Thirty Seven

Much invigorated after a shower, we head back to the kitchen to assemble finger sandwiches, Dasha and Valeria are halfway through. They don’t ask, we don’t tell, but I’m probably glowing enough that explanations are self evident.
“What’s next?”
Dasha, “We haf already egg salad and vegetable, now for toorkey and ham. Add chiz slice to half of ham wiz mayo, Dijon mustard to the rest.”
Ellen and I get busy, while we cut and paste, Dasha brings us up to speed on the girls.
“Children talk for a while, do not speak of history, just about current projects, then Tasia and Karol take them on tour of house and their room. Girls are quiet, big eyes, so many things, huge pool, karts, working out room. Eemaya was een on weight machine wiz Chloe.”
Valeria, “They recognized Chloe, saw the old Ultra Violet films on a streaming service. Dahlia is no fool, she said Chloe looks the same as she did in a fifteen year old movie. Chloe smiled and said ‘how sweet’, it did not go further.”
Dasha, “When do Janah and you work on girls’ memory?”
“After they’ve had a chance to absorb their new surroundings. For all we know, they won’t need much, no point dipping into their brains unnecessarily. We didn’t do anything with Valeria or the children, not even Chloe, who had the worst treatment. We keep them busy, figure out where they are educationally, Kota B goes to work. It’s a cliché, but one day at a time.”
“They are quiet, but ees only first few hours and they haf never been anyplace.”
“Right, so first we see how they do with more social contact. By the way, don’t let the children overwhelm them.”
Valeria, “I am taking care of it.”
She’s appointed herself big sister, lucky girls, Valeria is calm and self assured, if she says it’s being taken care of, it is.
Janah, “Sounds right, have fun with Ellen? You don’t need to answer, I’m sure you felt me peeking.”
“How can a girl not have fun with Ellen? I got off twice just servicing her.”

Janah giggles in my head, “I got off watching you work.”
Girls gather for the light lunch, Kota B collects a selection of sandwiches for the kids. They have their own refrigerator for sodas and bottled teas, none with sugar, we have quite enough desserts and occasionally sweets with tea.
Morshchiny won’t get a sample sandwich out of the children, she comes loping down the stairway to hit up her sucker.
We have our routine, I have to wait until she pokes me with that massive snout, then I give her a turkey, which disappears. I spring for an egg salad and tell her to get lost. She huffs, turns and back upstairs to her charges.
Kota B pops up on our kitchen screen, “I saw that.”
I look into the cam, “She’s huge, I feared for my life.”
I get the evil eye, which is laughable, Kota B was designed to be impossibly adorable, the screen goes blank.
I nibble a couple of finger sandwiches, don’t feel like a post lunch siesta. Instead I go to the pool, strip off my t-shirt and dive in for a mile of freestyle. When I climb out, Dahlia and Clarissa are in chairs watching.
“What’s doing?”
“Everyone took a nap, Valeria offered but we are kind of…”
“You’ve had a lot of stuff in less than twenty four hours. Want to swim?”
“We don’t know how.”
“Then we need to fix that, one of you sit on the steps in the water, I’ll get the other started. We’ll be in the shallow end, but that’s still over Clarissa’s head. Clarissa, tell you what, you sit on the first step and watch.”
Dahlia, “You swim with nothing?”
“It’s all girls here, everybody swims with nothing.”
She looks at her sister, tentative.
“You don’t have to go nude, the children have swimsuits for when we go someplace public. I’ll get Kota B to bring something. Nobody here is going to touch you where they shouldn’t, this isn’t about sex, it’s about swimming.”
They strip off shirts, Clarissa steps tentatively into the water and plops down on the first step, “It’s warm.”
“The water is heated to a constant temperature unless the outside temp keeps it warm enough.”
I lead Dahlia to the edge, “Hands on the deck, straighten out and kick your legs, like this,” I demonstrate.
She does, at first I hold her tummy, then gradually let go.
When you swim, you push your way through the water, with your hands and your feet. We start with kicks to get you used to the motion.
Clarissa, “I want to try.”
“Sure, hang on a sec.”
