Sixty Nine

Breakfast is missing the children, out late carousing with the Zycyryn. With Nikko, Zi, Daria and Dasha in Malibu, we have a little lighter breakfast duty. 
Ellen, “What are you up for cooking?”
“Let’s do blini with sour cream and caviar, I have several packages of smoked salmon, mince onion and add capers, lemon slices. Let’s see, bagels, some of them may want cream cheese on bagel with the salmon. We have a supply of ghee which is also splendid on bagels with a dollop of blackberry jelly. That should do it.”
We start in, I’ve got blini duty, Ellen slices bagels to be ready for toasting, cream cheese out from the refrigerator for softening. She arranges salmon on platters, slices lemon and minces onion. Jar of capers dumped into a small bowl. 
Chloe comes in, “Yay! Blini, and crunchy bagels with salmon, we should have mimosas. Do we have any sparkling wine? I don’t want to add orange juice to Gosset.”
Ellen, “Emma B, check the cellar, you know where the sparkling wine is?”
“I do, back in a jiffy.”
Chloe, “Do we have oranges, or juice?”
Grace B, “I’ll do the damn juicing, sit your narrow butt down Chloe, have a blini.”
Chloe giggles, “Yes Sir, Ma’am.”
Janah arrives, “Thought I caught the drift of sweet blini, ooohh, smoked salmon, Oceane is going to be a happy girl.”
“And mimosas.”
“Glad I decided to get moving.”
The others arrive in a wave, soon there’s a gaggle of girls wading through our offerings, topped off by fresh squeezed orange juice and sparkling wine. Then, surprisingly, there’s the patter of sixteen little feet down the stairs followed by Kota B. The Mamas are out of town, instead they make the rounds for double cheek kisses from the rest of us.
“Tetya Dafna, we can have blini?”
“Of course you can have blini, I need to crank out more, have a half bagel with ghee and jelly while I get them going. Kota B, a glass of orange juice with a splash of sparkling wine is permitted.”
Kota B, “Okay girls, take your places and give Tetya Dafna and Tetya Ellen room to work.”
Ellen makes them a half bagel each with a smear of ghee and a light layer of jelly, Kota B and Emma B hand out mostly orange juice mimosas.
Amaya, “You are up before noon, I thought the Zycyryn were taking you on a trip last night.”
Devona, “They did, it was only an hour and a bit. We went through a crazy place, dark and dense, everything was being sucked in, a whole galaxy disappeared.”
Janah, “You went inside a black hole?”
Valeska, “That is what they said people call it, Kota B looked it up while we dressed this morning. There is a different universe on the other side, a teeny tiny one, all the creatures are tinier than little bugs, except they glow in the dark, kind of purple and green. We watched while they worked on their little city, the whole universe was smaller than our table.”
Janah, “Did you see the edge of that universe, what is past the end?”
Karol, “Nothing but energy you cannot see, but the Gids say it is there, it is in every universe.”
Lauren, “What is energy you can’t see, I mean if you can’t see it how do you know it’s there?”
Jesica, “Kota B says it is dark matter. Dark matter is the glue that holds the whole thing together, no dark matter, no universe.”
Nadia, “Everything has an opposite.”
Janah, “I read about that someplace. That every proton, for instance, has an opposite invisible proton. Opposite is not quite right, an invisible companion proton, not an energy that counteracts the energy of the proton. It explains the two slit interference patterns.”
Amaya, “What in hell are two slit interference patterns? Daphne, you need to find something normal to occupy Janah’s mind, clearly she is frequently wandering in the wilderness.”
Janah, “I’ll explain it to you later.”
Lauren, “Is there nothing normal in this family? We just had eight sprites dipping into a black hole.”
Amaya, “And that shall find its way into our movie. Girls, you will describe exactly what you saw, in detail. Oceane, you will draw it precisely. As many drawings as you can muster, then I shall send them off to our animators.”
