Chapter Sixty Five I

Daphne, “People say all life is sacred.
Suppose there’s a rabid dog attacking a child? What then?”
Janah, “Kill the dog.”

The young girl's scream is cut off by a sharp slap across her jaw, a grimy hand clutches the back of her hair, pulls it hard, then slams her against the damp brick wall. It is cool, foggy. Wisps of mist rise up from the grate, a subway rumbles underneath, distant screech of metal as it negotiates a turn in a tunnel somewhere below. The alley is grey, colorless, a hint of light from the street peeks tentatively through the mist. A second man reaches for the girl, her mouth muffled now by the first’s filthy hand, his other still clutching her hair. She is shaking uncontrollably, eyes wide in terror.
The first pig is tall, six two or so, and heavy, long hair, matted, dirty. The second shorter, bigger than the girl, maybe five nine, wiry. He has on a ball cap, no hair visible, a long greasy coat and thick, heavy soled boots. He reaches underneath the girl’s dress and rips off her panties. He touches her while she squirms, helpless in the vicious grip of the big one.
 “Fine little thing ain’t she? Gonna be fun, fucking her.”
The girl is hyperventilating. She feels faint. Gagging against the nasty fat hand, she tries to kick the one facing her. Useless, she has no leverage, pulled up almost on tiptoes by the bigger man.
The wiry mongrel hits her again, a sharp slap in the darkness, harder than before. His hand presses between her legs. She winces as his fingers violate her, tears stream down pale crimson cheeks.
“Don’t fight it bitch, you gonna give up dat sweet pussy, s’all there is to it. May’s well lay back and enjoy it.”
He unzips, kneels on the ground, rough hands up the young girl's thighs, “Lay the little cunt out for me, I’ll break her in, then you can ride her ‘til she bleeds.”
The big one pulls her to the ground hard. Her tailbone slams into the concrete, a spike of pain, then big hands holding her shoulders down. There is a knife to her neck, the big one leans to her ear, “Scream and die,” he presses it close, she feels the sting of cut skin.
“Don’t make a sound little missy, we gonna teach you all about taking the dick. After tonight, you’ll be looking for fresh cock all day ever' day.”
A quiet voice comes out of the darkness, “Give up the girl nice and easy, maybe you can avoid some pain.”
Two heads snap around, trying to locate the body behind the voice. The sound is eerie in the darkness, quiet, assured. They look at each other, perplexed, perturbed. A glint of metal, a hiss, felt more than heard, fingers holding the knife drop to the ground, the knife sails spinning into the blackness of the alley.
His scream reverberates against the bricks, “My fucking fingers are gone!”
The big one is holding his wrist, trying to stand, the blood spurting black. Wild eyed, his face implodes as he flips backwards, splayed unconscious against the wall.
Number two still holds himself, the erection is gone, just a slimy worm hiding in his half open hand.
Out of the darkness the voice, calm, a throaty whisper, seductively slow, “Lost the urge….stud?”
He squints. There is a tall slim shape me standing over him. He grimaces, angry, starts to stand, his throat suddenly constricts, he can’t get a breath. Then his balls feel sledge-hammered. He tries to gasp, there is no air. He makes a high whining sound like a dental drill, swipes uselessly at the figure above him. Suddenly his eardrums shred, pure searing pain pierces the middle of his head, ringing inside. As his hands clutch the sides of his head, something very hard turns his nose to bloody oatmeal. He joins his buddy, unconscious on the wet concrete.
A hand reaches down to the terrified girl, uncomprehending, shaking violently, looking at the dark twisted shapes which moments earlier were going to take turns raping her. She looks up at her savior, a shroud of long black hair hides the face. A second face appears, encased in a hood. Underneath, a pure white glow. A warm hand touches the girl’s neck. Her heart slows, one deep breath, a shudder. Calm washes over her.
The hooded one speaks, “It’s over. The police and EMS are on their way. They’ll take you to a hospital, there’ll be a counselor, talk to her. You’ll be scared for a while. The talk will help. Do you have friends, parents in the area?”
The girl finds her voice, tentative, “Parents. I live a couple of blocks away.”
I ask, “You have a cell?”
It is in her purse, strangely still slung over her arm.
“Call them, tell them where you are and that the police are coming,” the sirens now audible.
My hooded other says quietly, “We need to evaporate. You won’t have any problem with the police, just tell them what happened. Be strong. It’s over. Talk to the counselor. If you remain troubled in any way, get longer term counseling. This was a freak accident, you just happened by, they took what was available. Take care of yourself, it’s going to be okay.”
The girl touches me on the arm, “Don’t leave me here alone, please.”
“You won’t be alone, I’m going to watch until the police are here. Go on, call your folks now.”
The girls dials the phone, “Daddy.....mommy, I’m around the corner, someone.....tried to....rape me.”
She begins to sob…is incoherent. I take the phone, my hand gloved, give the exact location, assure them their daughter is safe, click off the call.