I go into Janah’s head, “Tell Oceane to come to the pool please.”
A minute later, the nude sylph is walking toward us, Cassie is with her, Cassie is never not with her.
“Teaching the girls to swim, show Clarissa please.”
Cass slips in with her, smiles at me, what an angel!
She takes over with Dahlia, I pull myself up to sit on the side, “Oceane and Cassie will show you, just let them guide your legs and arms.”
Cassie hardly talks anytime, Oceane speaks quietly, almost a whisper, it doesn’t seem to matter. In fifteen, the girls are lapping side to side. Not quite an example of Olympic readiness, but they don’t sink. If the smiles of success get any wider, they may drown.
“Okay, not too much, hop out and watch Oceane swim, study her motion, absorb it, pretend it is you swimming.”
Oceane starts laps, it is a sight to behold.
Dahlia,  “How can she go so fast?”
“Pay attention, you will learn by observation.”
They stay riveted, so riveted they don’t notice Cassie hovering twenty feet over the pool. Oceane climbs the steps, breath normal, as if she’d been resting. That’s when the girls see what they have trouble processing.
Clarissa screeches, Dahlia has that stunned look, eyes wide, jaw dropped, “How does she…?”
“Nobody knows, Cassie doesn’t talk, so she never explains, isn’t it beautiful?”
Clarissa, “She can fly!”
“Sort of, it’s call levitating. She can move along if Oceane moves, not exactly fly like a bird.”
“I want to do it.”
“Perhaps you can, but nobody taught Cassandra, you have to figure it out on your own. None of the rest of us ever has, you could be the first.”
Cassie floats over Oceane, then down to the ground. She sits with us while Oceane hits the high board. The girls are treated to another magical performance.
Dahlia, “It’s like gymnastics in the air.”
“She practices, there is nothing you cannot accomplish if you practice.”
Dahlia, “She will show me?”
“Ask her, Oceane is a water baby, her first home. Do as she does. First, we’ll get you both to learn gymnastics, the first step to precision diving. Learn to tumble, balance build strength, we have a trampoline, best way to learn to flip. You practiced dance?”
“Only at home, things we got on YouTube.”
“Good, a start anyway. Amaya is an excellent dance coach, she would love to teach you.”
Dahlia’s eyes are wet, a tear drops, “Nobody ever showed us anything but….that stuff.”
I stroke her brow, “No more that stuff, and we have lots of girls willing to show you lots of fun things.”
Valeria comes out, “Come with me and get dressed, Sloane will take you around the property now, you can hike the mountain, also drink this,” she hands them glasses of water, “it is dry here and you need lots of water.”
Ten minutes later they’re off with Sloan, Sarah and Morshchiny, not running, a steady hiking pace around the grounds, eventually circling the perimeter, over two miles of walk up and down the hills.
They return excited, “Sloane showed us the kart track, we want to try.”
Dasha, “Time for tea, take a shower by the pool, Kota B will bring fresh clothes. Leave what you have on by the shower, she will take it to the laundry.”
Dahlia, “We had to do everybody’s laundry.”
“And we did our own until we got the bots, now they do it.”
“Bots are better.”
Grace B, “Keep that thought kid.”
Dahlia is nonplussed, only momentarily, then she giggles, a refreshing sound.
“Grace B takes a bit of getting used to, but she will do exactly as instructed, unless the instruction makes no sense, then she will point that out. As well as service work, they are invaluable as researchers, concierges and personal assistants. They are also programmed to defend the family at any cost.”
“Are Clarissa and me family?”
“Yes, and you are safe here.”
Never hurts to remind, even over-remind.
Chloe has a treat for the children, a tea ceremony to welcome Dahlia and Clarissa. Amaya assists. The rest of us have our normal afternoon tea, which is enough production for so many. They have Japanese sweets, we have crunchy sugar cookies. I never figured out the soft cookie thing, but people apparently prefer it, most of us like the snap of a crisp cookie, soft and chewy is good for brownies.

Thirty Eight

Weeks pass happily, we don’t have to go into little girl brains and rearrange. In fact, Dahlia told Valeria they don’t want to forget, they prefer to remember.
