After adjustment

Before adjustment

Chapter Thirty Seven

Sunday is intentional nothing, for accomplishing as little as possible. Girls are up except Amaya, Chloe and Eloise, I have breakfast light, cut fruit and yogurt, after yesterday's doughnuts and fajitas, I doubt they're in the mood for full scale breakfast.
"Anyone want eggs or something more substantial, let me know."
I get a round of 'I'm good' so I sit at the table with a second cup of coffee and click through the Sunday Times.
Zi, "Dasha, did Eloise sleep in?"
Dasha, "She goes to slip wiz Eemaya and Chloe."
Zi, "Ah."
Dasha, "Da, Eloise ees sexy girl, sometimes slip wiz Janah and Dahfoney, sometimes wiz Eemaya and Chloe, she would go also to Nikko and Zi, but ees shy."
Nikko, "It's okay if she wishes, tell her privately, don't blurt it out in front of all of us."
"Eloise ees like Dahfoney, wants all girls, she makes gud sex."
Janah laughs, "That's like Daphne."
"Janah says we should know tomorrow about our abusive disciplinarians. It's only two families, live near each other, it won't take all of us."
Nikko, "Just as well, we have a lot on the plate, if you can spare Zi and I, and Dasha while she's learning the business, it would be great."
Janah, "Don't see why not, if we need Chan, he can go, Amaya and Chloe with Daphne and I may be overkill anyway."
Amaya comes in, "Need us to travel?"
Janah, "Maybe, I should know tomorrow sometime. It might be helpful to have a driver, Chloe will be useful reading the kids and parents."
Zi, "What if the kids are okay with this? I know nobody ought to be okay with abuse, but it's wrapped up in their religious beliefs. Do we just yank them away from their families?"
Janah, "No, we refocus the abuser, it's usually dad, but that's why I'm waiting for a clearer picture. Surveillance will hand us enough from listening devices, maybe something from intercepted e-mail or phone calls. Then we'll figure out what to do."
Chloe and Eloise appear, Eloise has a shy smile. I bring extra fruit, another bowl of yogurt, coffee for Amaya, tea for Chloe and Eloise. We move on to other topics, like how to ease through the day.
Amaya, "Something light for lunch please, yesterday was wonderful, but too much wonderful leads to chunky, I am not going chunky."
General consensus, "I'll have sandwich stuff, sliced turkey, ham and cheese, maybe we'll do a selection of finger sandwiches and red cabbage coleslaw."
Chloe, "Oooh, good, I like that coleslaw."
Dasha, "Maybe grill feesh for dinner, baked potato, creamy corn, ees enough?"
Nikko, "Perfect, thank you. It seems a nice day, I'm thinking of playing with one of the drones on the roof, get some sun."
Amaya, "I am up for that, good idea Nikko."
We wrap breakfast, Dasha and I take a walk to get fresh fish, we need potatoes, a selection of vegetables to chop for potato additives, we have the other stuff already.
Larry is on duty at the seafood counter, "What'll it be Daph? Freshest is farm catfish, nice big filets, and I got jumbo shrimp in this morning."
"Dozen filets, four pounds of shrimp. I wasn't thinking shrimp when we left, but those look too good to pass on, make it five pounds."
Dasha's gotten the other items, she comes along as I'm collecting our seafood, "You get shreemp, look gud, how many?"
"Five pounds and a dozen big catfish filets."
Larry, "Hey Dasha, whattaya gonna do with the shrimp?"
"Beeg shreemp, better to boil, medium ees better to fry, we will haf gud shreemp cocktail, you will give me two bottle cocktail sauce, best hot kind."
Larry, "Gonna be a good dinner at your place tonight."
"You haf best seafood Larry. Next time you haf same day fresh sea bass, you will call, Dahfoney favorite."
"You got it, probably Tuesday."
"Okay, Dahfoney maybe travel, eef she ees no home we will buy another time."
"I'll call, no problem."
On the way back I sense a shadow above, look up to see a drone following us.
"Dasha, we're on drone-o-vision, wave to the family," I point up, wave, then a second drone joins the first and we are treated to a display of aerial maneuvers. One flies upside down, the other makes a tight loop around it, then buzzes us. They circle together like eagles in an updraft.
"Mommy look, drones, up there, see?"
