Chapter Fifty Three

We arrive in Biloxi courtesy of Blue Sky at eleven, it's a Sunday. Two SUVs await, workhorse Tahoes, not tricked out Escalades. We're going to Beau Rivage, one of the swankier casino developments. Cypress suites, I'm amazed at the rates, full sitting area, dining table, wet bar, separate bedroom, big whirlpool and separate walk in shower, under four hundred a night. Guess they figure to suck it out of you at the tables.
Amaya, "Not Shutters, but decently appointed and roomy."
"Make sure you and Chloe stay in disguise, don't even receive room service as yourselves."
Amaya, "We will look like we look now, temp hair color, Chloe has both colored contacts and glasses. We have mega sunglasses and a variety of hats. Oceane, do not make a move outside without my examination. You and Daphne are going with frumpy, baggy jeans, long sleeve shirts and pullovers, hair tied back, no nail polish, lipstick or jewelry, black Converse sneakers with steel toe protection. Janah's white hair is plain dull brown, blue eyes are near black, black frame librarian glasses."
Janah, "Let's get busy. Surveillance has our targets' home base tracked. I want to see the actual physical layout; from the photos they sent, it's like a flipping military installation."
We take one car for our initial inspection, the place is twenty miles out of town, north to pine woods. Worn out two lane blacktop runs past a one lane dirt road. It's got a chain across the entrance, a car sits just inside, two goons sit in the car.
Janah, "What Surveillance described. Get us down the road and into any stretch of trees to hide the car. Oceane is going to give us a drone's eye view of what we're up against."
Half mile further on, I find an opening, grind the four wheel over fallen trunks far enough to be invisible from the road.
"I'll do a fly around with the big drone, make sure there are no surprise houses or trailers in walking distance."
Oceane takes the mini off in the direction of the compound, I do an expanding circle around us.
"There's a house over a mile west, has to be two miles from the compound, nothing else but pine trees. They picked a quiet spot to set up shop."
Janah's looking at the IPad shots from the mini, "Geez, it's like a prison, concrete walls, razor wire, one gate in and out....wait, no, another gate in the rear, and a small road out. That's the escape route. Oceane, come in low, see if you can find a window. Use the zoom, stay far away from the compound."
I'm flying the bigger drone far overhead, a view of the entire place recording to the IPad, we can study the layout later. I'm shifting it around, catch all four sides of the main building, there's one smaller outbuilding. I get all the vehicles and all the plate numbers. I hear voices.
Oceane, "They are talking, I brought the drone in and dropped the mike."
The mini is small, think narrow android phone, like a hummingbird.
Voice 1, "You have product ready to transport?"
Voice 2, "Sure, all cleaned up, ready to parade in front of the pervs."
Voice 1, "We're the pervs who break in the product."
Voice 2 laughs, "Best job I ever had, fuck fine young flesh, then get paid to sell it."
Voice 3, "How come you don't make video man?"
Voice 2, "Because asshole, there's no money in it. Child porn is for pervs to swap with each other, and it's risky, sending that shit all over the internet. Those chumps think they on some hidden underground net, but they ain't bro. They just fucking targets anytime the cops want to make a kiddie porn bust."
Voice 3, "There's a lot of it, how come they don't make more arrests and shit?"
Voice 1, "Money. There's no money in kiddie porn arrests. They make a drug bust, they get lots of toys from the dealers, confiscate fancy cars, boats, cash. Same with guns. But a child porn bust don't pay them nothing, just a lot of time to make the case, then there's no trial, a plea deal. That's why this is a good business for us. We get paid a lot to turnover an illegal kid, or one we bought from a junkie mom. The pervs don't come armed, except with cash. We pay almost nothing for the product, keep it fresh for a week or so, then sell it. In and out, like fucking a kid, in and out."
They find that insanely funny.
Janah, "Oceane, pull back and see if you can get an general idea of body count. I doubt the kids are near windows, but anyone else visible. Daphne, same thing, as much video as you can get, then we go to the hotel and sift through it."
