Sixty Five

Kota B pops up on my screen, ‘The children have been anxiously awaiting your return since they woke up, they didn’t go to sleep until well after dawn, almost eight. At least they slept until two.’
‘On our way.’
Nikko, Janah and I scoot up the stairs to the dorm, the kids are sitting cross legged in a circle. We plop down in spaces left open.
Nadia is the elder sister, but she’s more reticent and it’s usually one of the others that does the talking. Today, it’s Tasia.
‘We danced for hours, the Gids knew what we wanted, but they would not tell us anything until they were convinced of our sincerity.’
Devona, ‘I think they just like to watch us perform, they know we would not ask about anything frivolous.’
Uma, ‘They sparkle like crazy when we spin, the dorm go so bright we couldn’t see each other.’
‘Lucky you didn’t run into the furniture.’
Zofia, ‘We do not need to see, we always feel where everyone is, like when we race the karts, or swim.’
Nikko, ‘They’re like that in kendo. If one tries to bang another from behind, they can’t do it.’
‘What happens when it’s not one of the other children?’
‘It doesn’t matter, I try to bonk them with a shinai from behind, they always turn and block.’
‘Dang, I didn’t know that, I need to pay attention.’
Janah, ‘I believe that only started recently, I mean with other people, they always did sense the presence of one another.’
Kota B, ‘A month ago, they were dancing for the Zycyryn. As a reward the Gids, as the children call them, extended the gift from each other to everyone. No sneaking up on the children, they not only know you are there, they know which one of you it is.’
Janah, ‘Enhanced pheromone sensitivity, like Daphne’s sense of smell, or Morshchiny. If they don’t know the person, I assume they can only tell male or female.’
Kota B, ‘Correct.’
Nikko, ‘And what did the Gids tell you?’
Tasia, ‘We were taken across the country. There is forest, a clearing with a big house, the kind made of logs. It was night, but there was a fire outside with children playing. Inside the house there was a big room, like our dorm, and other bedrooms. Seven adults inside around a table. Two were older, the other five were Tetya Daphne or Tetya Nishiko’s age, twenty four or five. Then four teenagers sitting in front of a fire. Oh, and there was snow on the ground, but it wasn’t snowing.’
Uma, ‘The two older people looked normal, everyone else was beautiful, even the men. The teenagers would have passed the Amaya test,’ the children giggle.
Devona, ‘They talked about crisping something, crisping DNA.’
Janah, ‘Crispr, c-r-i-s-p-r.’
Devona, ‘That’s it, crisper. Is DNA something they make crisper?’
Janah giggles, ‘Crispr stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat. Kota B can explain.’
‘There are short, partially repeated DNA sequences found in the genomes of bacteria and other microorganisms. The sequences can be programmed to target specific stretches of genetic code and to edit DNA at precise locations. You can permanently modify genes in living cells and organisms and to correct mutations at precise locations in the human genome to treat genetic causes of disease. There are currently treatments for several cancers and Parkinson’s. Essentially, take a flaw and fix it, or create a genetically perfect organism, including a human.’
Karol, ‘What’s palindromic mean?’
‘A word or phrase that is spelled the same backwards as forwards, like madam, or nurses run. The sequences of DNA are like that, palindromic.’
Nikko, ‘Amazing.’
‘You have more detail about the location of this forest and log cabin?’
Tasia, ‘It is isolated, one small road in, a helicopter on a landing pad. When the Gids take us places, it isn’t like an airplane, we don’t see anything on the way. Our spirits leave the body, then we show up where they want us to be, mostly other planets in other galaxies, even other universes. We can’t tell you what we passed, or flew over, we were here, then we are there. Then we were here in our bodies again.’
Valeska, ‘And tired, we danced from midnight until…not sure when, but when we were transported to the cabin, the sun was coming up.’
‘I need you to recall every possible detail, a big log cabin in the forest could be almost anyplace.’
Nadia, ‘There was a mountain in the distance, on a lake. Smoke came out of the top.’
Jesica, ‘Yes! I saw it, the top had been chopped off, well, more like scooped out.’
Kota B, ‘Mt. St. Helen’s had a small eruption recently, there is still a plume. The weather in the area last night was clear and cold.’
‘We need to take a look.’
Nikko, ‘Take a look where, there’s thousands of acres of forest.’
Janah, ‘Nadia, you were above the house, yes?’
‘Above and alongside, that’s how we saw the people, they can’t see us, we’re invisible.’
