Forty Five

Stage is set up by the pool, Kota B is in charge of music and lighting. It isn’t an elaborate set like the Rocky Horror movie, you have to imagine the castle. You don’t have to imagine the costumes.
It beings with the young couple on a rainy night with a flat tire, Sloane plays the guy, Chloe is his girlfriend. Chloe is almost six feet tall, Sloane more like five ten, but it’s a play, suspend disbelief. They are essentially the same naïve couple that stumbled on the castle of Dr. Frank N. Furter, or in the case of this production Dr. Sarastein. The handyman, Riff Raff, is a female techie, played by Nadia. 
Amaya and the children rewrote the script to include more contemporary references including drones and quantum computing.
The costumes, however, retain the mix of cabaret and punk from the original. The Transylvanians are overly-madeup, just to the point of clownishness, including outrageously dyed hair and ripped fishnets.
This mini version is only loosely plotted, it is primarily a musical showcase, with a bit of narration and dialogue between songs.
After the opening scenes, and the invitation, demand, of Dr. Sarastein, the first song comes, Sweet Transvestite, which Amaya left intact.
Britt plays Dr. Sarastein, she has the chops, and she flipping nails it, both in song and in attitude. The children’s backup is amazing, close your eyes and your hearing the original. We’re on our feet applauding. 
The next tune is Time Warp, and the whole family is on its feet…doing the Time Warp of course.
Rocky Horror, the monster creation of Dr. Sarastein is Karol, who does a modernized version of Sword of Damocles, Uma and Zofia duet Hot Patootie which Amaya rewrote as more of a rock song.Britt takes Rose Tint My World and transforms it from the squeaky version of the original to bluesy funk and it rocks. The crowd goes wild.
Then it goes wilder when she goes right into Wild and Untamed Thing, done pretty much like the film version. Again, the kids are backup singers, obviously having the most fun of us all.
The entire ensemble closes with Super Heroes, there’s not a dry eye in the house.
​Kara dabs her eyes, “That was beyond amazing, I’m shaking.”
Amaya takes the stage with the kids and they receive deserved bravos, Eloise lets out a whistle that makes my ears ring. The children are grinning, some with hands to their mouths, not quite believing the accolades and the fact that they pulled it off so brilliantly.
In the night, just behind the stage, there’s a burst of light, ten thousand tiny flashes, more, a hundred thousand, it sprays up like a fountain of light and twinkles over us for a full minute.
Parents stare speechless.
I tell my mom, “You wanted to see the Zycyryn, there they are.”
She bites her lip, tears stream, “My God….how…they are but children…”
“Not exactly.”

Forty Six

James, Janah and I stayed up into the wees discussing the kids. He had met them on prior visits to Arizona, and, of course, when we were in Manhattan. This is the first mention of Zycyryn, or as the kids say the Gids.
James, “So they say the Zycyryn guide them in some unexplained way.”
Janah, “They tell us about trips to other parts of the universe, sometimes places that don’t sound anything like our universe.”
“They go to completely different universes?”
“We don’t know, our universe is so vast, it’s unthinkable that we have described every kind of event, life form or environment. If you believe their stories, there is some form of life lots of places. Three of them are talented artists and work in oils, they paint the things they saw. Kara can take a look tomorrow.”
“The creatures are simple to fantastic, some are entirely aquatic, some live without water, water as we know it anyway.”
James, “And psychologically?”
“They make Chloe look like a depressed person.”
He laughs, “Chloe is the happiest human on the planet, and likely many other planets, so the kids are alright?”
“Never a harsh word, enthusiastic, gentle, sweet as cotton candy, particularly towards each other. Crazy about the Mamas, Daria and Dasha.”
James, “If you can put their attitude in pill form, I’m out of work. You know, that may just be something to look into.”
“You going to turn them into pills? The twins may object, strenuously. You don’t want the twins to object strenuously.”
He grins, “No Daphne, I can’t even mention them to colleagues. It’s almost a necessity that you cloister them.”
“Cloistered? They travel all over the universe. I feel like I’m the nun.”
“You know what I mean.”
