Chapter Five

It takes about two hours, hack five people. It went a bit quicker because we have all their e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Daria e-mails them a copy of the video, it's rather embarrassing. Eloise shot it from above and behind us. There's no footage of our property except the dock, we're mostly facing the other way. I diddle with the video, it makes it seem like Steroid Boy tried to get past Daria and she shoved, rather than touched him. It's just as humiliating for him, without the mystery of qi causing him to sail butt down on the bow. All in all a good piece of work for a quickie edit. And it should get their attention showing up before they even get out of the emergency room.
Enough light entertainment, on to the matter of dinner prep. Tonight we travel to the other side of the border, the other side of that border. Dasha chilies up cubes of sirloin, pot of spicy black beans, bowl of chopped onion, jalapeno and another of shredded cheese. Crunchy or soft tortillas, no avocado, but we have sour cream. I make my vegetarian girl a batch sans sirloin and sub fake chicken from Beyond Meat.
Sloane, "I love tacos, crunchy shell and chewy mushy inside."
Our drinkers are having beer tonight, hard drinkers have shots of Patron on the side, Amaya says, "Whew, Dasha the beans are super, I need to dial back the habanero powder, I nearly took my head off."
"You haf chop jalapeno and add habanero, hot, good for clearing head. Haf more tequila," she pours them both a shot, passes the bottle to Daria.
Dasha raises her glass, "Za vas!" (to you!)
They pop the shots.
Amaya, "Ahhh, better, I can almost breathe."
An hour of slow taco creation later, we've wiped out the food, Dasha gets up and goes to the refrigerator.
"I make flan for dessert, good for on top of spicy taco."
Chloe tastes the creamy sweet dessert, "Perfect Dasha, I'm feeling balanced now."
Zi, "Amaya, I haven't been keeping up with the film production division. I assume you have a title for the twins' movie."
"I discarded all the obvious, Double Trouble, Now You See Her, Double Death, abandoned anything implying twins in the title. Then I thought something around the storyline, twin girls abducted to be used in kiddie porn, child prostitution or auctioned off to wealthy pervs. Child porn is a limited profit business. Most people make a video to swap with other pervs for their videos. The money is better in child prostitution or a sale to an individual. The abductors in my screenplay decline running a child prostitution ring as too high risk. They opt for auctions, sell the children to whoever bids highest. They do not care what the buyer does with them, the abductors are just middlemen. In the process of setting up an auction, they find out the hard way the twins are not frightened children. They commit their first murders at eight, three men with slit throats. They take the money and guns from the dead abductors. The twins on their own further explicate their sociopathic cunning. There is no home to go to, they are in America, stolen from an unnamed Slavic country. They saw their mother killed in the abduction, father unknown. A few scenes of the young twins stealing and scamming their way through life. They find an ingenious way to live, they sleep in houses where people are gone for a time. Then realize that some people leave for six months or longer, like snowbirds."
Zi, "How do they learn English, figure out American money, all the everyday things?"
"The beauty of movie fiction. No need to over explain. The audience sees girls speaking English, they accept it, they obviously learned it somewhere. Same with money. Bear in mind, the back story is twenty action packed minutes. The audience does not have time to ponder how things came to be, they will be caught up in an abduction, flight to the US, sleazy middlemen, then two eight year olds slitting three throats."
Zi, "Of course, I do it myself. All the movies we watch, lots of things don't hang together, if I notice at all, I just ignore it."
"From there, the now twelve year old girls witness a woman being beaten in a dark parking lot. They do not care one way or the other, it is not their fight. The man takes off, the twins hear her say to herself, 'If I knew how, I'd pay someone to kill that asshole,' the Daria character steps out of the shadows. They have their first job."
Dasha, "Then we make deal wiz same woman, she will find us beezness, we split wiz her. Gud tweest from Eemaya. Woman think there ees one of us only, never sees us together."
Zi, "I see. And what about the targets? Do you let them only see one?"
"Target does not see anything, even eef he does, he is soon dead anyway."
"Sometimes the twin assassins use their duplicity to confuse or misdirect. Makes for a few fun moments. One target figures out he is a target, he knows what the assassin looks like, but he does not know about twins. He has henchmen following one, reassuring himself he's safe. He fixes a drink, as he goes to take the first sip, the other girl is standing in front of him with a gun. He is so shocked he dies of a heart attack before she needs to shoot him. The second punch line is she shoots him anyway so they can get paid the balance of their fee."
Nikko, "Can't wait to see the movie."
Amaya, "You can read the screenplay."
"It seems like more fun to see the twins actually in the roles."
Zi, "But did you ever decide on a title?"
Amaya, "I cheated. After I decided to skip references to two, double or twin, the word 'duet' popped in my head. Now it is either Duet of Death, Deadly Duet, or Assassin Duet. I also thought of Now You See Me Again."
""Catchy, I had Twice as Dead in mind."
Amaya stares at me, blinks, "That is perfect! Thank you Daphne. You are allowed intimacies with me tonight."
“Glad I mentioned it.”
Good night for a star show, they take fresh beers out to the porch, Oceane and Eloise walk to the dock and sit. It's dark and it's not. There are no artificial lights, but the moon reflects off the lake and a gazillion stars twinkle. Under the canopy of trees, it's near black. I look into the black, eight pairs of golden eyes are watching. Wolves, curious about humans like them, wary but not afraid.
We enjoy the free star show until near eleven, well, most of us do, I carried a sleepy Sloane to bed at ten. Amaya, Chloe and I go to their room. Daria goes off with Nikko and Zi, Dasha with Janah, Eloise follows Oceane up the stairs. Everybody gets lucky.

