Sixty One

Next day at noon, Katya and Katja go to the house. Katja stays out front, Katya hops the fence and picks the lock on the back door. She searches the place, it’s probably too early for him to hide the katana, some valid agent might show the place. She goes through the few closets, the house is minimally furnished, there’s a new mattress on the double bed, no pillows or linens. A washer and dryer outside under a canopy on the back porch. Nothing remarkable in the bathroom, she flushes the toilet to see if the water’s running. The bowl empties and refills, water comes from the tap in the sink.
Katya mentals her sister, “No sword.”
Katja, “Okay, better to go now.”
Katya exits, leaves the back door unlocked. Return home, time to suit up. They dress identically, including parting their hair exactly the same, same sunglasses, no jewelry. Glocks in shoulder holsters under matching black suit jackets, loose fit jeans, black sneakers.
Downstairs, Mani says, “Cripes, mirror images. You are the most identical, identical twins I’ve ever even heard about.”
Ellen, “That’s why Katja keeps an accent, so they can tell each other apart.”
Mani laughs, “It’s how I tell them apart.”
She doesn’t know they can speak telepathically, nor that they think identically, something even Ellen doesn’t know.
Katja, “We will go now.”
Mani, “Pleas, be careful. I don’t know how you’re going to handle this, but if it’s him, he’s got a sharp sword and knows how to use it.”
Ellen, “They’ll be okay, kiss me honeys, take care of business.”
They take the car this time, easier to sit in the Hyundai than loiter on the street.
While they wait, Ellen has a chat with Mani.
“Your sadistic side, is it real or just for play?”
“Real. My aunt slapped me around, maybe it’s in the blood, but it also got me pissed. In school I got busted a fair amount for mean stuff, screwing with people’s lockers, steal a phone and send crappy texts. Fights. It was stupid because it wasn’t channeled, just random. Like I said, I was angry. She has less hold on me, I got a scholarship, she paid for the dorm but I got out of that because of you, and I get my own money working for you.”
“Think you could kill someone?”
“I think about it sometimes, like the asshole Elton.”
Ellen sips her tea, “Could you kill someone you didn’t know, that had never done anything to you or anyone you know, do it just for money?”
“Gee, depends on how much maybe. Like ten thousand?”
“Yeah, like ten thousand.”
Mani giggles, “I think everybody fantasizes about being an assassin, video games, movies are full of them. We put ourselves in their place when we watch. I don’t know, I like kicking each other around sparring, I’d probably have an orgasm shooting someone. I might do it for nothing.”
Ellen laughs, “Well, don’t take it that far with me.”
“I have no idea how to use a gun. Do you?”
“Yeah, I do. You want to learn?”
“Really? Cool.”
While Ellen nudges Mani along the road of death, the twins are watching a man drive by the house, he goes to the far corner and turns. A minute later, he walks around the corner to the house. He’s carrying a coat over his arm, a bit unnaturally, one side hangs down much longer than the other and it’s draped over his left hand.
Katya, “Idiot, better to carry a small throw rug with katana rolled up inside.”
It’s quarter to two, they wait. At five after, Katya exits and goes to the gate, climbs over just as Katja knocks on the door.
The man answers, coat’s gone. He’s slim, lanky, maybe five eleven.
“You are Laura?”
“Yes,” she steps inside, “I’m a bit late, took a wrong turn and had to circle around.”
“No problem, in this business sometimes people don’t even show up.”
“How rude, gee, it’s just a phone call to cancel.”
Katja can lose her accent at will, “I’ve never been in a shotgun, I looked it up when you told me. Kind of convenient actually.”
“Like I said, place isn’t big, but if it’s just you it should do fine. Few things have been updated, bathroom, kitchen appliances. There’s a washer and dryer out back, saves tying up space inside.”
She goes to the back door, fiddles like she’s unlocking it, opens and looks out, “Yeah, that’s neat, they both work right?”
“Checked everything myself. Refrigerator isn’t new, but it’s clean and works well. Refrigerators last forever these days. Window units for AC, but they both power up good, can get it frigid in here if that’s what you like.”
Katja, “Is the water on? I really need to use the ladies, over caffeinated.”
“Sure thing, I’ll be up front when you’re done.”
He walks to the front room, she goes in and closes the door. He lifts the coat, pulls out the sword, takes off his shoes and turns back towards the rear of the house. He’s figuring to sneak past the bathroom door when the toilet flushes and be behind her when she comes out. Except it doesn’t flush.
