Chapter Seventy Three

It's Friday, supposed to be a dead day but Chloe got an offer to do a cosmetics commercial. She and Amaya are whisked off in a limo, Daria and Dasha with them, just in case. Eloise goes swimming with Oceane, Janah is on the laptop checking on Society and Shaolin matters.
She clicks down the top, "I need to send Nikko and Zi on something, it sounds like a Shadow."
"Where? Nikko and Zi went to the San Francisco office for a few days, then back to Manhattan. They've only been home a couple of days."
Janah, "Good thought, it's in Florida, I'll ask Chan and Black. Surveillance has been following a guy who spends his days playing golf with retirees. After golf, he drives with one of them to a bank, I don't have to tell you what happens then."
"Retiree has a seriously depleted account."
"Yes, bank and brokerage gone. These people are living their retirement dreams one day, cleaned out the next. Either there's leverage, something threatening to coerce them, or it's a Shadow taking their minds. Threats don't make sense, nobody's reported being threatened, old people would run to the cops."
"Either way he's got to go."
Janah, "Yep. I'll call Chan, he and Black can go to St. Petersburg and get this sorted out."
While she's on the phone, the swimmers come along, Eloise, "Keeping up with Oceane is impossible, she's like a shark."
"So I found out in Beijing. Get a good workout?"
"Yes, while I gasped for air, she kept cruising along. I have a plan to make her to lose her breath, suppose we can borrow the bedroom?"
Oceane whispers to me, "Eloise wants me. You and Janah can join us."
"I think Eloise deserves you to herself, she's been working while we played, it's her first day off in weeks."
Oceane, "You and Janah tonight."
 "Yay! Have fun with Eloise, we're all yours later," I briefly wonder if her sexual awakening has anything to do with her interest in decora...drop it Daphne, too much psychological deconstruction.
Janah, "Let's take a walk while they play, we'll come back in an hour or so and have tea with them."
We casually stroll the busy streets, Tokyo is packed, like Manhattan.
Janah, "Long ago, when I saw the fat man slap his wife and the scared little boy, I looked up abuse on the web. There was so much, even then, when the internet was still dial up, high speed internet didn’t happen until the mid nineties. I asked dad about it. It was clear that I should do what I could, and I needed a helper, a tough one. I found you."
"All this time I thought it was my legs."
"That sealed the deal."
"And now look at us, over twenty years has gone by, we quit aging after the first twelve or thirteen. I wonder if we creep people out?"
Janah, "Our friends don't act like it, if it comes up I mention qi, intention and harmony. None of which explains anything, but they sound synchronistic. It doesn't need to make sense if I say it with conviction."
"You should be in politics."
"My family would never talk to me again, I'd have to have sex with lobbyists, hang out with politicians, meet a Bush or a Clinton, talk to a Republican. It sounds…. icky."
We've walked for an hour and solved nothing, tea time. I make it in the room, it's a full suite, we have tea, fruit, snacks they reload daily. It's starting to look like a mini-mart in here. That's what happens when you tip the housekeeper every day. There are enough towels in the bathroom to open a store.
Eloise joins us, Oceane has yet to appear.
"Did you leave her in shock?"
Eloise, "Other way around. She's easy, took over soon as we hit the sack, she led, I followed. Didn't have to think, just feel good, better, best."
Janah, "I've noticed, she moves Daphne and me around like chess pieces.....maybe Legos is a better analogy."
Oceane floats in, kisses Eloise, me, Janah, "Eloise tingles, I was electric."
Eloise blushes, "She has a perfect butt, I know, I studied it thoroughly."
Oceane, "With her tongue, she tingled me with her tongue."
Eloise, "When Janah did it to me I nearly banged my head on the workbench."
"That's what you get for working nude. You were on your knees under the bench, I took advantage."
Eloise blushes again, pushes her glasses up, she's staring at the floor, they immediately slide down. Oceane finishes her tea, lays on the couch with a drawing pad. I'm admiring her work, not her drawing, I can't see it. She's in her standard nothing, ankles crossed, long swimmer legs lead to firm rounded tush, a vision.
Eloise, "See? Perfect."
Oceane turns her head back to us, takes us in taking her in, smiles, returns to her drawing.