The woman stares, then other people catch on, a man says, "What in hell? What are they doing?"
I tell the small audience, "They aren't carrying packages, so it isn't Amazon, probably the NSA violating your privacy," cell phones are out snapping photos, the drones fly off in opposite directions, neither towards our apartment.
Dasha and I return, unpack the groceries and head up to the roof.
"That was neat, replay it," Dasha and I stare into the screens, "Dang, the video is crisp and clear, glad you didn't dart us with anything."
Eloise, "No darts."
Daria, "We don't fly drone in town with firing mechanism attached, someone could take picture."
"They did take pictures, only a few, drone might make the news."
Eloise plays the audio, the thing picked up my crack about the NSA and even the nervous laughter from the people standing around. Miraculously, I didn't know anyone. I usually can't walk four blocks in the Village without running in to an acquaintance. I ran into three in the grocery, not counting the people I know who work in the grocery. Anyway, nobody can connect the drones to us even if they see them fly over our place. They don't land like airplanes, they land like helicopters, all anyone would see is a drone flying over, when it lands on our rooftop, they can't see that.
Janah, "Maybe put the things up for now. There's no law against drones in New York, but we don't need to draw undue attention."

Chapter Thirty Eight

The day floats along, Dasha and I bring sandwiches to the roof, too nice to eat inside.
"The grill is up here, I can do the potatoes on it as well as the catfish, we can have dinner out here as well if you like."
Amaya, "Sounds splendid."
I hear the phone ring, it's Susan, "What's doing?"
"We're on the roof enjoying the day, come over, I have finger sandwiches and coleslaw, or you can opt for dinner tonight, grilled catfish, boiled shrimp and baked potatoes."
Susan, "I'm not crazy, grilled fish and shrimp trump finger sandwiches. Got enough for James and Kara?"
"Sure, five thirty or six for cocktails, dinner seven or so, but feel free to show up anytime beforehand."
We disconnect, "Dasha, we need more catfish and shrimp, five more potatoes, you have enough corn?"
"Da, I will call store, they will deliver. How much shreemp? Five people,, three more pound ees gud," she answers her own question.
"Wait, before you call to store," I ring Lacy, "We're on the roof goofing off, sandwiches and coleslaw, dinner on the roof as well, grilled fish and boiled shrimp, come anytime that suits you."
Janah, "I should call Joan Wayne."
She does, now we have fifteen for dinner, Dasha, "Ees all?"
"That's it, no, hang on," I get Chan on the phone, tell Dasha, "add Chan, Ning and Miyako."
Dasha does the math, eighteen, she calls the grocery and matches the order we bought earlier, adds a few cans of corn, and three pounds of butter.
Nikko, "That multiplied quickly."
Janah, "We haven't had a cross family dinner in a while, "Nikko, do you want to include your parents?"
"My mother takes Sunday to collapse, better for her to rest. Six days of her new grocery, plus the normal produce stands, she and dad can barely breathe."
Chloe, "She seems to enjoy all of it, I talk to her every week, they are busy, happy busy."
Nikko, "How she is, she trained you and Amaya in geisha, after that she had more time, when we financed the grocery, she threw herself into it. Keeps my father on the go as well, it's good for them, don't get rusty and decrepit."
By six thirty, there are sixteen people on the roof, cocktails in hand, Dasha and I in the kitchen. Lots of catching up. Our extended family is a blend of people who do things, have active lives. James still goes to the hospital every day, Kara paints or helps Susanna Silverman with her gallery. Joan Wayne, our petite Korean forensic analyst is never short of work in Manhattan, bodies everywhere. Ning and Chan have two restaurants, Miyako does independent biological research, either at her private lab, or at the temple with her brother David Li, our herbologist extraordinaire. They developed our most sophisticated pharmaceuticals.
James, Janah, Joan Wayne, Daria, Miyako and David are talking over spindle neurons, also called von Economo neurons, VENs, after the discoverer. VENs neurons are present in great apes, elephants, humans and cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises). It is speculative only, but they seem to help rapidly carry information related to projections and social behavior. Thus, they make species with them more intelligent. I find it interesting that the cetaceans have three times more VENs neurons than humans. Aquatic mammals are maybe smarter than we are, wouldn't surprise me, they don't have guns, start wars or have religious ideology.