Instead, the girl has somehow left the bathroom and is standing in the kitchen. He’s standing in his sock feet with a gleaming sword.
“How did you….?”
He scoots forward, kendo style, left foot slides forward, right foot slides behind, katana rises, he’s four feet from Katya. She pulls the Glock, soft pop from the silencer, a round red-black dot appears in the center of his forehead. Momentum carries him forward, she steps aside, he splats down face first, the katana clatters against a countertop.
Katja comes out of the bathroom, stares down blankly, “Maybe we cut off head wiz own sword.”
Katya, “He is not getting any deader, we do not know about sword anyway. You wipe down the bathroom?”
“Da, no feenger printing, I opened back door to see washing machine.”
Katya rubs the knob on both sides, she’s wearing clear latex gloves.
Katja leaves, no reason not to go out the front door, she mentals Katya that the street is empty, Katya locks the back door, out the front and walks around the corner to the car. Strips off her gloves and sticks them in her coat pocket, unscrews the silencer and it joins the gloves. Katja drives the few blocks home.

Sixty Two

Ellen, “He our boy?”
“Da, no more girls wiz head cut off.”
Mani is wide eyed, “Does that mean….?”
Katja takes off her jacket, Mani stares at the holstered Glock.
“Fuck me, you shot his ass?”
“Sister shot him, not ass, brain,” she points to the center of her forehead.
Mani’s agitated, “Weren’t you scared, did he try to kill you?”
Katya, “We do not tell details, it is for your protection to know little.”
Mani, “What about the police?”
Katja, “So what about police? If they even think of it, they will think of us as worried girls, potential victims.”
“And nobody saw you go in, or come out, don’t guns make noise?”
“We were careful, weekday afternoon, people are at work, street was empty,” she pulls a metal tube from her pocket, “gun ees silence.”
Mani, “Why would you have guns with silencers? Oh crap, did I ask the wrong question? Forget it,” a worried glance at Ellen.
Ellen, “Remember our discussion?”
Mani nods a slow yes.
“You want in?”
Mani processes, “You will show me?”
“Maybe there’s a YouTube.”
Mani smiles, “I’m going to be a fucking assassin. When do we start?”
“For now, finish the semester. Then we’ll go to Houston, we have our own gun range. We thought about it, decided not to be seen at a public range.”
“Makes sense, pretty young girls with guns are going to be remembered.”
“First, you can learn how to break down and clean the weapons, then we will teach you how to fight. Not martial arts sparring, street fight. We do that, not because of our sideline, because we don’t walk around armed all the time. Girls get assaulted, it’s a fact of life. We aren’t going to make it easy.”
Mani, “I’m up with that.”
“Enough death and destruction, tea time.”
Mani, “On it, just sit and chill.”
In ten she has two pots, green and black, a selection of cookies and petit fours, they’re in the courtyard enjoying the mild early spring. Spring and fall are the best times to visit New Orleans, summer is muggy hot, winter is bipolar, freezing wet or just wet.
Katya, “Ellen, make sure to throw away phones, junk them first, flush the sim cards.”
“Right after tea.”
Quite enough excitement for one afternoon, it’s quiet time, have a bite of sugar bread and sip tea.
A half hour passes unnoticed, Mani says, “I need an hour of French, I’ll be down to make cocktails at six thirty,” she takes the tray of cups and plates in with her.
Katya, “You think she is capable?”
Ellen, “Don’t know, I do know she likes the idea. Guess you figured she was trustworthy or you wouldn’t have involved her in the phone business in the first place.”
“No, the phone was to see if she would go along. She had to know why we were doing it. When she jumped in and started calling, that was enough, she was part of it. If she cannot kill, she has no objection to it and can be useful in other ways. Distract, make pretext calls, track a target.”
Ellen, “It would be helpful to follow targets around for a couple of days. We’ve been lucky to get opportunities pretty easy, but it may not be so simple all the time.”
Katya, “We will train her on all of it, tracking on the GPS, following in person, disguise. Teach her how to pick locks with shim or electric pick. When school is out, take her to Houston.”
Ellen, “I gotta bust up the phones and start dinner. Roast chicken, black bean soup, macaroni and cheese, which I put together but need to cook,” she gets up, stretches, smiles, twins admiring long legs.