Janah, She's figured out her irresistibility, enjoying being enjoyed.
She mentioned having you and I tonight.

Janah, Can't resist the irresistible, wonder if she's made a plan or we go freestyle?
Chloe, Amaya and the twins are back, Amaya, "I'll make cocktails, that was hilarious."
"What's so funny about cosmetics?"
"That they thought Chloe would know something about them. Chloe barely knows lip gloss from eye shadow. She is good at convincingly saying her lines, which is all they wanted. Chloe holds up this or that preposterously overpriced cosmetic, parrots the script about concealer, magical organic wrinkle remover, blush, never ever tested on animals. I presume they think humans are not animals."
Chloe, "It's an American company expanding its line in Japan. They like that I speak Japanese, don't have to dub, and that I have a bit of a following here already."
Amaya, "Bit of a following? Who were the ten thousand screeching schoolgirls outside the studio?"
Dasha, "Eemaya ees ridiculous, twenty maybe."
Amaya, "They screeched enough for ten thousand. We must have an early dinner, then Chloe needs to rest. Tomorrow is fan day."
Chloe, "I wonder if anyone will show up?"
"I doubt that's a problem. You haven't checked the fan page, I did. If everyone who is looking forward to seeing Chloe Sylk at the Peninsula shows up, we'll need riot police."
Chloe, "Oh my, I mean, does it create a problem for the hotel?"
"I've spoken to them, there's an enclosed holding area, Japan's finest will be out. There will be free beverages outside, A few zillion Chloe photos, samples of the cosmetics you pitched today, anyone showing up in decora will be on one of the drone cams and put on the fan page. There's plenty to keep them occupied."
Chloe, "When did you do all this, Daphne?"
"Amaya and I mentaled while you pitched miracle creams, the hotel was most responsive, it's great publicity for them. They have tons of contacts, I didn't spend an hour on the whole thing."
Amaya, "Dinner, can we just order room service?"
We do, eat in our suite, basics, steak, fish, stir fried vegetables, nothing exotic or uniquely Japanese, just sustenance for a busy day tomorrow. Chloe and Amaya disappear to their room Dasha, Daria, and Eloise to theirs. After dinner is cleared, Oceane, Janah, and I do lesbian intimacy things. Oceane organizes and reorganizes us to her satisfaction, from our living room, where she took us both, then to the bedroom, where Janah and I double team her into submission. She’s discovered the joy of strap-on and receives like a pro. I strap her up and she takes Janah, then me, her already flat tight tummy got a nice workout. Then we wrap her up in arms, legs and a dozen kisses as we slip to oblivion.

Chapter Seventy Four

Crazy day. A crowd guesstimate is a thousand, primarily girls, but that many girls draws a fair number of boys. The cosmetics people hand out samples. We'd cranked out photos taken from the drone of Chloe's movie role as Ultra Violet. We also made up a ton of shots with Matt, which turn out to be equally popular. Chloe's at a table inside signing the photos in kanji ク ロエ for Chloe. The hotel ushers in two hundred kids at a time. Thirty seconds per girl is a hundred minutes, little over an hour and a half per group.
Outside, Amaya and Dasha are with Eloise. Amaya organizes the line of decora girls, about a quarter of the crowd. They take a short walk, wave to the drone cam, Dasha also films from a backup camera. The girl can say a bit about her outfit while she walks, some do, some just wave or stand there and turn around slowly.
Janah, Daria and Oceane wander the ballroom and the crowd outside, no sign of trouble, just kids chattering, showing off their fashions, tweeting whoever.
A local TV news station appears, then cameras from one of the numerous Tokyo celebrity talk shows. In between groups Chloe gives each a five minute interview. Then they discover the author, Amaya, who gets a chance to talk about the movie and how great it is to work in Japan. They love that Amaya and Chloe do their bit in Japanese.
Then Matt appears to eardrum exploding screams, inundated with requests to autograph his photos. Eloise is capturing the whole party. I would have thought the crowd would shrink over the day, but the kids are having fun outside, most of them hang around even after their group is done in the ballroom. On top of that, the crowd itself and the decora girls draw a larger curiosity crowd. Fortunately, food carts appeared even before the event began. Industrious Japanese entrepreneurs correctly conclude there would be plenty of people to see American celebrities.