Taylor and Amaya are immersed in fashion, Chloe and Zi are showing the drones to Susan, Chan, Ning and Lacy. Dasha and I are in the kitchen doing prep, boiling shrimp, making creamed corn, potatoes wrapped in foil on the grill.
When the shrimp are done, Dasha and I start peeling. Then I take the fish upstairs to grill.
"Chloe, will you help Dasha get the stuff up here please?"
Four of them go downstairs, get dishes arranged and bring them up, by the time the table is set, I'm adding platters of grilled catfish.
James, "Good Lord, what a gorgeous spread, reminds me of the days when the girls lived at the condo."
Wine and champagne flow, nice to have refrigerators in our rooftop rooms. They eat, break, go for round two, it's a clear cool evening, the glow of the city in the night sky. Our neighborhood is more residential, less traffic, less noise. We spend nearly two hours savoring dinner.
Chan, "Thank you for such a wonderful meal, Daphne and Dasha only get better."
David Li, "Nice to have seafood, the temple is vegetarian, sometimes I can get away to mom's restaurant though."
Lacy, "Add my appreciation, thank you both."
Amaya, "Saturday, Daphne snuck out early and brought home Doughnut Plant for breakfast, then she and Dasha fed us guacamole, nachos and flank steak fajitas. I am not touching food for a week. Chloe should be a plus size model by now."
Kara, "None of you ever gains weight, we don't even have the courtesy to age. Our daughters have been twenty five for over ten years, surrounded by other twenty somethings and teens who don't age. Parents and friends who are also marking time."
Miyako, "Their telomeres don't shorten, telomeres are caps on the end of strands of DNA inside chromosomes. Shortened chromosomes have been linked to age related diseases like heart disease and some cancers. They produce more telomerase, which is the enzyme that repairs telomeres. I also found them to have more active Sir2 genes, which stabilize rDNA, which without the Sir2 genes are typically unstable. It's only a partial explanation, particularly as it appears to have spread to biologically unrelated people. Fortunately for the rest of us, it can be shared."
Taylor, "Who knows all this stuff?"
"That's why we have Miyako and David Li, so we can get on to other business."
Lacy, "School tomorrow, let's haul the dishes down and I'll take my eternal self home to rest and digest."
Short work to clear up with so many people, Dasha and I stuff the dishwashers, rinse the overflow. Susan, Taylor, Kara and James walk to the condos, Chan's family back to Chinatown.
Janah has Joan Wayne cornered in our bedroom with no plans to let her escape. I peek into Janah's brain, see a third sprite, Eloise has joined the fun, dang, she is like me.

Chapter Thirty Nine XII

Monday comes, right on time, Joan Wayne left early to dissect cadavers, examine stomach contents, determine the angle of gunshot wounds and knifings, test for poisons and drugs. Our business girls are up and fed. I'm waiting on Janah, Amaya and Chloe.
Dasha, "Dahfoney, I will go with Nikko and Zi to office, Daria also. You will check Ultra Violet, find out how Sunday jazz brunch went, make sure everything ees in order."
"I'll call Black and ask about the Down Homes."
Dasha, "Ees okay, he text me, everything ees gud, broken faucet, ees already feex. You will kiss me I haf to lose accent now and talk like regular American girl for beezness."
"I think the clients kind of like some accent."
"Da, yes, I keep a little only to be a charm for them."
I smile, she's grasping that people are more than machines and learning how to put the right twist on her conversations.
"Bye bye now, you will be pleased by our service, your building is in good hands, we will make money for you to throw away on trophy wife and ungrateful children, have a nice day," she grins the idiot girl grin, I give her the required kiss.
Nikko shakes her head, "I have no idea how she keeps her selves straight. Daria sticks to American English with a slight accent, Dasha rolls fluidly between goofy Russian English, mildly accented English and the Queen's English."
Amaya walks in, "She has me for an instructor, had we a reason, I could teach her to quote Shakespeare like Gielgud."
Nikko, "We don't need that to close real estate deals, maybe if we open in London."
Going out the door, I hear Dasha, "To be, or not to be--that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them. To die, to sleep--no more--and by a sleep to say we end the heartache, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. 'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep--to sleep--perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause."
Amaya and I are in hysterics, she's wiping her eyes, "Where on Earth....?"