Katya calls Penny, “I subcontracted a new partner, the other disappeared, this one is a local. I can take on more work.”
Penny, “Just thinking of you, I have two cases under consideration, waiting on initial confirmation.”
That means the first payment.
Katya, “If we are hired, send details the usual way, text me, I don’t check the accounts regularly.”
“Why would you? It isn’t like we do conflict resolution every day. I’ll call with a heads up.”
Katya clicks off, Penny stares at her phone, grins, “Bye, Vika.”
Penny doesn’t know a Katya, she knows Vika. Nor does she know about a twin, or Ellen. Now she won’t know Mani either. What Penny doesn’t know can’t hurt her.
Gerard calls, “Gerard here, which lovely young girl did I reach?”
“Hello dear lady, it appears the killer has met with something as deadly as his sword, a bullet.”
“They find the katana?”
“Found him with a bullet hole in his forehead and the sword right next to him. Not quite sure who he is yet, they are being quiet about the name, but my friend tells me they have one. I presume they have a reason not to release it just yet, the media will no doubt hound them into it sooner or later.”
“Then you do not know what he does, if he is real estate agent or something else.”
“No, not yet. I hope it is the end of it, the who and why are interesting but irrelevant to the main matter of getting him stopped. New Orleans already has a crumbled law enforcement reputation, beheadings made the national news. Max didn’t say who he was, did say he wasn’t Muslim. The local fascists will be disappointed, they’ve been demanding searches of mosques and interrogations of Muslim leaders.”
“Maybe he is mad at former girlfriend, or had a weird childhood. Maybe just insane. Crazy people do not need reasons, they do whatever pops up in head.”
“Must be some reason he chooses girls, and girls of a certain age. I don’t know.”
“Thank you for the call anyway.”
“Most welcome, see you soon.”
Over cocktails, Katya relates her conversation with Gerard.
Mani, “Suppose it isn’t that important, I’d still like to know who, and if there’s a why.”

Sixty Three

Three days later, after press clamoring, the police release the name, Walter Isakson. It created a minor stir, he was an accountant with his own practice, divorced, no children. He wasn’t a member of any organizations, didn’t belong to the New Orleans Kendo Club, they never heard of him.
Ellen calls Gerard, “See the news?”
Gerard, “Yes, also spoke with Max, besides the few details released, they know he went to Japan for two years a decade ago. Two shorter trips subsequently, then returned last summer for a few months. When he got back, the killings started. They are still following up on the Japan connection.”
“Sheesh, so he got trained in Japan, something clicked in his head on the last trip and he went off the rails.”
“Appears to be the case. They didn’t release that, still trying to find out more about where he went. All the trips were to Kyoto.”
“Bizarre, might have joined a whacko sect, are people getting beheaded in Kyoto? Guess you wouldn’t know.”
“Something like that would be in the news, beheadings have become associated with terrorism. His behavior prior to this recent business is hard to gauge. He was a loner, did his job, not part of the social scene, no carnival affiliation, no church. People who knew him as a colleague or acquaintance said he acted sort of distant, as if he were above it all. Oh, and his home is crammed with kendo related paraphernalia. Crammed is the wrong word, his house is ordinary outside, inside it is all Japanese, Shōji, the rice paper walls you see in Japanese movies, tatami mats, low tea table, kanji scrolls on the walls. Half dozen swords and a shrine of some sort.”
“Well, it starts to come together. He decided he was a samurai, looks like he wanted to test himself, then got into it.”
Gerard, “Yes, that’s kind of what the police think, caught up in a delusion so to speak.”
They disconnect, Ellen tells the others what she’s found out.
Mani, “I don’t see how it could be anything else. Doesn’t explain young women though.”
Katya, “The ninja part, break into a house, attract the victim with a credible story. He wanted them alone, so girls moving to the city. Locals might show up with a friend. If he thought this was a way to test his skill he’s delusional. There’s no bravery in chopping off a head from behind. It was not for money, it was not for sex.”
Mani, “Hard to rape someone at sword point.”
Ellen laughs, “True that, need a lot of dick, or a woman who can do a full back bend.”
Katya, “We have a conflict to resolve.”
Ellen, “Goody, a payday.”
Mani, “What does that mean, a conflict…?”
Ellen, “We call our sideline conflict resolution. Two parties have a disagreement, one of them hires us to resolve the conflict, permanently.”
