Chapter Forty One II

I used to be Snow White….but I drifted
                                                      Mae West

“Yay,” Susan grabs both of us in a double hug, “The babies are here,” she stands back and looks up at me, “big babies, geez Janah you’re a brick inside that robe, what on earth?”
“She’s a little workout beaver now, squats, push-ups, on top of yoga. The boys are coming for a couple of days on Christmas Eve, is there room?”
Susan, “Always, Lacy might stay over but she sleeps, uh, you know. Oh…..if they’re here, then…”
“Quit worrying, they’ll tactfully notice nothing. If it bothers Lacy then you guys walk her back home and don’t come back until the next morning. Don’t make up any stories. Don’t tell, they won’t ask. They are good Shaolin monks and could care less what nastiness you’re up to. Now, on the other hand, I want every detail over breakfast before the troops get up.”
Susan, “I presume you want to hear all about our shopping and lunches out, that sort of thing.”
“Exactly, not a word about your sexual exploits, you have an absolute right to your privacy, unless of course sharing would be educational, then of course it’s only to, uh, expand my horizons and all.”
Susan, “Class starts tomorrow.”
Chris shows, “Is goody a Buddhist term?”
Janah, “Yes, it means monk sticks her nose into other people’s business.”
Chris, “They’ve talked about sex since Daphne was eight. What’s she going to find out, that we’re gay?’
Janah, “Thank goodness. Whether she inherited it or was influenced by me, I’m delighted she turned out just like she did.”
Kara’s voice precedes around the corner, followed by Kara, “All lesbians ever talk about is sex.”
We look dubious, Kara says, “I’m the pot calling the kettle black, huh?”
Janah hugs her, then I lean in for a kiss, “I don’t think dad minds too much, when’s he coming home? I want to see him.”
Susan, “I thought Buddhists we supposed to be above wanting.”
“The good ones are. Let’s me out, I’m just a middle of the road one, so it’s expected I want to see my family and friends. I’ll run extra wind sprints when I get back to the temple.”
Janah, “I’m hungry.”
Chris, “Thank God some things never change, want lunch?”
“When we’re among infidels, we’re required to make them feel comfortable. It would be rude not to eat when offered a meal.”
Susan, “You need to go for remedial meditation. Buddhists don’t call people infidels.”
“Everybody’s an expert. Google makes it impossible to have secrets, now we aren’t held in reverential awe like the old days. Can’t I get a little awe, for old time’s sake?”
Everybody groans, “Aaaawwwwww,” my sympathy vote is thumbs down.
Chris prepares a pile of cheeses, nuts and crackers, opens wine and pours tea for me. Janah has wine with the others.
Susan, “So what happened, you said you were going to Mrs. Fong’s then here, that was at ten thirty, did you do some other stuff, eat lunch there?”
Janah, “Did some other stuff, no time for lunch, Daphne got involved in the kitchen and wouldn’t leave, you know how she is.”
Chris, “I’ve got to meet this woman. You’ve talked about her on and off, but we never went to the place. We kind of wanted you guys to go, it never worked out.”
Janah, “We’ll go soon then, after the holidays.”
Kara, “So, bring us up to date, what’s everyone been studying, or do you want to wait for dad?’
Janah, “Why don’t you guys give us your update, dad already knows what you’ve been doing, we want to hear what’s going on in the real world.”
Kara, “Let’s see, Sonia’s over at least every two weeks, doing well, I give her your messages, she’s dying to see you both. She and her dad will be here for Christmas.”
“Good plan moms, what a great surprise. She’ll have Black completely helpless.”
Susan, “She’ll be in girl heaven, three guys, all perfectly well mannered and intelligent, your present to her.”
“With those big brown eyes, it’ll take all Black’s monkability to show restraint.”
Chris, “Another new Shaolin term?”
“It’s in the Daphinity dictionary, I doubt Webster has caught up.”
Kara, “She has lots of Chapmans friends. She brings a few here from time to time, we get pizza and they listen to music, or watch movies, spread out all over the place and up until who knows when. It’s like the old RSG days.”
“You guys, running a youth hostel again?”
Susan, “It gets worse, she’s pretty much taken over your clothes, another miniskirt diva.”
I smile, “Ah, the good old days.”
Susan, “She’s very careful with things, I don’t think a thing’s been messed up, it’s better that she wore them, they were just hanging. We go shopping, make sure her wardrobe’s up to date, you may see some stuff you don’t recognize. I think she’s got most of it at home. Lately she’s needed the, uh, room…up top.”
“Janah and Sonia talk every couple of weeks. They don’t spend much time in girl talk. She helps Sonia with her coursework.”
Susan, “You’ve been quiet about calligraphy, have you kept it up?”
“Yes, it’s an incredible state of mind. I mean, it’s hard to tell with us whose state of mind it is, it’s ours really. My brush strokes merge with Janah’s meditations. I’m not painting anything, my hand is an extension of her mind. I don’t mean to get into some heavy thing, it’s been the most beautiful feeling, inexpressible really.”