Chloe comes outside, stands with Matt for more picture taking, then Matt is interviewed by the TV crews, Chloe translates. What was supposed to be a few hours turns into nine.
Chloe waves, thanks everyone and retreats to the hotel. Eloise brings in the drone, no more reason for kids to hang, the crowd disperses, food carts pack up and drive away. The Peninsula returns to normal.
I'm talking to the manager, "It seemed to go well, nothing got trashed, the crowd kept clear of the entrance. Any complaints from guests?"
Mr. Takana, "None, they seemed pleased to be in the midst of big event. No problems with coming and going, hotel functioned as normal. Kids stayed in the ballroom, in and out side doors as requested. Toilets near ballroom, and free public toilets all over in Tokyo anyway."
He's right, Tokyo is people friendly, there are no signs that restrooms are for patrons only.
"Thank you for your cooperation, the hotel has been splendid about this, particularly on short notice. We will have photos and favorable comments from Chloe and Matt about the Peninsula on her fan page. It gets a lot of visits, hundreds of thousands from all over the world."
Mr. Tanaka smiles, "Ah, free advertising from famous movie stars will be good for business."
"From what I've seen, the hotel does plenty of business already. I'm sorry the time ran long, we didn't have the heart to send people away."
Tanaka, "No event tonight in ballroom, Miss Chloe must be exhausted."
"She loves seeing the fans, but yes, I think after a long stretch of filming and today, she won't have trouble sleeping."
We exchange bows, if he found any of the event annoying, it never appeared on his face or in his tone of voice. Good to deal with professionals.
Back in our room, it's just Janah and Oceane. Everyone has had a long day and they've all gone to their suites to collapse.
We depart Narita at eleven in the morning, a twelve hour flight. Due to the bizarre world of international dateline, we arrive at JFK at ten in the morning the same day. Leave on Sunday, fly twelve hours, get to our destination an hour earlier than when we left. How's that for efficiency?
Since we left in the morning, we didn't sleep much on the flight, catnap at best. The idea is to push through the day, even though when we go to bed tonight, we'll have been up twenty four hours. Dragging a bit, but with unpacking from such a long trip, three countries, over a month, we kill Sunday washing, folding, lounging. Nikko and Zi have been home for a few days, they've restocked the refrigerator, Dasha and I don't have to grocery shop. We manage to stay functional, it's early evening, our cocktail hour.
Nikko, "I bought roasted chickens, baked beans, macaroni and cheese for tonight. Figured you ate well on the plane, first class JAL is first class everything."
"Including customs, first off the plane, first in line. We shipped the drones international freight, should be here Tuesday or Wednesday. How's Murakami Sylk?"
Zi, "Our division managers kept us updated every day, Daria and Nikko reviewed numbers just like when they're here. Nothing amiss at Ultra Violet or the Down Homes, Dasha spoke to Mariella a few times."
"They were at the film locations all the time, guess they could make calls or send texts then."
Zi, "And in the middle of the night. Dasha and Daria operated on about five or six hours of sleep many nights."
"I didn't know that, they always seemed rested and ready."
Nikko, "Youth, they're biologically fifteen. They may crash for a few days now that they're home."
"I know I'm going to crash for a couple of days, Chloe and Amaya may not appear for a week. Chloe worked her butt off filming, fan day that was supposed to be a few hours turned into nine."
Chloe, "They were splendid, such energy, it was contagious. You're right though, I may sleep through tomorrow and wake up Tuesday. My battery is dying."
Amaya, "Dinner, then you and I are disappearing."
Chloe, "How's the video from fan day?"
Amaya, "I took a look on the flight, it needs to be edited and smoothed out. Susan might be helpful."
"I'll call her, she can come over tomorrow and get after the edits."
Which I do, Sis ( I call my mom Sis) didn't know about fan day, she's typically enthusiastic, "Great! That was a cool idea, sounds like Amaya. What time?"
"Can I call tomorrow, we're kind of bleary from the trip, it may actually be Tuesday depending on when my head clears."
Susan, "We're here all month, going to Canada soon with Lacy and Taylor."