Mani giggles, “Dying would definitely do it.”
Katja, “Do we let her go, to observe?”
“Da, if she is there, she is part of it for sure, even if she does not pull trigger.”
“And see how she handles it.”

Katja, “Mani, you will go on this one, to watch, learn. You will not carry gun or shoot.”
Mani smiles, “Cool. Where we going?”
“Not so sexy place, Memfiz Tennessee. Good pay, ees politician person.”
Mani, “What’s he done?”
“Better not to know. If we know what he did, we can figure who ees client, we do not want to know who ees client.”
Mani, “How do you get the assignments?”
Ellen explains Penny, not by name, just the contact. How she gets half the money and why. This job will be a hundred thousand because it’s a name, not a big name, but in the public eye.
Katya, “Four of us, fifty thousand, you get twelve five. Smaller job, we get twenty five, you get sixty two fifty.”
“I won’t get paid for this one though, just an apprentice assassin.”
“You go, you get paid. When we all go, only one pulls trigger, everyone gets paid. If two go to a job, everyone gets paid. All the money is always divided. We don’t anyway need money, we do it to do it.”
Mani, “But you don’t just randomly kill people do you?”
“Nyet, has to be conflict resolution, or the odd case of the delusional ninja. First time that has happened. We do not hire out directly, no detective work, that means somebody knows us.”
Mani, “When do we leave?”
Mani looks at Ellen, “Can we have a go at fight practice again?”
“No actual fighting, not before a job. We can whap the heavy bags, do slow motion attack.”
Katya, “After, show her about packing guns, we will leave for airport at eight thirty, flight is nine.”
Mani, “Eight thirty? What about all the security lines?”
Ellen, “We fly from Lakefront, private plane, no lines. We have to take guns, a real pain on commercial flights, has to be in checked luggage, have to declare them, have to hope some TSA drone doesn’t spot check and find them. Or the luggage gets rerouted or lost.”
Mani, “A private plane, wow, like a jet?”
“Exactly like a jet.”
They go off to pound the heavy bag, when they tire of that, they do slow motion attacks on each other, to keep the muscle memory intact. Any attempted assault, they want to react instantly, not think things over first. It’s one reason there are forms in most martial arts, repetition makes the punches and kicks automatic.
Finish up on the stationary bikes, hill ride that strains the quads and leaves them breathless.
Mani’s gasping, “That was,” deep breath, “a workout.”
Ellen’s bent over, hands on knees, sweat drops from her forehead, “Do tell. My legs are screaming ugly things at me.”
Big glass of water, then up to shower, afterwards Ellen shows her how to pack the weapons, three Glocks, one Ruger rifle and ammunition. Two cases that look like typical hard side luggage. The guns are cushioned in memory foam top and bottom, it squishes around the weapons when the case is closed, nothing shifts or rattles.
Mani, “That it?”
“Pack loose clothes, sneakers, dark stuff. Don’t forget big sunglasses and one of the hats, watch cap, or a scarf to cover your hair. We need to check the weather in Memphis for the next few days.”
They have drinks, Ellen makes her square pizza for dinner, they watch The Fall on Netflix, Gillian Anderson chasing around a particularly nasty serial killer.
Katja, “Moovey ees good, but girls always get strangle and raped. Never think about sticking thumb een eye socket. Man with no eyes ees no going to anymore strangle.”
Ellen, “And it ain’t helping his hard on. You keep thinking about that Mani. Asshole grabs you, take his eyes, even just one will do, pain will be excruciating and it will scare the shit out of him.”
“I do mental rehearsals every morning, and when class is boring I pick out a guy and pretend I’m smashing his balls, punching his throat or gouging his eyeballs. Guess I won’t know for sure unless it happens, but I’m past being squeamish about it.”
It’s nearing ten thirty, kitchen clean, suitcases ready, they go to their rooms for a solid night’s sleep.

Sixty Four

Mani, “Cripes, this is nice,” she takes a bite of cheese omelet, smoked salmon on the side, “I never dreamed of flying on a private jet. How I would love to stick it in my aunt’s face. She thinks I’m going to find a husband and make babies, hah!”
Ellen leans to her ear, “Remember, tattoo it on your brain, we get this because of the twins. Our only real job is taking care of them. When we’re at home, we watch their back, when we travel, we watch their back. Any lie that covers for them needs to be told, we tell it. Any asshole who needs to be put down, we put ‘em fuckin’ down. They made me rich, and give me the chance to do what I like, kill fuckers. You’ll be rich eventually too. Be the highest paid housekeeper on the planet, and for sure having the most fun.”