Kara, Will you show me? I didn’t know, this is fascinating. It makes sense given you two, I’d love to see it….”
“Sure. We’ll play with it Friday morning for a while. You have a calligraphy brush, inks?”
Kara, “I’ll get them tomorrow.”
Janah, “Master Sung is sending some of Daphne’s work to San Francisco. One of the calligraphy masters lives there, wants him to take a look.”
Kara, “Geez Daphne, that’s cool. What happens? I mean does he critique, who is he?”
“I think if he doesn’t like it, he returns only the ashes or something. I really don’t know. Master Sung asked if he could have a few sheets, they’re like half a poster size, on rice paper. I had a bunch lying around the room. He picked up three and off they went. He told Janah later where he’d sent them. That’s all I know.”
Kara, “Obviously Janah doesn’t know any more either.”
Janah, “We’re in the dark. If they like it, great, if not, she’s still going to work on it. She loves doing it, I love helping, I guess that’s what it is. It’s something we do totally together. Daphne practices without me, then we also have sessions where I enter her mind and she paints. I can feel the brush strokes, sometimes it’s incredibly sensual. Once I had an orgasm while she painted, like out of nowhere, I wasn’t fantasizing or anything, is that cool or what?”
Sis, “Get out of town!”
“I tried that stoke over and over. I guess there was something in the moment, it didn’t happen with that particular symbol again. It’s happened a couple of times since, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern. Obviously she’s having unconscious fantasies, and there’s the quiet, the slow stroke of the brush on the paper, you know how she is.”
Chris, “It’s never just another day with you two is it?”
“Today was pretty bland, at least until we got here with all our babe moms. That other stuff is fun, this is what’s important.”
James arrives from work, we pounce on him with kisses and long hugs, “Wow! Can I can spend the rest of the night just coming in from work?”
“Why don’t we keep up the hugs and you have a drink, save all that going and coming?”
James, “Sold, angel.”
He sits, Janah plops in his lap, her head on his shoulder, “You still love me more than Daphne, right?’
James, “She’s still got my drink over there, I’ll save my answer for later.”
Janah giggles, I hand him his Glenlivet, lots of cracked ice, just like he likes it.
“I see even with all your obligations, you’ve kindly remembered my cocktail preferences, thank you.”
He says to Janah, “It’s a tie, I’m incapable of a decision with you in my lap and Daphne’s drink before me, maybe I can give you a better answer in forty or fifty years.”
Janah, “I understand, I kind of like her myself, she’s grown on me.”
James, “She’s grown into you, or you into her, I’m still not sure how that works, best to stick with merged. You’ve both clearly taken on much of the other’s personality. The ‘love me more than Daphne’ teasing is all Daphne, Janah wouldn’t have done that five years ago. I guess my answer becomes obvious, I love my daughter unequivocally.”
Janah, “Right answer, extra points for a Ch’an interpretation.”
Susan, “You are too much, that was completely obscure, how did you know it wasn’t pure teasing, whether from Janah or Daphne?”
James, “I didn’t at first, it could have been just what it appeared to be. Despite it being so much like Daphne, it came from Janah. She generally doesn’t quiz me with off the wall statements and observations, Daphne does. When that clicked, well, the answer was simple.”
Chris, “Dad-daughter koans aside, what do we want for dinner?”
We respond identically, “Pizza!”
Chris, “That was hard. Stick with the usual, veggie, pepperoni, cheese lasagna, Italian salad?”
Janah, “Some manicotti too please, I’ll eat both.”
“Told you she was working out.”
By the time we shower and change, the food is being organized along the kitchen counters. Buffet style tonight. Janah put on a sleeveless shirt and shorts, she pads out to the kitchen.
Chris, “Good lord girl, your curves got curves.”
Susan, “Janah, you have arms, legs, come here.”
“Nice of Sis to notice she has all her body parts.”
Chris, “She has all her body parts and somebody else’s. Good job, honey.”
Susan pulls her shirt up, ripple of abs, slaps her butt, “Added to that round yoga tush too I see. It’s like slapping a brick.”
I put round one in front of her, salad, slice of veggie and a manicotti, grated Parmesan, Romano and Asiago cheeses, and a couple of fat banana peppers to crunch on.
Chris, “Janah and I are going to the dojang tomorrow to work out, you coming skinny?”
“Probably, I’ve got an early appointment with Sis, you guys won’t even be up yet. After that I’m wide open. Shall I cook tomorrow?”
Susan, “No, tomorrow we go to the Epsteins. I’m coming to the dojang with you guys. Daphne and I can practice and spar a little, it’s been what, I’ve forgotten the last time? C-mom and Janah can do their thing, then we’ll come back for a late lunch and serious lounging.”
Time to fess up before Sis gets to the morning paper, “If everyone’s full and settling in, we have a small story to tell.”