Oceane is busy sharing smoked salmon with Cassie and doesn’t reply. But it’s Amaya, Oceane heard and understood, she likes drawing the children’s visions, it isn’t one of the many things she needs to be reminded about.
Britt, “Chloe, can we kendo after breakfast? Then I’m gonna swim.”
“Sure. If the children are done with Oceane they can come down for a session after you’re done. Will that work Kota B?”
“Ten thirty?”
“Perfect. Okay Britt, let’s suit up, how about it Daphne?”
“Be along after cleanup.”
Got the morning settled, we’ll be busy swatting the air with bokken and shinai until lunch. The morning zips by, Ellen has cold cuts out for a light lunch, then lolling around in a lazy haze for an hour or so.
This afternoon, Janah and I are on a call with Nikko and the others in Malibu.
Nikko, “Grace B made a potentially cumbersome job fairly simple. We were able to avoid driving all over California to scout locations. I suggested buying the properties they will operate restaurants out of, not lease.  We have several sites of raw land with the right demographics. It appears Murakami Sylk will be in the property management business again, but on a much smaller scale. Just commercial retail. Black wants to open a Down Home. Ning is still deciding on Ventura or up north. The market is bigger in the north, there are more Asians, but also more Asian restaurants. Grace B is doing more research.”
“Geez, don’t over think it. Ning’s food is splendid. Her place will be a standout even if it’s in the middle of twenty Asian restaurants.”
Black, “What I said. I’m opening up near Venice Beach. Down Home will work and there is no shortage of customers.”
“Any thoughts on an Ultra Violet?”
“Dasha’s call, she’s ambivalent about the time commitment considering the children.”
“That is a concern. It isn’t like we need another business. Do you want to run it, with an onsite manager of course.”
“Down Home is a toe in the water, we do that first. I’m going to open a martial arts school, I think that and one restaurant is as much time as I want to commit.”
It could be a year before any of them sell and leave New York. That’s actually good because it will take time to buy property and build it out, California is chock full of building codes. Nikko, Daria and Zi are experts in California regs, Murakami Sylk Property Management did significant business in California, Nikko has a lot of contacts all the way to Sacramento.
“Timing appears to be right, what about housing?”
Nikko, “Parents want to be near the kids, we’ll be building on our property. Black and Sonia kind of like the Venice Beach area. Ning and Chan need to decide where to put the business, that will decide where to live. In California, you don’t want to live forty miles from your business, you want to live next door. If you don’t, you spend your life in a car.”
“How big is Chinatown in LA?”
Nikko, “No good, Grace B did a quick search, the Chinese population is relatively small and the income levels are some of the lowest in LA. Ning needs to be in the north, even in San Francisco. Incomes for Chinese are higher in the well populated Chinatown, a hundred thousand plus in a one and a half square mile area. There’s also a Shaolin temple. Chan’s worldwide connections will put him right in the middle of the vibrant Chinese community. He’ll be as busy as he was in Manhattan, busier. It’s the largest Chinatown outside of China. Vancouver is sizable as well, and it isn’t that far away.”
“I hadn’t thought of it, Chan is New York’s Chinatown godfather, a role he inherited from Mrs. Fong. Aside from settling disputes, offering advice or assistance, he also inherited her worldwide network of Chinese connections. He’s already familiar with Chinatown in both San Francisco and Vancouver.”
“He didn’t bring it up, but that’s Chan. Their daughter Miyako will also relocate, she can have her research lab anyplace. David Li, as Abbott of the temple in New York, will stay. It’s not like he leaves the temple much anyway.”
“If nobody changes their mind, we’ll start on the parents’ construction in six months or so.”
“Okay, we’ll let you get back to whatever, when do you return?”
“Day after tomorrow, we’re enjoying the extended family, Zi is enjoying being passed around between Sis and Lacy, Taylor may try to kidnap the twins.”
“You going celibate for the trip?”
“No comment.”