"Glad it's getting used, we're due a trip but I can't think about travel just now. I'll call, Amaya will want to pick out specifics, there's nearly six hours of video. It needs a twenty minute summary, separate chunks of the decora girls and Chloe's interviews."
Susan, "What's a decora girl? Oh, wait, we saw them in Tokyo last year, the Victorian dolls. They showed up?"
"They were the reason Amaya thought up fan day. In another twist, Oceane decided to create personalities for herself based on a more subtle version of decora. She likes Kotakoti."
"Who's Kotakoti?"
I laugh, spell it for her, "You can check her out yourself, there are YouTubes and she has a website."
"I'm pulling it up now, gee, she's cute. She's not Japanese but the blog is in Japanese. Get rested, talk in a day or so."

Chapter Seventy Five

 Monday is another near nothing, Daria goes with Nikko and Zi to the office, Dasha commandeers me to visit Ultra Violet. Chloe and Amaya take a walk with us. The Lobby at Ultra Violet is our upstairs wine and beer bar, a comfortable place for diners waiting on a table. As Chloe's movies were released, we set up a video loop that runs the films silently on flat screens on two walls and over the bar. After Ultra Violet III is gone from theaters, we'll add it as well. In the meantime, we'll plug in the fan day video as a break between each film. It's wall art, nobody stands around watching the videos, it loosely ties in the restaurant with the movies and serves as something besides fixed art decoration.
Amaya, "I think we should remodel The Lobby a bit. I can move it subtly to Japanese influence. It is time to change the decor anyway, adding fan day video is a good relaunch point."
"You going to have oriental upstairs and southern cooking downstairs?"
Amaya, "The whole restaurant is a juxtaposition, ultra modern decor, touch screen ordering, elegant outfits for the wait staff, jazz musicians and down home food."
Dasha, "Ees gud idea. We haf many Asian customer, local and toorusting peersons."
Amaya, "Toorusting persons? You and your accent, sheesh."
Dasha, "I am also juxtapose, American girl wiz Russian accent."
"See, she likely gave you subliminal inspiration to juxtapose The Lobby."
Amaya, "Anybody who says juxtapose one more time dies."
Chloe comes along, Amaya explains her idea, Chloe says, "An interesting juxtaposition."
Chloe's trying to figure out why I find that hysterical, Amaya says, "Except Chloe, Chloe cannot die for any reason."
Chloe, "What did I walk into?"
Amaya, "I used the j-word to explain my idea, then the sarcastic Slav used it, which encouraged Daphne. I threatened death if anyone said it again."
Chloe giggles, "And I blurt it out in complete innocence."
"Exactly, perfect timing."
Amaya, "I need to start shopping for Japanese additions, maybe a low table or two, katana securely fastened to the walls, I will have one wall painted with cherry blossom trees. No, something kawaii, cherry blossoms and schoolgirls."
"You'll need a geisha perhaps."
Amaya, "Of course, maybe something edgy."
"Offset the cute, a geisha warrior."
Amaya's found herself a new project, Dasha goes downstairs to inform Mariella. They won't need to close The Lobby, the work can be done early in the day and during slack times in the afternoon. It's not like wholesale changes to the furniture and fixtures.
Mariella comes upstairs, "I'm liking the idea, do you want to change the staff's look up here?"
Amaya, "I favor the uniformity, upstairs bartenders and wait staff dress like the staff downstairs. My thought is to make surface changes leaning towards Japanese and leave it at that. Dressing waitresses like Japanese schoolgirls crossed my mind, but no. That would work in Japan, too Hooter's for Manhattan. At Narita airport, female airport staff wear plaid skirts, knee socks, penny loafers and white dress shirts. If they did that at JFK there would be a feminist uproar."
Mariella, "We have several oriental staff, not all Japanese. Still, Chloe's films have Japan in the background."
"The latest one was partly filmed in Tokyo."
Dasha, "I am remembering bangers and smash."
Amaya, "What does that have to do with redecoration?"
Dasha, "We haf sausage wiz smash potato een London. Kind of down home Inklund. I want to add to menu. You can haf deeferent sausage, garlic smash potato, regular, chiz, wiz or wizout creesp potato skin, add roast vegetable side. It will be big seller, you will see."