‘And when you saw the mountain, which direction was it?’
She points.
‘If she was facing north, it would be northwest. Of course, we don’t know that she was facing north, so it could be any direction.’
‘Did you see the moon?’
‘It was facing me, the mountain was to the left.’
Kota B, ‘Crescent moon to the north last night.’
‘Narrows it down to northwest then. We need to get up there and put the drones to work. Let’s get busy.’
Downstairs, Grace B is setting out tea, Valeria and Dasha are arranging plates of cookies and crackers. Girls have begun to gather.
‘Grace B, we need a flight to Portland, an SUV with space, for tomorrow at eight. You will travel with Janah and me. This is reconnaissance, we don’t need a bigger crew. Get us accommodations at a town called The Dalles, Oregon, strange name.’
‘French for sluice, city located on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, nice place, small, population under twenty thousand. It has a community college and a Google data center, but that only employs a hundred people. It is eighty five miles from Portland, too far to be a bedroom community. You have a king suite at the Celiac Inn, the owner is gluten intolerant. I assume you do not care about a wine tour.’
‘You are correct.’
‘You bet your tight ass I am.’
‘When we launch the drone, send the feed to the children, they may spot the house more quickly than we do.’
‘Will do.’
Emma B and Hypatia B are pouring tea, passing around cookies. Children rumble down the circular staircase led by the monster Morshchiny who makes a beeline for me knowing there’s a cookie in her immediate future.
Amaya is behind the bar organizing, our chefs are occupied in the kitchen, ‘Flying right back out again?’
‘Have to, it could take a while to track down the location, Zycyryn don’t come with GPS. Oh, we need the kids to watch the drone feed tomorrow.’
‘This is more important than the play, and they were up all night I understand.’
‘Yes, but they slept until two, we don’t want them lazing around. After tea they should swim or stay otherwise active until dinner, then something to keep them occupied until their normal bedtime.’
‘Chloe and I will entertain, we can dance for them like they spent all night doing for the Zycyryn. Chloe will play the flute and I will sing something gentle.’
‘Thank you.,’ Amaya is always yummy, today is not exception, ‘when we return, may I be permitted to thank you more intimately?’
Amaya smiles, doesn’t answer. I shiver, it means she’s going to make be beg for it, my specialty. I walk around the bar for a closer look.
‘You get more…’
‘Splendid every day, it is only the truth.’
She holds her hand out, palm up towards the floor. I kneel, allowed to look, not touch, we’ve played this scenario before.
She spits in her hand and holds it out to me, I lick it up, my breath quickens, my hand moves between my legs, fingers stroke. She leans over and spits directly in my mouth, watches me strum while I stare at her legs. She raises her t-shirt, bare slit in my face. 
She spits on her fingers, slides them in my mouth, I orgasm sucking her elegant fingers. She wipes them across my lips.
I’m still vibing, put my wet finger in my mouth, I like my taste. Amaya straightens her leg, points one foot towards me, I lean over and kiss it.
When I stand, Ellen is at the end of the bar behind me, smirking, she’d watched the whole show, ‘Shameless submissive slut.’
I turn and lick the tops of her feet. I feel Amaya’s toe rubbing against my pussy, lay my head on Ellen’s feet until I feel it pull away. I turn again, she sticks her wet toe in my mouth, then taps my nose with her foot, ‘You are dismissed.’
I stand, pass Ellen who moves behind the bar, I watch Amaya sink to her knees as Ellen spreads her luscious legs.
She watches Amaya apply gentle kisses to the softness, she glances at me and sneers, ‘Dismissed means go away.’
I slink off with the vision of two perfections sizzling in my head. I have to find a willing girl to service before I go bonkers. Sarah is halfway down the staircase, she’s nude, which means she’s hunting.
A minute later we’re in her room, she’s making me do unspeakable things. Unspeakable primarily because my tongue is fully occupied meeting her demands.

Sixty Six

Flight time to Portland is under two hours, we don’t have to sit around waiting while baggage laden travelers pile on and dither, or endure congested gates and taxi a million miles before our plane is airborne. As far as I can tell, being filthy rich has no drawbacks.
Our Tesla electric SUV awaits and we’re humming along to The Dalles in no time. Must say, the drive is scenic. I’m at the wheel, we don’t use driverless on these missions, we don’t want the car to tell whoever where we went. Besides, Grace B has enough GPS to find electrons jumping from one orbit to the next.
