Forty One

At L’Escargot they have, naturally, snails. Traditional in-shell with garlic butter, another with mushrooms, white wine and shallots.
Ellen, “When I got out of high school the idea I’d ever be eating snails and lobster thermidor in St. Martin’s with a dozen uniquely talented women, was not on my menu of possibilities.”
Sarah, “And here you are,” she takes a bite of Dover Sole, “God this is good.”
Entrees of steak au poivre, rack of lamb and veal with lemon sauce round out the favored selections. Vegetarian Janah has onion soup and fettuccini alfredo.
Dinner conversation is light, discussions of killing Shadows and bludgeoning assholes is better left for a more private environment. 
Dasha and Katja take a powder room break, a few minutes later, there’s a commotion at the bar, a man howls in pain. 
Daphne looks over, “Uh oh, man commits a stupidity.”
The girls turn their attention to the noise, there are a couple of people standing over a large body on the floor and Dasha and Katja walking towards the table.
They sit, Daphne asks, “What did he do?”
Dasha, “Man ees make comment when we go to ladies, we ignore, he ees maybe drunk. When we come back, he says to haf a drink wiz him. We ignore and keep walking, but he grabs Katja by arm, bully boy, ‘Hey bitch, I’m talking to you.’
He ees on barstool, so I punch him in balls, then use heel of hand to smash him under chin. Katja breaks a finger, maybe his wrist also.”
Ellen, “Well gottamn, good for you.”
They sip Cognac, Janah pulls out a satellite phone and dials. An ambulance pulls up, its lights flashing inside the restaurant, a constable comes in. 
The policeman talks to the man, who hasn’t got much to say, the pain has kicked in and his mouth is dysfunctional. Officer talks to the bartender and a couple of patrons, then comes over to the girls.
“Evening misses, I understand a tourist was being obnoxious and you took exception.”
Dasha, “He grabs my friend, he ees not allowed to touch.”
“Yes ma’am, that is true and technically it is assault, so you were protecting your friend, is that it?”
“Da, he ees beeg man, we are girls only.”
The constable laughs, “Girls only, I do not think so. If you will kindly come to the station and give us a statement, I think we can clear everything up.”
Janah, “Constable, may I ask you to check in with the Superintendent.”
“Ma’am, and who might you be?”
“A woman concerned about your career Constable, what? Ah, Clarke.”
He looks perplexed but counters, “The Super, he don’ need calls this time of night for such a small matter.”
Janah dials a number, hands the copper the phone, “It’s the boss Constable Clarke.”
Clarke, “Hallo? Oh, yes sir…yes sir…I completely understand sir, I was only following procedure sir. Right away sir, thank you sir.”
He hands the phone to Janah, “Sorry ma’am, my mistake.”
“No mistake Clarke, you were doing your job, your boss is aware of that, there will be no repercussions. In fact, you will find yourself with better duty hours. No more nighttimes and Sunday only in emergency.”
Clarke, “You be pullin’ my leg Miss, but I am grateful for your understanding. I have not taken your names, they won’t be in any report. I doubt the gentleman will be looking to press charges, particularly after I remind him that four witnesses saw him assault the young lady.”
“No Constable Clarke, he will leave your beautiful island quietly and never return.”
Clarke, “How do you…? Neva mind,” he grins, “you don’t neva say and I don’t need to know.”
“Discretion will take you far Constable, I’m certain of it.”
“Thank you ma’am,” he tips his hat to the table and returns to write a report that says nothing, then back to his last night on graveyard patrol.
Mani, “Great job Dasha, Katya, what a flipping dork. I’d say he almost ruined the evening, but he actually made it more memorable. Maybe I should send him flowers and a souvenir bullet.”
Janah, “Long as it isn’t delivered from the barrel of a gun.”
“For grabbing an arm, and considering the already expensive price he paid, that would be overkill.”
“Glad to hear it.”
The bartender comes over, “Dat mon a tourist, de kind we can do widout. Comes in at night, hit on girls. I was jus’ about to cut him off, now I don’ have to see him again thank you.”
Katja, “We do not care eef he calls us bitch, we do not allow to grab arm.”
“Constable Clarke give you any trouble?”
Dasha, “Nyet, he was most agreeable.”
“He’s an okay guy, police here used to drunk tourists, take a light hand unless dere is a fight. Anyway, thanks again, make the nights a lot easier, least ‘til the next one come along.”