I could have gone in her brain, but I do try to allow for some privacy. My mom has always been fond of, and hot for, Nishiko, I suspect she was well taken care of.


Time slips away as it tends to. We’re under construction on the other side of the property. There’s a valley then another peak, lower than ours, the parents house is being built there. The terrain allows for privacy, we can see only the roof of the parent’s place, they have an ocean view as we do. It’s five hundred yards from one place to the other, connected by a winding drive of the same indestructible composite in the wall that circles the property.
Since they’d lived in condos on top of each other for years, they saw no reason to build two completely different houses. What they wanted was space about the size of the Manhattan condos and a layout approximately the same. The house is designed like any duplex, separate entrances, a huge common patio in back with pool the size of ours, James had retaken up swimming years ago, he swam in high school and college, then med school got in the way. He resumed I’m thinking maybe twenty years ago. James should be seventy, but he’s not, he’s mid forties thanks to our genetic reprogramming. With their own pool, I’m sure the others will find time for a few laps and a bit of California sun.
Amaya designed baths more elaborate than they had in New York, nobody objects to a swank roomy bathroom. Closets are bigger, Taylor is a bit of a clothes horse like Amaya. Kitchens are less elaborate than ours, none of them cook much, they mostly heat up prepared food. Lacy or Taylor making breakfast is as close as they get to home cooked.
Susan worried about New York convenience, like virtually every restaurant and deli offering delivery. That concern went away when we explained that the left coast today is pretty much the same. Instead of a delivery guy, you get a drone at your doorstep. And, like New York, the variety is endless. 
Grace B or Emma B order our groceries, then collect them from the drone and put things away. They keep track of what’s in the refrigerator, pantry and wine cellar and replenish as needed. 
In a burst of sneakiness, Eloise and Lauren created a bot they named Daphne B. It looks like me, it’s voice is mine. My titanium twin will be the bot for the parents’ place. A second me, except she is infinitely smarter. I imagine my mom will love ordering me around, maybe not, she never did when I was a kid.
Janah, “Eloise and Lauren did an amazing job, that sucker looks like you, walks like you sounds like you. Sis is going to have to get used to telling it what to do, something she has no experience with.”
“No need to tell a perfect daughter what to do, just sit back and appreciate the wonder of me.”
“They are going to love the house, James has a roomy office, as does Susan, Kara has a splendid view from the art studio. Taylor finally has a closet big enough for her stuff, Sis and Lacy don’t have enough to fill one walk in closet, but it will also serve as a dressing room. Two guest rooms in each side of the house, they are likely to get a few visitors from New York and they already get visits by people they met on their travels.”
“There was no reason to scrimp on space, they have a whole mountain and they will have my alter ego to clean it up.”
“Daphne B won’t clean, we have cleaning bots for that. Your bot will handle the same things Grace B does, travel arrangements, household necessities, monitoring the electronics and providing research and data.”
“I didn’t ask, will Daphne B be connected to Grace B and Emma B?”
“Yes, and Kota B, redundancies are good. And they never overload, if one has a lot of processes operating, unused capability kicks in from one of the others. Since part of their system is quantum, no amount of data flow or calculation requirement is too much for our three bots, a fourth makes it even faster. You see how quickly Grace B gets things done. It’s only a matter of time before the bots anticipate what we need before we know we need it.”
“Do you grasp the implications of what you just said? Amazon and Netflix, predict what we might like, I mean beyond that.”
Janah giggles, “No, it just popped out. I was accidentally rather profound. Is it possible? AI so fast, it can accurately predict the future? Or if not precisely, with some probability? Like a sixty eight per cent chance that X or Y will happen? And if it can, what would that mean?”
“Good, you have something to occupy your brain for a while, I need to hook up with the chefs and plan dinner.”
“You almost never plan dinner, Dasha and Ellen do it.”
“I have to look after you, it’s not a full time job, it’s a mission.”
“Before you join the others, come to our room and please me while I think about the implications of future predicting bots.”