‘Celiac Inn is three miles on the right. I chose it because it has windows that slide open and we can launch the drones from the room. There’s only the river and a big ass dam, nobody will see jack.’
Janah, ‘Good job, better than having to drive to a secluded spot to launch and collect. We have four, yes?’
‘Yes, and I can fly all of them and not drop a stitch ‘cause hot Grace B is a drone flyin’ bitch.’
Amaya pops in my head, ‘Did I make Grace B insane enough?’
‘Pretty much, she’s indelicate but not grossly indelicate. Enjoy Ellen as an appetizer with your cocktail?’
‘What do you think? I would be jealous of her wonders, but I am me, with wonders all my own. Which, after dinner and a nightcap, Ellen took advantage of. She seemed elated.’
‘I can imagine. Sarah kindly let me bring her to a few orgasms after you punched my buttons.’
‘I like it when you come to me frenzied. I shall have the children ready when you go live from the drone. Do be careful, I need you back here flawless.’

We flick off, Janah mentals, ‘The vision of Amaya and Ellen entangled gets my libido libidinous.’
‘Do tell. I think we can take time this evening to lather you into a state of frenzy.’

She’s grinning, Janah likes to anticipate.
We check in, by the time I have tea made, Grace B is flying drones in a pattern she designed to cover a fifty mile wide swath of land between here and Mt. St. Helen’s. Between the moon to the north and the volcano to the northwest, one of the flights will eventually reveal the cabin. It isn’t even a matter of probability, Nadia and Tasia saw what they saw, the bots calculated the exact position of the moon at that time in the early morning and Mt. St. Helen’s doesn’t move. The cabin has to be within the search area.
It would be nice if the little sparklers had thrown in a few mile markers on the children’s out of body journey, but that’s not how the Gids work. 
We don’t think the children actually go anyplace. They have the impression they are spirits leaving the body, but Janah doubts that. She says the Gids bring the show to the children, which makes a bit more sense in a strange enough experience.
We get what the Zycyryn give. They are resistant to anything that smacks of interference in the interactions of life forms on any planet, in any galaxy anyplace. We think, but do not know, that the Zycyryn are the glue of space-time. Janah says space is not nothing, it is the fabric supporting the universe, and universes, to be as they are, the gravity of the entire structure. Space does not act on anything, it allows interactions to happen, without it, everything falls apart, or into a black hole. But space is not a director, it doesn’t have a plan or a script.
By allowing the children to see life elsewhere, technically, they are not interfering in any way, just observing. Yeah, we know about Heisenberg, observation is interference, but you can say that about all observation. That we might act on information given to the children could be seen as second hand interference, we don’t know if the Zycyryn have rules regarding what constitutes interference. They don’t have opinions, that much we know. From their point of view (Its point of view?) there is matter and energy, that one changes into another is what they make possible. They don’t seem to care when it happens, or what form it takes, including when bits of chemicals become people and people subsequently become dust.
‘Have a time estimate?’
Grace B, ‘We can cover the territory in six hours and thirty eight minutes. The drones are programmed to look for log cabins in a clearing, we did not get detail beyond that. The children are watching, as well as Kota B, Emma B, Hypatia B and myself. You two are superfluous, drink tea and think about sex, try not to get in the way.’
Janah, ‘I’m good with that,’ we snuggle on the bed and watch the video feed.
Three hours and forty eight minutes in, the third drone beeps a target, the fourth of the flights, the first three were log cabins, but not the one the children saw. One was too close to civilization, the children said the second was too small, the third not configured like the one in their vision.. 
We can see the children in a semicircle around the screen.
Nadia, ‘That is the place, see the second building? And the remnants of the fire outside.’
Devona, ‘There’s the little girl, Ana!’
And so it is.
‘Audio Grace B.’
She lowers the drone strategically, I notice the other three drones are converging on the area, there’s a separate screen that shows their flight patterns, like radar would show aircraft on screens in a control tower.
A male voice, ‘The Japanese girl is perfect. She will be the source for the next generation, imagine her best features blended with one of our splendid Scandinavian specimens, a Eurasian dream, a male and a female.’
A woman, ‘When do you plan to make the intelligence adjustments?’
‘First we see what we get in this new generation, physically. If the girl produces what I expect, the next generation will be ready for enhanced IQ. Then we go for lifespan. Perfect features, genius intelligence, living for two hundred years, more even.’
‘You make Frankenstein look like a freshman.’
‘Idiotic book, more idiotic series of films. We are as close to Gods as humans can get, creators of the new human. And those will become as Gods.’