He goes back to the bar, a couple of patrons come over, a married couple.
“Hi, I’m Joan, this is my husband Jerry, that guy was being a pest, we were finishing up our drinks and heading someplace with less obnoxious customers. Instead, we got a heckofa travel memory. Where’d you learn to fight?”
Katja, “We practice because of dopes like that.”
Jerry, “Joan, two sets of twins, how often do you see that?”
Joan, “Yes, in the excitement, I didn’t notice. You both have identical sisters, identically identical sisters, I thought the Olsens were identical, you make them look like distant cousins.”
Jerry, “Anyway, thanks for the entertainment, I’d say take care, but you have that covered.”
As they walk off Daphne hears Joan say, ‘Did you see those girls, not just the twins? They start at adorable and work up to annoyingly gorgeous.”
Jerry, ‘Hadn’t noticed.’
Joan laughs, ‘Liar, diplomatic at least.’
Daphne, “Well, that was…no, not right, I started to say that was different, but it really wasn’t.”
Dasha, “Daria haf beat up boy at dancing club one time. Same kind of thing, except he pats butt, then he goes to hospital.”
Sarah giggles, “What fun. Where….never mind.”
Dasha, “Ees okay, een Manhattan. We do not anymore go to club. Lesbian club ees for fat girls, regular club, too many men.”
Ellen, “She’s not politically correct, sounds like Katja.”
Katja, “We say what we see, fat girl ees not anyway our beezness.”
Sloane, “Oceane is ready for the room, she can only deal with crowds for so long.”
Katya, “I agree, we will go now.”
Waiter supplies the tab, Katja reaches for it, Daphne says, “Nyet, we had a splendid buffet at your place and they’ve been drinking Champagne and expensive liquor you provided. We can catch the tab.”
She hands the waiter five hundred. This place is the same as Le Pavillon, pay with dollars, same as Euros, twenty percent less than if she pays with a card. Then the short ride to the villa for nightcaps and pair bonding. Or triplicate bonding, or quadruplicate bonding, with these girls, one never knows.
Eloise, “Good food, drinks and a short floor show. Next time, could you make the fight longer, none of us saw it until it was over.”
Sarah, “Yeah, except longer might men more trouble, at least it was too quick for anyone to catch on video. You would have been on YouTube.”
Janah, “Remember the time you stopped a child kidnapping? You got your moment on video.”
Daphne, “All too well. Thankful to live in New York, people buzz on to the next thing, there, there’s always a next thing right after the last thing, just before the next, next thing.”
Janah giggles.
Katja, “What ees funny?”
Dasha, “Dahfoney and Janah talk een head. That is Janah laugh when Dahfoney says some ridiculous like always.”
Daphne, “I beg your pardon, Daphinity is the divine wisdom of the female, my femaliosity to be specific.”
Dasha, “Da, da, Dahfoney, you haf tilted brain.”
“Amaya says you should listen to everything I say.”
Dasha, “Eemaya thinks we should leesen to everything she says. What are they doing, how ees Chloe?”
Sarah, “How would Daphne know, aren’t they in LA?”
Daria, “Besides Janah, Daphne can talk to Amaya in her head, also Nikko, plus sister and me. She has too many channels so sisters stay off most of the time.
Sarah, “Mani, we have to learn. Don’t you see what Janah and Daphne are doing for us?”
Mani, “What, the incredible?”
“Teaching us that the incredible is possible, don’t you see?”
Mani is quiet for a bit, Sarah says, “It’s the four minute mile all over again. They thought it impossible, then Roger Bannister broke the four minute mark and all kinds of runners started doing it.”
Mani, “Ah, I see it, there is no obstacle to learning unless we think we can’t.”
Janah, “Unfortunately it’s like nuclear power, near free energy and nuclear weapons. We think the Shadows are expanding just like runners under four minutes.”
Ellen, “Then all the more reason our group has to train, to stay ahead of the crazies.”
Janah, “I’ll leave you with a couple of thoughts. First, it is tedious in the extreme. It isn’t riding a bicycle, it’s cutting ten acres of grass with a pair of scissors, one blade at a time. Second, intention is everything. On that note, I’m ready to crash and burn, I need my girl to accompany.”
Daphne and Janah return the their suite. Janah’s brain is like a computer, it works fast and is near perfectly accurate, but it can run hot and soak up energy. Rest is essential.
Girls wander off to villa bedrooms and hotel suites for a bit of sensual magic, some of it enhanced by battery operated devices with certain technological advancements.