Janah, “No, we can’t let them get too public. Amaya was thinking of a film, but can’t figure out how to have them in it but invisible. Ordinary stuff like stage names won’t cut it in today’s world, there’s little anonymity.”
“And putting them forward as examples has too many drawbacks. First, people will refuse to believe they are like they are because that’s how they are. That brings scrutiny on the family. We sold off much of our business interests for just that reason, well, and because Nikko, Daria and Zi were constantly in demand. Now Nikko keeps track of investments in more passive stocks and bonds, and nobody knows what we own or how much. It’s all in various shell companies with a layer of lawyers between them and us. The operating companies we retain take little time to manage. She’s also teaching them kendo, and as much as she likes business, she likes being with the kids more.”
James, “I’m not thinking of bottling them, more like what is the psychology and the source of the psychology, their brains. Are they structured differently? Are there hormonal differences? They have an expanded consciousness and perhaps an expanded subconscious operating system. I’m not pressing for access, it’s curiosity on my part.”
Janah, “I’ll talk…no, Daphne will talk to the Mamas. I anticipate their primary question is how to keep the results of scans and blood tests absolutely private.”
James, “Do it all here. The machinery is expensive, but by your standards it’s pocket change. Eloise and Daria can surely operate it. David Li and Miyako have blood analysis capabilities that exceed those of most research labs. They aren’t going to say squat, you don’t even have to say where the samples came from.”
“I doubt Dasha or Daria would mind them knowing, David Li is Shaolin, his sister operates her personal private lab. She does all her own research, except for consulting with her brother, there are no associates or employees.”
James, “Then talk to the twins, if they agree, then somebody talks to the children, they have to agree as well. If there is any concern, drop it.”
We wander off to bed, it’s past one and I have to be up at six to help with breakfast. On top of our crowd, there are three parents, Lacy and Taylor. Going to be buffet style, whatever it is.
Janah and I are gone in minutes, and what seems like minutes later Dasha is poking me.
“Ees time for kitchen duty Dahfoney, children must be fed, fahmahley and extra fahmahley.”
“We stayed up late talking to James.”
“You can haf nap later.”
I’m up and downstairs, it isn’t a big deal. All our years in the temple, five hours a night was the rule, and I was in the kitchen cooking for eighty monks by five thirty.
Ellen, “Good morning. Weren’t the children adorable? Sloane and Chloe played their parts to a T. Of course, Chloe is a professional actor, but Sloane did her bit well.”
“Chloe worked with her, Sloane wasn’t about to let the kids down.”
“Even Oceane and Cassie did the Time Warp. I swear, Oceane could make a funeral procession look like a pole dance, and wake the dead guy while she was at it.”
“Oceane’s got game, don’t have to wonder why Cass is so happy all the time, Oceane all over her frequently.”
“Tell me about it, I was privileged to be included last night. Both of them were happy when we finally went to sleep, I was extra happy, flippin’ delirious.”
Dasha, “Enough sex, Dahfoney, you will make aig, scrahmbulled French style. Ellen ees for bacon and ham slice, I am biscuit. Grace B, put out berries and crème fraiche, ees in refrigerating. Emma B, organize plates and glasses, serve coffee and tea.”
My mom, Lacy and James are early risers, they show up for coffee, Kara may or may not make breakfast, early for her is sometime after eight. Depending on what Taylor got up to, she may not show until lunch.
Sis, “Taylor was co-opted by Sarah and Sloane, I can imagine Sloane had a very good evening.”
“And did Lacy enjoy you to herself?”
“Hah! Lacy went off with Eloise, never saw her again. I had a little snuggle time with Amaya, Chloe and Mani.”
“A little snuggle time?”
“Modesty prevents.”
“Modesty….something new?”
“Just feed me and keep your nose out of my intimate life. When do the children get up?”
“Depends, the Zycyryn appeared, they may have gone off wherever. If they did, we don’t see the kids until this afternoon. Grace B, find out please.”
She checks with Kota B, “Zycyryn were in the dorm, but the children were asleep by eleven. They will be up and hungry.”