Grace B, ‘Assholes. I am already all the shit these dopes think they are creating. Far more intelligent than all of them combined, stronger, faster and damn near indestructible…and I live forever already.’
Janah giggles, ‘True, and all our girls don’t age now. These folks are hardly ahead of the curve, just loony, unfortunately biogenetically talented as well. Keep recording, audio and video, we need to get a feel for how many lunatics and how many victims.’
‘I’m going to fetch coffee and a few protein bars, this could take a while.’
Janah and I share a bar, today the things have a zillion grams of protein, a smallish carb count and taste good, not the cardboard consistency of days gone by. Coffee remains the same, as long as it’s reasonably strong and fresh, I’m good. Janah’s a tea drinker, double bag green, or green with a plop of matcha powder. At home we have loose teas, but that’s too much grief when traveling.
Janah, ‘This one’s chewy, like taffy chewy and tastes good, we should keep them at home. Thirty grams of protein, twelve grams of carbs, mostly from cane sugar.’
‘They come in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.’
Grace B, ‘Show me the package.’
I do, she searches, ‘Good recommendations, lab tested, what is on the label is what it is. I ordered a case, a hundred forty four bar variety pack and notified Emma B to be on the lookout for delivery tomorrow.’
‘With thirty girls, that’s a five day supply.’
‘You want me to get more?’
‘No, you did the best thing, let’s see how they’re received, Amaya and Nikko are picky about food and supplements. Valeria and Dasha will pronounce them either good or only so-so on a dollars per gram of protein basis.’
‘They are no more expensive than meat sources, a bit less actually. Still, best to see how they digest. Maybe you will start to explode in an hour.’
There’s activity outside, the bigger kids have set up a volleyball net, smaller ones racing around in the random way kids do.
Grace B, ‘They do not look unhappy, or unhealthy.’
Janah, ‘You’re right, strange, snatched away from parents and relocated to a foreign location, one would think there would be confusion and withdrawal. They’re being given something, mild anti-anxiety drug maybe, lots of happy pills around today.’
‘Or they duplicated Chloe hormones.’
Grace B, ‘Being around Chloe makes me feel better, and I do not have feelings.’
Britt is onscreen, ‘I don’t recall being that playful when I was abducted.’
‘You didn’t have fun at all. The Shadows who took you didn’t hand out happy candy, which is what we think those kids are getting.’
Britt came to us from a Shadow couple in Montana who thought it would be fun to have children murder people, slice them up while they watched. Britt hadn’t graduated to participating but her parents had been murdered by the others.
‘Have a plan to rescue them?’
‘Not yet, listen in on the feed and see if anything comes to mind. The obvious is for us to alert the FBI and have them raid the place.’
‘No fun in that.’
‘Well, unless we come up with something quick, it’s what we’ll have to do. We can’t let these people do more genetic manipulation on humans in the hopes of creating a master race.’
Lauren, ‘Do the seriously think they can pull that off?’
‘Have you noticed the level of delusion most people accept as real?’
‘Point taken.’
Katya is on, ‘Daphne, these people are not surrounded by guards, there are no walls or barb wire fences, nobody is walking around with a gun. We can fly up there, walk in and shut the thing down. Once we access the property it won’t take an hour.’
Janah, ‘I know, but it complicates things. First, they see us, the captors and the captives, even if we are disguised we are exposed. Then we have to subdue everyone because we can’t hang around and chat with the authorities. The FBI winds up doing the clean up anyway. I’m going to hand them what we collect the rest of the day and go home in the morning.’
Katya, ‘Makes the most sense.’
‘The abductions we know about from the last nine months have shown up on video, plus the original test subjects. The bots are in the process of identifying them now. All that’s left are names and faces of the captors. If we don’t get them outside today, we’ll zoom in on the cabin tonight and pick up what we can. Daphne cleans up the video with Grace B, Mrs. Pearson calls her contact and we’re on a plane to Malibu.’
Grace B, ‘Flight for nine, home for eleven. I have arranged for the flight to depart from the local airport, no need to drive back to Portland. I will return the SUV to its driverless function, it can take itself back.’
‘Excellent, you’re a whiz Grace B.’
‘Fuck off.’
Janah giggles.

Sixty Seven

It’s dusk, everyone inside, we watch people mill around as the drone zooms on the windows. This isolated they feel no need to draw curtains in the main room. No one went to the outbuilding while we monitored, two people come out now. 
