Chapter Forty One

Appears we have our Deranged Mommies soft drives erased. Amaya and Janah brought them back to their new reality, Eternal Sunshine of the Blank Mind. We went a little overboard, they can't remember language, just make nonsense sounds.
Janah, "Now what? Do we do the fathers as deep, or leave basic communication skills? The women are essentially dead people who can walk."
"Don't suppose there's an undo, like on a computer."
Amaya, "Are they even toilet trained?"
Deranged Two wets herself.
Amaya, "Never mind."
Janah, "I'm going to have them dropped off at a long term care facility. They'll relearn basics, perhaps a little language, have to send them two separate places. I'll make arrangements, be gone before the men show up."
An hour later another van, she warned Transportation about the sanitary issues, the drivers show up with adult diapers. We get the women wrapped and redressed, at least they're compliant and they didn't lose motor skills, they can walk.
Chloe, "Are they stuck like infants forever?"
Janah, "If they can walk, they've retained proprioception. Eliminating wastes are automatic like heartbeat and breathing. My guess is it's just the brain's shock. When we do the men, change the hypnotic suggestion to more specific memories, or a shorter time frame. Like they can't recall anything past age ten or, they could have been beaten themselves when they were young. Let's try this, implant that striking any animal or human being will make them nauseous, dump the religious memories, memories of being married and having children. They want only to live alone, drive trucks, go home. Then we'll ship them off in different directions, park them in a city big enough to need gravel haulers and cement trucks. They can find work on their own. We have to remove memory of here and destroy their paper, driver's license, that sort of thing. Cleaners will come to remove anything personal, shut the places up."
Amaya, "It will take more than a couple of hours and they will not recall how to drive trucks."
Janah, "True, simpler to do a brain wipe. The world can do without two truck drivers. We want them to stop abusing children, make sure the idea makes them sick. We didn't know just how powerful David's drugs were. I want to have a go at deleting more specific memories, we have nothing but time and two test subjects."
"I'm hardly sympathetic. If Nikko had seen those kids, none of these people would be alive."
Chloe, "Daria would have just melted them."
"Cripes, hadn't thought of that. Make sure she understands, melting is for Shadows, no matter how disgusted we are with targets, we kill to eliminate Shadows, protect innocents or ourselves from immediate physical threat. We don't kill every asshole we come across."
Chloe, "I exaggerate a bit, we've talked about it, I can use this situation as an example. Daria will be fine, we say do it this way, she does it, we say do it a different way, she does that."
Janah, "Amaya, time for you and Daphne to go to the other house, the men ride together, one gets dropped off here, the other will drive to the second place. He parks out front, you park around back, he won't see the car, or won't see it until it's too late. We need to get ready, they're due home in fifteen or twenty minutes."