Valeria, “Dahlia told me that they liked some of it, the attention, presents, even some of the other. They said it felt good, which it does. They had no idea of wrong. They didn’t like doing the oral, they got used to it.”
“Why make them feel like they did something wrong? It serves no purpose, Masters was wrong, the customers were wrong, not the girls. If you want to, tell me what else, I get the sense there is more.”
“The girls had me sleep with them for a while. Clarissa curled into Dahlia, Dahlia curled into me. We slept in t-shirts, or we went to sleep in t-shirts. In the morning, they had taken theirs off , Dahlia had turned to her back and Clarissa was on her side, face in Dahlia’s neck, and her hand between Dahlia’s legs, just resting there. I never saw them do anything. Clarissa kisses her sister a lot, which Dahlia seems to like.”
“And you didn’t talk to them about it.”
“Nyet. Most of the customers wanted the girls to perform oral sex on each other, which they did.”
“Naturally, a major titillation for the customer.”
“Da. Do I do anything?”
“They’ve had sex three hundred days a year for three years, starting when Dahlia was five and Clarissa only three. Out of the blue it’s over, there’s no audience, no other sexual stimulation. I don’t know why we would expect them to just quit. Make sure they don’t start in on the others here, particularly the children. It happens at the ranches every so often, abused children who only know one way to make people like them.”
“What do they do? I mean the people who run the ranches.”
“We aren’t naïve, kids at the ranches, particularly the post pubescent teens, are going to go at it. The monks and other adults remind them that no one is to feel pressured, and if they are active, we give them birth control. Condoms are readily available. Prepubescent children are off limits, violation will result in expulsion and they go into the state run systems. They don’t want that, things stay within bounds.”
“The girls are prepubescent.”
“Which is why we won’t toss them back. They are to be discreet about their personal activities, and they are not to approach others. Kota B monitors the kids twenty four seven, there’s little chance to sneak.”
“Um, I should mention, Dahlia has been flirty with me.”
“Oh, ooookaay, let me think….no,  I should ask instead, what do you think?”
“I am not for sex with children.”
“Then give her limits, whatever you will agree to, a sort of innocent kiss perhaps, cuddling if you’re okay with it. You decide, not her. What about Clarissa?”
“She is absorbed with her sister. She does like to display herself, like Dahlia.”
“That’s fine, if you think it’s out of hand, tell them to cover up. They can swim nude, we all do, ought to be enough display. Of course, what you mean is display her private part.”
“Da. They are, what’s the word, coy and seductive. Something they learned in their former life.”
“We can’t expect that to disappear overnight. If it gets out of hand, we’ll do a mind reset. I’d prefer to avoid it, and I think now that they have an older sister, your guidance will carry a lot of weight. At the ranches, once the rules are understood, the kids find other outlets. If we do this right, not get hysterical or stupidly strict, the whole business will play itself out and they’ll move on to other things. Right now, they’ve been thrust into an entirely new life, I think the sexual behavior is a kind of stability. Something familiar given the upheaval.”
Valeria nods, “This is between us?”
“Janah knows what I know. Nikko can, but she doesn’t jump in my head much, neither does Amaya or the twins. Even if they did find out, they won’t say anything, we’ve dealt with not exact but similar situations before.”
Valeria, “I put the girls in their own room a few days ago. Now, I am alone in my room, which is nice most of the time. Not all of the time.”
“What’s your calendar look like?”
“Tonight would be good, plan to stay.”
I bite my lip, gonna get my game on.
Valeria brushes my lips with hers, a sample of succulence to come.
I go to the office, Janah’s clicking off a call, “What’s doing?”
“Masters has earned himself and Fran a slot on the sex offender honor roll, no mention of the girls, for the child porn on his computer, they’ll get jail time with supplemental punishment by inmates and guards.”
“Valeria asked about vaccinations and what not, they haven’t had any.”
“Ask one of the bots to order them, we’ll treat them over the next year. Don’t forget HPV.”