Mani, “I fell into a dream, I screw this up I deserve my pain.”
“Good, hold that thought. Now, I need more caffeine.”
The hour twenty minute flight is seamless, cars are waiting, one Tahoe SUV, one full size sedan, a Nissan Altima. Ellen and Mani take the Tahoe. Two suites at the River Inn with a lovely view of the Mississippi.
Mani, “Wow, first class accommodations too, bathroom’s fancy, like at home.”
“Sometimes we luxury hotel, if it’s a quick job, we do a Hampton or Embassy. This one requires surveillance, might be a few days, I booked us for three nights, but we can slide to a fourth if we need to.”
They walk to the twins’ room, Katya is on a laptop checking on the target’s office, his home, any idea of current whereabouts.
“Ellen, you and Mani call the office, find out if he is in.”
When they travel for work, it’s throwaway phones only, personal phones stay at home. Katya and Ellen carry androids to search for things, they’re in the name of a shell corporation in the Caymans. As is Katya's encrypted Sat phone.All their personal ID is fake.
Blue Sky Jet account is in the name of a different shell corporation, passengers might be principals of the company, or guests, or family, Blue Sky doesn’t care. They fly the names they’re given. The hotel is booked in travel names, technically, they’re dead people.
Ellen dials, asks for Duane Jorgenson, the county assessor. Whoever answers says he’s in a meeting, she says she’ll try again later and hangs up.
“He’s there now.”
“Take Mani, find his car and put a tracker on it, then come back here. Katja and I will take a look at his house.”
The house is in an open ungated neighborhood, his is relatively new, big, must be at least five bedrooms.
Katya, “Somebody at home, wife, he is married according to website, three kids, too bad for kids maybe.”
“He might be asshole father.”
“Could be, he is for sure going to be a dead one.”
As they suspected, with kids it isn’t going to work at his house, had to check the place anyway.
“No good, nothing here for us.”
They return to the hotel, Ellen’s not back yet, she calls, “Want me to pick up anything, hungry?”
Katya, “Vodka.”
“Be back in a few.”
The office is thirteen miles from the hotel, with the detour they show up thirty minutes later. Ellen sticks the vodka in the refrigerator.
“Got a bottle of red too, Mani hasn’t graduated to vodka yet.”
Katja, “House ees out, kids at home probably.”
Ellen, “No, can’t be shooting the guy in front of his kids. The office is out too, ton of people around. Maybe the tracker will tell us something, it’s on the metal brace for the rear bumper. Got a good magnet on the case, thing almost jumped out my hand when I got it close to the brace. I showed Mani how to set it.”
Katya bought a Spark Nano 4.0 GPS tracker for a prior job, since then they’ve gotten three more. It offers an optional waterproof magnetic case, battery can track continuously for twenty four hours and it’s motion activated so the battery isn’t drained while the car is stopped. It sends a text to their phone when the vehicle starts to move.
Katya, “His house is to the south, Richland Acres, not very far from the office. When he leaves, we will follow, if he just goes home, nothing to do.”
Mai, “What if he doesn’t go home?”
“Then we check out the location, maybe a restaurant or bar, wait on an opportunity.”
Ellen and Mani go to their suite to chill.
Ellen, “I’m tempted to sex, but we might have to split at any moment.”
Mani, “We don’t have to strip to make out and snuggle.”
“Good thought,” stretch on the big bed, kisses, Mani curls into Ellen and they zone out.
An hour later, Katya calls, “Katja and I are going to his office, she called, he’s still there, but the office closes at five. Maybe we get a chance someplace.”
“You want us to go?”
“Up to you, probably nothing, but it can’t hurt. Be stupid to find out he goes to some club and we can get him cold in a parking lot.”
Ellen tells Mani, “Meet you downstairs, I’ll get the Tahoe.”
“He moving?”
Ellen, “Not yet, we’re gonna follow when he leaves work,” she holsters the Glock, takes the suitcase with the Ruger, goes downstairs to collect the car.
Half an hour later, they’re parked two blocks from the office. They need a visual, maybe he has a passenger. Closing time, bureaucrats pour out of the buildings, fifteen minutes later a text blips on the phone, car is moving. Ellen eases down the block.