I can do that, and I do, my creamy dream delight. As I finish my job, fortunately for me, one never done, I turn over while J finishes quivering.
The door opens, it’s Sloane, “Wow, two naked girls, hot naked girls.”
Janah, “Daphne has to cook, come here and let me cook you.”
I get up, Sloane is technically my daughter via adoption, doesn’t stop her from admiring my me-ness. As I pass her she takes my arm, faces me and slides a finger between my legs.
“Somebody’s steamy.”
“Janah has that effect.”
She strips off her t-shirt, her boy bit is up and out, game face on. I stroke it, she shivers. I’m sorely tempted to double up on her with Janah, but I steel my wet self and continue to the bathroom to refresh and get to the kitchen.
When I pass through the bedroom on the way out, Sloane is on her back and Janah is between her legs, the smooth shaft in her mouth. Sloane watches me watching, I look at her, she winks. I need to escape before lust overcomes propriety.
I the kitchen, Dasha says, “Dahfoney, you could anyway haf sexy time wiz Sloane, she ees not birth daughter.”
“I get that, still, I have lots of intimate partners, as does Sloane. Enough already, every hormonal impulse need not be obeyed, nor gratified.”
“Da, then you haf made gud deciding. You can anyway come to sisters and we will fuck you wiz strapping on. Tonight ees filet steak, you and Ellen will grill, Dasha will make scallop potato also wiz vegetable. Children like.”
Dasha can cover three topics in the same thought stream, it’s a gift.
“Everyone likes cheesy potatoes with vegetables.”
“Start wiz Italian salad, ice crim dessert, we haf no time for making brownie, Eemaya will be here for cocktails soon.”
“Any nibbles for cocktails?”
“Meex nuts or cracker, enough chiz een potato already.”
“We’ll do the kids’ steaks first, they get a half eight ounce, do I need to cut them.”
“Nyet, already cut when I marinate, pan on top, eight leetle steaks, Britt gets regular size. There are four extra, Sloane will want more and someone will eat the rest.”
Ellen, “Grace B, California cabernet, any of the ones down there, the usual six bottles, maybe a couple Champagnes, Janah likes Champagne.”
Chloe comes along, “So does Chloe, think I can have a glass as my cocktail?”
Grace B, “Christ, broomstick, can you wait unit I get downstairs and collect it all. Movie stars all want instant gratification. Go sit by the pool and relax.”
Chloe grins, “Excellent suggestion.”
“Was not a suggestion, go away, I am not a sucker for a six foot tall stick with freckles, that is Amaya’s obsession, come along Emma B, I cannot carry eight bottles of fruit flavored alcohol by myself.”
They hustle off to collect wines, we’re laughing, “I don’t drink, does calling it fruit flavored alcohol diminish the wine experience?”
Ellen, “Nothing diminishes the wine experience, certainly nothing a robot can say. Most of wine’s flavor is aroma, the bots sense of smell is limited to rancid and smoke so they can detect bad food and fire.”
Amaya breezes in, “Cocktails coming up, any special requests, what’s for dinner?”
“Steak and scalloped.”
“Double yum, Elijah Craig for Ellen, vodka for our Russians, vodka for me, Chloe?”
“I’m starting in on Champagne with Janah.”
Sarah, “Mani and I would like bourbon as well, thank you.”
Eloise, “Me too.”
“Coming up. Ellen, perhaps you could do a south of the border thing soon, I’m feeling margarita-y, do we have a supply of beers?”
Grace B and Emma B return, Emma B says, “Sapporo and Asahi, a selection of craft beers for when Janah and Eloise get in the mood to taste test.”
Grace B, “I am not going to have to drag my ass back downstairs for beer am I?”
Amaya, “Not tonight, we are planning a Mexican fiesta soon, tomorrow is Friday,  perhaps Saturday if Ellen can work out the details by then.”
Ellen, “If we were in Malibu, I could get ingredients droned in, here in Arizona, we’ll need a grocery run.”