Chapter Six

As good things must, our Canada trip comes to an end. I'm wrapping the close-up, Amaya, Chloe and the twins went to make a movie three days ago, dropped Nikko and Zi in San Francisco along the way.
"Okay ladies, time to houseboat over."
It's early, Sloane is ready, still yawning, but we have a near hour boat ride, then an hour drive and the plane is scheduled for ten thirty. Four hours plus and two time zones, we're at Teterboro for five thirty, home thirty minutes later.
Sloane, “That was totally fun mom. Can we go sometime when there's snow?"
"Don't see why not, we're usually in Prescott over winter, but if we time it right, we could go in late March. The roads would be passable by then. We don't want to be up there snowed in."
She races off to her room, she has friends to text, school starts in a week.
Janah, "We did nothing about her studies in Canada. I'm going to crank her up tomorrow so she hits the ground running."
"Good idea. She did learn about herbs, mushrooms and berries. And she looked up a ton of information about wolves in Canada, and fished for walleye, trout and crappie. The twins have her well along in Russian. That's more educational than algebra as far as I'm concerned."
Janah, "True. Maybe better to let her have a week of freedom."
Sloane comes racing back down, "Janah, school is in a week. Can you set me up with the lesson plans? I have a whole week with nothing much going on and I want to finish sixth and get to Chapmans next year."
Janah, "Sure," she mentals me, Guess a week of freedom isn't a big deal.
She did have two months of freedom in Canada, I'll set her up for hack class with Susan, or I can work with her myself.

I call Sis, "Home, all is well."
Susan, "You let your daughter sit in the middle of a wolf pack? I got her excited e-mail."
"The wolves insisted, hard to turn down a pack of allegedly vicious wolves. Cute huh?"
"After I got over my heart fibrillation."
"So, do you have time the next few days to work on code with Sloane? I can do it myself if it's inconvenient."
Sis, "Deprive me of time with my granddaughter? Don't be ridiculous."
"Okay, put some times on the family calendar, we'll work her other stuff around it."
"Will do. Start tomorrow?"
"Yes. Janah is setting up her other studies."
"You aren't giving her a little nothing time, tiger wolf mom?"
"Her idea. Janah and I decided to let her float, two minutes later she came in wanting to set up a schedule. She had tons of time in Canada anyway."
"Her mother's daughter."
"There it is. Talk to you tomorrow."
That's done. Only dinner for five tonight, I'm feeling almost lonesome.
Dasha, We are making moovey Dahfoney. Young twins are gud actors, sarcastic like Eemaya. We go to dinner, everyone ees look at two twins, then Eemaya and Vesnushki. Fahmahley haf make us American girl and now moovey star.
You had roles in Ultra Violet and got great reviews, you already have fans.
Da. Anyway nice to see young twins, they make compliment, happy to be selected for role.
How many twins auditioned?
No audition, Matt and Claudia know their father, they tell Childers, he hires for the part.
How old are they?
Nine, makeup younger, then older. They look twelve when they take job from woman. Then we are in role after.
How far along is it?
This time, film in sequence. Nadia and Natasha first, we have not filmed yet, tomorrow.
And the characters still have no names?
Nyet, no name assassins. Eemaya thought it more interesting.