Mariella, "Sounds tasty, but the menu is extensive already. What if we drop something and add the sausage?"
Dasha, "For now, put on as special once a week. See how selling goes. Eef gud seller, take worst seller off menu and add banger full time."
Mariella, "Good, I'd like to add it for lunch, maybe Fridays. There's a place on the electronic check for customers to add comments and suggestions. Let's see if bangers and mash generates any buzz. Is that what we call it?"
Dasha, "Da. We will say family tried in London and brought to Ultra Violet as Inklish soul food."
Amaya, "Eeenglish. How is it Amaya becomes Eemaya, but English becomes Inklish? Your brain is like a bag of Scrabble tiles, just jumble words up any way that pops in your head."
Mariella leans to me and whispers, "Does Amaya ever rattle Dasha?"
"Dasha doesn't rattle. In Amaya's case, Dasha knows it's her propensity for drama on one hand and her affection on the other."
Mariella, "Ah, it's play between them."

Chapter Seventy Six

Dasha and I decide to cook tonight, we've been restauranted to death.
"What do we make?"
Dasha's surfing the refrigerator, "Nikko haf filets, we will haf chop cabbage wiz tahini, creamy speenach wiz nootmaig, Brabant potato. You will make tea now Dahfoney, I will get Oceane and Eloise. Maybe cookie wiz tea today."
I set about my assignment, a few minutes later Oceane comes down in nothing, hair wet from the shower, Eloise has slipped on a t-shirt as has Janah. Nikko, Zi, and Daria arrive.
Nikko, "Everyone's looking comfortable."
Zi, "Oceane's looking ultra comfortable."
Oceane is talking to a cookie, ignoring the rest of us, "Crunchy, vanilla, oatmeal, walnut. How does it feel to be baked?"
Nikko, "The cookie whisperer?"
"I don't speak cookie, I'm more of an ice cream whisperer, Daria a vodka whisperer, Dasha a Dasha whisperer, Eloise a hardware whisperer, Zi a Nikko whisperer, you a spreadsheet whisperer, Amaya a word whisperer, Chloe a camera whisperer and Janah a girl whisperer."
Janah, "I get the best whispers, whisperettes."
Nikko, "We made a million dollars on drone leases last month, the property management company another million, our property even more. The investment account is through the roof this year. We are awash in cash and securities. I almost hope the movie loses money."
Amaya, "Impossible. How are the restaurants doing?"
Nikko, "Profitable, not like our other stuff, but we didn't get into those to clean up. Most of the profit goes to the employees. Schools are self sustaining, they aren't making much, but they're in the black. They're 501c3s, they aren't supposed to be in the black. I chew up excess by moving money to endowment. The Sylk Trust is near five hundred million, I've been donating to keep taxes down on our other enterprises. We moved past a billion total net worth, three quarters of the way to the second. None of that counts the Trust or individual holdings. Oceane is our newest family member and her trust is almost five million, not counting her interest in Murakami Sylk. She’s fifteen and worth twenty five million dollars."
Janah, "Good Lord. What do we do with it?"
Nikko, "A lot of it is property or business valuations based on revenue, what things might sell for if we liquidated. The property management company can grow at its own pace. We get referrals regularly, inquires from building owners, our managers also continue to hand hold prospects who sometimes switch to us. We don't do client buying, our policy is not to discount new clients to grab business."
"I take it no one is in the mood for new responsibilities. I'm not, I have no interest in the business end. Amaya and Chloe have full plates, Eloise stays busy, Oceane doesn't do busy, she's our Chief Serenity Officer. You, Zi and Daria are stretched as far as you need to stretch. Dasha said no more restaurants."
Janah, "Does Black want to take on more? We can build more Down Homes, but he has to be willing to handle them, not Dasha."
Nikko, "My impression is he’s got a full plate of his own, he still runs his gung fu school and doesn’t delegate much. He and Chan go to the temple to instruct. I’d be surprised if he wanted more and if I ask, he might say yes thinking it’s what we want. Remember, he got a ton of cash from one of our drug dealer heists. He and Sonia are set."
Janah, "Then skip it. He and Chan are in Florida investigating a Shadow. I spoke with them today, it is a Shadow, they should be finished with him tonight and fly home tomorrow."