Chapter Forty Two

The reason some of our adventures don't have so much adventure is that we're the stalkers. People aren't looking for us, we catch them off guard. As far as Deranged Dads know, they're coming home from a normal day at work, to their normal life of terrorizing their children. Some days, things just aren't normal.
Deranged One plows in the front door, "Frazier, come here boy, you got some splainin' to do. Front porch ain't been swept, light burnin' in the front room, wastin' electric, Bible's layin' on the floor, word of God thrown down like trash...Frazier! better come a runnin', just makin' it worse."
"Actually, I'm going to make it worse pawpaw."
He spins, looks at me, not comprehending. Based on his expression, comprehension is not his strong suit.
"I tossed the Bible on the floor, it's more useful as a dust mop."
"Are you crazy? Wat you doin' in my house? Whar's muh wife, muh kid?"
He stomps over, "I gotta right to send you straight to hell, trespass, breakin' in, wat you done with muh fam-bly?"
"Your wife has become non-essential, your son has been relocated to a place where people don't beat the crap out of him for no reason, or any reason."
"How I raise my chirren ain't no concerna your’n. Lady, you inna a heap a trouble," he reaches for me, I snatch his wrist with my right hand, snap his elbow with my left, sweep my foot through his ankles. Now, he's face down on the floor with a busted elbow and my knee in his spine.
"Who's in a heap of trouble?"
He's lost the will to communicate, just as well, if he says anything else, I'll make him insensate, what the heck, I'll make him insensate anyway. A fast knee just above his ear, he's sleeping on the floor. I yank him up, wire him in position and crack open an ammonia cap.
His head snaps up, can't do anything, his mouth is duct taped, he's blindfolded and immobile. Amaya inserts the needle and begins.
While she’s dealing with Deranged One, I pop into Janah's head. I see Deranged Two in a similar position, she's already got him injected with Forget. I pop back out, she has things to do.
This is going to take a while, three or four hours, a smaller dose of Forget, then the hypnotic. It will take more time to erase specific memories, not just a blanket delete.
Not much for Chloe and I to do but wait and watch, I decide to go through the house and find any documents. Cleaners will ultimately make everything disappear.
The boy's room is barren of boy things, just the bed, a battered desk and chair, a lamp. Three pair of jeans, t-shirts, underwear and sneakers. There's a few textbooks, math, no science, another Bible. Moving on, I see there's a satellite dish for TV, only one set in the parent’s room, no internet, no sign of cell phones. I keep wandering, come across a drawer of bills, bank statements, typical paper people collect. They aren't rich, bank has a couple thousand in a savings account and a few hundred in checking. We'll clean out the accounts and close them.
I mental Daria, Am I interrupting anything?

I upload names, account numbers, date of birth, social security numbers, Clean these accounts, it's not much money, we want their records to disappear. Apply the cash to the ranch account. I'm going next door and get their stuff, then I'll pass it along as well.
Chloe is coincidentally doing what I was doing, she calls me, "I have bank records.”
“Call Daria with the numbers, we're taking what they have and applying it to the ranch accounts. Burn the paperwork, we have what we need, oh, anything in his wallet and the car registration. I'm going back to do the same, see if I can locate birth certificates."
Daria, they both have satellite TV and standard telephones, you have the addresses and names, make sure the accounts are closed, shut off utilities, electric and gas, I'm texting account numbers. Also car insurance, I'll send that along as well, cancel the policies.

Back to house one, Janah appears to be drawing to a close, I start burning paper in the fireplace, we take his wallet, nothing else in his pockets of interest. I dig further in closets and shelves, find birth certificates for the kids. Outside, I remove all the registration paper from his car, back to the fireplace. Text Daria while I watch it burn.
An Extraction van pulls up. We park Deranged One, they drive off to collect Two. Somewhere nearby, one of the men will be transferred to a different van. They'll be taken in opposite directions at least four or five states away and dropped off. After that, they're on their own.