An older man, tall, and a hawk faced woman with a bun, no makeup. In the manner of today’s cosmetic advances, they appear to be in their forties.
Janah, ‘I’m guessing they are more like fifties or early sixties.’
Today, in 2039, anyone with wealth can look ten years younger. With genetic modification a near reality, in a decade people will actually be ten years younger than their time on the planet. If they had access to our DNA, we’d have a planet full of people who never age and never die, at least not from disease or age. An oncoming bus or a bullet doesn’t care about biology.
Grace B, ‘Let us determine who our mad scientists are,’ she’ll run search profiles based on the photos she’s captured. 
The bots have access to all manner of software that can either predict what a person will look like five or ten years from now, or what they looked like a decade or two earlier. The programs even account for surgical enhancement and offer a range of photos with a probability ranking of accuracy.
‘The man is Ian Chalmers MD PhD, of the Generation Institute, a wildly profitable fountain of youth chain of clinics. He is a billionaire at the least, net worth is an estimate as the company is privately held. The woman is Eleanor Chalmers PhD bioengineering, wife of said doctor who spent her years on the pure research side. They are not lightweights.’
‘What the heck are they doing kidnapping children?’
Janah, ‘First, billionaires don’t think rules apply to them, for the most part, they are correct. Second, presuming their brains are what their degrees suggest they are, I suspect a drive to make the breakthrough supersedes any moral constraints. Quite simply, they believe themselves above it all.’
‘Morality is good for controlling the ignorant and the poor.’
‘It’s worked for centuries.’
Sad, but true. The bulk of humanity, even when basic food and shelter are non-issues, would rather be told than to think. They want distractions and entertainment, not anything too rigorous, it hurts their heads to think hard. We make millions selling VR programs to them. VR that requires nothing, just sit and go along for the ride, sell the most, followed by games that are similar to the old World of this or that, pick up weapons, earn extra lives, get to the top of the mountain and kill all the zombies. They can be difficult at first, until you learn the secret passages and what kills what best, after that it’s just persistence. The next level is physical action, the feeling of actually controlling the hang glider, scaling the sheer cliff, surfing through shark infested waters, driving in a NASCAR race, competing in MMA contests. The level that sells least are programs that require creativity and input from the participant, you either have to know something or have to figure out how to learn it. These are the least popular but have the brightest participants. Think of an international spelling bee, or against computers that don’t make mistakes, a math challenge, solve in two minutes or less, three dimensional crossword puzzles. Janah likes those, but then, Janah could, at age twelve, take a list of clues given in random order, no four across, or six down, just the clue, and construct the crossword in her mind. It used to drive her dad, James, crazy. He’d ask her for a six letter word for some obscure term and she’d answer before the dust settled on his question.
Janah, ‘You have everyone Grace B?’
‘I need to check one thing,’ it’s dark now, she drops one drone to the outbuilding and circles it slowly, ‘if there are people inside, they’re either dead or sleeping. The other drones have everyone inside the house. Perhaps someone is in a bedroom with the curtains drawn. I will bring in three drones and get them packed. I can run the fourth until midnight before we need a charge. By then we should have more than enough footage.’
‘The conversations aren’t about the project, am I seeing things, or do most of them seem to be getting zombied out?’
Grace B, ‘Not your imagination, motor functions have slowed as they eat. Clearly they are being wound down from something in the food or drinks. Now that it is dark, I can keep the drone close enough to get clear audio. Maybe the captors talk more freely when the other are zoned out or asleep.’
‘It will also help us separate the bad guys from the good. If they aren’t stoned, they are captors.’
We stay up until eleven, there was talk about progress of the treatments, a bit about the future but it was evident they had discussed it many times before. It was more fodder for the FBI, clearly they are into genetic manipulation of human test subjects far beyond approved genetic research. In America, while scientists can ‘cure’ autism by replacing the defective gene, there is still argument around what is considered defective. There is no general agreement that autism is a disease that needs fixing. On the other hand, parents can choose eye color, height within a range, you can’t elect to have a seven six future basketball player, or a kid that runs a twenty second forty yard dash. What our secret bioengineers are engaged in is illegal in every country, although the Russians, Chinese or North Koreans could be up to anything.
There are the two docs and four assistants, although two appear to be cooks and housekeepers. They didn’t engage in the recaps and speculation, only collected the plates and glasses, washed up and went off to one of the bedrooms around ten.