Over the next two hours, a truck comes, then a small bus, passengers, a half dozen kids get out and are walked inside the main building. The bus goes around to the smaller building, five kids come out and get on.
Janah, "Surveillance is tracking the bus. Obviously a delivery, but we can't do anything about that for now. At least we'll know where they went. Let's get back to the room and see what we've got."
We're around a dining table in the suite, I have the video loaded, the family in Manhattan can see it just like we can.
Janah, "Everybody on in New York?'
Nikko, "We're here."
"Just watch, ask if you want something replayed. Any observations, we need a sense of bad guy body count inside, just free associate and make notes."
We watch in silence, Zi asks for a replay of kids leaving the smaller outbuilding. Our observers are tapping notes into their devices which can be collectively viewed by all.
Janah, "General consensus is a half dozen adults, based on vehicles and observed faces. The kids appear to be held in two places, new arrivals in the main building, others who have been trained, which means raped, are in the smaller building. The conversation we picked up didn't tell us much about players outside the compound, how many, where they are. Obviously some pick up and deliver kids, some negotiate sales, some snatch illegals, pay druggie moms or just take kids off the street. General agreement the way inside is brute force, given the seclusion, there's no need for subtlety. It will be a few days, I want to get trackers on all the vehicles, collect pick up and drop off points. We will need more drones and more operators. Eloise needs to come down, preferably the twins as well."
Nikko, "This is as ugly as it gets, we'll all be there tomorrow, book some rooms, I'll call Blue Sky."
Janah, "Call Chan and Black."
Nikko, "Zi is on the phone with them now."
"We'll need more cars, tell Blue Sky, and motorcycles, great for following, three, nothing massive seven fifty cc. for Dasha, Daria and Black. Sloane, you can stay with Susan."
Sloane's head twitches, a low snarl, her teeth bare, "I can stay with family."
"Then everybody get their IDs straight, Nikko knows where all the fake stuff is. Figure out your disguise. It doesn't need to be a transformation, even minor changes confuse cameras. Remember, you want to vaguely resemble your ID, not duplicate it."
Dasha, "Da Dahfoney, we haf done many times already, Sloane will not be Sloane, ees okay."
Guess my mommy was showing.

Chapter Fifty Four

Everybody's in, Daria and Eloise are unpacking drones and pharmaceuticals. The rest of us are viewing the video again, Chan and Black haven't seen it.
Black, "Society never get fed up with this stuff? I never see any Mothers Against Child Rape. Guess they aren't worried about perverts running over their kid with a car."
Janah, "The agencies are trying, it's an uphill battle. There are almost eight hundred thousand registered sex offenders in the US. Those are the ones who got caught, most rape and child abuse isn't reported, nobody is convicted, they aren't in the registry. You can easily triple the number, two million or more. Not all of them are child sexual abuse, but over thirty percent of girls will be abused at some point in their childhood, about fourteen percent of boys. It's estimated less than a third are reported. Because most of these are friends of family or family, people keep it quiet. The people we are after are not in those numbers, they don't know the kids, not that it makes any difference, but this is a different level of predator. Call it professional as opposed to amateur."
Chan, "No limit to human depravity."
Black, "Apparently not."
Dasha, "Our fahmahley haf six girls abused. We will destroy child selling persons."
Black, "Yeah, we will."
Why not take what we have to the cops? Simple, they'll follow up, but the roaches will scatter. There will be plea deals, reduced sentences for the ones they catch and half will never get caught. We don't find that acceptable.
Janah, "It's near lunch, Daphne, order something from room service, we need to strategize, not waste time going out. I'd like to have a plan in place by this evening, tomorrow we get busy."
Thirty minutes later, we have a spread of sandwiches and salads, chips, sodas and water.