Vaccines these days are all nasal, no more sticks. None of us are ever sick, still no reason to leave the girls vulnerable. In a few years, they can decide to quit aging. The subject will come up eventually when they notice nobody gets older except them.
Janah, “I caught bits of Valeria’s observations, it’s being handled?”
“Yes, big sis Valeria knows what to do. We won’t have little girls offering themselves to the family, not until they’re bigger girls anyway.”
“We have two sets of twins that intra-act and interact, Dahlia and Clarissa are no more than two years apart, not twins but close, particularly considering how they lived.”
“I informed Sis that she’s got more grandchildren, she took it in stride. I asked if she needed me to get name tags, she told me to fuck off.”
Janah giggles, “Susan is, what, thirty nine, forty? You’ve been alive that long, but you’re twenty five biologically, and thirteen psychologically.”
“Guilty and proud of it. Oh, I have an appointment with Valeria tonight, I’m sure you can find a bedmate.”
“Maybe I’ll sleep alone.”
We laugh, Janah will either be snagged by the first girl who discovers I’m elsewhere, or she’ll go on the prowl. Around here, there’s no such thing as not being able to find a playmate. 
“I haven’t jumped Amaya in a few weeks, check in and see if she’s available this evening.”
I can mental with Janah and others, including Amaya, but Janah only mentals with me.
“Hey gorgeous.”
“It is only the truth.”

Amaya is not short on self esteem, “Janah is free this evening and was wondering if your calendar is clear.”
“Funny you should ask, Chloe has been requested by Katya and Katja, which is an opportunity not to be missed. I was just mulling over places where I would like a girl to put her tongue and who might be available to put it there. Janah is an expert tongulator, tell her she is on.”
“Will do.”

“Amaya is thinking over her service requirements, you know how organized she is.”
“I am hers to command.”
Amaya blinks in, “And commanded she will be, better yet, I expect her to beg for it, I am feeling imperious.”
I laugh, Janah cocks her head, “Well.”
“You must supplicate yourself and beg.”
Janah smiles, “Only fair, I make Susan do that, she gets frenzied when she’s submissive.”
“I know you were on the phone getting an update on Masters, but I get the sense there is something else.”
“Oh, I got distracted anticipating Amaya. We may have an investigative opportunity. It seems there is a growing knot of what used to be called skinheads, that morphed some years ago into alt-right when that Trump guy was elected. The country divided into camps as you know, hard right anti-everything that wasn’t white and conservative, a large contingency that stuck their heads in the sand, a smaller but vocal group of progressives as they were known then, and a smattering of radical leftists. Muslims were essentially shut out of the country for years.”
“The country drifted to the middle as the conservative baby boomers died off. Sis used to talk about how boomers went from peace, love, marijuana and Woodstock to the most conservative generation ever. They got relatively wealthy, which led them to conservatism along with the generalized fears after 9/11 and the aftermath. Thus Trump.”
“Politics aren’t our thing, we got tremendously rich and didn’t need favors from politicians. Nikko never worried about tax avoidance, the real estate business took care of that, now municipal bonds do.”
“So what’s up with the neo neo-Nazis?”
“Today, they don’t skinhead or tat-up, too obvious. No motorcycles or tricked out trucks. Now they’re corporate, nobody wears suits any longer, but they dress well, stay unobtrusively fashionable and live in wealthy enclaves, not trailers. They frequent upscale private clubs, not dive bars. They have lawyers and accountants, they don’t get busted for dealing drugs or engaging in extortion.”
“So what do they have in common with the old crowd?”
“The usual, white is right, brown is down, Jesus is Lord and the Lord doesn’t tolerate Muslims, blacks or Jews.”
“Ah, well, there’s always been pick and choose Christians, scripture that suites their prejudices and scripture that doesn’t, which is ignored. What are they doing exactly?”
“That’s just it, nothing identifiable. The FBI has no reason to bust into anything, break down any doors or drag anyone into interview rooms. They do have a sense that there is something nasty, something under wraps.”
“Because nothing is happening. They don’t lobby, there are no calls to or meetings with Congressmen or the administration, no cash to campaigns, not so much as a website or a newsletter.”