He’s four cars ahead, no passenger and but he isn’t headed home. They follow from a safe distance, he’s headed down I-240 south. He’s past the state line into Mississippi, which borders south Memphis. It’s eighteen or so miles, a town called Olive Branch. He pulls into a blacktop parking lot, Crossing Bar and Grill.
Mani, “What the heck, he drives twenty miles out of town for a common bar and grill.”
Ellen, “No, he drives out of Shelby County to a place where he isn’t well known. Bet you Duane’s got himself a gal pal.”
The twins join Ellen and Mani in the Tahoe.
Katya, “Katja, go in bar, see what’s what.”
Needs to be one of the twins, they can mentally communicate, no need to make phone calls if there’s a problem.
Katja’s in about twenty minutes, then returns, “Woman met Jorgenson, they kiss, he gets her cocktail. What ees car that one woman just got out of?”
Katya, “Blue Mercedes, few years old, Tennessee plates.”
Katja, “Woman haf beeg breast, beeg hair, beeg clunky jewelry, making up wiz paintbrush. Eef she ees no prostitute, she ees troubling to look like one.”
Mani laughs, “Katja’s too funny.”
Ellen, “Mighta discovered a reason for us. If his wife found out, she could be real pissed, three kids. She’s got all that political shit to go to, smile at people she don’t know, or hates. Then he dips his wick in bleach blond bimbo.”
Mani, “Why pay a hundred thousand to kill him, hire a private investigator and get a divorce.”
Katya, “Insurance and pension plan.”
Mani, “What’s that mean?’
Ellen, “If he’s got a sizeable life insurance policy, he has to be dead for it to pay. If he has a good pension plan, in a divorce she don’t get any, but if he’s dead, she gets it all. No divorce fight over money, kids and property, nothing nasty in the news, poor lady’s husband got shot. She gets a little black something to wear, cries tears of happiness people mistake for grief, moves on.”
Mani, “What happens now?”
Katya, “Now we wait. If she’s a whore, she isn’t going to sit there and pour booze down her throat. She’s going to rent a motel room, he’s going to fuck her and go home, maybe he has a sex game first. Woman like that, he must have some kind of thing. You can hire a near perfect young escort for fucking without the clown makeup and oversize tits. If we do not have a chance when he goes in, he dies when he comes out.”
Ellen, “Be nice of us to let him get fucked first, course, we aren’t in this ‘cause we’re nice.”
Katja, “Eef we kill him before, we go to hotel, haf cocktail and good dinner, back to suite for sex. We wait and he leafs at ten or eleven, all we are ees hungry.”
Mani, “Shoot his ass right away, I want the sex part, drinks and dinner would be nice too.”
Katya called it, Bleach Bimbo comes out and drives a couple miles down the road to Magnolia Inn and Suites, must already be checked in, goes straight to a second floor room. They wait outside, tracker reports Jorgenson’s car on the move, and it’s not headed home.
Ellen, “Come with me Mani, and lose the jeans, you’re gonna be a distraction when he pulls up.”
Mani giggles, shucks her jeans which leaves her in sneakers and a pullover that comes to the top of her thighs. She takes off the watch cap and fluffs her black to brown ombre hair.
“Do I look slutty enough?”
Ellen, “This is Mississippi, there is no depth of slut you can sink to. Stand near the entrance, when he pulls in wag your ass across the lot towards him as he is getting out.”
Three minutes later, Duane is exiting his car when he spots an Asian vision in a nothing dress absentmindedly strolling in his direction, she appears to be listening to music, earbuds in her ears. Booty shaking to the music, curvy legs swish and sway.
Ellen is behind him, “Cute ain’t she?”
Before he turns, his brains are across the top of his car and he’s sinking to the asphalt. Ellen takes his wallet, watch and a mobile, finds two hundred in cash in his pocket. Prostitutes come cheap in Olive Branch.
A minute later they’re driving to the River Inn.
Mani, “That was flipping fun. He was all eyes on me, Ellen got within two feet and he had no clue, then pop, he’s done. Wonder what the prostitute thinks?”
Katya, “She is going to disappear and shut up if she is smart. It looks like a robbery, she has nothing to do with it. She’s from Tennessee, not Mississippi. Lose all that makeup and change her hair, nobody is going to connect her to anything. But, she could also be stupid, find him in the lot, call the cops. Either way it is not our problem.”

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