“We can go tomorrow, then have fiesta on Saturday. I’ll make a list, Amaya, you want the whole ride? Nachos, fajitas, tacos, what else?”
“Get the crunchy shells for tacos, soft tortillas are fine for fajitas, but tacos should crunch. Standard ingredients, and Ellen has to make that incredible guacamole, after which I shall reward her with access to my body.”
Ellen, “My guac is going to give you your first orgasm, I’m giving you the next three or four.”
Amaya, “Get ready girls, there will be a second big bag.”
Grace B, “Be a fucking black hole anyway.”
It takes us several minutes to recover from the shrieks and ancillary hysterics, I’m still grinning as I carry out the kids’ steaks.
Amaya, “You are a philistine Grace B.”
“And who gave me my voice, Your Magnificence?”
Amaya, “Oh….I suppose that was me, I am truly hilarious, creative, master of the written and spoken word, the Goddess of Grammar.”
The children flood the steps, out of earshot of our antics, not that it matters, they’ve heard Grace B’s vulgarities and our sexual innuendo before, it hasn’t turned them into frenzied sex maniacs. If they think about sex, they think about it too quietly for us to notice.

Seventy One

We’re hanging out after breakfast, final cup of coffee, the kids are fed and gone to the dorm. I imagine they’ll be down for a swim soon, or maybe Amaya has them reading lines for the movie.
Janah, “A Society contact says there’s an entire security team that exists to protect and serve one midsize agricultural operation.”
Nikko, “What are they up to?”
“The security force, and I mean paramilitary types, uniforms and all, are for a company called Agricon. The facility is on a swath of mountain in West Virginia. It isn’t clear why they need a private paramilitary force, there have been no protest groups protesting anything, no civil liberties lawsuits or animal protection ones.”
Katya, “What does this farmer grow, or raise?”
“Hogs and corn, which is mostly fed to the hogs. No reports of hog rustling, nobody steals corn, since the end of ethanol and subsidies, what’s grown is feed and food, and exporting. Corn syrup is a thing of the past, no one uses high fructose corn syrup anymore.”
Katja, “Then what is the complaint? Other than a suspicious security team?”
“Good question, illegals are almost nonexistent since the enlightenment of US immigration policy, the wind down of illegals drugs and vastly improved living conditions in South America. There is some minor under the radar Middle East immigration, but it isn’t considered a big deal, most are caught, and when they get back to their home country they tell others how difficult it is to wander around the states undocumented. That slowed the stream significantly. To answer your question, so far it’s only the questionable need for private protection, why does it exist? It isn’t like there are people trying to steal corporate secrets about pig farming.”
Daria, “So they want you to find out what they are hiding because they must be hiding something or they would not have a private security force.”
“Sums it up, any ideas?”
Eloise, “First, the obvious, if you haven’t already, turn it over to Grace B and let the bots research the crap out of LongLife and its principals. See what they uncover. We can hack the company easily enough, see who says what to who, either written communication or verbal.”
Britt, “And who is this paramilitary outfit? Where did they come from? What is the background? Who runs it? But you already thought of all those things.”
Janah, “Just double checking, I miss stuff. Grace B and the others are digging now, is there anything else I need to look for?”
We’re quiet, collective wheels turning.
“We’ll noodle on it and reconvene at tea this afternoon. By then the bots will have turned up a fair amount of data to digest, maybe it will be obvious once we’ve compromised their communications.”
Daria, “I will see what the bots have so far, maybe I can find other ways to hack their systems once I see what their systems are. If it looks tricky, Britt can help, we will also call Susan and bring her in. The three of us can get into anything.”
Janah, “Knew I’d come to the right place. Okay ladies, if you’re suitably caffeinated, let’s get busy.”
Britt, “Emma B, a double espresso please, I hack best when I’m wired.”
“I shall bring it to you in the office.”