Forty Two

The crowd meets in the morning for breakfast. From the orders, it appears they used up a fair number of calories last evening.
Sloane is beaming.
Daphne, “Sloane had a magical evening.”
Janah, “How do you know?”
“I was in Dasha’s head while she was talking to Katya. Sloane did all of them.”

Janah giggles, “Good for her, no wonder she’s lit up, being a novelty toy has its attractions.”
“Oceane likes sucking it, but Oceane likes everything tactile. Sloane loves it when she says, ‘your penis wants to be in my mouth.’ Hey, next time maybe I’ll say your pussy wants me to lick it.”
“That’s a given, be fun for you to try it on Amaya though, your squirreliness turns her on.” 

Amaya pops in Daphne’s head, “Look through my eyes and lust.”
Daphne sees Amaya standing next to a full mirror, she’s angled to the side. Chloe’s on her knees enjoying the soft succulence.
“I’m getting squishy,” she watches Amaya’s face go unearthly erotic, then she returns to the action below, Chloe winks at the mirror. 
Janah, “What on earth? You aren’t biting your lip over the coffee.”
“No, I’m watching Chloe go down on Her Royal Splendosity.”
“Ah, no wonder, let me jump in your brain….oh my, and there she goes, wow.”
Amaya gives a final gasp, “God she’s sooo enthusiastically energetic.”
“You enthuse everybody honey.”
Are your new friends around?”

We change visual channels, “Take a look,” I do a slow scan around the table.
“Cripes, the twins are as adorable as our two terrorists. An oriental, Thai I think, a pretty young blond and who’s the hottie?”
“Ellen, more legs to die for.”
“I’ll say, let’s bring them to New York, they no doubt will all want me. I should welcome our new friends.”
“Be up soon, fall, when the weather is better. I’ll check out now, if I watch you go down on Chloe my brain will explode.”
“I did her first, she was being adorable so I adored her.”
“Thank you for the inspiration, see you live in a couple of days,
” they log off each other’s brain.
Janah, “Amaya won’t admit it, but she stays hot for Chloe every day all day.”
“Chloe’s charm is irresistible, I never resist her myself.”
“You never resist anybody, even yourself, strum queen.”
“I like to play with me, wearing my ben-wa balls as we speak.”

Janah grins, “I know, I know everything you do.”
Girls move from the restaurant to the beach, find chairs to park the wraps and eleven scorching hot women ignite passion strolling up and down the beach.
They lounge, Oceane and Sloane swim, the rest alternate between trips to the water and back to chairs. All of a sudden it’s past one.
Katya, “Everyone should come to the villa, we will have refreshments and swim.”
Fifteen minutes later, girls have lost micro swim suits and are playing in the pool.
Mani, “Only one more night, so many girls.”
Sarah, “Maybe we should start early.”
Mani, “Get out of the pool and find a spot on one of the lounge chairs. Do what you like to do for the benefit of all. It will launch lust attacks.”
Sarah blushes, grins, “I’ll do it.”
And she does.
As the others take notice, pool play stops, girls pair off to the one closest and fondle while they watch Sarah’s fingers enjoy Sarah. Then a special treat.