Chapter Forty Two II

Daphne,  If I tell a true story, but not the whole story, is that lying?
Janah,  It’s called prevaricating.

I tell them about Fong’s, skip the gorier stuff, just that I disabled the bad guy and instead focused on Janah’s handling the one who was presenting the danger to Mrs. Fong.
“So if you see something in the paper, and we don’t know what they know or if they know anything, at least you won’t be taken by surprise. We didn’t want dad to walk into the hospital tomorrow clueless if his coworkers asked. Marsconi told us to beat it, we didn’t see any reporters, Janah’s already talked to Master Sung.”
Susan, “I’m happy I didn’t know. If it had turned into a hostage thing, Chris would have been down there jumping through the front window and Master Kim would have been right behind her. My god, Mrs. Fong must have been petrified, poor woman.”
Janah, “She’s a tough old bird. She’d have been happy to clock one of them herself, and might have if I wasn’t trying to settle everyone down. That would have ended badly. The bad guys were hyped on something, jittery, angry and refusing to be sensible. I didn’t care if they took the money. Eventually I would have talked Mrs. Fong into it. They were too wired to think straight, one clearly had a meth buzz going.”
“Janah was amazing, C-mom. She used a standard wrist lock to get the gun, stomped his instep at precisely the right moment, and she had the gun to hit him with if she didn’t have that grip of hers. He was cold in under ten seconds, all due to watching me and the moms beat each other up. You and Sis had a major influence in this business coming off as well as it did.”
Janah, “It’s true, it was all a version of what she worked on with you, almost textbook.”
Chris and Susan had spent countless hours working with me. They could have told me a million times that I knew enough, I was already good. When I wanted to practice, they never turned me down. Did it save a life? No way to know, the good people went home, criminals went to the hospital.  
The family piles up around the television for an hour, Janah curls up with Kara, I stretch out between Chris and Susan. We watch a law and disorder program, get sleepy, everyone turns in.
The next morning I’m getting an earful of the moms play with Lacy until Janah stirs. I bring her breakfast, sharing the fruit turns into lovemaking. I take the tray back to the kitchen, wash the plates and cups and feel Janah calling me. When I get back to our room, Janah is sitting cross legged, still nude, on the bed.
Janah, “I think you might have missed a spot.”
“Only one way to be sure,” I do her again.
“I think you covered it, could you check again tonight anyway?”
“All play and no work makes Daphne sizzle. Santa Sylk is back in town.”
Janah, “Ho, Ho….. Hoe.”
Laugh at our silliness, shower and dress for the dojang. When we show up at the dining table, Susan is just putting down the newspaper, she’d been reading something to Chris, both the moms look at us.
Uh oh, we’re busted, honey.
Janah, “is would have to be a newspaper junkie, oh well.
Chris, “How was it worded again, the headline?”
Susan, “Shaolin Monks Foil Robbery.”
Chris, “And that first paragraph?”
Susan, “The restaurant robbers made a big mistake when they tried to hold up Fong’s restaurant in Chinatown yesterday. Two Shaolin monks disarmed and disabled three, that’s right, three, armed men attempting to hold up the restaurant just prior to opening. Disarmed is more accurate than it suggests, one of the robbers literally lost a hand in the melee. Detective Marsconi, a well known fixture in Chinatown, said the perpetrators had committed at least two prior restaurant robberies, with the same M.O. They catch staff before opening, guns drawn, demanding cash. Readers may recall the downtown hold up two weeks ago. The day manager was beaten and is still hospitalized in guarded condition. One waitress was battered with a pistol and is still recovering and a pastry chef was shot in the thigh. Marsconi refused to reveal the names of the two women who foiled the attempt, citing the need to protect them. Yes, you read correctly, both monks are female, believed to be in their late teens or early twenties. This time, however, it was the perpetrators who needed protection. Injuries included one with two broken fingers, and a badly broken foot, a second hand his hand cut off with a meat cleaver, the third had major cuts and second degree burns to his face. All three were found unconscious when police arrived.”
Susan, “Sliced off his hand?”
“On the advice of my counsel, I must refuse to answer that question based on my rights under the fifth amendment to the Constitution.”
Susan, “Moms trump the fifth amendment, spill. ”
“He was too far away for me to disarm, strike that, for me to disable, strike that, to get to his gun and still deal with the guy behind me. The hand guy was raising his gun and he pulled the hammer back. I had to do something drastic.”
Susan, “Did you think we wouldn’t find out? You didn’t think to tell us you chopped off the guy’s hand? You got distracted by the pizza?”
“It was probably the manicotti.”
Susan hugs me, she is crying, “God, girl, you two are incorrigible. I don’t give a damn what you did to him, I just don’t want to think about how many things could have gone wrong.”
“I’m for that, let’s not.”
Chris, “Susan, we train for this. Daphne and I have trained practically our whole lives for it. She did what needed to be done. I’ve been lucky, only a few scrapes, people playing grab-ass with me or you, nuisance stuff. I hope I do as well as they did if the situation arises. And I hope it never does.”
“We didn’t ask these guys to become assholes. Believe me, I would have been delighted to take my abuse from Mrs. Fong, have tea and come home to the family. To the extent it turned out like it did, I’m glad we were there. I would have had a hell of a time without Janah taking care of her guy. I wanted him myself when he yanked her hair. C-mom’s always grilled me on the stupidity of getting angry. Janah took him out, I had other things to attend to.”
Susan sighs, “Okay, it’s near the holiday, maybe this will just slide under the radar.”