“Sounds like the Society.”
Janah nods, “Yes…it does, doesn’t it? We vigilante, one wonders what they get up to, or what they may be planning to get up to.”
“Could it be as simple as a bunch of guys who think alike and prefer to hobnob with each other rather than the plebeians?”
“Of course, whichever way it is, we’re going to find out.”

Thirty Nine

We call in Grace B.
“We have a list of seven private clubs in seven cities. I need you to find out who owns the buildings, who belongs to the clubs, what’s the secret handshake, where do members work, married, children, medical records, everything.”
“Time frame?”
“Not this afternoon or even tomorrow, we don’t know that the members are doing anything they shouldn’t. For all we know they sing campfire songs and send presents to disabled children, but only white children.”
“Upload the list, you want to add surveillance teams?”
“Maybe later, first the details. Surveillance may wind up sneaking around watching nothing but a bunch of ultra-conservative Christians.”
“Sounds like Christian jihadists.”
“You may be onto something, for now, just facts.”
She goes off to ease her way into a few hundred databases. If any of them are dumb enough to be on social media via their phones, we’ll have them, their pals and everyplace they’ve been since they’ve owned the device.
I go off to get beat up by Nishiko, Zi and the twins.
An hour and a half later, we’re spread on the mats only slightly bloodied, gulping a second or third glass of water.
Nikko, “If I find the bear that boosted the twins strength, I’m going to take a katana to his Grizzly butt.”
Daria and Dasha were given a gift via transmission from a Grizzly in Canada. They look the same as always, but their muscle tissue is dense, they weigh in at a couple hundred pounds each and could toss a refrigerator across the room. They have to back off when we spar or we’d be pulp in minutes.
Nikko, on the other hand, received a transmission from a rattlesnake, she was already quick, now she’s impossible. We take punches and kicks we don’t see, just feel. 
Zi can register intent, and it helps her avoid the lightening quick blows, some of them, not all. I’ve got eagle vision, owl vision, I can see in ultraviolet and infrared, none of which helps me avoid the strikes. I also got the owl’s grip, which is intense, at least I can discourage my opponents with a bit of hard pressure on arms and legs. We don’t strangle each other, there are limits to how far we can go when we practice. 
The point is to retain our fighting skills and to deal with pain. In a hand to hand, learning that most blows won’t kill us is important, it takes away the distraction of fear.
Sufficiently battered, we move to our rooms for hot showers and Qi sessions to treat bruises and cuts. By dinner, it will be as if we were never hit. Important because tonight is a Valeria night, one needs to maintain an approximation of her physical perfection.
Dinnertime, children flood down the stairs, Morshchiny comes over to sniff around, we’re having lasagna, one big pan of veal, another smaller vegetable and chopped up garden burger.
Uma, “Yay, lasagna, my favorite.”
Amaya, “You said osso bucco was your favorite when we had that.”
“This is my favorite tonight, whatever Valeria  and Mama make tomorrow will be my favorite then.”
“Sounds like Daphne logic.”
Zofia, “The best logic makes no sense. In one universe, everyone lives planted in the ground, just their heads stick up, giant heads that look like crystal jack o’lanterns. They all talk, we guess it’s talk, they make noises all at the same time. It sounds like a beehive.”
Amaya, “That is a new one, when did you go there?”
“Night before last, when we returned, we sat on the moon and looked at the Earth for a while, it’s so beautiful. We saw all the satellites circling around, so many it is a wonder they don’t bash into one another more often.”
Kota B delivers plates of lasagna, one chunk of veal, smaller one of veg, there is grated Parmesan, Asiago, Reggiano to sprinkle over the top and crusty Ciabatta with ghee.
Tasia, “This kind of butter is so good.”
Amaya, “Pure fat, no water, no milk protein, but you are correct, they nutty flavor and umami is extraordinary.”
The chefs nibbled our way through dinner while we prepped, Ellen sips a second Elijah Craig, Dasha and Valeria have red wine. Valeria will be nice and chilled by the time I get my lusty tongue on her, the thought warms me. Or perhaps the heat comes from me staring at the back of long slim elegant legs as she leans over the service island.