Janah, "Here's the mission as I see it so far. There's a compound we know about. There's a couple of deliveries but we don't know to whom and what happens to the kids after that. There is a collection crew we know almost nothing about except that it exists. They might be crossover, collection and delivery could be the same or different people. Is this an organized gang, or is it centralized and the kids are bought or stolen by independent contractors? That would make more sense. The major risk is in the first buy or snatch. After that, it's just a matter of knowing who you're doing business with. The people at the top will want some insulation between them and the actual transactions."
Black, "Sounds like we do a lot of following."
Janah, "Yes. Tomorrow, drones will tag every vehicle we can get to with a tracker. Then we coordinate who follows what vehicle. Drones can follow some as well, we can have up to six drone operators, we have three motorcycles, and four SUVs. Amaya will drive the most delicate situation, Nikko and Daphne will also be needed as drivers. I would like to have two per car, but if necessary Dasha, Daria and Black are on the bikes. I'll coordinate here with Sloane and Eloise. In fact, if we get busy at daybreak, we can get the vehicles at the compound tracked, then tag other cars and trucks as they show up."
"So what are you saying exactly?"
Janah giggles, "I'm making this up on the fly. Let's see, first, we keep everyone here until drones tag as many vehicles as we can spot. When they get on the move, you tail them. Drones will follow to tag any new cars or trucks. Surveillance is out of it tomorrow."
Eloise, "The program will show the locations and movement of all tagged vehicles on one map. It might give us a pattern. First job is to get them tagged. We have a dozen trackers, but I ordered a dozen more when we got a look at the size of the project, be in tomorrow. So far, we have identified less than a dozen trucks, buses and cars, but we haven't followed those anyplace. There are bound to be more."
Daria, "Get trackers on vehicles tonight, no point in waiting around. Amaya can take us to some quiet spot, we can have all the cars and trucks at the compound tagged tonight. Tomorrow, drones or people follow those, and we see what new cars show up at the compound. Remember, a drone can place one tracker at a time, then has to fly back for us to load another."
Janah, "Good, speeds us up a day. There were what? six vehicles at the compound, not counting the bus. So at least six trackers tonight."
Daria, "We have it, you think up what happens after, leave trackers to us."
Janah smiles, "Thanks, I should know not to micromanage. Sloane, you and Eloise have the IPads and phones connected to the drones?"
Eloise, "We will soon, and to the map of the entire area. They can drive as far as they want, we'll know when and where they are, any stops. If they meet up with someone, the drones or one of you following will see it. The drivers and cyclists are going to be busy."
"Speaking of which, Daria, Dasha and Black will be on their own. I can mental with the twins, but Black, you need to be plugged in all the time. We will GPS all the bikes from your phones, but keep your phone on, Chan is your immediate contact, Janah will be on the same line."
Black, "Got the Bluetooth, fully charged, tested it with Chan, I'm set."
Daria, "It is tea, then we will leave to plant trackers."
Chewed up the afternoon. We have tea sent up with light snacks.
By six thirty, Amaya, Daria, Eloise, Oceane, and Dasha are on the road to the compound. Black and I follow in a second SUV for safety's sake.
Black, "Kids are something with that technology."
"No so much kids anymore, Sloane I guess, but she got into coding and helps Eloise with hardware. It's looking like another of our group skips college. She doesn't show any interest."
Black, "Not much point. Sloane will never need a job, she's all up in family business. Skipping college didn't hurt the rest of you, or me, or Chan."
"I'm no expert on the job market. The little I know or read about in the Times, there are too many people with degrees and too little for them to do. We value education, we have schools to prove it. But stacking up letters at the end of your name doesn't seem to mean much anymore, particularly in the tech world."
"I'm no expert either. It does seem like chasing a degree has become more of a thoughtless assumption than a necessity. There's so much 'go to college' hype, but no proof that college is a twenty first century solution. Learning to read, write, do math, learn a foreign language, is an obvious benefit. Continued waves of kids who write algorithms for Wall St. and social media sites, I don't know. It's also true that I'm not them, they got to go with what they know."
