Chapter Sixty One

Andy tells Daria approximately the same story. Approximately is better, they hadn’t rehearsed. Daria collects information, doesn’t give any. Since we’re disguised, it isn’t evident they are even sisters, much less twins. Contact lenses take care of blue eyes, hairstyles and colors are different, Dasha has on platforms, Daria sneakers, the heights are different. Daria has almost no accent, Dasha doesn’t say anything.
Daria, The boy likes playing with his sister. He didn’t like having to do it for mom or the men, he says he just got used to it. Mother was starting to press for the girl to give sex to the men, it hasn’t happened.
How does he feel about leaving?
He wants to be with sister.
She says the same thing. It’s okay, we can arrange that. Bring him here, I’ll stay with them, go and observe Janah.

Daria and the boy come along, he joins Tricia sitting on the bed, I move to a chair in between them and the door, just in case they’re sneakier than they appear.
Janah, we have the story, they are happy to move on if they can be together.
Tell them about the farm, then have them pack up, call Extraction. I’ll be a while.

While Janah zeroes out mom’s memory, I talk about what happens next.
“We work with people who have a farm, something between a farm and a ranch. There are other kids there, all of whom have been abused. It’s at the base of the mountains further west. The kids go to school there, they work on the farm growing vegetables, herbs and fruit. They have horses, chickens, cows for milk. They hike in the mountains, swim in a lake, can go on the internet, there’s television. They aren’t prisoners, if they give it a try for a few months and don’t like it, we find a place for them with a family.”
Tricia, “We don’t know anything about farm stuff.”
“Neither did the others, you have plenty of time to learn, everyone will help you.”
Andy can’t help himself, he blurts, “Can I sleep with Tricia?”
“Boys sleep in rooms with boys, girls with girls, there are two to a room. Your sister will be there.”
Tricia, “Andy, we’ll be out of here. I want to meet other girls, you need to meet other kids. Plus they have horses and stuff. I want to ride a horse.”
Andy, despite his situation, is a ten year old boy, the idea of dirt, mountains, horses and a lake draws him in, “Okay, I guess.”
Tricia, “When do we go?”
“Today. We need to get a few things packed, enough to get started. You’ll get new clothes at the ranch. Let’s get busy, we’ll do Andy first.”
Andy, “Do we get boots?”
“You get boots and any kind of hat you want, cowboy hat, baseball cap, straw hat for the summer sun. You’ll get new sneakers, jeans, shirts and tops, shorts, and nice dresses for Tricia.”
Tricia, “Really?”