Oceane and Sloane leave the pool and walk to Sarah, propped up on the backrest, elegant racer legs extended. Slone has an erection. Oceane sits next to Sarah and takes it in her mouth, a minute later, she shifts and lays between Sarah’s legs.
She takes Sarah’s glistening finger and slides it through her lips, then her tongue takes over where the finger left off.
Sarah is eyeing Sloane’s shaft, she strokes it with fingertips, pulls gently, Sloane moves to her and slides it in her mouth.
That does it. The others circle the chair, then four go to their knees and begin the lick-a-thon. For lusty variety, every couple of minutes each girl being serviced moves to the next girl.
Sloane groans release, her cock still in Sarah’s mouth. She starts to pull it, Sarah doesn’t let her, she goes off, Sarah orgasms. After the final shudder, Oceane’s head pops up, she stands, Sarah slips to her knees and starts in on the willowy sylph. 
The standers swap with the kneelers and the wheel of sex begins another slow sensual rotation until everyone has multigasmed.
Ellen, “That was what they call a peak experience.”
Sarah leans over and kisses Sloane’s cock, “That was fun, with a creamy treat.”
Mani, “Thinking of going bi?”
Sarah, “Only if they’re built like Sloane, a beautiful girl with an add on.”
Katya, “Ellen, where is dinner?”
“Bistrot Caraibes, but I want Janah to look at the menu, it isn’t much vegetarian,” she hands Janah the IPad.
“No problem, they will always make a side of grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes, and there’s a nice looking cheese plate that could be dessert, but could also be an appetizer.”
“Then seven thirty again, Christ, it’s five now, we blew through this day. Cocktails anytime.”
Janah and Eloise take a beer with them to the suite, Daphne doesn’t drink, the twins have a shot of Russian Standard from the freezer and toast Sarah for the show and sex frenzy jumpstart. Girls need to shower and prep for dinner.
Table is waiting, Bistrot Caraibes is a relaxed place, the menu is varied enough, six seafood entrees and five meat or poultry.
They start with Champagne, snails in garlic butter, duck foie gras and sautéed scallops and shrimp with vegetables. 
Janah, “I figured, those vegetables are grilled just right, toasty and crunchy not mush, that’s my entrée. This cheese tray is a perfect appetizer, too much, somebody take some, it’s quite good.”
Sarah and Eloise can’t resist fresh lobster and plenty of butter for dipping. Both sets of twins go for sautéed beef tenderloin with mushrooms, others have entrees of red snapper in mussel sauce, rack of lamb and roasted duck.
Ellen, “I think I tried everything, place is good, everyone else enjoy?”
Daphne, “Empty plates tell the story.”
“You have a point, anyone for dessert?”
Ice cream nougat is popular, and crème brulée, along with Delamain XO Cognac.
Ellen, “Our finale evening, man the time disappeared.”
Janah, “That’s how you know you had fun. We want you to come to New York in the fall, maybe late September or early October.”
Katya, “What hotel is nearby?”
“No hotel, we have plenty of room for five, there’s a whole condo down the hall with two big bedrooms and an office for Amaya. Nobody ever uses the bedrooms. Amaya and Chloe each have bedrooms but usually sleep together.
Sloane, “And Oceane’s room is monstrous, believe me, you won’t be crowded.”