"Daria reads Shakespeare along with everything else in the known universe. I presume Dasha pulled it out of her head."
Janah comes in, "What's so hilarious?"
"Dasha doing Hamlet's soliloquy."
Janah, "To be-fed--or not to be--that is the question--for which there is only one answer."
"Want eggs, oatmeal, toast?"
Amaya, "That will be more than sufficient, I will rouse Vesnushki, she eats whatever is in front of her."
Simple, I make fresh coffee, tea for Janah, scramble eggs while the oatmeal microwaves, wheat toast in the toaster.
Eloise must think it's okay as well, she doesn't say anything and eats a plateful, thanks me with a nod and scurries up the stairs to her workshop.
Amaya, "That girl would live in there, you could just slide Powerbars and Red Bull under the door."
Janah, "Then we would lose our sexual variety."
Amaya, "There's that, she is quietly enthusiastic in intimacy matters."
Chloe, "Good thing she's tiny, she's so all over Amaya I wouldn't be able to squeeze in otherwise."
Amaya, "I adore being adored, her adoration along with Chloe and Daphne's is a bonus. She loves that strap on, did Chloe and me until we couldn't breathe. I gave her the benefit of my tongue, she responded with delight."
Chloe giggles, "You were rather delighted as well, remember I can read you aura, all sunny yellow."
The phone dings, there's a text, Janah, "Report from Surveillance."
Amaya, Chloe and I sip coffee while Janah clicks on the laptop, I see her scrolling down the pages, "Oh geez, how ugly."
"How ugly?"
She clicks on something else, audio plays, 'We ask our Lord for the courage to live as He commands. Ruth, you will kneel for the rest of this Lord's day, pray for your weakness.'
'Daddy, I only missed one question, and it wasn't my fault brother walked in on me.'
There's an audible slap, a gasp from a young girl, 'You know not to be naked, even when you are alone. Your brother had no reason to think you would be, he was shamed to see and because of your behavior, I had to switch him to remove lustful thoughts, because of you. You earned your brother a striping, filthy girl.'
'I'm sorry daddy, I can't kneel on this wood floor all day, it hurts.'
'Then best pray to God to give you strength.'
There's the sound of glass breaking, 'No daddy...please...'
'You don't like the wooden floor, see how it feels to kneel in glass.'
There's a slap, a cry, then a clear deep gasp of agony, weeping, ' hurts so bad, I'm bleeding.'
'You stay put or I'll make you bleed a whole lot worse.'
 We can hear whimpering, like a beaten dog, heavy footsteps walk off.
Janah, "There's audio of the boy being whipped, Surveillance said he went to a shed in jeans, no shirt, the boy had to take off his jeans, then sounds of switching, they have video when boy came out, striped with welts down his back. Easy to assume they also run down his buttocks and legs.'
Amaya, "What's the matter with these people?"
Janah, "They're insane. All religious people are insane, they think they talk to God, delusional enough, but they also think God talks to them. If they said that out of the context of religious belief, they'd be in psychiatric care. These people like punishing children who can't possibly defend themselves. These kids aren't Daria and Dasha, they have emotions, a conscience that keeps them from pulling a knife on daddy and removing him, even in the face of their own torment. In short, they are terrified."
There's another piece of audio from the second house. In that, a woman is screaming at a boy, then a wail of agony. Video of a young boy stumbling outside, a flaming red scald from his fingers to his elbow. Doesn't take any imagination to grasp he didn't stick his own arm that deep in boiling water.
The final audio answers our questions, the kids talking together.
Boy, 'It's gettin worser ever time. Joey's mom stuck his arm in the boil, mine hit me with a cast iron pan, I saw stars, almost knocked out. Ruth still got glass in her knee.'
Boy Two, "Yeah, I see it, I'm gonna pull them pieces out Ruthie, you gotta try and be quiet. I snuck some peroxide, you got to keep them cuts clean, okay?'
Ruth, 'Just pull em out, ain't gonna hurt no worsen now, don't want 'em to dig no deeeper.'
Boy One, 'We gotta get gone somehow. They gonna kill us one day, or make it so's we'd wish we was dead.'
Ruth, 'Wish I was dead now.'
Janah, "Daphne, call Transportation, let's go before they start talking suicide pact."