“They’re on the way. No more than a minute or two. Walk to the street.  You’re going to be okay, your folks are coming, we’ll be close until they’re here.”
Janah touches her cheek, there is warmth, an energy. The young woman takes another deep breath, her head clears, she nods.
We move deeper into the shadows alongside the building and disappear. A minute later a man and woman appear just as a police cruiser screeches to a halt along the curb, followed by an EMS van.
The two rapists are hauled off for treatment. One will never hear properly again, his raping days are over. His hard-on days too for that matter. The other will have to get along with a hand that has only a thumb. He’ll need a major jaw line reconstruction and both will have permanent sinus problems.
The police begin a search for two women who might have been seen in the vicinity. They are wanted for questioning about an attempted rape. The search ends abruptly an hour later when the Chief of Police gets a call from the Mayor’s office suggesting that the force’s manpower will be better utilized looking for criminals, not angels.
Janah and I take a subway to Penn station, walk around for twenty minutes, catch a cab back to the Village. We get out at Jane street and start east on West 12th to 7th avenue. We turn down 7th and circle back on West 11th. We walk deeper into the West Village, then down a block to Perry St. When we come in the door, the parents look up.
Susan, “Where have you been? I got a call from Janah saying you were on the way home, then you show up over an hour later.”
“I should have called again. You know Janah. She had to stop and help someone out. I swear, I need to add an hour to every trip lately.”
Kara, “What did you do for excitement?”
They are used to me occupying myself nearby while Janah has one of her talks. They know I won’t go anywhere out of a sight line of Janah.
“Actually, we both helped this time. Geez, I need a bath. Is there anything to eat? I’m hungry, which means Janah’s ravenous.”
Chris, “Get cleaned up. I’ll heat dinner. It’ll be ready when you are.”
We go to our bedroom. When we had stripped, Janah goes over the clothes. No blood. I’d dumped my knife a few blocks after we’d left the girl. At Penn Station I threw away the gloves. The knife I carried opened with a flick of my wrist, I hadn’t needed to pry it open. It was why I’d chosen it. They aren’t going to find it in the sludge of the drain I’d tossed it in. The handle was studded, if a miracle happened it would do no good to dust for prints, even if I hadn’t worn gloves.
“Guess I’m going to have to get a new carving tool.”
“The guy with missing fingers is wishing you hadn’t bought the first one.”
“The girl we saved disagrees.”
After a shower, we eat. Janah put the clothes in the wash. We’d both worn jeans, Janah a black sweatshirt with a hood, me a pullover. She carefully examined both sets of shoes. She doesn’t see anything obvious, like blood. We’d walked, been on the subway. If blood was on the soles, it was gone. She rinses them off anyway, then wipes the shoes with a wet washcloth soaked in bleach. Nothing.
Morning, I’m up early as usual. Susan is listening to the news on the small kitchen television. There is no one else up. I get a cup of coffee and join her at the table.
Susan, “There’s a story all over the news about a girl attacked near NYU.”
“City can be a dangerous place. She okay?”
“Seems she got help before things turned really nasty. You guys were coming back from Chinatown about that time. The attack was near Washington Square Park. The girl’s parents got a call from an unknown woman. The police responded to a call reporting a disturbance about the same time. When they showed up, the two assailants were unconscious. One was missing four fingers. The other, when he woke up, was deaf. Both of them had badly broken noses, one had a broken jaw.”
“Wow. Must have pissed somebody off.”
“There was a suggestion that two unknown females appeared with the rape in progress. One took apart the bad guys, the other was mostly an observer. They evaporated into the fog.”
“Dang. Just like ninjas or something. Probably should get a medal. Wonder if they’ll find them?”
“Still have that knife you carry?”
“You know, I think I lost it someplace.”
“You lose it real good?”
“God couldn’t find it.”
 “Somebody called 911, what about the phone?”
“You know, they make these buy and fly phones, no name, just a number, prepaid. Janah had one, but she accidentally left it under my foot, it got smashed, so I recycled it.”
“Janah washes everything. She even started washing our shoes. She likes me perfect.”
“What now?”
“Now I make the kid’s breakfast. After all, she did all that washing.”
“I don’t know if I’m angry, scared or proud.”
“I choose proud.”
“Okay, proud. This time. You realize you’re going to have to call me every half hour when you two are out. At least until I settle down from being so proud.”
Susan hugs me for a long time, “I’m going to tell C-mom. James will hear the story someplace and have it figured out before they finish telling it. I’ll let him decide what to tell Kara.”
“There was nothing else to do, Sis.”
“I know. How’s Janah?”
“Nothing bothers Janah. I can see in her mind. She slept like the dead. This morning it’s like it never happened.”
“She’d walk into hell and expect you to handle the details.”