Black is staring down at his IPad, "Man, look at those girls fly, zip in under a car, stick on the magnetic tracker, back out, zip back for another. They have all the stuff tagged, we haven't been here fifteen minutes."
"Oceane kills hours flying hers at home, Eloise gave her a mini and a standard, you would be amazed, she flies one with her right hand and the other with her left, doesn't miss a beat. She can weave them around each other, do clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time."
Black, "Sounds like a Shaolin priest I know doing kata and weapons. I watched you do moves in the temple that aren't human, like a hummingbird on steroids."
"Know how fast Usain Bolt is at his fastest?"
"Know he ran a 9.58 hundred meters."
"That's about twenty four miles an hour. The fastest human in the world maxes at school zone speed."
Black, "Still the fastest."
"You faster?"
"Don't know, but Sloane is."
"Get out."
"Forty miles an hour, and can cut ninety degrees without missing a step."
"Where she learn that? Never mind, Canada, she been talking to, what, lessee, Canada. Gotta be a wolf."
"Pretty smart for a minority priest."
"I can read without moving my lips much, helps to point at the words with my finger though."
"The wolf took to her, transmitted speed and agility, she runs around the ledge on the roof of our condo like a cat. Take a close look at her teeth, she can snap even your thick leg bone like a dry stick."
Black shakes his head, "I still think about sitting on the temple steps, Janah looking out for me and Chan, you tellin' us how to act. Learning to sit though long hours of meditation, longer hours of study and infinite hours of gung fu. Chan would have made it, I don't know if I would have hung in without you and Janah. Those early days, I felt like blinking was too much trouble."
"We needed a studley black hunk monk, you were what showed up. Had to make it work. Besides, how could we have let Sonia down, not having you to be her knight in shiny black armor?"
"Owe you for Sonia too."
"Chan, you, David, are our friends, our fellow monks then priests, there's no debt, not to us. Janah and I were given gifts we did nothing to deserve. We crafted them, enhanced them, Tan gave us Qi, yes there was some suffering for it, that's what's required of any skill. But we didn't create Tan. He was there already, waiting on Janah."

Chapter Fifty Five

We're in the big suite, monitoring the trackers, everything is working, colored dots on the screens are all stationary for the moment.
Janah, "They aren't driving around tonight, wait.... we may have an opportunity."
Eloise has one drone monitoring the compound, a van has pulled in. Two men get out, slide open the side door and three kids get out. Based on height they might be five or six, a boy and two girls. The exterior lights at the compound are yellowish and don't allow for much contrast, Eloise focuses, gets the kids faces up close. They are either drugged or simply exhausted, there is no fear, only resignation. How does a five year old get to resignation?
Nikko, "Can you dart the handlers right now, then we go take care of business."
Janah, "I know you want this fixed, and you know if we do that, we fix this problem and the head of the snake crawls off to start again someplace else."
They go inside, a brief glimpse of the interior doesn't reveal much, dimly lit room, man who opened the door, then the two who brought them and kids are inside and the door shuts. We watch Eloise drop the drone and stick a tracker on the van, then she goes vertical and scans the entire compound. Nothing else moves.
Eloise, "It can stay another twenty or so minutes, then a recharge. Do you want another drone to monitor?"
"I think yes, we watch all night. Drone operators can do shifts, fly one out, the other returns. You get what, couple of hours?"
"If it's just hovering, more like three with the flight there and back. I have four trackers left, we get a dozen more tomorrow."
"Can you take the shift until midnight, then wake up Oceane or Sloane, who else?"
Sloane, "That's all we need, if Oceane goes three hours, I can go the last three until daybreak. I promise not to howl in the middle of the night."
Chan, "I will be in the room with them, good to stay up and meditate."
Family goes off to the various rooms, there are thirteen people so each room will order dinner in or go downstairs. There's a regular restaurant and the massive buffet. Janah's been in the room all day, she wants out to the buffet for a break. Sloane and Oceane come with us, I order something for Chan and Eloise, still in the suite on drone duty. At the buffet, we join Amaya, Chloe and Black.