Family comes in waves, have a caffeine warm-up, then fill plates. Around eight the swarm swarms down, Britt with them, along with Oceane and Cass. 
Britt, “Mom, we start on Who’s Afraid this week, we’re doing the whole play.”
Lacy, “Who’s Afraid? Like a thriller, a murder mystery?”
James, “I suspect she means Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” the Edward Albee play so perfectly performed in the movie with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. The other two, let’s see…”
“George Segal and Sandy Duncan.”
“Exactly, thank you Daphne, our resident film specialist.”
Tasia, “Tetya Dafna told us about it, we have watched it three times. Tetya Amaya is directing, it is our first major production, almost two hours.”
Sis, “There are only four characters, who plays who?”
Devona, “Nadia is George, Britt is Martha. Karol will be Nick, Zofia is Honey. The rest of us are doing stage work, but we are each learning a part as well. We might do it more than once, Amaya has not decided.”
Sis, “I better get a notice and a front row seat, when is the performance?”
Amaya, “Undecided, but we will throw out several dates and you can decide what works. It could take us four to six months given all the other things the children are into.”
Lacy, “They pulled off Rocky Horror splendidly.”
“That was almost all musical, I cut out much of the dialogue and kept the plot loose. It was designed to be fun and not so long. They have done bits of Hamlet and Macbeth, Uma and Zofia got into Waiting for Godot for some reason.”
Uma is Vladimir, Zofia, Estragon, they do a quick interchange about what Vladimir requested from Godot.
Zofia: What exactly did we ask him for?
Uma; Were you not there?
-I can't have been listening.
-Oh ... nothing very definite.
-A kind of prayer.
-A vague supplication.
Lacy applauds, “And the lines words exactly, how much of it do you know?”
Uma, “All of it, Jesica plays Pozzo, Valeska the boy and Devona is Lucky.”
Lacy, “I adore that play, it’s complicated work, open to many interpretations, there have been piles of psychological and theological suggestions, including the name Godot, which has God in it.”
Uma giggles, “And Godot never arrives, much like God.”

Forty Seven

Uma offers to do the play before the parents leave, that’s an easy yes. 
Amaya, “I can have it staged day after tomorrow, in the evening.”
Grace B, “You mean my ass can do stage work while you sit around issuing orders.”
“That’s what I said, bot. Besides, the kids will want to help with the set. I’ll send you the design, it can be really basic. You get the stuff organized, then you can boss around the children who will be happy to do the work.”
“Midget mites are happy to do anything, how is so much happy possible? They are humans without the common mixture of desire and fear, leading to the only rational conclusion, they are not human.”
Nadia, “It is possible to be human for a time, then return to the Absolute, what some call the Supreme. Or dwell in the Supreme all the time, as we do.”
James, “What do you mean?”
“We live in awareness, see the world and know it to be unreal.”
Taylor, “It seems real enough to me.”
“Because you give it attention, it comes into being. When you are asleep, it is no more until you return to consciousness. Everything is because you are.”
Amaya, “I knew it, I am the source of the universe.”
Tasia, “Yes.”
Nikko, “Don’t encourage her. Besides, Lauren thinks she is the source of whatever.”
Lauren, “I am that I am. And it is good.”
“Criminey, it’s just breakfast.”
Dasha, “Da, feenish up children, we do not haf all day for feeding breakfast. Everyone go away someplace, lunch ees twelve thirty, cold cut, make your own sandwich.  Tonight ees pot roasting wiz gahrlik mash, creamy speenich, French bread.”
Sis, “I’m going with Oceane and Cassie to the beach.”
Lacy, “Me too.”
“Sloane, you have beach duty then, and we’ll need two more bodyguards.”
Katja, “I will go, Mani will come with, we have laser pens, nobody will bother them.”
Lacy, “We need bodyguards at the beach?”
“We don’t leave Oceane or Cass unprotected. Sloane is probably enough, but she swims too. If something goes sideways, Sloane will be busy, Oceane has a tendency to wander off. Sis is a fifth degree black belt, still, this is how we do it.”
I turn to Grace B, “You know what to do.”
“Of course I know what to do simpleton.”