Chapter Forty Three

Back at the hotel, it's late, midnight, we didn't start in on the Deranged Dads until six. Amaya and Janah are tired, not as exhausted as when Janah had to do all the mental rearranging.
They go for warm showers, hit the sack, Chloe and I are still up, "I was occupied with Deranged One, he tried tough, cost him a dislocated elbow. How did it go with Two?"
Chloe, "About the same, blew up as soon as he saw me, settled down with my katana on his neck, I didn't even get to do a demonstration, Janah slid a chair under him, stuck the tape on his mouth, wired him to the chair and went to work."
"This is so much better for Janah. If we did it the old way, it would have taken days to do four people, Janah would have to do most of it or we resort to physical persuasion and then have them all followed around for a year or more. Pharmaceuticals are the way to go."
Chloe, "The auras were dark, but not Shadows. We didn't explore the why of their behavior, I presume they got caught up in their beliefs, maybe they were abused."
"Likely, doesn't buy them a pass, current actions have current consequences regardless of reasons. If we get caught doing what we do, our motivations won't buy us much in court. The prosecutor would say the word 'vigilante' and that would be that. Of course, we'll never get to court, Society connections would make charges disappear, but still."
Chloe, "Amaya would say orange is not my new black."
"We never watched that program."
"Amaya tried it one night, we didn't find it as interesting as the ratings suggest. It was too sanitary for prison. Maybe it got grittier as the season went on, we never watched again."
She finishes off her champagne, "Time for bed, when do we leave tomorrow?"
"Not until noon, sleep in, we'll have breakfast, pack up and go."
We don't get going until nine, breakfast is standard American, omelets, crispy bacon, biscuits. Amaya  and Janah opt for healthier, yogurt and berries with granola, we take our time. At ten thirty the bellman hauls our stuff to the Escalade, Amaya gets us to the airport.
Commercial flying time to New York is almost four hours, there are no direct flights from Chattanooga. We fly private, the actual air time is two hours, no TSA, all Eastern time. We're back in the apartment by three. Our workers are out working, Eloise is home, I go to the workshop, she's under a table digging in a box.
"Home, how's it going?"
Eloise pops up, "Close to having the pendant cams voice activated, how did the work go?"
"The bad guys are gone, the kids are on their way to the ranch, it was almost boring. I danced around with one Deranged Dad to amuse myself, Chloe's katana convinced the other he'd best sit and listen, she never touched him, a razor sharp sword at his throat was sufficient."
Eloise, "Daria said they will be home around four thirty for tea, you had lunch?"
"On the plane, we didn't want elaborate, requested chicken or tuna salad, crackers or chips, diet soda and green tea. They had it all."
She crawls back under the table, starts dismantling some electronic something, I go to our room and unpack, take the laundry down, Janah's already doing Chloe and Amaya's.
"Toss whites in here, colors are in the other machine."
We have multiple appliances, two dishwashers, two washing machines, two dryers, two ovens, three microwaves, two refrigerators, a mega freezer, not counting refrigerators and microwaves in our and the twins' room. Nine girls live here, onesies don't cut it.
An hour later, our biz girls appear, hugs around, double kiss Dasha's soft cheeks, she says, "We are more rich now, from stocks market."
"Wow, Nikko hit a home run?"
Nikko, "Susan hit a home run. As you know, she's donated substantial assets to the Sylk Trust, part of which included shares of various start ups. Most of them bust, but sometimes one gets traction. This one was another of those photo sharing sites, I don't know how many the market can digest, but it digested this one. Susan's end was ten million, untaxed in the Trust."
"Criminey, did you call her?"
"Sure, she was delighted, she's taking Taylor, James, Kara and Lacy to Le Bernardin to celebrate."
"She didn't make any money, it's all in the Trust."
Nikko, "That's not the point, they are celebrating the Trust's good luck."
I call my mom, "Thanks for the money mommy."
Susan, "Better in there than me paying taxes on it. I have more money than I can possibly spend, Nikko has more in the pile every year. We're going to run up an outrageous bill at Le Bernardin, then take sexual advantage of Lacy. How'd the trip go?"
"A placid retreat, we couldn't muster so much as a bee sting, Nikko would have been bored."
"Bored is not all bad. Taylor and I are not going to be bored, next week we go to Brazil and Argentina for the month. Maybe I'll find a shaman."
"I suspect you'll find a topless beach and collect some ultraviolet."
"More like it. Semi-retirement and Nikko handling my money is delicious. I still have enough work to keep my hand in, and Daria keeps me busy with code. The voice activation was a bear, but I think we have minor bugs to debug and you're good to go."
"That's what Eloise said, thanks for the help on these things. You've turned Daria into a Code Queen."
Susan, "She's as bad as Janah, she just soaks information out of the air, she really doesn't need me now, but she stays so busy with other projects I'm happy to have her farm off work to me."
"Have fun tonight, give everyone a kiss for me, we'll come over before you leave, and we'll keep an eye on dad and K-mom while you're gone."
"Don't forget Lacy, I asked her to come with us, but school prohibits that much time."
"Lacy comes around for breakfast or tea a couple of times a week, Daria and Amaya still go over for dance."
We disconnect, I am so happy for Sis, having Taylor, now traveling her heart out and part of our work. Janah created our family of women, but Susan created me and handed me an incredible life. And she never once told me how to live it. Moms don't come any better.