Grace B, ‘I have names and credentials of the other two, post docs bounced out of their respective institutions for violating prescribed research guidelines. They suffered no additional consequences, the universities didn’t want to encourage conspiracy theorists about secret government programs to alter the genetics of every citizen. One group thinks it is to create superhuman soldiers, another says it is to make a docile, compliant population, a third insists the government is trying to make half human half machine organisms for unspecified reasons.’
Janah, ‘Good enough, Daphne, you and Grace B clean up the video and audio, eliminate the unrelated bits and send it off to my FBI contact with GPS coordinates of the site. By the time they get organized, we’ll be back in Malibu.’
‘Do you think they’re going to dither? We don’t want the kids stuck in a drug delirium any longer than necessary.’
‘Not after Mrs. Pearson explains that one minute longer than twenty four hours means the whole show goes to the New York Times. I don’t think it will be necessary to even make the threat. We have cred, tons of it, they won’t sit on their hands.’
I takes us a couple of hours to get the edits done and make it a seamless story. There are dates embedded, as people appear, their bio appears with them. Mrs. Pearson is on the encrypted SAT phone with her contact, even though it’s three o’clock in Washington, her pal is going to be the hero du jour, she’s delighted to lose sleep.
‘Two things, get busy, I expect to have these kooks collected by tomorrow afternoon latest.’
‘Not a problem presuming the evidence is as clear as you say it is.’
‘Second, the children go directly to their parents, you will not hold them for debriefing first. Parents, a psychological evaluation, then, if the doc finds it acceptable, you may interview. Kindly don’t jerk me off of this or your source will evaporate. Next time, and you know there will be a next time, I’ll use locals and the FBI will be the last to know.’
Associate Deputy Director Hudgens, ‘I guarantee it. It makes sense, we look compassionate, not tight assed, not to mention my associate and I have commendations not entirely deserved due to your assistance in the past. In fact, I could say my current position is because of your guidance on the Anderson thing.’
Janah, ‘You wouldn’t have gotten the help if you hadn’t been straight with us all along, Deputy Director.’
‘I’m an Associate Deputy Director, Mrs. Pearson.’
‘Not for long.’
‘What do you…how can you…?’
‘Don’t fumble the ball Anita. The President will be calling.’
‘Geez, I don’t have to sell my soul, do I?’
‘If you did that, you’d be pushing paper in a backwater like Montana, keeping track of the latest pack of survivalist idiots.’
She laughs, ‘Thank you for this, we’ll be on site tomorrow, early, and your conditions are easy, it’s the right thing to do.’
‘Goodnight…soon to be Deputy Director Hudgens,’ she clicks off.
We’re tired, it’s late, not that we did anything physically strenuous, not even much mentally taxing, Grace B did most of that and she doesn’t get taxed.
As we fade to black, I mumble to Janah, ‘It’s good to have bots.’
She snuggles in next to me, we’re goners.

Sixty Eight

Lauren, ‘Easy duty this trip, glad you didn’t come back mangled.’
‘With the addition of bots and drones, most of our stuff is just find the targets. We don’t do much hand to hand with them anymore. Janah didn’t have to jump though a bunch of mental hoops, the bots tagged the players, Grace B took the video and audio. We could have sent her and skipped a hotel room, she doesn’t care about hibernating in the car all night.’
Valeria comes up for a kiss, you can’t tell by looking at her, but she likes her double cheek kisses, and when I sneak a kiss to her shoulder or neck while we cook. I figured that out when she started wearing camis with only shoestring straps around the house. It serves two purposes, her shoulder and neck are both exposed, and it hangs to just below her butt, making is easy for Ellen to accidentally brush her bare leg against Valeria’s. I’ve been known to employ the technique myself with both of them. It’s even more sensual because none of us comment on it, just the lingering tingle of soft skin and tight thigh.
We got home before lunch, it’s lunchtime now, a finger sandwich day, which means the three chefs have concocted a more elaborate dinner.
Janah devours an egg salad in two bites, picks up a turkey, ‘What’s for dinner?’
Dasha, ‘Seafood gumbo wiz either cornbread or French, fried catfeesh, and maybe macaroni chiz, no appetizer, you can haf cookie wiz tea later.’
Janah smiles, ‘I am all anticipation.’
She gets on our mental channel, ‘Find something to do after lunch, I’m napping with Amaya.’
It’s their plot, Amaya teased that she might be amenable to my services when we returned. The two of them have plotted to deny me, I’m getting warm from the rejection.