I notice she's dialed down her accent, it's less thick in her film role. Daria has almost no accent, she has to dial it up. Dasha retains the accent in regular life, she discovered people found it charming, I do. Daria could care less about what people find charming.
Nadia and Natasha haf to act their role, they are friendlier than us. But Slavic, Ukrainian, not a happy face all the time, serious.
Sounds like you will get along well.
Da, they think we are maybe sixteen, then we order vodka at dinner. They see our license says twenty one. Their mother asked Eemaya if we had fake ID.
Where did you eat?
Madeo, ees supposed to haf moovey star and famous people. They see Chloe and everyone ees sneak a look. Some famous person came over, I don't know him, Eemaya does, and Vesnushki. Natasha and Nadia are big eyes.
Who was it?
Um, he ees Leo, he was een Django, you will remember, slave plantation. Eemaya said he made a famous moovey about sinking boat. He ees introduce to us, compliment us on Ultra Violet. Then Eemaya says we are making new moovey. He was nice, looks forward to see young twins in new moovey. That's it, our food comes, he goes. After dinner, paparazzi men outside. Chloe stands for photo, then wiz us and Eemaya. Also young twins with Daria and me.

Chloe doesn't run from paparazzi. She's never drunk, doesn't do drugs, hang in clubs or get arrested. She's hardly tabloid news. She figures if she lets the photo hogs get equal shots, there's no exclusive value to them. Plus, she's in fashion magazines and commercials here and in Japan. Sometimes they don't even bother taking pictures.
I will check in later, we have walk through this afternoon, I see Childers waving at her to come over.
We disconnect, much better to mental than have a phone in my ear, plus I get visuals.
Chapter Seven

With only four of us in town what I thought would be a slow week disappears. After driving Janah to the temple, I have only Sloane and Oceane to make lunch for, Sloane is on her computer most of the day. If she keeps it up she'll be out of six grade before school starts. Like Janah, she's a studier, just doesn't have the benefit of Janah's prodigious memory.
"Mom, I'm into the third week of the scheduled courses. Can't do anything about botany, I need to have my plant."
"You picked up botany lessons in Canada, most of the kids have never heard of the plants you found there."
"I wrote an essay on them, I'm going to send it to my teacher with all the photos I took."
"You want to swim or gung fu? Have to be at Susan's for two."
"Gung fu, what's for lunch?"
"Chicken salad, either toast or crackers, I have cheese out."
Oceane comes along, stops to kiss me on the way to the refrigerator. She gets an apple and heads back to the stairs.
She turns, "Janah is at the temple, Sloane is going to Susan's, I will be in my room, perhaps we can find something to do."
"I'm certain of it. There's chicken salad for lunch, you might need a few grams of protein, you know, for when we find something to do."
She smiles, heads up the stairs. I'm gonna get so lucky, man it's good to be me.
Janah, I'm reviewing possible promotions and cash flow spreadsheets. You, on the other hand, are going to spend the afternoon in the bliss of Oceane. Where did I go wrong?
Spare me, girls are in and out of your bed like pit stops at NASCAR.