Chapter Forty Three II

You shoulda stuck the cleaver in his head, Daph.

Under the radar, wishful thinking. After a workout at the dojang, Janah and Chris push around weights, Sis and I push around each other, we shower, and head to the Village Diner for a snack. Soon as we enter, the place goes silent, then, en mass, everyone stands and applauds.
Mini, “What about my girls? God, I coulda danced naked on Broadway when I heard. I mean after I heard you was all right. Marsconi and Jocelyn came late yesterday, before the papers hit. Chuck must of asked them a thousand times if you were hurt. Were they sure you weren’t hurt? Then today, one customer after another, are the girls okay? Everyone knew right off who it was. All day, I been hearing, ‘Daphne gave that scum a real fresh perspective. Every regular that’s been in has said to give you a hug. I’d have to hug you for a week, which is not a bad thing."
“Give me a big hug right now Mini, the handsomest short order specialist in Manhattan, the state, the country, the world, and definitely the biggest.”
Mini, “Angel, I know some guys in Attica, they can see that these three do very short time, you know what I mean? Maybe I shouldn’t say nothin’, they just go away, that’s that.”
Janah, “We appreciate the thought. I’m guessing at least two of them will make lots of enemies all by themselves, not to mention one has to learn to pull up his zipper one handed.”
Mini, “Yeah, we read that. That’s strong, even for Daphne, he must have been ready to do something really stupid.”
Janah explains why Hoodie paid such a stiff price.
Mini, “She had no udda choice. Far as I’m concerned, he’s lucky to be in the hospital. If I ever see him, he’s won’t make it to the morgue, they won’t find his good hand, or nuttin’ else.”
Janah doesn’t think for a moment it’s just bluster. She suspects it wouldn’t be the first guy to evaporate for getting crosswise with him. Mini isn’t a killer, he isn’t even the hostile type. He can’t tolerate jerks, people who take advantage, bullies, punk assholes. It isn’t in him to ignore it. He’d been a collector and enforcer in the old days. But he only collected and enforced people who wanted to play on the wrong side of the street, until it came time to pay. Then they wanted to avoid their obligations. Mini required they fulfill their obligations, in a physically direct manner. He changed his ways in prison, now he cooks, no more street guy stuff. Janah doesn’t much care for punks and assholes either, and like Mini, she wouldn’t get angry. She would let me give them a fresh perspective. Getting closer to that time.
We slide in a booth, Mini makes the moms’ sandwiches, slice of crispy kosher dill on the side, Janah and I split a veggie omelet. 
When we leave the diner, there’s a booming basso profondo from across the street,
“Look mon, it’s de Seelk, come to see us, girl. You take care of bees-ness down Chinatown, yes? Good ‘ting, come and see, we got somethin for you.”
They give me a knock off Rolex sport watch and Janah a chunky gold bracelet, not much our style, we appreciate the gesture.
Mighty Jim, one of the Jamaicans the size of a minivan, says, “Who ees des beautiful women wit’ you? Dis one is you sista I can see dat, dese one is de one wit de karate school. I watch her go by in de summertime, all muscle like Mighty Jim, even more beautiful dan me.”