Forty Three

Flights home are private jet efficient, barely afternoon when the girls arrive in New Orleans.
Sarah, “Text from Daphne, they’re in Manhattan, thanks for a great time, cu soon.”
Mani, “That’s a fun group, I’m already looking forward to New York.”
Katya’s phone rings, “Da.”
She listens and hangs up, “We have to resolve a conflict in Little Rock Arkansas.”
Ellen, “Great.”
Sarah, “Can I kill him?”
“Don’t get greedy, you got the last one.”
“That wasn’t for money.”
Katya, “Not a him.”
Sarah, “Oh, is that a….do we…? Never mind.”
Katya, “You still want it?”
Katja, “Maybe ees divorce wizout court and alimony.”
Mani, “Sounds reasonable.”
Katya, “Ellen, we should have Gerard over, maybe dinner tomorrow. What is dinner tonight?”
“We’ve had tons of seafood and steaks, maybe pizza?”
Katja, “Good wiz me.”
Katya, “And remember, Gerard does not know any Janah or Daphne, we went to St. Martin’s, walk on beach, eat. We did not meet up with anyone.”
Sarah, “What if they come here sometime?”
“If we run into Gerard, we introduce them, he will surely ask where they are from. Let them answer, they may say New York or someplace else. It will not matter, he only knows Pearson and he does not know where Pearson lives.”
“Guess he might recognize a voice.”
“Neither Janah nor Daphne sound like themselves on the Society phone. I asked about it privately since I am the only one who talks to them as Pearson. Eloise adjusted the phone, their voices sound deeper, and the pace is slower.”
Ellen, “They’re careful, good to know.”
Sarah, “When does the conflict need to be resolved?”
Katya, “Anytime, but we usually do it quickly.”
Sarah, “You have details?”
“Have to round up the e-mails.”
Katya goes to the office, returns with a photo, “Target drives a year old Nissan Maxima, white. The license plate along with the name of her business, home and business address. She is a self employed massage therapist and owns a salon where three other therapists work.”
Sarah scans the photo, “Chunky woman,” she turns the paper over, “Hands On Therapeutic Massage.”
“Memorize details, shred the photo before you leave. If you forget something, call me on the satellite phone.”
Sarah, “Will do, who else goes?”
Mani, “I’ll go, maybe you’ll miss and I get a shot.”
Sarah, “Very funny.”
Katya, “Go Monday, plan at least one night. If you take her the first day you can stay, or Blue Sky can have a plane there in four hours or less. Same plane might still be there. Up to you.”
“I won’t book a room, if we need to stay we’ll worry about it then.”
Katya calls Blue Sky, flight at nine Monday. Little Rock is an hour, the target might be dead by noon.
They while away the day, Ellen unpacks everyone, Mani does laundry, Sarah sweeps the courtyard. The twins review numbers on the businesses, Skype Maria.
“Hola, Katya, Katja, have a good trip?”
“Da, St. Martin ees beautiful place, we haf relax and eat good food.”
Katya, “Numbers look good, you had several large orders.”
Maria, “Due to the girls. They decided to pass out flyers to businesses, a couple a day on their way in or going home. Their parents work, they use us because the product is excellent and you pay their daughters for good grades and share profits. Not to mention fifteen an hour. People find out, they want to buy from us. And there was another article in the paper, a small business that looks out for its employees. Photo of cute girls drew eyes to the article and the staff loved getting their picture in the paper.”
Katya, “We appreciate you and them, you are best manager Maria.”
“Awww, thanks. I look forward to coming to work, we laugh the whole day, the old guys are so funny and the kids say the wildest things. If parents and teachers knew what they told us they’d all be grounded. Half the girls aren’t that far from junior high themselves, they can relate.”
Katja, “We will be around soon, thanking you.”
They click off, the screen goes blank.
Katya, “Resting now, tea in an hour.”
They go off to their bedroom, shuck the jeans and tops, slip under cool sheets. Active minds hibernate for the next hour in a hazy mental twilight.
Ellen taps on the door, “Tea’s ready.”
Katya, “Ellen, before they leave Monday, make sure of the guns, the ID, something to cover their heads, latex gloves, sunglasses, binoculars, everything. They have has us along before, no slipups.”
“Will do, Mani knows the drill but it never hurts to check and double check.”
The evening is blessedly uneventful, Ellen put three splendid pizzas together on premade crusts. One Margherita style, sliced tomato instead to tomato sauce, bit of olive oil, romano, mozzarella and provolone cheeses. The second standard pepperoni with anchovies and the third a Muffelatta pizza, which has no tomatoes or sauce. Instead, olive salad, salami, pastrami, and a small sprinkling of shredded provolone, with parmesan to add at the table.
Except they don’t eat at the table, it’s pizza, they enjoy it spread out around the living area watching a movie. Tonight it’s Mad Max: Fury Road. Our girls are sociopathic assassins, did you think they watch romcoms, or sit through Meryl Streep flicks?
Katja, “Noisy anyway.”
Sarah, “The scenes were impressive, I mean the scenery, quite beautiful in the midst of unremitting violence.”
Katya yawns, “I am unremittingly sleepy, thank you Ellen, sisters will disappear now.”
Mani, “Let’s do the clean up and get to bed, I’m ready for complete unconsciousness.”
In twenty minutes, girls are under sheets and comforters, no sex play tonight, they did a bang up of that in the Caribbean.