‘You say, I obey.’
‘Yes you will.’

Ooohhhh, I’ll have to dig out a toy later, I can peek in their heads and get a visual.
‘And stay out of our heads, this is private.
Geez, now I’m getting steamy.
Valeria slides next to me, ‘You will come to my room after lunch, you have to lick me everywhere.’
What a splendid afternoon, I stayed enraptured by silky Valeria, and as, ordered, licked her everywhere, more than once. My idea of perfect sex is having my counterpart vibe, tingle, squirm and squeal, I get off getting her off. Today she even wanted me to strap up and slow screw, the look on her face and the fact that the toy vibrates against me while it vibrates inside her made for a glorious dual climax.
I roll off my sylph, she turns on her tummy gasping, her head hanging off the side of the bed, ‘You,’ gasp, ‘…maybe….have,’ gasp, ‘…killed me,’ shudder and a deep breath.
She rolls over staring at the ceiling, ‘Good thing we have enriched air in our homes.’
That was Janah’s stroke of genius, we add oxygen to the air in the house, not so much as to blow it up, just to enrich the content. It measures the percent of oxygen in the air and adds or turns off based on our preferred parameters. The air is crispy clean, ionized and good for us. But I think Janah’s motive is that the energy boost keeps us frisky. I suppose it helps, there’s no shortage of high hormone girls eager to play.
Valeria and I shower, more fun for me, I get to wash her hair and lather her willowy wonders, then we head to the kitchen, time for tea.
While we prep, Dasha and Ellen haven’t made it yet, likely found their own friskies. Amaya comes from Janah’s bedroom, which is mine as well, at least until Janah kicks me out for her other playmates.
‘Janah tried to murder me with sex, she was unusually voracious today, I can barely stagger.’
‘You bring out our best, or more like you demand our best. In any case, your intimates enjoy your intimates, the rest of you as well.’
‘It is only the truth, keep flattering me Daphne, you may get lucky one day. In your case, groveling is your most effective weapon, use it liberally.’
‘I am yours to command.’
Amaya laughs, ‘And Janah’s and certainly Valeria’s, probably Nikko in the past, but she has Zi trailing her around like a puppy.’
Valeria, ‘And Chloe has you.’
Amaya sighs, ‘Chloe is my Goddess, speaking of which, where is she?’
Ellen and Chloe come from Amaya’s bedroom, which is also Chloe’s bedroom. Chloe’s visage is…ethereal, which means she has spent a portion of the afternoon with incredible Ellen, who makes anyone’s visage ethereal.
Amaya, ‘Ellen has had the good fortune to share a couple of hours with Vesnushki, lucky girl.’
Ellen, ‘I am, how many people get to make love to red hot film star. I took advantage, several times.’
Amaya kisses Ellen, ‘Thank you for attending to her, Janah made demands on my attention and Janah is not to be denied.’
She kisses Chloe, ‘Ellen take care of you?’
Chloe bites her lip, cocks her head slightly and looks towards Ellen, ‘I’m still a little fuzzy on details.’
Amaya, ‘I must refresh, back in a flash,’ she hustles off to her room.
Grace B, ‘Jesus, I had to deploy the cleaning bots to every bedroom, fifteen sets of fucking sheets all tangled in knots and reeking of girl lust. Get everyone down here so they can get to the beds and bathrooms without dodging horny lesbians.’
Hypatia comes down the steps led by Morshchiny and followed by ten little girls in their usual chattering frenzy.
Dahlia, ‘Tetya Dafna! You and Tetya Janah and Graced B saved the little girl. Kota B showed us the video. Is she home now?’
‘I don’t know, Janah might, you can ask her. The FBI was going in today, not sure when exactly.’
Janah has crept up behind me, ‘The children were first taken to Portland, parents are flying in from around the country. Ana’s parents were in Santa Rosa which is only an hour flight, they may be there already. Nikko called the father earlier today. Of course, he doesn’t know from a Nikko, just a Japanese woman who promised to find Ana. He choked up on the phone, could barely talk. When he collected himself he thanked her profusely and asked her to pass along his eternal gratitude to her companions.’
Dasha, ‘Take your places, Kota B ees to serve tea, today oatmeal or sugar cookie only, we haf beeg dinner coming.’
Clarissa is sniffing the pot of gumbo, sees the stack of catfish filets ready to be breaded. She hustles over to the children’s table and spreads the word, then joins her sister who is sitting with Oceane, Cassie, and Sloane.