We spend another half hour in give and take, about the ranch, kid questions looking for reassurances. I give as much as I can, they have to adjust to a vastly different life on a dime. Their home life works in our favor. Mom is a jerk, totally self absorbed, the children’s radar tells them daily that they are only extensions of her business. No mother’s love. When Tricia says the word, it’s not mom, or mommy, it’s mother, with just enough bite that if the next word had been fucker, I wouldn’t have been surprised.
We find a suitcase and a duffle, they only need things for a couple of days. People will be in this afternoon to make the rest of their belongings disappear, strip their beds, clean the house. Can’t get every fingerprint, but there won’t be much of their presence left. Mom isn’t going to remember kids anyway. There is only one computer in the place, and a Nintendo Wii system, both will disappear. While they wait on the couch, I surf the computer. It’s mundane stuff, no pictures of the kids, either as babies, or on the way up, nothing sexual. The history shows some porn sites, I download Evidence Blaster and wipe the drive. Mom has an e-mail account at Hotmail, nothing interesting, although the junk folder for sexy29mama is full of pitches for viag2a and plenty of things to enhance her penis. If any of that stuff worked, men would all have ten inchers. I am unfamiliar with penises, but I doubt that’s happening.
Extraction arrives, the kids leave without a mention of seeing mom, saying good bye or even bite me bitch. As they walk to the car, I hear Tricia wonder how many horses they have. Well, little lady, enough. We started with a couple, but they are so popular, each farm has eight or ten now, I’ve lost track.
Well, mom is fast becoming a blurry memory.
Janah, And mom is a couple of hours away from losing hers.
 Dasha and I kill the time by stacking obvious kid things in the living room, strip the beds so they can dispose of the sheets and pillowcases. The cleaners will throw away anything else that smacks of child. We don’t want to create reminders. Due to their stay at home life, they haven’t collected mementos, no school pictures, yearbooks, no gifts from friends, no cell phones, iPads or pods.
Janah and Daria come in, “All done. Mom doesn’t have kids. Looks like you’ve been busy.”
“I had time to search around the other rooms for stuff that suggests children. By the time they start exploring the ranch, they’ll forget about a few stuffed animals and knickknacks.”
Janah, “Mom is out for six to eight hours, cleaners can be done by then?”
“On the way, and we need to be on ours.”
The drive to the airport is simple, twenty minutes, up and gone as soon as we sit and buckle up.
A reminder, no talking about the trip on the plane. If we have guests at the house, anyone except Chan, or Black, we don’t discuss this work. It isn’t safe for the rest of the family to know details. Got it?
I get a double, “Da,” Daria doesn’t much talk to anyone but Chloe and her sister, but Dasha is prone to popping a question or making a comment whenever it occurs to her.
They click on a movie, tea and snacks appear. Janah is tired, cleaning brains is taxing, she’s asleep before we hit cruising altitude.