Amaya, "Nikko and Zi are doing room service, Chloe thought the buffet sounded nice."
"We'll get something and join you."
We're at a side table, the huge gaming room just behind us, suckers stream by to cough up their cash.
Black, "Remember when we came though here the last time, years ago, chasing drug dealers and extortion gangs from Houston to Florida?"
Amaya, "When was that? Had to be ancient history."
"Before you and Chloe. Then it was just Nikko, Janah and me. It was a big project, six biker gangs, four ninja lieutenants, two bosses who reported to the big boss. We needed Black and Chan. Even then it was a handful."
Chloe, "Ninja lieutenants running bikers? That an analogy, or true?"
Black, "Truth. Nikko took care of most of them, she felt it her samurai duty. I got to watch her world class katana. Ninjas had no chance, she took on two at the end. Wouldn't let us intervene. One of the two decided on an honorable end."
Amaya, "Seppuku?"
"Janah, Daph, Chan, and I were there. One of the ninjas took that route along the way."
Chloe, "Nikko did the honors?"
"Yep, one cut."
Amaya, "So nobody else got to have fun?"
Black, "We all got more action than we wanted. Got to torch two dozen cycles, Daphne blew up a propane tank with an air rifle. Chan threw a fence spike through a transformer and made it explode."
He leaves out the others we killed along the way, we don't do these things then tell war stories. He only mentioned Nikko's part because Chloe is of the sword, a kendo student, as am I.
Chloe, "It was difficult, I see the gray cloud around you."
"We don't set out to take life, Shadows excepted. Sometimes people won't have it any other way. Of the total, between gangs, lieutenants and bosses, most of them walked away. Some limped away, some missing a bit of limb, but alive."
We wrap dinner, split to our rooms. When Janah and I go in ours, Chan is on the floor cross legged, Eloise is studying the screen, Oceane is asleep on the couch.
Chan, "Thank you for sending dinner, fish was good, Eloise had the burger. We all ate baked potato and big Italian salad. There is cheesecake left, girls had enough. Oceane has been asleep an hour, Eloise is showing me the drone. I flew it around, it operates almost intuitively."
Eloise smiles up at me, "Chan is fully checked out, he can do everything the rest of you can."
Black, "Good, he can show me while we have time," he sits next to his old friend, Chan hands him an IPad and they start.
Chan, "We will fly this one back when the one Eloise is flying arrives, it is time for a recharge, a good time for Black to practice landing."
The drone Black is flying picks up on the one Eloise controls, he turns his and follows the GPS route back to the hotel. Along the way, Chan shows him a few maneuvers, a few minutes later it comes into sight outside. I take over and show them about landing. The drone hovers over the balcony, then settles down to the concrete floor, I switch it off.
Black, "Thing practically operates itself."
"Eloise and Daria are working to make it completely self controlled, like a driverless car. Once it has a target, it follows with no operator, adjusts for obstacles, like an overpass or a building. If the car has a tracker on it, it pretty much does that now. What they want is one that can follow without a tracker, and can talk to other drones that will take over when the battery needs charging. Eventually, the batteries will auto charge while they fly, she's testing solar power and graphene batteries at home."
Chan, "I see the biochemistry Miyako and David do, a mystery of nature. Now machines that do things never dreamed of just a few years ago."
"They synthetically duplicated the protein that's keeping all of you from aging."
Janah and I discovered we weren't aging, we were around twenty four or five, Nikko as well. We had merged by then and we thought that merging had something to do with it, or Qi, or both. Later, Miyako got her MD/PhD and her older brother, David Li had been working with herbs for years at the temple, plus earning a degree in chemistry. We put a full lab in the temple, Miyako has one of her own. She took biopsies and blood samples from Janah and I, discovered we have a protein marker that supports cell regeneration. I should say prevents cellular degeneration. When the other family members came along, they were able to extract those proteins from us and synthesize them. The synthetic version was injected into the blood of Zi, Amaya and the rest. It isn't blood type specific, it's not a transfusion, so any blood type can take it. A bio-chemical fountain of youth.