While they do illegal surveillance, I do a bit of diving and swim, great exercise and diving keeps my proprioceptive skills finely tuned. Oceane is already out here, her diving is better than mine by magnitudes, she swims and dives every day. Janah suns herself poolside, enjoying lithe nude Oceane doing flips and twists off the high board.
Eight naked sprites hit the shallows simultaneously and begin swimming laps, Oceane and I take a break and join Janah.
“Where’s Cass?”
Oceane, “Sloane.”
Oceane wouldn’t know where anyone is except Cassie, she may not know who we are much of the time, things pass through her mind like cheesecloth. Some of the biggies stick, but the rest drips right on through.
Janah, “Sloane, Cassie and Sarah went out on the dirt bikes, they’ll be dust drenched when they show up.”
Nikko comes out, “I have a suggestion regarding the Manhattan property.”
Janah, “Fire away.”
“If we sell outright, we get two hundred million, on that we pay twenty five percent in capital gains, which after all the years of depreciation deductions we took, almost the entire price is subject to cap gains tax. When we bought the whole building from Lacy years ago, we paid fifty million. We lease the lower floors to Chapmans at a nominal rent, and we put maybe twelve million into our floor from expansion and remodeling over the years. We have about sixty two million in original price. If we sell, we lose control over the Chapmans space unless we give them a hundred year lease at the current rate. Any buyer will have to live with the sweetheart lease, but that brings down the value of the property to less than half the two hundred. To cut to the chase, I think we donate the entire property to Chapmans. We get a two hundred million dollar tax deduction, which saves us almost eighty million in taxes. That’s more than we have in it. Since it’s been so many years, it doesn’t make it a good investment, but Chapmans is an invaluable investment.”
Janah, “Point taken. Let’s run it by the family at tea, nobody will object, but it’s better to put it on the table and ask. I realize that particular purchase was mostly the three of us, but we’ve mingled family finances all these years.”
Nikko, “I only wanted to get you and Daphne’s sense of it before I brought it up to the group. We sell for two hundred, pay fifty in taxes, we net a hundred fifty million and Chapmans is left to figure out an arrangement with a new owner. The school can’t buy the property, they don’t have that kind of cash, or I guess I should say, it’s cash they can use for operating the school. They could borrow the money to buy the building I suppose, but it’s a big bite for a nonprofit school.”
“We could loan them the money interest free, or give them a healthy discount on the purchase price, but I like the donation idea better. Another hundred fifty mil on our preposterously enormous net worth doesn’t matter.”
Janah, “The family doesn’t need details, just tell them we think we should give the building to Chapmans and a short mention of it as an educational donation that will save us a ton of taxes. If anyone asks, then give them any level of detail they want. We aren’t hiding anything, just sparing them a discussion about depreciation, capital gains, 501C3s and triple net leases.”
Nikko, “Done, the Chapmans Board will be giddy.”
“The Chapmans Board is Lacy, Susan and James and two of our lawyers.”
“Well, lawyers won’t be giddy, probably not James, Susan and Lacy will giddy enough for all of them.”
After tea, Nikko asks everyone to hang for a sec and presents the proposal. 
I mental Amaya, “If you have questions about financials, hold them, most of the family has no interest. Donating the building makes sense and we save upwards of eighty million on our tax bill.”
Amaya, “I am good with it, the building deals were done before the rest of us made any financial contribution to the family, I think it was nice of Nikko to present it as a family decision, but it is really the three of you that had skin in that game.”
“Well, family money went into renovations and expansion over the years.”
“Chump change. The donation is a good idea, I had time at Chapmans, Chloe a little, it is a great school and worthy of our support.”

Amaya is likely the only one who might have been curious about selling options, she’s handled her book, movie and Chloe’s film and modeling career, she understands dollars and cents. Nikko didn’t say, but she no doubt discussed the financials with Daria and Zi before she came to us.