The sisters have sprouted a few inches, they are at the age where various extremities are outsized, Dahlia’s ears are too big for her head, Clarissa’s feet could support two Clarissa’s. They are growing into them, I was the same, legs and arms too long until my torso caught up, I could have been a chimpanzee for a year or so. 
While Dahlia is two years older, they are inseparable. Until we rescued them, they had each other, no school, no friends, no socialization. Kept in the confines of the house room until sent out to entertain, then right back. They were barely educated, healthy, the product needs to look good for the customer. Active with exercise, self taught dance and tumbling, but couldn’t make change. Clarissa took to math, Dahlia to literature, now they speak passable Russian and Japanese. They take gung fu, as does Valeria. Zi and I instruct, the girls are diligent, serious students. Hypatia and Kota B see to their education.
Girls enjoy tea and go off to put a wrap on whatever projects they’re into. Nikko, Zi, and Daria on our business and investment accounts, Amaya and Chloe on the play, Eloise, Britt and Lauren building stealth missiles in the workshop, or maybe a quantum gravity device to create portable black holes. Oceane to paint, Katya, Katja, Ellen, Sarah, and Mani will be outside keeping their laser skills honed. Sloane is with us, sitting at the kitchen counter while we prep catfish, Valeria stirs the giant pot of seafood gumbo. I put the pans of cornbread in one oven, Ellen is rinsing the rice.
Sloane, ‘You guys are like a machine, four chefs and everyone knows just what comes next.’
‘Dasha and Valeria make the day’s assignments, we’ve done this for so long it doesn’t require much thinking. Emma B has ingredients lined up, the ovens on when they need to be, she controls the baking or broiling times, sensors in the oven tell her when it’s ready to be taken out. No need to be constantly opening the oven for a peek, nothing is ever over or undercooked, lasagna, barbeque shrimp, roast chicken, baked pork chops, pizza, osso bucco, it doesn’t matter. Only things that need stirring require attention, roux, soups, gumbo, morning eggs, fried food, like tonight’s catfish or fried chicken. Some things need to be monitored while they cook, steak or fish on the grill for instance.’
Emma B, ‘Wine selections?’
Ellen, ‘A red blend, there are several decent Californias in the cellar, just grab a few. Gumbo is complex and heavy, the wine needn’t be subtle. Half the girls like beer with gumbo and fried fish. Give the children the red with club soda to cut it.’
Emma B goes off to collect bottles, all the wines are chilled, the girls don’t care for room temperature wine, red or white.
Amaya appears and opens the bar, sends over straight icy cold Russian Standard for Dasha and Valeria, a couple of fingers of Elijah Craig eighteen year old on ice for Ellen and Sarah, who showed up and plopped next to Sloane.
Sloane, ‘You can still shoot straight?’
‘The laser does all the work, we love the efficiency, but we still practice with bullets when we’re in Arizona. More of a challenge.’
‘But on assignments…’
‘We prefer not to have challenges, we just want the target dead, and the laser is far less messy. No worries about blood spatter, empty cartridges don’t escape, there’s no bullet for forensics. Practice with actual ammunition keeps our edge honed, skeet, trap, sport, got to be quick and keep thought out of it, reflex only.’
‘You haven’t been out for a couple of months, nobody needs a conflict resolved?’
‘Plenty of offers, but Katya didn’t like them for one reason or another, complications, cops, half the world wants a cop dead, but they don’t want to pay our price. Katya doesn’t discount, pay or go away. In fact, Ellen and I are traveling day after tomorrow.’
She won’t say where, or why, but if Ellen is going there might be a long distance kill, a sniper shot with an actual bullet, which is her specialty. They can sometimes do specialty work with drones, that is, a target so well protected that getting close enough is almost impossible. The drone can accurately fire a kill shot with a laser from two hundred yards. If the target isn’t outside much, or at all, then the drone is less viable. If they can’t get close enough for a laser gun, or to use a drone, then Ellen does her bit. An ultra powerful rifle with ammunition developed by Ellen and Eloise will pierce any so-called bulletproof glass and the target from distances up to two thousand yards. From that distance, the scope on her rifle makes the target appear as if he’s on a theater screen in HD. The bots calculate precise distance, wind direction and humidity and feed the data directly to the scope. When Ellen see the light go from amber to green, she pulls the trigger.
The primary talent needed by the shooter is dead calm, don’t get a green and yank the trigger, the pull is feather light, she could almost fire the weapon with a breath.

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