Chapter Sixty Two

Nikko, “High efficiency run.”
“Cost through the roof, but we’re private jet spoiled.”
Nikko, “It’s not that bad. I bought a quarter million dollar sky card from Blue Star Jets, flying time runs about two to three thousand an hour depending on how big a plane. For that we get whatever we need on four hours notice, any meals we want, cars, the whole concierge thing. We get better rates for fronting the money, they debit the cost against our upfront. It’s much better than fractional ownership.”
“Should we use them for all Society flights?”
Nikko, “No. The other teams have more predictable work, they aren’t complaining about first class flights and accommodations. We’ll use Blue Sky for our personal travel and pay for it, we charge the Society account when it’s Society business.”
Chloe, “The girls looked pooped.”
“It’s been a long day. Janah slept on the plane but it will take tonight for her to fully recover. Are the twins asleep?”
“After they showered, Daria had something on her mind.”
“Bad girls.”
“They are what they are.”
I check in with Dasha, oh, she’s doing Daria, this is new.
Dasha, Daria ees first time for a girl to make sex wiz her. Come to goodnight us.
I’m at the bedside, girls are snuggled under covers.
Dasha, “You will kiss sister, then Dasha.”
Daria gives me a taste of tongue, hands me off to Dasha for a repeat, dang they’re cute.
I stroke Daria’s cheek, “Thank you, just splendid. A little surprised, I thought maybe Chloe….”
Daria, “Chloe is not for sex, Chloe is for talking.”
I smile, at least she talks to someone. I get up, turn off the light, take the roof exit. I sense Janah sleeping. Before I go into our room, I sit on one of the chairs outside and watch the moon. Chapman's is the highest building in the vicinity, good thing, I haven’t much on. It feels rather nice. A half hour later, nearly asleep, I find my way to bed.
Janah scrunches into me, “You’re cool, been howling at the moon?”
“I was howling about my good fortune, Daria’s warming to me.”
“She respects expertise.”
“I don’t think it’s that kind of warming. She kissed me, but it wasn’t passionate, just extra friendly. I kind of sideways asked about Chloe, Daria said ‘Chloe is for talking.”
I kiss my girl, we fade to black.
I’m up today a little late, girls have already begun gathering, Zi has mercifully made coffee and tea. I have a cup while Dasha and I concoct breakfast, keep it quick, scrambled eggs, grits, seared ham with a touch of clove and warm cane syrup.
Amaya, “How were the girls on the trip? I only followed a little through Daphne.”
Janah, “Daria did well with the boy, she’s a good listener.”
“She did not scare him to death with that stare?”
“She was great. Her eyes softened, she knew to get him talking she needed to appear open.”
“So she empathized.”
Dasha, “What is eempathiz?”
Daria, “Soperezhivat´”
“No, no eempathiz, act like soperezhivat´. Just as gud.”
Chloe smiles, “Yes it is.”
Amaya, “My magical performance molecules have floated into her.”
Nikko, “I hope she doesn’t get your bullshit skills.”
Amaya, “Perhaps I should run for office.”
Janah, “Only if you want to live someplace else, politicians are tough enough to take at a distance.”
“Chloe would never go for it, and she must remain near me or she will descend into madness.”
Chloe grins, “No doubt.”
Amaya kisses her cheek, “You are too adorable Vesnushki.”
Dasha, “Eemaya is slave for Vesnushki.”
“You do not seem to mind Daphne being your slave.”
“Dahfoney ees slave for everyone, she ees gud person.”
Zi, “I think that’s quite a compliment, a bit roundabout, but a compliment nonetheless.”
“Slave needs to clean up, everyone move elsewhere and let’s get about our day.”
Janah is on the phone with Ariel, one of the monks at the ranch where Tricia and Andy are headed, it will be another day before they arrive. Their identities are undergoing a change, they have no ID yet, we couldn’t fly them anyplace.
Janah tells her about the sexual activity, they need to know what the children have been exposed to.
Ariel, “The boy, then, thinks it’s fun, you think the girl is at least ambivalent.”
“Yes. My guess is she will find friends, something they haven’t had and she will drop the sexual behavior. The boy may try to get her to continue or pull in one of the other girls.”
“You know how we handle things here, kids aren’t lectured. We know some of them play around, they would do it wherever they were. We tell them they must be respectful of the others, no means no and no one is to be pestered or coerced. We are clear about consequences. We have one child that may have to be moved along. She’s after boys and girls night and day. Walks into boys’ rooms naked, lays on the bed and spreads her legs, masturbates, tells them to have sex with her, offers oral sex to everyone, including the adults. She frequently comes down to meals naked.”
Janah, “No good. She can’t be around the others like that, but do we throw up our hands and farm her off to some social agency?”