Forty Four

Sunday evening, Gerard’s over for dinner, currently having a cocktail with the girls.
Gerard, “I see you got Sarah hooked on Elijah Craig.”
“She surprised me, bourbon is less of a girl’s drink unless you count making it nasty with Coke or Seven-up.”
Gerard, “Elijah Craig and anything other than ice and splash is an abomination.”
“Well, I had a supply of eighteen year old, but we drank it and now it’s out of production and unavailable. We drink the twelve for everyday, which is much more affordable, twenty five or six bucks. This is the twenty one, which will disappear soon enough, I bought eight cases.”
Gerard laughs, “Thirteen thousand dollars worth.”
“They gave me a discount for cash.”
Katya, “Gerard, have you made any progress with telekinesis?”
“Damnably little. I can get small things to slide on a smooth surface, but can’t levitate even light things.”
She doesn’t go into Janah’s demonstration, “Admirable that you can do that much.”
“Thank you, the concentration is intense, which is good and bad. I learn to focus but I can get a hell of a headache if I go too long.”
“Maybe I will try it.”
“Have a good time in St. Martin’s? Clearly you got a bit of sun.”
Ellen, “It was as beautiful as the photos on the web, villa was magnificent and the food first rate.”
“Never been, is it hot in the summer?
“Highs in the mid eighties, lots of breeze, quite comfortable really. Going in June saved us a ton on the villa. We lazed, swam, ate, didn’t sightsee much, all the beaches look similar, and the town is essentially a tourist trap. Mega cruise ships park and the old folks creep down the dock, have a drink, don’t buy anything and creep on back to the boat for more endless buffet. At least that’s what I’m told, cruise isn’t my thing. Somebody told me a cruise was like a trip to a casino and Shoney’s breakfast bar. I gotta stoke up the grill, excuse me.”
Gerard’s still laughing, “What is she grilling?”
“Filet steak. We always haf marching sauce,” Katja jumble for marchand de vin, “tonight ees also big favorite creamy speenich, garlic mashed potato and French bread made by German Jew.”
“Leidenheimer’s, they have a huge revenue stream, several hundred million. I know Robert Whann and his sister Katherine. Not well, just an introduction and short chat. I do know they work the business, they aren’t hands off owners.”
Mani, “Sarah, we need to mash the potatoes and make creamed spinach,” she and Sarah go to the kitchen.
For the moment, it’s only Gerard and the twins in the courtyard, Gerard leans forward, elbows on knees,
“Thank you for handling the child predator, saved the city money for prosecution and incarceration. No need to affirm or deny, nobody has a clue who sent him to hell, but the family of the girl and the authorities are happy someone did.”
“Girl ees okay?”
“She is. I recommended a therapist, one that I know doesn’t go searching for trauma, doesn’t think that intense discussion of past horrors does anything but seal the experience in memory. Her approach is to put the evil where it belongs, on the offender and remind the girl she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It needn’t define her life.”
Katya, “Girl should have played along, then cut his throat with kitchen knife.”
“I agree, but most adults lack that kind of sang froid. In children it takes a certain kind of child, one society would say had sociopathic tendencies.” 
Katja, “Protect yourself against asshole ees no sociopath, but I understand your meaning. Sisters are sociopath, we haf no trouble dealing wiz asshole.”
Gerard smiles, “No, and neither do your associates I suspect. I’ve been places, as you know. People who can channel their lack of empathy, limit it to jerks, are most useful, helpful I should say. Nobody will get away with using you, even the Society.”
Katya, “We do not see it as using. We have the ability to take direct, violent action, we do not…what do you call it?...stare at belly button.”
Gerard, “Navel gaze.”
“Da, nyet, we do not navel gaze.”
“If there was more, um, work, would you consider it? Not Society business, more, shall I say, terminal solutions?”
“For pervert, free. For getting rid of a problem with no questions, fifty thousand. More if it is a name or a cop, anyone who would get attention or who is armed.”
Gerard, “For now, I have in mind a recently retired priest, for reasons you can guess, he falls in the free category.”
“Where is he?”
“Buried out of the public eye in St. Francisville, just up the road past Baton Rouge. He didn’t commit his crimes in Louisiana, which is why the church parked him there. People don’t know he was a priest. If anyone inquires, he’s a retired teacher looking for a quiet life in nature and away from kids. The Catholic Church is still trying to hide it’s miscreants, it costs them millions when they’re outed. The church knew what this one was up to, nuns finally had enough and put up a stink. Before his past could catch up to him, they forced him out and relocated him.”
Katya, “Collect any details, picture if you can get one, an address, car and license plate, as much as you can without making anyone curious.”
Gerard pulls an envelope from his jacket pocket, “Took a chance that you’d accept.”
Ellen is on the other side of the courtyard grilling, “All done kiddies, inside for wine and perfectly charred filets if I do say so myself. And myself does say so.”
Gerard, “Another opportunity to compliment you Ellen, you have the touch with the grill.”
“Thanks, the grill does its part. I sprung for a top of the line, we do a lot of meat and fish. Grilling adds something to the flavor, a smoky bit of bite that doesn’t happen on the griddle. It smells delicious while it cooks too.”
Katja, “Creamy speenich ees always best, and marching sauce on mashed.”
Mani, “And crusty buttery bread to drag up the extra.”
Gerard, “Except for Sarah, none of you are from New Orleans, but you talk food like natives.”
Katja, “Ees best food ever. We moof here for ambiance of French Quarter, best restaurant ees a plus, but we haf anyway Ellen.”
Ellen, “Katja’s so sweet.”
Gerard thinks, she is actually, in her deadpan unsmiling way. Cognac and a cup of Ellen’s apple/cherry crumble with vanilla bean ice cream rounds out dinner. Gerard repeats his thanks and takes leave to his home a couple of blocks down on Barracks Street.
The twins are at the table while Ellen and Mani clear and get things in the dishwasher.
Ellen, “What did Gerard want?”
Katya, “While Sarah and Mani go to Little Rock, we will go to St. Francisville and deal with pedophile priest.”
“Damn, two in a week, the priest doesn’t pay anything I guess.”
“Nyet, we kill pervert for fun, other people for fun and profit.”
Sarah, “Happiness is a warm gun.”

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