Chapter Forty Four

Life floats along,  I'm sitting with Black over a roast beef poor-boy, Dasha comes by, "Blahck ees doing gud job, food prepared properly, fresh, kitchen clean, no mess on sidewalk."
"The roast beef is splendid, toasty French bread, not soaked in mayo, pickle crisp, lettuce crunchy, tomato firm. I think I'll inspect a cup of banana pudding."
Dasha brings it, Black and I share, "Like it was just made, Dasha."
"Ees always just made, every day new, one day, glop, meringue shrink, we do not serve yesterday dessert. Cooks can take home, sometimes we geev extra wiz takeout at end of day."
"That's a good idea, did it take the customers long to catch on?"
Black, "There are mysterious orders around two fifteen."
We quit taking orders at two thirty, it's a breakfast and lunch place, "Well they can only do it until you run out."
Dasha, "Ees no problem, only a few, gud customer relation. Also berry cobbler beeg favorite. Eef no pudding, we add cobbler."
Black, "Places run like quantum clocks, been in business long enough to have a feel for volume, there's little waste. The managers would be happy to save a few bucks and carry over things for a day, but we have them trained to understand that isn't happening. Profits are good, they do better here than working other places, customers like the no tipping policy. There's still the occasional five left with the plates."
"That happens at Ultra Violet, regulars like the servers, they do it out of appreciation and generosity."
Black follows us in his car to Brooklyn, we hit the Bronx for breakfast, I had the sandwich in Queens, on to Brooklyn and home. Nothing out of order here either, Dasha is satisfied, I hug Black.
"Give Sonia a kiss for me, we'll have a rooftop thing soon, I'll pass along a date when we've decided. Janah said you're taking her up to Canada for a week."
Black, "Man I'm glad you bought that place. I think Chan and Ning will come along. Sonia needs to get out from under once in a while."
"You mean out from under her workload and more time under you."
Black smiles, "Something about that mountain air, she gets really steamy, maybe it's the fresh fish."
"Travel does that to Janah and she's a vegetarian, I think it's us being in easy reach and no distractions."
"I can go with that."
I haul Dasha back to the apartment, she's chattier than her twin, I could drive Daria for three hours and hear nothing.
"Blahck ees gud man. He ees like Chan and James. Don't boss around women all time, work hard, not leaf everything to wife."
"Black is a steady solid friend to us and a perfect companion for Sonia. He was a year or so younger than me when we entered the temple, glad we were able to transfer the DNA, he and Sonia will be around a long, long time.
"We will be home for tea, what ees dinner?"
"I don't know, let’s find out what they did for lunch, maybe just pizza, we always like pizza."
Around the low table for tea, it's four thirty, our wind down time, finish up leftover projects for the day, baths and showers, on to cocktails.
Janah, "Pizza sounds good, is everyone up for that, usual Marconi's mix?"
Dasha, "Margherita, slice tomato only no sauce, I will haf wiz caviar," she's fishing around in the refrigerator for her favorite food.
"Sounds good, add anchovies to one, no, wait, I have some here, I'll add them when I reheat."
Janah calls over, Amaya bar-tends for the drinkers, Dasha and I fish around for something to watch while we pizza party. We haven't seen Savages, an Oliver Stone flick based on a Don Winslow novel. I'd read the book, haven't seen the movie.
With breaks to freshen cocktails and another slice of pizza, we adventure our way through the movie. Aside from the idea that a woman would want not one, but two men, a notion completely foreign to us, Savages is action loaded, lots of gunfights, explosions and dirty deals. Nothing like relaxing death and destruction surrounded by our family to ease into the evening.
Chloe, "That was good, everybody was bad."
General agreement, we aren’t much for comedy, surely not standard romantic comedy. I mean, we're a family of martial artists, a couple of relatively sane people and sociopaths. You expect us to giggle over Big Fat Greek Wedding?

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