Ariel, “I feel really lousy about it. We’re at a loss. She’s actually a happy person to be around, talkative, sweet natured. She isn’t aggressive in a forceful sense, just gets in a mood, loses it and starts in with the behavior.”
“How old is she?”
“I’m going to see her, but not at the ranch, I’ll give you a location soon.”
“What are you going to do?”
“Fix it, then send her to the other ranch where the kids don’t know her. She can’t come back to you, some of the kids surely took advantage and they’ll just want to take up where they left off.”
Ariel, “Oh, she gets her way more than a little, she’s pretty and boys are boys. A couple of the girls don’t mind so much either. But, if I may ask, how are you going to do this? Fix her I mean.”
“You remember old Tan?”
“Of course….ah, you were his student.”
“Yes, and discovered behavior can be altered in many ways. It’s not for me to decide she shouldn’t be a sexpot. Her current behavior, though, is too extreme for her own good. If we toss her to the social system, she’s going to wind up an underage prostitute with the health problems and violence that comes along with it. When we set up the ranches, we decided not to be personally involved with them. But I can work with her off site and have her taken to the other ranch.”
“I know it’s a long shot, but what if she was one of the ones you rescued?”
“When was she brought to you?”
“Hang on, let me check, um, here she is, August last year.”
“We were in Canada, she didn’t come from any operation of ours. It doesn’t matter if she did really, when I’m finished she won’t remember meeting me.”
“Amazing, but what I heard of Tan, amazing was commonplace.”
“What’s the girl’s name?”
“Tara Tennyson now, used to be someone else.”
They disconnect, guess Janah and I will be traveling soon. The ranch is near Santa Fe at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. Never been to Santa Fe.
A week later, I am, with Chloe, Amaya, Dasha, Daria and Janah. The twins have no role in this, we want them to see different parts of the country, neither do Chloe and Amaya, but they’d never been to Santa Fe. We booked a white water rafting trip, another thing none of us have ever done, Amaya figures it might fold into one of her books someplace.
We’re at the Rosewood Inn. Lovely rustic place, rustic in appearance, not in amenities. Janah, the twins and I are in a two bedroom suite, Chloe and Amaya have a deluxe, ample plus. We have a standard room for tomorrow so Janah can deal with the girl. We’re early enough to have tea, snacks and relax before going to dinner.
“What’s the plan?”
Janah, “They bring the girl tomorrow. It’s either meet with me or be farmed out to social services. Tara opted to give me a shot. The good news is that she knows her behavior is unacceptable, they don’t have to drag her here.”
Amaya, “So she wants to change?”
“Ariel said she gets the part about keeping herself under control, but she’s neither guilty about it nor asking for help. She told Ariel that the impulse is overwhelming, and when she’s doing it she enjoys it. That means she isn’t acting out against something, it’s her temperament, which means supercharged hormonal activity or crossed up wiring in her brain.”
Chloe, “How did she wind up with us? The kids at the ranches are either abused at home, or had been sold to abusers, or in the hands of pimps.”
“Her parents couldn’t control her and essentially abandoned her. She lived at home, but mom and dad were either in denial that things had gotten so far, or more likely just gave up. She’d been in therapy for three years, it was expensive and didn’t make a dent. They pulled that and let her do whatever she wanted. The Society learned about a twelve year old giving blow jobs to any boy who showed up. When the story starts that a girl in the park who will do anything, you can imagine how long it takes to form a line. Fights were breaking out, and she was teaching other girls her techniques.”
Amaya, “Surprised it didn’t show up on the internet.”
“The sites are pretty quick to take down child porn, I don’t know if any of that happened in her case. I presume video or photos floated around privately. At any rate, we stepped in before it came to the attention of the police.”
Chloe, “The parents, what did they do?”
“Happy to have the problem gone. It didn’t take long for them to understand they bear responsibility for her, lawsuits would start flying, plus neglect charges. They practically pushed her out the door.”
“What are you going to do?”
“She’s coming voluntarily, I’m going to hypnotize her first, I don’t need her sedated I don’t think. I have sedatives in case, I doubt I’ll use them unless she gets freaky.”
Dasha and Daria had been quietly absorbing, Dasha says, “Daria wants to see work on girl.”
“When I have her under, you can come in, I’ll mental Daphne. Take a seat, be quiet, no questions, I don’t want distractions. We can talk about it after she’s gone.”
The girls do their owl stare, we seldom get an ‘okay,’ or ‘we understand,’ sometimes there’s a ‘da’ in there. They’ve been told how it should go, that’s how it will go.