Tea and meeting come to a close, business girls go off the deconstruct and refresh for dinner. Eloise scoots back to the workshop, Oceane moves to the couch, live art for us to gaze upon. While Dasha and I start dinner prep, Janah goes to study the art. She sits next to Ocean lying prone on the couch. Soft Janah hands roam up legs to tush and down again. I detect a gentle sigh, not sure if it's Janah or the art.
Cocktail hour sneaks up, Amaya bartends, Janah's still free roaming, Oceane is talking me, something.
Amaya, "When I passed Oceane was mumbling about mingling universes and magic touch. I get the touch part, I can feel Janah tingling from here. The universes escape me."
"Janah is one universe, Oceane another, but it's not like that exactly. The universes can cross over, mingle. They are not sharing physical sex, they are sharing intimacy. Janah's touch is the door between the universes."
Amaya, "Want to bet those universes do more than mingle later, gently collide perhaps?"
"Probably, can never tell with Oceane, she might do nothing, she might decide on another, she might stay to herself. She enjoys letting her toys talk to her."
"Chloe pleasured me during the break, our universes do not collide, they mingle."
"Chloe appreciates the perfection of you, she is stunningly imperfect, parts that shouldn't fit together do, you are stunningly flawless. The girl with everything exactly where everything ought to be, in precisely the correct proportions."
Amaya, "It is only truth, but I appreciate your candid appraisal."
Dasha, "Eemaya ees android, not human."
Amaya, "Thank you, also true, humans are flawed, I am not."
Zi, "All of you are androids then, Amaya is perfect perfection, the rest are regular perfection. Nikko is perfect to me, and for me."
Amaya, "How sweet, you may kiss me Zi."
She does, long and lusty, no woman with a grain of brain would pass on Amaya's lips and tongue.
Amaya, "I will come to your bed tonight, you and Nikko can do with me as you please."
Nikko, "I know what you like, and when and where to do it."
Amaya smiles, "My tummy flutters."
"That's not your tummy honey, your tummy's further up."
Amaya smiles, Dasha says, "Eemaya luf to be compliment, then she will haf sex."
Amaya, "Baloney, Zi is wearing that nothing silk robe and teasing me, she knew what she was doing. if you knew how to tease, you might enjoy me more often."
Dasha, "Eemaya comes already to Daria and sister every week like clock ticking. She goes from sister to Dasha and back, until we are orgasm."
We laugh, Amaya says, "Only because I am sensitive to your need for me."
Dasha, "Vesnushki ees sensing as well, she comes on deeferent night. She likes us to be all over her, then for Daria to use strapping on while Dasha kneel over face and kiss sister."
Chloe, "It's sensually erotic."
Amaya, "Incestuous eastern bloc pervs."
Dasha, "Um, you like to watch Daria do Dasha while you play with toy on yourself."
Amaya, "Lies, communist lies."
Eloise, "Gee, I thought I was the only one who liked watching mirror images make love."
Nikko, "You should all be in jail."
"As long as we're all in the same jail. I wonder what happens when they figure out a life sentence for us means forever."
I grill the steaks, I have a magnificent Fire Magic Echelon Diamond gas grill for a measly seven grand that will grill for the gods, or in our case, the goddesses.
Nikko, "Daphne, the steaks are magnificent."
"Thank you, don't ask what the grill cost."
“Daria already told me, she pays the cards every month. Somebody needs to go through the American Express catalogue, we have enough points to buy an island.”
Amaya, “I will look it over with Dasha, they have a lot of cooking things. We can use American Express points on Amazon as well.”
Nikko, “We use Discover for that, Amazon applies the cash back on that card too. Anyway, add the Amex card, no point in letting points just sit there.”
Janah, "Creamed spinach rocks as usual, crispy Brabant potatoes, crunchy cabbage tahini salad. Great work girls."
Dasha, "Ees frozen custard for dessert. We will haf TV then everyone can make sex."
We watch The Borgias with Jeremy Irons, great stuff, a three season series, we're just getting started. Then Oceane goes off with Daria, Dasha, and Eloise, Amaya slips into Nikko and Zi's room, that leaves Chloe, Janah and I to do licentious lesbian things. We do so, lovingly and licentiously.

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