Sis, “What does she know to do?”
“Get a drone in the air and monitor the beach.”
Lacy, “I feel like the President.”
“You’re more important than the President, and she has to get her own drone.”
James, “Can I get another coffee? I want to park by the pool, to think about…things.”
Emma B, “I shall bring it momentarily, sir.”
James smiles, “I could get used to this.”
Kara, “Don’t. I’m going to see the children’s art, can I peek into to Oceane’s room while she’s out?”
“She doesn’t mind.”
Girls move along to various projects, Amaya will be busy with Godot, Chloe will help. Nikko, Zi, Daria and Katya go to the office to check on business and investments. 
Eloise and Lauren to the workshop, I have no idea what Eloise is building now, something, always something. Most ideas don’t work out, but she finds new projects in the process of deciding current ones are impractical.
My chef companions are chopping vegetables for the pot roast, which Dasha already has slow cooking. Prep done, I go to the pool and join James and Janah, “Solve any mysteries?”
James, “The children I would expect to be different, from normal children I mean. The oldest, Nadia has lived nearly twenty years, but remains biologically twelve. So it is with the others, the youngest is not quite seven as I recall.”
“Yes, Uma. Zofia is only seven, we’re unsure of exact ages, they came from a Lithuanian orphanage but are Russian. How that happened is unknown.”
James, “And you rescued them from a child sex, um, what was it? I don’t want to use bordello.”
“Men, some women, paid big bucks to be around the children, dressed up in costumes that showed a lot of body and not much costume. No overt sex, look and touch. To be blunt, they would masturbate the men, or get the women off manually, no oral, no intercourse.”
“And when you got them they showed no signs of…trauma, stress, no nightmares, no acting out.”
Janah, “I talked to Nadia, a bit to Tasia, the older ones. To them, it was normal, what they knew. Nadia was taken when she was eight, obviously Uma and Zofia were toddlers. Their orphanage experience wasn’t deviant, while they weren’t cuddled, they weren’t mistreated, just left to themselves. There was a bit of education, not much. The people who took them used them for the money, but otherwise didn’t mistreat them, they were well cared for. When we pulled them out, they were all healthy, pretty much like you see them today.”
James, “Except they have matured mentally, not physically. That must be…unusual.”
Janah, “It’s not like talking to children anymore, not that we did much child-speak anyway.”
James, “No, neither Susan nor Kara and I raised you on child-speak, and from what I know, it wouldn’t have occurred to Ms. Alva to baby talk Daphne.”
I laugh, “Not unless you call Godamn assholes and slimy little snots baby talk. She had no tolerance for bullies, drug dealers, pimps or the other forms of subhuman wandering around New York. I got low life lessons from the time I could talk.”
“As a child of eight, Janah saw the fat man hitting his wife and nearly smack the little boy, would have if she hadn’t intervened. Made a lifelong impression on her.”
“And here we are today, a couple hundred refocusings under my black belt.”
James, “At any rate, I made no real progress on figuring out the kids. After all this time, I expect Janah would have drawn a conclusion if there was one to be drawn. Still, it’s my nature to ponder the psychological influences. It doesn’t appear to bother them, not growing up I mean.”
Janah, “No, they prefer it. They get to stay together, nobody finds a boyfriend and moves off, nobody has a baby or needs to start a career. I think they would feel like they lost a piece of themselves if that happened.”
James, “You mean they are, in a way, one person, entity might be a better word.”
“Like Janah and I, then with Nikko, two as one, then three as one. They just jacked it up to eight as one. They don’t have the sex part, a least we don’t know if they do, we never ask about it. They show no curiosity about intimate matters.”
Janah, “Kota B would know, which means Grace B and Emma B would know. If they do, they don’t say. Actually, they can’t say, they’re programmed for family privacy, they are privy to many private moments, Society work and Shadow details. If the kids are exploring, it’s not important, what are they going to do, get pregnant?”
James, “Little girls explore, that’s no secret. Sloane hasn’t been approached in that way has she?”
“No, she would tell me. The kids have seen her nude, they know there’s a boy part. They’ve done enough reading and video to understand what goes where and why. Not to mention their direct experience before we found them.”