I introduce the moms to Mighty Jim, Timothy, Juju and Quiet Man, the Jamaicans. They sell various items of dubious origin from a table on the sidewalk. Besides the knockoff handbags, watches, jewelry, scarves, umbrellas, pens and sunglasses, they’re a source of legitimate branded goods, illegitimately obtained. If you want an Hermes, Gucci, Cartier or Rolex and have the cash, you could get it for a healthy discount. Of course, it helps if you know your brands well. If they can peddle you a fake as real, it doesn’t bruise their conscience in the least. They respect us because we aren’t imitation, we are genuine. I get them laughing and watching Janah dance sooths their restless minds. Of course, it heats up their libidos too. Despite that, they are never rude.
Four women around the table brings more shoppers, eventually we make our way across the street, stop to chat with the food vendor on that corner. He has hot dogs, bratwurst, hot sausage, a variety of steamed vegetables or sauerkraut and relishes to garnish the dogs. In our pre-Shaolin days, Janah often got the bun filled with vegetables, which is exactly what she does now.
“We just walked out of Chuck’s, where do you put it?”
Chris, “That looks good, can I get one with a dog too, Diet Coke?”
We park on a bench a few feet away while yoga and muscle have a second lunch, Susan and I can’t resist a bite, they smell really good. Mr. Vitale, the owner, has a way with his food, cooks it right there, spice to taste, from mild to brutal. He has one relish that could scorch the sun. In small doses, it brings a unique flavor to the food, awaken the palate. In larger doses it will awaken the dead.
Mr. Vitale loves being out on his corner every day. His customers are almost all regulars, he knows their tastes, his standards are high. It’s really no different than any neighborhood restaurant, just no tables, waiters, or roof. Only the big umbrella and a rolling cart.
The four blocks home take another hour, everyone heard the story and wanted to say thanks. The women tend to be part admiration and part fussy, scolding us for doing such a dangerous thing, admiration wins out.
“This attention would be embarrassing if I got embarrassed.”
Susan, “I don’t mind attention, it’s why I wear your tiny skirts. I’m getting too old for them, except I don’t care, it’s just too much fun.”
Chris, “I’ll tell you when it’s inappropriate, they still do a job on me. Short is good.”
Susan, “It’s important to sacrifice modesty for lust, I read that someplace.”
“Rationalization is key to positive self esteem, I think that’s in one of the sutras.”
Janah, “I’ve read all the sutras, it’s from the unpublished Daphinity Sutra on self absorption.”
“So you’ll use it in one of your talks to the monks?”
Janah, “Nope, it’s part of the secret teachings. Known only to me and a few select family members.”
“You know best.”
Janah, “Keep that thought.”
Susan, “See why they function so perfectly Chris? Listen and learn.”
Chris, “And the last time you didn’t get your way was…?”
Susan, “Well, nothing leaps to mind. Still, it’s something to remember for the future, in case the little skirts lose their effect.”
Chris, “I don’t know who’s worse tease, you or Lacy. I’ll need to continue my research. Maybe worse isn’t right, it’s that I don’t know who’s a better tease.”
“You two are creating a sexually charged atmosphere in the presence of your touchingly innocent daughters. Sis will be obliged to explain her behavior to me in lurid detail. Only so I can meditate on the intricacies of lesbian interactions, for Janah’s edification, you know how she loves to learn.”
Susan, “They say the best ideas are stolen.”
“It’s called sharing, a time honored Buddhist tradition. Take a good idea and build on it.”
Janah, Thank goodness we’re home. Go to our room and unburden yourself of clothing. I have a plan.
I’m yours to command, Ange Blanc.