Chapter Sixty Three

Time to freshen and have dinner, we keep it simple, the hotel’s restaurant. The twins are in skinny jeans and platforms, Amaya created two identical braids down the side of their faces, differentiated by snug sweaters and accessories. Beads hang from the ends of the braids, a half dozen rings between them. Both sets of nails shiny maroon with black diagonal quarter to the tip. Daria’s on the right side of each nail, Dasha’s on the left. Dark rust shadows eyes, lined in black, makes their blue eyes look huge.
The rest of us do simple slacks or jeans and pullovers, it’s cool in Santa Fe, but we aren’t going outside, no need to haul around jackets or scarves.
The restaurant is three quarters full, there are a fair number of choices downtown, this is a popular one. The crowd is upscale, the Rosewood isn’t cheap by Santa Fe standards, our suite is nearly seven hundred a night.
Diners steal surreptitious glances at our twins, the waiter smitten at first sight, when he turns to Amaya, it looks as if he’d stuck his finger in a socket.
Chloe giggles. The dear boy manages to get our drink order after only a couple of miscues, he has to ask Janah twice as he keeps glancing at Amaya, the first attempt to get the words clear in his brain vaporize. He forgets to ask me at all, just as well, I’ll stick to water. He does get the twins request for Diet Coke.
Chloe and Amaya have a cocktail, no, not margaritas, even though the town is heavily Hispanic. Amaya is fond of vodka martinis, not really martinis, no vermouth, shaken icy cold, dash of bitters, an onion or slice of jalapeno. Chloe drinks the same, just not so tart, an olive only. Janah sticks to champagne, helped along by Dasha and Daria, strategically sitting on one side of her so Daria can steal a sip and hand it off to Dasha. She relents and fills my empty wine glass, the twins can share.
We order several entrees for a taste around, scallops, salmon with vanilla sweet potato puree, roast lamb, mixed vegetable ragout,  jalapeno cheddar croquettes, New York steak, kale with truffle sauce and pan fried gnocchi with vegetables and mushrooms.
A couple passes the table, the woman stops, “The twins are just gorgeous, perfectly perfect. I love the braids,” she asks them, “did you do them yourself?”
Dasha, “Eemaya.”
The lady says, “Well Eemaya is most talented,” she looks at me, “are they yours?”
I smile, “No, they are their own, but we all live together.”
She says, “A houseful of beautiful girls, the boys must be lined up around the block.”
We laugh, trying to laugh politely, the twins never laugh, tonight keep their track record unblemished by mirth.
The woman isn’t sure what she said that was funny, Dasha helps, “No boys, all lazebian.”
The man is laughing now, the lady smiles apologetically, “Guess I stepped into that one.”
“Well, it’s not like we have short hair and comfortable shoes, we don’t own a single flannel shirt. We must have missed the memo. Besides, houseful of beautiful girls is a lovely compliment and trumps any subsequent observations.”
She laughs, “Thanks for letting me off the hook, good lesson in making assumptions. I see dinner is on the way, enjoy, we found everything to be delicious.”
“The place appears popular, glad to know it’s due to the quality.”
They move along, we move into a well prepared and attractively served dinner. We mix plates, there’s enough vegetable sides to fill Janah, and the lady’s right, it is quite good.
Amaya, “Dasha, one day you are going to give some unsuspecting soul a heart attack.”
Dasha blinks at her, “You geev waiter heart attack, man walk into pole.”
Amaya laughs, hand to her mouth, “I had forgotten.”
“What happened?”
Amaya, “We were coming up 3rd Avenue, he was walking down from 61st to cross 3rd. He was looking our way, not watching where he was going and banged right into the light pole. Fortunately his shoulder, not his face.”
Dasha, “He made red in face, say Eemaya to see her ees worth it.”
Amaya, “I was flattered, even though it is only the truth. I asked if he was okay, he was rubbing his shoulder, he was quite quick, said it was only a flesh wound.”
Dasha, “Eemaya kiss cheek, then he bang his other side on post, turn other cheek side, make Eemaya laugh. He ask to marry.”
“Sounds like a pretty cool guy.”
Amaya, “I thought so.”
“Eemaya tell him wiz good humor he can get meeny beautiful girl. He say, but no you. Eemaya say not unless you are lazebian.”
“What did he say to that?”
Dasha, “Most beautiful girl in Manhattan gay, no God.”
Janah and I laugh, “And that was it?”
Dasha, “Eemaya say ees God, but she ees also lazebian. Man laugh, we go to shopping.”
“Just another day in the city.”
We wrap dinner, no one wants dessert and we need to settle in, Janah has a tiring day tomorrow. Up to the rooms, goodnights to Chloe and Amaya. We deconstruct, hang things up, slip into t-shirts, Janah goes to bed, the girls and I line up on the couch for a movie, Seven Psychopaths.  It’s funny, but inconsistent, some of the jokes die. Still, Christopher Walken may be the coolest actor ever, and Olga Kurylenko is a sizzler.
The movie ends at eleven, twins to their room, me to Janah and sleep.