Subsequently, the entire family and our extended family of Black, Sonia, Chan and Ning took the treatment. Everyone is purring along nicely. I guess if we all get brain cancer it won't seem like such a great idea.
Sloane has to decide when she wants to start, but it will be after her transition surgery, at least a year. Oceane wasn’t quite fifteen when she took it, the twins, Amaya and Chloe will be biologically fifteen forever. We live in bizzaro-land.

Chapter Fifty Six

I'm awake at six, go in the suite's sitting room, Chan is cross-legged on the floor where we left him last night, Oceane and Eloise must have gone to their room, Sloane is on drone duty. I make coffee and tea, call room service for breakfast to be delivered at seven.
Chan, "Quiet, no new cars in, nothing went out."
"Coffee's ready, or tea if you prefer, black or green."
"Twins still black tea drinkers?"
"Daria, Dasha alternates between tea and coffee, if there's nothing else, Daria has black coffee. Oceane is a tea drinker, Sloane coffee. We all have afternoon tea of course. Everyone likes that tradition, we haven't had as much opportunity for formal tea ceremony, or Amaya and Chloe entertaining. We still manage once a month or so."
Chan sips green tea, "And what of business, it must be going well."
"Too well. We haven't had a family meeting about it yet, perhaps after this current project is done. Nikko is considering turning over the property management business to the employees. In conjunction with that, turning the stuff we own outright over to them to manage. Not selling it, it will remain Murakami Sylk, but exiting management. We would collect a percentage of gross revenue, but the business would be run by our current staff."
Chan, "She wants more time."
"Yes, for herself, Zi, and Daria. First, she wants to devote more time to kendo. Second, Shadows appear to be proliferating like maggots on a rotting corpse. And we have reason to think they're looking for us in particular, not just the Shaolin, all of us. We've been a major aggravation."
"What of the restaurants?"
"Black takes care of Down Homes, Ultra Violet is easy. Amaya will continue to write, Chloe does her thing, but she's in a position to pick and choose, roles, commercials, she does no modeling to speak of now. Once in a while, a favorite photographer asks for her, if she's available and it's in New York, she'll do it."
Chan, "Your family has never liked being apart for long. Amaya and Chloe in LA, Daria, Nikko and Zi in San Francisco. I don't think the twins much like being separated."
"We like together, a litter of kittens. If we exit daily property management, everyone can travel with Amaya and Chloe to LA, Japan, or wherever. We have enough money, more than. If we lived in luxury hotels every day of the year, and flew private jets to get to them, we wouldn't spend a fraction of what we earn on investments."
Chan, "Your path lies elsewhere, Janah's calling was always the Society, then Shadows entered the picture. And you are right, Shaolin across the world are disappearing. Not in great numbers, it's hardly an epidemic, but it is happening."
Chan is the Chinatown clearing house, not only New York, his network, taken over from Mrs. Fong years ago, extends to every significant Chinatown in any major city and lots of minor ones. The community of Chinese entrepreneurs is vast, they draw upon resources, family connections, ethnic heritage. It's done quietly, there is the appearance of competition, typical capitalism, but it is networked capitalism. Chan is a major hub of money, information and investment opportunity. He's also something between godfather and rabbi. Chan, to the outside world, is a small time owner of a couple of popular restaurants. To those eyes, his wife does all the work, he sits at a table in one corner and drinks tea. That suits him fine. Chan has more power and influence than the Mayor and all of the politicians in New York, including the Congressmen and Senators, probably the State Department.
Janah comes along, "Still quiet?"
"Yes, tea's ready, breakfast coming at seven. I ordered for six, don't know what the others are up to. Eloise and Oceane can sleep for a while. Everyone else got a night's rest."
Knock on the door, it's Black, behind him are room service waiters.
"See my timing is impeccable, am I screwing up breakfast?"
