The boat has a rental tag on it. The officers will know the place and check out the passports.


We’ve dealt with Mounties before, we saved a hawk illegally shot by hunters. Rounded up the hunters, with hard attitude, Chan and C-mom had fun busting various body parts.
Some frat boys with attitude came along in a boat one time, tried to pick up the wrong girls. As I recall, we sent them packing without involving the constabulary.
We see park rangers patrolling the lake, they wave, come in for coffee occasionally. There’s a houseful of honeys after all. They’re Canadian polite, and have figured out we’re all queer. Plus they know the monks at the fishing camp. Our reps are good, we’re solid citizens, protect the wildlife and don’t leave a mess. We don’t see the Mounties so often, they do criminal investigation.
I recognize one of the Mounties, “Danny, good to see you again.”
“Ay, and you Miss Sylk.”
“As you wish ma’am. What do we have here?”
“Drunk American white trash, provoking a fight, then drawing a weapon, that one. It’s a little wet, he dropped it in the lake.”
Danny, “And a seventeen round magazine on a Sig, you boys have a Firearm Declaration form?”
A-Three, “Musta lost it.”
“It’s okay sir, if you filled one out, we have the original.”
He turns to me, “You want to file a complaint? For the assault I mean, the guns speak for themselves.”
I nod to the three beat to crap drunks, “Already filed it, Canadian justice was swift.”
Danny looks over broken and bleeding things, “I take the point Miss…Daphne.”
“Cup of coffee before you go?”
“Would be welcome, what about…” he nods to the three.
“Sloane and Dasha will stay here, they aren’t going anyplace, I have the key to the boat,” I dangle it in front of him.
“One of Crenshaw’s rentals, I’ll take the key and get it back to them. We have to take the prisoners there anyway, get passports, may find other weapons. Oh, forgive my oversight, this is Constable Steffens.”
“Pleasure to meet you Constable, come on up, the view is splendid.”
The Sergeant laughs, he knows what view I’m referring to.
Around the porch and inside is our gaggle of girls, besides the dock, the first they see are Oceane and Cassie, then Amaya and Chloe to the side in discussion, probably about Chloe Couture.
Steffens, “Pardon Miss, would that be Chloe Sylk and the author Amaya?”
“It would be and is.”
“Oh my, lucky me,” Chloe blazes him a smile.
She gets up to meet the Mounties, “Welcome, must be a coffee break, we just made a big pot, excellent timing.”
Steffens’ jaw is working, nothing comes out.
Danny, “Star struck, come on Constable, we can’t linger all day.”
We go inside, Steffans looks around the room, Nikko, Zi, Eloise, Janah and Daria, all in various t-shirts and shorts, some with knee socks.
“Miss Daphne, have I died and gone to glory?”
I laugh, “Doubt it, trust me, none of them are angels. Sit, coffee up in a sec.”
I know a bit about the Sergeant, so I spend the time finding out about Steffens. A two year Mountie, former Canadian Special Forces, mustered out to the Mounties. A somewhat safer and less traveled career.
Danny, “We’re lucky he fell for a park ranger, lovely girl. Decided being near her was better than crawling around in the muck overseas.”
Steffens, “We made friends with your fishing guides, they’re all Shaolin monks. Great group. We have to limit visits, they are so busy over the season, but we catch up in the late fall and early spring. Don’t seem to mind the isolation over the winter.”
“It’s when they recharge.”
Danny, “Up you go Constable, time to haul the bad guys to their digs, then to a hearing.”
Eloise comes up, “Here’s a copy of the video, it’s got the whole show, audio too.”
I show them a bit off my phone.
Steffens, “How’d you get this ma’am, filmed from overhead like that?”
Eloise looks at me, “A drone, we have a business that makes them in the States and Japan.”
“First rate quality, like a professional video.”
“Movie studios use them, people that make commercials, football teams, other sports entities.”
They stand to leave, at the door Steffens takes one last glance around the room shakes his head, “They’re never going to believe I met Chloe Sylk and Amaya.”
“Sure they will, got a phone?”
He smiles, reaches in his pocket and hands it to me.
On the porch, “Chloe, Amaya, the RCMP would like to have a fan video, will you accommodate?”
They surround Steffens, link arms, Danny to Amaya’s right, Chloe says, “Thanks to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for your help and service,” she and Amaya raise one hand and wave.
I shut off the camera, then, “Wait, have either of you seen Twice as Dead?”
They both ‘yes’ simultaneously.
“Daria, come down to the dock with us.”
Steffens, “Wait, part of your tribe are the twin assassins? All the guys have seen that, there’s a second one, right?”
“Coming to Canada soon, with a surprise.” I’ll let him have the fun of another set of twins when he sees Twice as Dead 2.
We walk down, more video of them with Dasha and Daria talking over favorite scenes.
Dasha waves, “Bye bye now, come again soon, we appreciate, you will haf a nice day taking assholes to prison, thanking you.”
Danny and Steffens are laughing, Danny says, “Same as the movie. Thanks Daphne, thank everyone, Sergeant and I will be the most envied cops on the force.”
Steffens takes the rental boat with A-One in cuffs, Danny the other two cuffed together. They’re in lifejackets, don’t want any accidents along the way.
Sloane, “Some guys just don’t get it do they?”
“Two were pretty drunk, the third guy I thought was in better shape. I don’t know if he was just as pissed or had a macho attitude. He went for the stand your ground crap. I suspect he’s been in trouble before, somewhere along the line he got a broken nose.”

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