I hear a soft giggle as she logs off.
Sloane and I gung fu. She's not a natural, but, like her studies, she's determined. We do a couple of kata, then light contact sparring. I roll the qi dummies out and we spend a half hour banging away. She zips up to her room to shower, I decide to get me scoured as well, head to my room for a quick hot.
Susan hugs Sloane, "How is the all over the country family?"
"Heard from Dasha. They went to dinner at some hotspot Italian place. Dasha said Chloe was the big deal, Leo DiCaprio was there and came over for a chat."
Susan, "Were the twins impressed?"
"You must be kidding, Dasha only remembered him because we watched Django a year ago. She said he was in a famous movie about a sinking boat, but Amaya had to tell her that."
Sis laughs, "Dasha is hilarious. The movie is going well?"
"I guess. I check in briefly with Dasha, Amaya tapped in once to say all was well. If there were problems I'd have heard, little news is good news. Your student is fired up, I'll pick her up around five. Janah's at the temple, Oceane's home alone, and we don't leave her alone for long."
Susan, "Then you better get back, what if she takes it in her head to wander off?"
"Paladin Security knows the drill. If they see Oceane by herself, they'll stall her and call us. She would never make a fuss, just sit and wait. It's not like she's trying to escape. She can just get something in her head, like 'where is everyone?' and go looking for us. I told her I was taking Sloane here and would be back in a few minutes."
Susan, "So she knows no one is at home, but will be soon."
"She knows it for as long as it takes me to say it, then it's gone. She has photographic forget."
I hustle the two and a half blocks home. Oceane has decided to dress up in a mild decora. Miniscule skirt, knee socks, platforms. Hair adorable in ribbons and curls, big-eye makeup, luscious lip gloss and frilly blouse. Filigree platinum rings and laminate bracelets. She's an adorable heart attack on legs.
"Take pictures Daphne, I am going to draw not myself."
We do a photo session, then upload to her computer, "These are cute, can I send them to the family?"
Oceane nods, smiles. She stands in her three way mirror checking all the angles.
"Undress Daphne."
I do, she wants to watch me pleasure myself while I watch her pose. I kneel and get busy. She turns slowly, bends over, tiny white panties, long swimmer legs lift my libido. Then sits on the bed, crosses her legs seductively. Sheesh, I sizzle.
She stands, the skirt just makes it to top of thigh, I kiss tight legs. She takes my hand, fingers wet with me, licks then slides them in her mouth.
"Take off my panties."
I do that too.
She uses a finger while I watch, then lip glosses me with Oceane.
I lean to her, hands on her bare hips, target acquired, multi-kiss. She likes that, lips to lips, I feel her tremble.
"Undress me."
Guess what I do.
Something about the dress up and photo session has changed her usual preference for slow, gentle lovemaking. She falls back on the bed, legs spread.
Follow the simple directions, that's my motto.
Then, something new, "Fuck me."
I don't know about your house, ours has a strap-on or two in every nightstand. Well, not Sloane, hers is built in if she ever decides to use it, but everyone else. I go at it, our tongues as busy as the toy, I feel her peaking, a gasp then soft moan of release, shiver and smile.
"Toy is happy, it can rest now."
I de-strap, let it hit the floor, she pushes me to my back and slips between my legs. Starship Oceane, going where no man has gone before. I cruise the cosmos, then warp drive, stars at light speed, I supernova.
Snuggle and kisses, then I see a sly glance, she rolls to her tummy, tucks her knees under her, "Do this side."
This is new too, as far as I know anyway. I tingle her T2T (tongue to tush), she has another pleasantly prolonged orgasm, we often come in threes.
"I like that feeling, do the others like it, giving or receiving?"
"Some, you might want to explore the subject next time you invite someone for a play date. The rule is simple, yes means yes and no means no. Nobody would turn you down for sex, specifics are up to the individuals involved."
"You like doing it."
She thinks this over, "Considering the position, it hardly matters who delivers the pleasure. I can just ask you when I'm in the mood."
I laugh, "Happy to be the sole provider, but some of the others like it too. If they just start in, lucky you. There is no requirement to reciprocate. It's fine to have it done but not do, nobody will pout, there are other ways to get them frenzied."
"Let's have tea now."
"Sure, downstairs, on the roof?"
I make two cups, take them upstairs. She's languidly laid out on a lounge chair, the late summer sun peeks through skyscrapers.
Oceane, "I like having you to myself, you are....obedient."
"My strong point."
"Janah trained you well."
"Long ago, we are one, but it always seemed natural for her to say and me to do. Still does."
"I find myself changing. I like sex, the flood of feeling. With you, I have the urge to be....different."
"Yes. I never thought of it before. Then I had the feeling, but didn't do anything. It got stronger, enough to test it out today. It felt....erotic."
"Felt sensual to me as well. Feel free to explore, as you said, Janah trained me well, you may as well take advantage."
Oceane smiles, "Yes, Amaya I think. Then Chloe came along and she had other priorities."
"You figured it out then."
"Yes, I felt a residual in Amaya, it is no longer strong, traces linger. It triggered similar feelings in me. Like Decora, it takes me beyond me."
"Then follow it, I opened the door, walk as far down the corridor as pleases you."
She sits up, turns to me and spreads her legs, "Do me again, I've gotten warm from our talk."
On my knees again, servicing the sylph. I take my sweet time but all splendid things must eventually climax, she does too.
Oceane, "The best yet, I vibrate."
She looks so...sensationally sensual, guess I got it right.