Chapter Sixty Four

We’re up by seven, throw on casuals and down to the restaurant for breakfast. Suppose it sounds like all we do is eat, but dining is the one enjoyable thing you can do three times a day your entire life that won’t kill you. Coffee is strong and hot, some interesting items, French toast with mascarpone, blue corn blueberry pancakes, out west they become flapjacks, the twins get one of each. Janah has oatmeal with berries, I’m standard, eggs over easy, crisp bacon, three orders, the twins are as mad about bacon as Nishiko. We skip the Latin oriented stuff, I’m not crazy about chorizo, nor red or green chili sauce in combination with eggs. Chorizo is both fatty and smoked. I’m not friendly towards smoked meats, and I don’t care for cilantro, the point being, I don’t use this stuff at home and my tribe isn’t into it. Chloe and Amaya are happy with the restaurant’s homemade granola, yogurt and berries.
Caffeinated and fed, we take a walk around Santa Fe. It’s a quiet city, think adobe everything, brown, every shade of brown, like the desert and treeless mountains. If you’re into brown, Santa Fe is your nirvana, or Phoenix, I noticed the same obsession with brown there. One would think the desert and barren mountains provide a sufficiency of brown and color would be a nice juxtaposition, but apparently I’m in the minority.
It’s nine thirty, Tara is due at ten. I collect the key to the room, check it, adjust the thermostat to seventy four, set the fan to run. When she gets inside, Janah will put the DND tag on the door and Tara will undergo brain tweaks.
We stay out of the picture, in our suite until Ariel calls to say they’ve arrived. Janah meets them downstairs, Ariel hugs the girl and leaves, Janah takes Tara to the extra room we’d booked, I’m following in her head, a running commentary to the others.
Janah, “Tara, you know why you are here?”
“I can’t keep my impulses under control. I can’t help it, when the urge comes, I’ll do anything, and I’ve done everything. I’ve sucked a hundred boys, I go down on any girl that will…”
Janah stops her, “I don’t need to know the history. You are who you are and do what you do. I’ve been told you understand the problems it can lead to.”
“I know, I know, I know, but it’s just there, and I’m taking my clothes off and doing it, and I like it. Then, I think of how it’s hurting me, and even hurting the others, some of the girls get mad at me. So I quit, then I start again. When it comes over me I want sex, and it comes over me a lot, then I want cum, pussy, all of it,” she laughs, “see, I can’t control myself.”
“And if it wasn’t pressing other people, if you had it with only the people who were willing and trustworthy, it might not be a problem. That isn’t the case.”
Tara, “That part I get.”
“We’re going to work on that part. I have no problem with your having an active sex life, that’s not the issue. The issue is a safe and cooperative sex life, which is different from where you are now.”
“You don’t care that I’m fourteen? Most people freak. I started when I was eight or nine, that really freaked them.”
“In your case, when you started was not in your control, nobody raped you, nobody coerced you, your brain, whether it is a hormone imbalance or some other neocortex malfunction, didn’t operate in your overall best interest. We are going to work on that.”
“You aren’t going to make me hate sex are you?”
“Not at all,” she lays her hand on the girl’s neck, “You are going to relax, you and I are going to be empty, to let all feelings, all thoughts just drift off and disappear. Nothing is wrong, nothing is disturbing us, we aren’t feeling like we need to move, only to relax, all our muscles are relaxing, our shoulders drop, our ankles and knees are loose, our neck is free of all tension, we are floating, no effort, nothing is required, we float along, a feather in a gentle breeze, You are a feather, floating along, nothing disturbs, you are free, nothing touches you, nothing disturbs you, floating…..”
Tara’s eyes roll up, her heads nods gently from side to side, her eyes close, she slumps back on the bed.
Janah lets her sink deeper, another five minutes. She’s not asleep, she’s not awake, if Janah speaks, it will register in Tara’s brain.
The girls can come in now if they wish.
Dasha and Daria go to the room, Janah opens the door softy, points to a couple of chairs, they sit silently.
Janah, "We are going to explore your mind, together, you will feel sensations in your head, no pain, just a feeling. You may see lights, beautiful lights, you are in a deep state of inner awareness, and you may notice the electrical activity of your mind, you continue to float absolutely free, there is no disturbance, nothing is troubling you.”
No response, Janah doesn’t want one, it would mean the girl is too close to the surface of consciousness. She does nothing for another five minutes.
“I am going into your mind now, your new name will be Tonya, you are no longer that old name, you are Tonya Andreessen, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Now I will be quiet for a time, you will see or hear nothing, you are seeing yourself in a mirror, Tonya Andreessen is the only thing in your mind.”
While Tonya’s brain is occupied, Janah explains to me what to explain to the twins.
I mental, Janah has filled her mind with her new name. She can’t think of anything else now; she isn’t really thinking of it, it is playing in her head. In the meantime, Janah is exploring other memories and trying to determine what has gone wrong to create her behavior. You won’t see or hear much for a while.
 Dasha, Sister studies colors around girl. She ees first blue screen, eemty, then Janah give her name. Small line in meedel of blue, flahshing, like, ummmm, sparkle polish on fingers.
I relay this to Janah, Interesting, then something is happening, it’s helpful to have Daria here.
Or Chloe or Zi, your collections if weirdoes.