Arrangements made, I take a walk to Ultra Violet, chat with Mariella, walk through the kitchen, so far so good. I go upstairs to the Lobby at Ultra Violet, our beer and wine bar waiting area, it's twelve thirty, place is packed upstairs and down. Table tops are clean, no empty glasses lying around, we don't serve food up here, no snacks either. It's meant to be a place to wait out a table, meet other people, Amaya made it look like a sleek modern hotel lobby, with plenty of cushiony chairs, couches loveseats, end and coffee tables. No matter where you sit, there's a place to set your drink. The idea is for people to meet people they don't know, sit anywhere there's a seat.
Back downstairs, wander the tables. I'm not greeting customers, just eyeballing presentation, Dasha will be happy, Mariella is doing her standard excellent work.
She's busy, I wave to her, give her a thumbs up, go back to the apartment.

Chapter Forty

Amaya, Chloe, Janah and I are on a private flight to Chattanooga, in by noon. We don't need to know more, just get to the parents, refocus, have Extraction pull the kids and get them to one of our ranches. Amaya drives us to the Chattanoogan, nice enough suites, we unpack the few things we'd brought, mostly weapons, dart guns and Chloe's katana, a couple of my knives.
Our pharmaceutical inventory has been seriously upgraded thanks to David Li and Miyako. Now, the tranqs work virtually instantly, the hypnotics more powerful; Janah or Amaya can make targets forget who they are, where they came from, their own children, all fabricated religious belief. The minor downside is, on a full dose they'll be vacant, like non-surgical lobotomy, complacent and obedient, neither happy nor sad.
Janah, "Let's take a ride, we can figure out if they're Shadows. I doubt it, Shadows wouldn't need to administer beatings, just take the child's mind. Except for Chloe’s Shadow sister, we’ve never seen them physically punish kids, if they have children around it’s for sexual gratification. We need the see the houses anyway, figure out an approach."
Amaya has us outside Hixson, farther north a few miles. It isn't a subdivision, houses are on parcels of land a few acres or more. Standard ranch, kind of place you'd see in the country, not a subdivision. Two lane blacktop, dirt driveway, we find both places, target houses are a couple hundred yards apart. Each has frame outbuildings, not barns, more like large sheds. One boy, about twelve, is walking from one place to the other. There are a boy and girl in one family, a boy in the other. As far as we know, that's all the kids.
Chloe, "We're not close enough to the house for me to get a read on individuals. There is nothing like compassion or warmth, but I don't sense Shadows."
Janah, "No, I'm not getting that vibe either."
"Surveillance says only the women and kids are home. It's a workday, the men both drive trucks for a living, gravel haulers, concrete trucks, work for a local construction outfit."
Janah, "How do you want to do this?"
"Simpler if everyone's at home….wait, maybe not, if we do the women now and get the kids out, we can wait on the men to show up, deal and be done."
Amaya, "Let's do both places at once. Daphne and I will take one house, dart mommy on the spot. While she's cold, we talk to the kids, call Extraction, fix mom then wait."
Janah, "Chloe should be at one place, me at the other, to settle the children."
Amaya, "True, you're the empathy team. Chloe and Daphne, you and me, good?"
Chloe, "Place on the left has two kids, Janah should go there."
Amaya drops us off, I scoot out of the SUV with Chloe, hop up to the porch and knock. Chloe faces the door, I'm off to the side, door opens, crap, it's the boy. He's got a black eye.
"Mom home?"
He points back left, I'm in, Chloe takes him outside, "Anyone else in the house?"
"Timmy, he ain't but three."
"What's your name?"
"You want to get out of here Frazier, with Timmy?"
He looks at her, not sure what the right answer is, Chloe sees his confusion, "We know what's going on Frazier, we are going to fix it, no more beating, no black eye, no switches, ever."
"I got friends, next door, they's...."
"We're helping them too, right now. You wait here, outside, I'll bring Timmy in a minute."
I show up, "Mom's resting uncomfortably."
"There's a toddler. Frazier, can you take us to him?"
We follow him to the right side of the house, "Door's locked."
I kick it in, there's a little kid strapped to the bed, welts on his thin arms, cigarette burns. Good thing for mom Nikko isn't here, there would be no discussion, mom would be fed to the pigs.