Chapter Sixty Six I


Janah watches me finish up my routines. As usual, she is seated cross legged on the floor after yoga. She spent a quarter hour with her legs stretched, one foot on one chair and one on another. She maintains the pose effortlessly. How she, or anyone else, does that with no support but sheer muscle tension is anybody’s guess.
Janah, Watching your flow, the elegant power, is joy to me. I see perfect movement, the ultimate harmony of body and mind.”
Just north of fifteen, we hadn’t spent two hours physically apart from each other in nearly four years. Because of the mentaling ability, we hadn’t really spent any time apart. Splitting an atom would be easier.
This afternoon, Janah spends a long moment looking at me. I am wet, glistening with sweat. She towels me off, I stand, eyes closed, softly runs the towel over me, finishing with calves and thighs. She takes her time, massaging my legs through the towel as she goes. I don’t move. Janah’s strong hands gently knead the exhausted muscle.
She takes my arm and guides me to the bathroom. I sit at the vanity while she starts the bath. When she has the temperature right she adds vanilla lavender oil to the water. While the tub filled, she kneels and with the same oil, massages my feet. She turns off the tap and tests the water. I ease into the tub. While I soak, Janah massages my shoulders, ankles, calves, wrists and hands. She washes my hair then bathes me.
At the vanity, she brushes and dries my hair. I am used to her physical attention, this is more subtle and sublime. I feel our relationship changing. I relish it, had dreamt of the prospect and it’s fulfillment. I wanted her, I know her mind. I often felt her eyes on me. I giggle to myself, thinking how she laid out my clothes every day, usually something highlighting my legs. It wasn’t for me to show off, Janah dresses me for Janah. Ange Blanc has an intellectually powerful brain, and a powerfully sensual one. 
She takes me to the bed, folding back the soft comforter, leans and puts one hand on the side of my face, penetrating sapphire blue eyes taking me, absorbing. Lightly kissing my lips, holding it just long enough to express her building passion. I tremble at the kiss; I take her hand in mine, lips parted, eyes misty. Janah gets up, I hear the shower. My heart slows, she is in my mind, relaxing me.
She slips silently into bed, rests her head on my tummy, her hand slowly and tenderly stroke my legs.
Janah, God these legs drive me insane, so long, so elegant, perfect limbinosity.
We are entering a new level of intimacy in a uniquely intimate relationship. I thought of this moment, not if it would happen, just when. She had kept this part only on the edge of her thoughts. This moment is my unspoken dream, held deeply within myself. Feeling my joy, she raises her head and turns to look at me. The disciplined martial artist who never cries is all tears. Janah slides up to me and, for the first time, we kiss as lovers kiss. I feel like the most stunning girl in the world, I realized it is Janah in my mind, revealing how she feels. Her soft full lips slowly work their luscious way all over me. I let myself be completely possessed. I feel the passion in slow caresses and gentle kisses, the heat, thrilled to receive her intense sensuality.
Slowly, teasing at first, then with rising passion, she makes exquisitely intimate love to me.
Afterwards, It’s more beautiful than my fantasies Janah, so...real, incredibly intense, divinely electric, I think you shorted out some neurons.
I’ve got too many neurons now, you can have any of mine. Cripes, Daphne, you are simply sensual scintillation. Do you know, of course you do, I orgasm when I touch you? That’s beyond fun, it’s the bliss squared! You always drive me crazy, I thought it best to restrain myself for a time. Now that I’ve tasted perfection, I don’t think restraining myself is an option.
I’m going to make it impossible anyway, I’m already plotting ways to turn up the flame.  I expect you to take it out on me relentlessly.

We look at each other and start to giggle uncontrollably, embrace laughing and crying, kissing and nuzzling. Life has opened a wonderful mystery. It surprises us in its intimate intensity.
After cuddling and soft kisses, Janah makes another orgasmic tour of my body. She wants me, and I want her to have everything she wants. After another blast of brain cells and quivering curled toes, we laugh, kiss, taste and discover that intense passion requires intense hydration. We kill two bottles of Evian, then dress and go downstairs. Susan and Chris are at the big table having coffee.
I sit with them, pulling a chair close to me for Janah who’s at the refrigerator, she gets another water and a diet coke for me. I take the drink, reach for Janah’s hand and pull her close, kiss her cheek, then her neck, holding the kiss for a long moment. She smiles playfully and strokes my hair affectionately, scooting in beside me. I flop one long leg across her crossed knee, a soft hand stroking my thigh. Chris is watching us, a small smile spreads across her lips.
Susan looks up from her laptop, “We thought you guys were never coming down, extra long workout today?”
Janah and I look at each other, then at Chris.
“Well, sort of,” I prevaricate.
We just sit there looking at Chris, then Susan, then back to Chris.
Chris, “So, it’s finally happened.”
Janah smiles innocently, I hesitate, then say, “Ohhhh yeaaah.”
Susan isn’t comprehending, “Is there something I’m missing? What finally happened?”
Chris, still studying us, says, “Last night, two girls went to their room. This morning, two women came out.”
Susan digests it for a moment, she looks at me, “Oh-my-God.”

Our story will continue in Book II

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