Janah, You were the first weirdo in the collection.
Pardon Moi, you were the first weirdo, I was second.

Janah giggles mentally, I feel Dasha in my head, Daria says Janah is laughing with you.
She’s right, we were talking about what a strange family we have.
Fahmahly strange gud.

Janah goes into Tonya’s mind, her brain actually, the squishy stuff, she does not detect any abnormal hormone levels, there’s no spike of testosterone that might convert a young girl into a sex fiend.
 Ask Daria to closely follow, I’m going to create a dopamine spike, then see how it resets.
I pass the message, Daria nods slightly.
Janah, “Tonya, you are feeling really good just now, wonderful things are happening, joy is everywhere.”
Janah monitors her dopamine levels, not like she’s got a dopamine thermometer, more like she can sense the level of joyful brain activity, her backup is Daria, what would the girl’s aura reveal?
“And now the sense of pure joy is fading, you are back to floating along with the currents, just being.”
I hear from Dasha, Blue to green, green becomes bright, then back to blue.
I send the report along to Janah, she replies, 'Ask if it’s the same blue or darker.'
Daria, is the blue the same as it was at first?

Daria, Da.
Confirms my sense of her, she had a dopamine spike, but the reset was to baseline, not below, or the blue would have darkened to something else. It isn’t hormones, it isn’t a feeling neurotransmitter. That means she has a judgment problem. She says she can’t help herself, that’s not exactly accurate. If she was truly out of control, it would be more like an addiction, the dopamine spike would be followed by a deficiency and the need for more drug.
So what happens?
I have to assume she sees offering herself aggressively to be her attempt to control. She doesn’t control herself, the alternative is to control everyone else through her sexuality, she’s a pretty girl, it’s the easiest tool available. When it worked, as it did a fair amount of the time, she felt empowered. The ones who rejected or dissed her, she convinced herself were jealous. Rejection likely encouraged her to work harder for acceptance, more sex.
So now what?
I deliver and reinforce the thought she has sufficient control in her world, all she needs. A neurotransmitter imbalance may have been simpler to remedy, she might respond to L-Dopa injections or an implant, like a Parkinson’s patient. It’s possible that simple over the counter tyrosine tablets would help. But that isn’t the problem.

I relay the conclusion to the twins.
Janah is talking to the new Tonya, “Tonya is strong, she is in control of her feelings, she does not need the approval of others, she has no impulse to manipulate or control them.”
Janah, Tell the girls I am going to be doing the same thing over and over for the next several hours. If they want to leave, they should go now.
I do, relay the reply to Janah, Daria wants to see the changes in the aura. That may help you decide when the process is complete.
Good thought. Okay, here we go.

Various forms of the message repeat for the next four hours. Tonya has self control, is patient, does not need to control other people, is strong and capable, repeat, repeat, repeat. While she plays the loop, she energizes Tonya’s mind with qi. The twins sit quietly, it’s obvious Daria is absorbed.
Janah, I don’t need her to be invincible, what does Daria say?
I check in, get back to Janah, Good enough.
Janah, Then I’m done, and I’m exhausted, not sure I could keep this up a lot longer anyway. Let’s leave her to drift in her new persona.

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