Valeria turns her head, catches me devouring the view, I look up at her, she licks her lips. I may orgasm on the spot.
Janah, “I’ve been helping you watch, God that girl is scrumptious. I hope she takes it into her head to put me on the list.”
“She’s fourteen forever, you have time. Right now, she’s got her eye on Oceane, I’m her practice dummy.”
“Baloney, she loves being the source of your lust.”

I grin, it is so good to be me.
I’m the soul of restraint through our post dinner video, Valeria gets up and heads to her room after kisses to the Mamas. She’ll go to see her younger sisters, then to her room. 
I tap her door, she slides it open, inside I slide it closed and turn the lock, maybe I can hold her hostage for a few years.
She steps up to me, we slip arms around each other and kiss, slowly, tenderly. One does not attack such a prize, one plays and teases, kisses and touches. I’ve had frenzied sex with Janah, Sarah likes it hot and heavy, so does Mani. The rest prefer subtlety, caress this, lightly squeeze that, kiss everything in sight, then kiss everything out of sight.
Except for slight caresses, Valeria and I take an hour before we get to the tender parts, and then it goes slowly, no lesbian porn slap-ass and sucking, we don’t spit on anything, who knows where they get these ideas? Then again, most les porn is for men, who are easily manipulated.
No toys tonight, just girl on girl, it is splendid.
We’re curled into one another, Valeria asks, “Is there a project? You and Janah were in the office for a while.”
“Maybe,” I reiterate the details, Alleged Christian zealots who aren’t doing much zealous at the moment.
“Something in the planning stage then.”
“That’s the speculation. The bots are digging around, they’ll come up with something.”
“Dahlia and Clarissa have almost zero education.”
“So Kota B talked to them.”
“I did, they can read, no math to speak of. They filled their days with TV, books , internet. Dance and gymnastics they followed on videos and VR programs.”
“At least they read books and were active, stuck in a house all day and a hotel room for a couple of hours.”
“Dahlia is a strong girl, Clarissa not so much.”
“She’s young, I mean they’re both young, but Clarissa is only six and depended on her sister for almost everything. They live in a much expanded universe now, how are they adapting, too soon to tell?”
“They visit the children every day, an hour or two, swim, take long walks around the property by themselves. In a way, they are like Oceane and Cassandra, keep to themselves much of the time.”
“Is Kota B going to take over instruction?”
“I am for now, not so much me, I put them on one of the course sites for arithmetic, in the form of a game, but they have to do the math to advance.”
“Sounds like we leave them alone.”
“Amaya sees them, and Chloe. She fusses with their hair and clothes, Chloe tells them about making movies, Japan, modeling, they like that.”
We settle into the pre-sleep fugue. Appears our family will do what they do, care for them and let them come into themselves in their own time.
Valeria scrunches closer, pulls my leg over hers, we fall away.


It’s after breakfast, we made pancakes, chopped egg with smoked salmon, cut fruit and yogurt. Janah and I are in the office watching a monitor where Grace B is taking us though what she and Emma B dug up. She’s also supervising cleaning bots, which is why she’s on a screen, not in here with us.
Emma B is doing pantry and wine inventory, keeping our army of women supplied.
Grace B, “There are seven private clubs, twenty to twenty five members each. New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas and LA, the biggest cities. Members don’t necessarily live in those towns, many fly from club to club in a rotation.”
Janah, “One presumes whatever they talk about is face to face, not electronic communication.”
“No shit Sherlock. All electronic message or phone calls are monitored by the NSA, CIA and a bevy of Russian and Chinese security agencies. One can assume a few other rich assholes have their own encrypted satellites and servers, like us.”
“Excuse me?”
“Present company excepted.”
“Thank you.”
“In short, if you are going to find out what the fascists are up to, you will need to use internal or external listening devices, or capture one or more of them and bleed him dry. Attempts to infiltrate are pointless, it’s a boys’ club. Sloane will not work, she has the cock but she also has tits.”
Janah, “I’ve noticed.”