Janah, Keep that thought too.
“Janah insists I rest after our workout. Perhaps we can gather for a Scrabble-a-thon in a couple of hours?”
Susan, “We’ll join up around four-ish, give or take….I plan to do both.”
We go to our room, Susan stops by Kara’s studio to tell her the Scrabble plan while Chris calls Lacy. Chris is just hanging up with Lacy, she’s smiling.
Chris, “I was giving Lacy an abbreviated version of our conversation. She said it was so weird, she’d just been thinking of the subject herself while she was lounging in the bath. I suggested she come over and share her thoughts, she’s on the way.”
Susan grins, “The plot thickens.”

Chapter Forty Four II

A major benefit of shedding the self is shedding inhibitions.
Uninhibited Janah is sexual nirvana.
                          Daphne Sylk

Three hours and a smidgen later, the group is gathered around the big table, Lacy and I have Janah surrounded, Kara, Susan and Chris across from us, team version, three on three. Mostly we’re going to kibitz and snack. The game is an excuse to pretend we’re doing something besides goofing and eating.
There’s unanimous agreement that the process would move more smoothly fortified with wine, so everyone has a fat glass of cold Chardonnay. I sip on Diet Coke. I’d used the time waiting for the moms to emerge from their bedroom lustathon to make snacks, cheese, crackers, mixed nuts, nothing hot or complicated, while Kara set up the game. Janah occupies herself admiring my legs.
I flop one long leg over Janah’s knee as the game begins, Some of us never get enough attention, should I leave you hands free for a while?
Fondling you helps me think, not about Scrabble, about how much I like to fondle you. By the end of the game, you’ll be all wet again.
By the end of the game I’ll be dehydrated.
Drink your coke.

We start laughing, Susan says, “Oh god, they’re talking dirty again.”
Lacy, “Ooooh, tell me.”
Janah’s other hand drifts along Lacy’s bare thigh. She contemplates the joys of being ambidextrous.
Janah, “I’ll tell you later, if we start that now, K-mom will get all worked up and when dad comes in she’ll push him into the bedroom and we won’t get to see him until tomorrow.”
Kara, “I noticed the rest of this family didn’t wait for later.”
Chris, “I don’t know what you mean, I was just lying there, Susan and Lacy did some sort of calisthenics, Pilates or something.”
Kara, “Uh huh.”
“And Janah spent the whole time studying,” I add unctuously.
More giggling. So far no words had actually been spelled, no one seemed to notice.
The conversation moves to a free for all about sexual positions, toys, body types and orgasms.
James comes in, Susan says, “Does this mean we can’t talk dirty anymore?”
James, “You’re going to cut me out of the fun? That’s gender discrimination, Mrs. Epstein wouldn’t stand for it. What’s going on? Let’s see, Zen Scrabble.”
We look at the blank board, we hadn’t even gotten around to drawing tiles, we explode in laughter.
Kara, “How do you know we didn’t just finish a game?”
“There’s a demolished tray of snacks, and an empty bottle of wine.”
“So? We still could have just finished playing.”
“What are you talking about?’
“There are crumbs all over the board, and on top of the tiles you poured out. If you had used them, the crumbs wouldn’t be there.”
Kara, “Busted.”
“So the sex talk got in the way.”
“You don’t know what we talked about smarty, that’s privileged and confidential.”
“Well, the bright eyes and flushed faces could be from the wine. Of course, Daphne doesn’t drink, Janah has tea, so they must simply be warm and excited because….”
“Go get a shower, we’re due at the Epsteins for seven. And quit reading minds. You do that all day.”
James winks at Janah, walks off to the bedroom.
Janah, “We need to get moving. I don’t want to keep the Epsteins waiting.”
“I’m so glad to be going to see them, it’s been months, I hope she still recognizes us.”
Chris, “You look the same, Janah’s got more curves. She’s going to say you’ve lost weight, she always says you’ve lost weight. By now you should be invisible.”
“I’m going to tell her Janah’s taking it all, I wake up in the morning and there’s a pound of muscle gone that she’s stuck on her biceps and butt. Janah’s eating me at night.”
Susan, “All you guys think about is sex. It’s like living inside the Kama Sutra.”

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