Chloe unties him, picks him up, he's too scared to cry, bed is urine soaked. She takes him and Frazier to the bathroom, while she washes the little one, I go back to check on mom. She's still on the floor, I grab a leg with my owl claws and drag her sorry ass into a bedroom, pick her up and dump her on the bed while I arrange a chair. Once she's wired in place, I go back to Chloe and the two boys.
They're sitting on the porch, the toddler in Chloe's arms, she's singing, not in Japanese, the kids don't need to know about that. A van pulls in, two seniors and a younger woman walk up.
Chloe, "These people are going to take you to a ranch where there are other kids who have had the kind of life you had. You can live there, or if you decide you want to live someplace else, we will find you a home with a new family. One that never yells, no church, no beating, ever.”
Frazier, "How can you do that?"
"We've done it for years, nearly two hundred kids have gotten an education, gone on to college if they wanted to. It's safe, people care about you, good food, nice clothes, TV, the internet, regular kids."
Frazier, "What's the internet?"
I pull out a phone, connect to YouTube, play a video, some pop song, without the twerk.
Frazier's eyes are huge, "That's magic, there ain't no antenna, don't plug in to nothin'."
"You want one?"
Bright eyes melt my heart.
Amaya pulls up, a ten year old boy and a eleven or twelve year old girl hop out of the car.
"Frazier, we're gettin' gone, to a ranch, with horses, in the mountains, they got three dogs, cats, we gonna grow our own food and watch real TV!"
Frazier, "Look Jessica, this lady got a phone that shows movies right out of the air, she says we gonna get one."
I show Jessica and her brother Darren the magic of the net, excitement and relief catches up to them in a rush, tears fall, they hug each other.
Frazier, "This ain't no trick is it, you gonna do this stuff, for real?"
"It's going to happen, just like I say it will. You don't need to take anything from here, you get fresh new everything. Going to be a long ride in the car, but they have movies, radio, and books for you to read."
Jessica, "In a car?"
"In that big one right there, go see."
The younger woman, we don't know names, they don't know names, fires up a kid's something. The van has screens on the seat-backs, drinks, sandwiches and snacks. She's already dressing the toddler's burns, gives Frazier a gel pack for his eye. I suspect after the initial thrill of movies in the van, a lot of sleeping will happen, best thing.
We wave as they pull away, one problem solved, time to deconstruct malicious mothers.
Janah, "Amaya, you and Daphne do the woman we just left, I'll do this one with Chloe."
We sort out pharmaceuticals, a vial of Forget, a hypnotic, couple of syringes, Amaya and I drive off to take care of Deranged Mommy Two.
She's sitting passively, not much choice considering she's wired to a chair with her mouth taped shut and blindfolded. Her head turns to us when we enter the room, some mumbling, the gag prevents any distinct conversation. I hold her arm stable, Amaya sticks in the needle, then drops a bit of the drug into a vein. We wait a few minutes, Lady GagGag's head slumps to the side, I pull off the blindfold. Her eyes blink, she's awake, kind of staring into nothing.
Amaya asks questions, 'Who are you, do you have a husband, kids, what city do you live in, what state, birthday, belong to a church,' like the census taker.  
She gets a few right, a couple vague, Amaya gives her another dose. We haven't used this before, the drug I call Forget. It hasn't been tested, David Li won't test animals, we can hardly test it on volunteers. Today is test day, the alternative is to do to them what they do to their children, then take a body part, then have to monitor for a year or more. Forget, if it works, is less messy and less follow up expense.
We sit for a while, let the next dose settle, Amaya starts in again. This time Deranged Mommy Two is a blank, doesn't know about churches, kids, husband, her own name. Her brain only performs the subconscious, involuntary operations, breathing, heartbeat, digestion.
"I never asked, can she make new memories?"
Amaya, "Yes, but will have no reference point to connect to old ones, she is a tabula rasa, a blank slate. New things can be written on the slate, old ones are not there at all. At least, that is what David Li thinks will happen. They will be followed for a time, see if there is any recovery. Janah told me it's a combo of benzodiazepine and propranolol and a chemical concoction Miyako and he came up with."
"What happens now?"
"Now we give her a hypnotic and reinforce her inability to recall. This part will take about an hour. David said the hypnotic is potent, just to repeat she has no memory of her life before now, over and over. Suggestibility is supposed to be off the charts. We shall find out."

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