“Noticed? Hah, give me a break slutsky. But I digress, the clubs are in office towers, listed as law firms. In fact, a third of the members are lawyers, corporate types, contract law, taxation, maritime law, securities law. The rest are everything, doctors, engineers, fucking hedge fund managers, all the usual suspects. Eighty percent are married, half of those divorced and drilling the trophy wife. Some kids, some none. Boats are popular, sail and power, big fucking boats, the kind that can haul around twenty people. Trips to the Caribbean, trips with big tit fat bottom twenty year olds and top shelf booze.”
“I thought they were hard core Christian.”
“I presume that is sarcasm. The religious get a twofold bonus, they can enjoy their transgressions and further enjoy forgiveness for committing them.”
Janah giggles, “Can we get mikes on the boats?”
“Your read my mind, part of it, the rest is quantum and you have no way to grasp my thought process. Yes, when they aren’t hauling whores, excuse me, sex workers, down to St. Martin’s, the yachts are in harbor and relatively unsecured. They are owned by a shell corporation with no purpose other than to own boats. Captain and crew are hired to steer the party barge, they do not use the same people all the time. They may not discuss business, which explains the relative lack of security. They may simply be floating brothels.”
“How many?”
“Three big mothers, two sailboats which are used by a small contingency, they only sleep six or eight. No crew other than the men themselves, and there is always eye candy so it is even less likely plots to massacre Muslims are hatched on board. The yachts have private conference rooms, if there is business to discuss, it would be there.”
“Have teams bug the yachts, how often do they go out?”
“With so many members, at least monthly, a week of various Caribbean ports, back to Miami, home port. I assume you just want the yachts.”
“For now, you’re right, the sailboats are a waste of effort.”
“What about the clubs?”
“See if there is space available under, next to or over any of them. We can lease it and do our listening from there.”
“Anything else?”
“What kind of net worth are we talking about?”
“Varies by member of course, the poorest is maybe a hundred million, the wealthiest six are billionaires, but only one double digit billionaire.”
“Then twenty times seven is a hundred forty members, maybe a tad more, low end a hundred million, top end several billion, a lot of money available for whatever.”
“The family’s net worth is over fifty billion, collectively this crowd is less than. You got where you are with far fewer people, which means girls beat boys yet again.”
Janah, “Thank you, that’s it for now.”
The screen goes to black.
“It’s never dull around here.”
Janah, “I could take more dull and less thrill, it seems our gift of eternal life comes with eternal duties and obligations.”
“If we didn’t have them, all we’d do is eat, drink and have sex.”
“I fail to see the problem.”
I grin, “Okay, but we wouldn’t have Amaya, Chloe, the twins, Sloane, Oceane, Cassie, Valeria or the children. Besides, it was your idea to do this in the first place.”
Janah smiles, “Yes, it was.”
It takes a week to get devices installed, they covered two yachts, one is on a trip, scheduled to return tomorrow. Of seven locations, two have space adjacent to the clubs, Miami and Dallas. One is a vacated office that was a financial planning firm, the other isn’t built out, just walls and floor.
Grace B, “I didn’t see the point of leasing space, Surveillance can break in and install the stuff . There is no reason to remove it, it will be invisible. The devices upload to my server, you can enjoy the locker room banter from the comfort of home.”
Technology is cool…and convenient.
“Tomorrow, the third boat will be bugged in the next couple of days, although the boats go out in rotation and it might not be used for a couple of months.”
“Have Surveillance get photos and video of the comings and goings at the clubs and the boats, we need to start deep snoop on the members.”
Things are progressing, for all we know the whole point of the club is to hook up with escorts under the guise of business meetings. Maybe it’s merely a business network with hookers on the side. On the other hand, the Christian bit seems weird, there’s no point to it unless it’s a front.
Janah, “Perhaps it gives them cover from the wife’s curiosity, you know, Christian men’s convocation, prayer group, that sort of foolishness.”
“I can see that, still, seems excessive. Rich businessman doesn’t need much excuse to fly off to a meeting. Anyway, we’ll know more soon.”

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