"No, I ordered plenty, had coffee?"
"In the room, been up talking to Sonia, she says hi."
"Hi Sonia, hope to get you home to her soon. Likely be a busy day today, lots of following people around. Ready to ride?"
Black, "Anytime."
We're digging into scrambled eggs, cut fruit, few orders of bacon, ham and sausage, biscuits, pancakes, and it's the south, they have grits. For room service, it's all quite good.
Sloane has one eye on the screen, scoops up eggs while I put grits and a couple of pancakes I cut up for her, she grins, "This is good, I didn't realize how hungry I was."
"Load up, it may be a long day and we aren't sure if we see lunch. Dinner may be catch on the fly as well."
Amaya taps in, Checking in, Chloe and I are breakfasting downstairs with Nikko and Zi. Figured you got room service for the overnight crew.
Black's here too, Eloise and Oceane are crashed for now. I'm going to rouse them in another hour or so,
 there's another knock on the door, Janah answers, I tell Amaya, never mind, they just showed up, I'm sending them down for breakfast, make sure someone stays with them.
We just got started, we're at the buffet.

"Janah, send them to the buffet, Amaya and the others are there, no, wait, I'll walk with them."
I chaperone Eloise and Oceane, sit with Amaya and Chloe while the rest surf the buffet.
Chloe, "Everyone else fed?"
"Yes, I didn't know what to do, so I ordered guessing about six or seven. Five showed up, but two of them are Black and Chan, so that's like eight or nine. There was enough, but most of the serving plates were empty. I have to remember Sloane's metabolism is not a fourteen year old girl's."
Amaya, "More like a....wolf."
"Yes, I swear she could digest an engine block."
"Chloe is almost as bad, I hate them both. I have to live on a grain of rice a day, but it makes me far more spiritual than Vesnushki and wolf girl."
Nikko, "Funny, you ate a half pound of smoked salmon just now, and a mushroom omelet."
Amaya huffs, "An egg white omelet and a few slivers of fish. And we may not get much in the way of nourishment the rest of the day, I shall need protein."
Janah's in my head, Get them to wrap soon, things are happening.
"Sorry to rush, Janah says there's activity. Finish up, go to the suite. I'll stick with Eloise and Oceane and handle the tab."
The four go off to finish prep for the day, Oceane says, "This place is full of hope and despair, what is it?"
"Primarily a casino, people gamble, lose money many of them can't afford to lose. When you see the billboards on the highway, it's attractive young people waving money. In the actual casino, it's mostly average old people killing time until their time is up."
I mental Dasha, What are you up to?
Sister and I haf breakfast in room. Eloise must haf sleep wiz Oceane, we make sex then gud sleeping, now we are ready for finding child pervert peersons.
Go to the suite, Janah is organizing now.
Da, okay, 
she blinks offline.
Oceane and Eloise fed, I sign the check and we go to meet the others. The room is full of people and IPads, androids, drones and air rifles.
Janah, "A van left, with kids inside, we have it on GPS, you see it Black?"
"Got it."
"Take one of the bikes and follow. Do not engage, just use the camera to record where they stop, who they see if you can get it. Any new vehicles, make a note. Take a tracker, if you get the chance, stick it on the new car, truck, whatever."
Black leaves, we have him and the van he's going to follow on GPS.
Eloise, "Do you want a drone to follow as well?"
Janah, "I'm holding them in reserve. Black will have it under control, and he can send live video. Right now the mission is to collect as many pickup and delivery locations as we can. Photos of the players, their vehicles, people they meet. Once I have a flow chart that seems complete, we figure out what happens next. We start busting heads now, word gets around and the roaches scatter."
Nikko, "We can't stick around forever."
Janah, "No. No matter how it goes, we do a max five days of surveillance, starting last night. If we get what we need sooner, fine, but no more than four more days including today. Whoever we have in the net we take out of the game, then we go home. We aren't going to fix all child selling in America. But when we find it, we're going to kill it."

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