Nikko, “I’ll have the lawyers prepare the transfer documents and arrange for an independent valuation of the gift. I’ll do a video call with the Board tomorrow. They can inform the Head of School, who will spread the word to parents and interested parties. I’ll also tell them we want nothing named after Murakami Sylk, or any unusual attention brought to the donation. We aren’t attending any parties, receptions or thank you luncheons.”

Seventy Two

Next topic, “Grace B, what’s up with the LongLife paramilitary pig farmers?”
“Owned by Jonathan Wartler, his first company, Agricon, made millions in genetically altered seed crops. Quite successful at it, longer shelf life, bug free and even improved the taste of  apples, apricots and oranges. He also stayed behind the scenes, it is said he had no patience with the anti-GMO crowd, who subsequently slinked away after nobody grew three heads or became autistic, from his stuff or any other GMOs.”
“So far, simply a good businessman.”
“Technically he is a scientist, bioengineering. But, yes, his business acumen was also top notch. He sold the seed formulas to a conglomerate for several billion. “
“And decided to raise pigs?”
“From internal documents, he’s been doing research on immortality.”
“We can hardly fault him for that.”
“Except his pig parts wind up in humans, old ones, desperate to hang on for whatever reason old people want to hang on.”
“Are they living forever?”
“Are they alive, yes, are they living, depends. It appears they become paranoid and homicidal, likely the reason for the troops.”
“Why not just abandon the research?”
“He wants to be immortal, just test his chemistry on other people first. How he went from his excellent GMO work and making a bundle to this, is unknown.”
Janah, “He got it in his head that he’s a genius, if he could make super seeds, he could make super people, or at least give them a longer shelf life. There are anti-aging drugs and genetic modifications out there now, but they don’t grant anything like immortality, just slower aging and better overall health. He wants what we have and is having trouble finding it.”
Nikko, “The Feds must not have a clue or they would have shut him down by now.”
Grace B, “Actually the Feds are quite aware of the research, they are supplying him with research subjects. He can grow his own pigs, he cannot grow old people.”
“Wait, this business has the government’s blessing?”
“The clandestine government, the shadow government. Not the bubbleheads in suits you see crawling around the halls of Congress, they have no idea what the real government is up to.”
“So we have to expose Wartler and the shadow government.”
Grace B, “You could always let him keep playing around with the elderly, they are going to die anyway. Who knows, maybe he figures it out.”
Nikko, “No good. He figures it out, guess who gets to be immortal?”
“Wartler and the shadow government.”
Lauren, “Does the shadow government have anything to do with Shadows?”
Grace B, “No, it is just a phrase, the government that runs things behind the government they stick in front of the public. The public government’s job is to divide the people on bogus issues. It used to be immigration, drugs and abortion. Science put an end to those divides by new drugs, which fixed the abortion problem and also fixed the drug addiction problem. Fixing the illegal drug problem fixed the illegal immigration problem since there are no more drug lords murdering everyone in South America, which is what made people want to come to America to keep from being kidnapped or slaughtered.”
“And now the public government keeps people divided on fiscal issues, taxes and social programs. Although, I must say, the conversations are less noisy now, positions seem less entrenched.”
“People benefit from universal health care, it’s like social security, you only hate it until you start getting it. Other fiscal issues they simply don’t understand, like how a government can keep renewing debt because it is perpetual, unlike a person, who is finite. They think a government should ‘pay off’ its debt like a homeowner pays off a mortgage. That it will be more secure when it is debt free. It isn’t true, but people believe a lot of things that aren’t true.”
Katya, “This person, Wartler, he is alone in the facility, other than his pigs and experimental subjects?”
Grace B, “His communications run through Langley, that huge CIA facility, but travel on to a separate secure site named LongLife. There are no public records for LongLife.”
“Who are the communications directed to?”
“LongLife, no names.”
“Is it an actual place, a building? Or is it a virtual site?”
“It is a dead end encrypted server. No data is transmitted from it, only to it. It is accessed by LongLife and another IP in Czechoslovakia. All it does is suck up the data. If it is sent someplace from there, we cannot find where. ”
“All that encryption, must have been a nightmare to crack.”