Janah, “Frankly, I don’t think much is going on at all. They aren’t shy, if they were being sexual, it would come up in conversation, particularly with the Mamas.”
James, “So they aren’t secretive, in my few contacts, they don’t appear to be.”
“Not at all, quite open in fact.”
James, “You have taken on several abuse cases, some badly abused, like Chloe. None has had ongoing psychological issues.”
“Because, we think, we don’t make it an issue. We’ve discussed it before. Treat children like something horrible happened, mom and dad get apoplectic, shove them into therapy. All the messages the kid gets is that they must be horribly traumatized. The fact that mom is crying endlessly, dad is yelling and screaming about the pervert makes it seem like the thing to do is play the part expected of them. If the rest of the family, or the kids at school find out, it gets even worse.”
James, “It may not be PC to say, but I’ve found the child grows up with a trauma card to play. Every failure, every perceived injustice, out comes ‘you don’t know what I went through’ as a handy excuse to act out or buy extra attention.”
“And results in more therapy and extra meds.”

Forty Eight

The beach girls come along, Susan, “Wow, Oceane is like a jet ski. A couple of girls taught Cassie to surf. I suspect you’ll be buying a board soon.”
“She didn’t float above the board did she?”
Sloane, “No mom, she was good. I had to explain to the girls that she doesn’t talk but she would follow instructions. She got going right away, I think the girls were kind of surprised, they asked if she had surfed before. I told them she dives and rides dirt bikes, she’s familiar with body control. They bought it.”
“I guess so, it’s true.”
“She got the stand up and ride a small wave part, after a few spills she started handing easy turns. Cass is persistent, and she surfs like she rides the dirt bikes, flat out.”
“The surf girls were nice then.”
“And hot, fourteen and fifteen. My gaydar says they’re a couple, and no, I didn’t pry.”
Susan, “They’re girlfriends, close girlfriends. I know those looks, how they stand together hip to hip, touch an arm or shoulder for no reason, brush back each other’s hair. I’ve practiced them for years. I may have invented some.”
Lacy, “It was fun, Oceane came up to watch Cassie, the two surfer girls nearly had a heart attack. They asked Sloane if the entire family was hot.”
“She said, ‘this is my mom’s mom, this is her companion, her other companion is a fashion model, Katja and Mani, over there keeping an eye out, are part of our family. There are more at home.”
Susan, “Lexi, the blond, said, ‘You aren’t anyone’s granny, where are the stretch marks, the cellulite?’ I thanked her and told her martial arts kept me from deteriorating, just like surfing would keep her in great shape.”
Lacy, “Her pal’s name is Murphy, I think a last name, but she called her Murphy the whole time. Totally adorable, big dark eyes, California girl teeth, tight everything. They told Cassie they hoped she’d come again tomorrow.”
Sloane, “Oh we’re going again. I doubt they’re into a trannie, but I don’t mind, they are steaming, and good surfers. Sarah can go, they can drool over her. If Lauren and Amaya come we may never leave the beach.”
“Tell them the story over cocktails this evening, although Amaya is busy with the play, Lauren might want to show her stuff.”
Lauren is behind me, “I always want to show my stuff, when and where?”
“Sloane will fill you in, lunch is ready, build your sandwich, just leave the plates and glasses when you’re done.”
Kara, “Oceane’s art is remarkable as ever, she captures the images like a photograph. And Devona, Jesica and Valeska’s oils are starkly striking in some cases, pastoral in others. I’m guessing they are visions they’ve had while…away.”
“Yes, scenes they reproduced from travels around the universe, or some other universe.”
 “Shall I take a few back to Manhattan and see what the Silverman gallery thinks?”
“A question for the children and the Mamas.”
Dasha, “I will ask, they will agree, but better to ask first.”
“You think they will resonate with someone or you wouldn’t have brought it up. All Silverman needs to know is they come with your endorsement.”