Chapter Eight

Janah, Took a taxi from the temple, I'm collecting Sloane now, I saw you were otherwise engaged and I hadn't seen Sis in a while.
Oceane felt like unenclosing herself, is that a word? Opening herself to other things.

I hear, 'Hi Sis, hey Sloane, Daphne and Oceane got involved in a project. I was coming from the temple anyway.'
I log off, Janah will visit Susan and Taylor for a bit, what to do about dinner? How about a simple night, call Marconi and get pizza. We can have a movie and pizza party.
Sloane and Janah show up a half hour later, "Janah said it's pizza and a movie, yay!"
She races upstairs to deconstruct and get inot something comfortable. Oceane comes down, Janah opens champagne. While I call Marconi's I overhear them talking.
Janah, "You're going to have a different kind of fun with Daphne."
"Yes, subtle subservience only, she likes to be told."
"And you felt a need to explore it in yourself."
Oceane grins, her eyes glisten, "Our desires harmonize."
Back to semi normal life, what movie? I think about Titanic, but Dasha and Daria haven't seen it. Since they met the mighty Leo, it can wait until they're home. Instead I opt for Firefly, a TV spin off of the movie Serenity. I don't care about science fiction, I do care about Summer Glau, hotter than a nuclear meltdown. She was the most interesting character in both the movie and TV series, and typically underutilized, just like she was in the Sarah Conner Terminator TV series. Most of that was Sarah fretting over son John.
We nibble Marconi's magnificent, after a couple of episodes of Summer's character River, we're yawning and ready for sleep.
Sloane, "River is like Oceane, she feels everything."
"Similar, yes. Good catch."
And like the fictional River, new avenues of Oceane's complex personality are appearing. Vulnerable and self enclosed drifts up like incense, remains to be seen what emerges from the cloud.
Dasha's online, it's ten thirty here, but seven thirty in California, Dahfoney, we are making a good moovey. Childers and Eemaya say Daria and Dasha will be big American film star. We haf already kill five people.
How is everyone?
Gud. Eloise makes great shots from drone, they are using two more drone and regular camera. Daria is for once having fun, she makes good jokes in moovey. Eemaya says she delivers punching line just like intended from script. I also talk to myself while stalking targets. She wrote into script because I do it at home. Childers says it make character eenterest. We are interview by moovey column person.
Who was it?
I do not know, some man with LA Times newspaper. He said it will run on Sunday, but already online Saturday.
Tomorrow. Cool, we'll check it out. They talk to Chloe or Amaya?
Da, he ees interest that we are all same fahmahley. Chloe ees big star, Eemaya famous author, now Daria and Dasha. He also talk about Murakami Sylk.
We used to fly under the radar, but Amaya's books and screenplays, along with Chloe's success have changed that.
I am going now Dahfoney, we will film for two more weeks, you are missing Dasha, this is her way of saying she misses us.
I am definitely missing Dasha. If we didn't have to get Sloane started in school we would have been in LA with you and the others.
I know, we will be film in New York soon, we haf dinner now.

She blinks offline. I relate the conversation to Janah.
"Sounds like they're having a good time."
"I hope the column is favorable."
"It will be, he's not a tabloid columnist, he writes more human interest stuff, like late night TV. Talk to a star, swap jokes, show the actor as a person, not what's on screen. I don't read him all the time, but the pieces I've seen are friendly."

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