“Whoever is doing it does not have quantum capability, it was relatively simple to get what we got.”
“And what is the data? What is LongLife reporting?”
“Nothing but subject fails. That is, there is no reported research, no formulas, no biomedical information, nothing about the individual subjects, just a reference number, Subject one, two, three, up to twenty seven. The purpose is only to report that nothing has worked. There have been twenty seven attempts, twenty seven subject fails.”
“But you do have data from LongLife, that’s how we know about old people and pig DNA.”
“Yes. We know what he is doing, and that it involves elderly humans. His internal records have the gene modifications to the animals, and the subsequent pig organ transplants or hormone injections to the subjects. He is only externally reporting outcomes, not processes. The bad news is worse.”
Janah, “Let me guess, he’s blaming fails on the age of the subjects, too far gone to handle the treatments.”
“Yes, the internal documents are building up to requests for younger subjects, not children, just not eighty or ninety year olds.”
“Okay then, he has to make that case, and a request to somebody. We can shut him down, but we need to know more about the shadow government controlling this. In a way, it’s strange they haven’t gone ahead with younger subjects already, they obviously don’t mind killing people.”
Grace B, “Plucking people off the street leads to questions. Although there are sources, alleged terrorists, prisoners in solitary who were discovered dead and happen to have no nosy relatives. America has substantially reduced its prison population since the drug law changes, but there are plenty of prison ghosts around to disappear. Using street kids or the homeless is a possibility, but there are not as many of those either. The homeless today tend to have mental problems and will not stay in the housing provided. Testing the mentally ill wouldn’t be a good option. Street kids can be disappeared easily, but it would take years to find out if the life extension research was actually working. It is why they went with elders in the first place.”
Amaya, “You realize how bizarre this is? Psychotic homicidal old people? Where do they get the energy?”
Grace B, “Actually an unintentional insight Your Holiness. Wartler was encouraged in the beginning for that very reason, activity levels picked up, the moldy oldies were energized almost from the start. Faulty memories began to work, people who could only shuffle began to walk briskly, even run. There was renewed sexual vigor, although subjects were kept apart, so they had no outlet except masturbation. But they masturbated like deranged monkeys.”
Amaya, “Eeeeewww, old people and masturbation, move along to something less disturbing please. I shall have nightmares.”
Nikko, “What do we do now?”
Janah, “Monitor the crap out of Wartler. Grace B, put eyes on the ground at this research facility. He must have visitors, even if only deliveries of test subjects. Get the details, the cars, the plates, photos and video of who comes and goes. When they go, where do they go? We need to know who they are, where they live and work and hack their business and personal lives. Use drones and our satellite, no live surveillance. That paramilitary is troublesome, we don’t want our teams to wind up as test subjects.”
Nikko, “And he’s funded, either self funded or from another source. No doubt via virtual currency, but if you can track it even a few steps, it may turn up something. Someone is buying equipment, someone is getting paid to deliver test subjects and the paramilitary troops are getting paychecks as well.”
“Good point, we need to dig into each one of them, do they live at the facility, or go home after shifts? Do they have wives, girlfriends, children, mamas and daddies? Anyone that could be a weakness?”
Grace B, “On it. In a week you will be able to tell which blades of grass grew fastest. Eloise, we will need the long range drones, better if I do not have to fly them from Arizona to West Virginia.”
Eloise, “I’ll have four delivered to West Virginia. Rent a space to store them. I’ll fly out and get them assembled and tested then hand them over to you and Emma B.”
Lauren, “I’m going.”
“You will need security, Katya, up for a trip for a few days?”
“Da, sister and I will travel with Eloise and Lauren, they will safe, no problems.”
Good, now we have our own paramilitary going to check out LongLife’s paramilitary. Those boys in camo better mind their manners, they have no idea what Katya and Katja can do with laser guns.

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