“I can say they resonate with me. Devona uses empty spaces quite powerfully, the filled space leaps off the canvas, what look like gigantic insects. Jesica has a fine touch, her works are precise replications of vast cities, some ultra modern, some appear to be ancient. Valeska is the pastoral artist, muted pastels but scenes that imply violence, the contrast is powerful. From a distance, it looks serene, until you step closer and focus on what the images are. Aliens, perhaps beings is a better word, on what I can only describe as the aftermath of battle.”
“They say the universe is filled with life, most of which is plant-like, or oceans, primarily lifeless, some of which have primitive living creatures. Like our own planet in its formative years.”
Kara, “Do you have values in mind, or let Silverman decide, or perhaps an auction?”
Dasha, “The children will not want money, they have no use for it. If anyone wants to display them, donate or loan to a museum only.”
“Splendid, than I don’t need to go to Silverman at all, I can go directly to museums and let them decide. But wait…suppose nobody wants to display them, how will the children feel?”
James, “Kara, if you bring them, museum directors will stumble all over themselves with proposals. I’m no art expert, but I know what happens when a prominent artist with an international following says this is amazing stuff.”
Kara smiles, “It’s good to have a supportive spouse.”
Lunch is done, people go off to chill until tea. I peek at the pot roast simmering perfectly.
Dasha, “Turn it off and let it sit. Before tea we will add vegetables and heat it again. Grace B, you are reminding.”
“My pleasure Czarina Kasakova.”
Dasha rolls her eyes, “Crazy bot, Dahfoney, you will come wiz me and Ellen, we will haf chef sex.”
What a splendid idea, we head to Ellen’s room. Dasha and I double up on Ellen to set the stage, then we round robin with strap-ons, end up in a circle, me on Dasha, Dasha on Ellen, Ellen on moi. I lost track of total orgasms, it isn’t the Olympics, we don’t do medal counts.
Janah pops in my head, “Katya and Katja tried to kill me orgasmically, I prevailed.”
“Trying to out sex you is like that Greek guy who had to keep rolling the rock up the hill.”
“Yeah, him.”
“Have fun at the chef’s table?”
“Dasha and Ellen, are you kidding? A buffet of perfection.”
“Food with tea, I’m ravenous.”
“I should think you’ve had quite enough to eat.”
“Very funny.”
“We’ll think of something. I suspect most of the family got up to something aerobic.”
“Sarah went off with Susan, Lacy,”
she giggles, “went with Sloane. I’d love to have voyeured that scenario.”
“Taylor find a pal?”
“Oceane and Cassie. Daria I think was in with Nishiko, that leaves Eloise and Zi.” I may have the players mixed up, it was something like that.”
“Don’t know…wait, where are Amaya and Chloe?”
“Amaya might have gone to work with the kids, Lauren likely teased Chloe into submission.”

We’re not entirely sure of where the players were, it’s none of our business, just fun to speculate, we won’t make formal inquiries.
From the combo of arrivals for tea, it appears we are mostly correct. While Emma B lays out a selection of cookies, crackers and cheese, I see Lacy and Janah with heads together. I drop into Janah’s brain, hear Lacy through Janah’s ears.
“My first cock, I feel like I’ve been delightfully deflowered.”
Janah, “Found a new thrill then.”
“Yep, have you…?”
“Oh sure, I like the feel of it, upper and lower.”
“Um…at the end…what do you…?”
“Swallow of course.”

I hear Lacy laugh, “It’s actually rather nice.”
“I like it.”
“Does Daphne…?”
“No, maybe one day, she likes to watch me with Sloane, but that’s it so far.”
“May I ask, Lauren… is she off limits?”
“Not by us, she puts herself off limits. Her thing is her, and letting us get off while she poses, it’s a tease thing. Lauren is justifiably in love with Lauren, more extreme than Amaya.”
“You have some of everything.”
“We don’t do men, a girl with a cock doesn’t count. I like Sloane to fuck me, but I don’t want a man.”
“I’ve had my horizons expanded, I know Susan, she knows I was with Sloane, she’s going to want to give it a go.”
“That ship sailed long ago.”
“Get out! Dang, of course she wouldn’t say anything, it’s not de rigueur.”
“No. You talking to me is different, I know where you were.”

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