Thirty Three

By eight the girls are downstairs, Ellen is scrambling eggs, sausage patties sizzle on the left side of the grill. Ellen has a grill like a diner. Simpler than a bunch of skillets and the hurricane suction commercial vent keeps the house odor free. She can do eggs on one side, bacon and sausage, room left over to pour out a half dozen pancakes.
Sarah nibbles a sausage patty, “Yum, spicy.”
“Dash of habanero powder, the twins like it hot.”
They spread the platters on the table, Mani’s set the plates and utensils, pour more coffee and tea. They get after it.
Ellen, “Geez, everyone’s ravenous, must have worked off dinner calories somehow.”
Ellen, “House fulla nasty lesbians, girl heaven.”
Katya, “Thank you Ellen, sisters will be in the office the rest of the morning. Light lunch please, we will have exercise in the gym this afternoon, then tea.”
Ellen, “Got it.”
Mani, “I’m upstairs with the bedrooms then laundry.”
Sarah, “Me too.”
Ellen, “Be up in a bit.”
Mani, “Nope, you did breakfast and have to figure out lunch and dinner. Probably need to get to a store. We’ll do the beds and baths.”
“Thanks, I do need to get a couple things, at least from Rouse, don’t have to drive anywhere.”
Mani, “Do finger sandwiches and chips for lunch, it’s light and everybody likes them. How about chicken salad and salmon salad?”
“Good, simple. I’ll make burgers for dinner, and hand cut fries.”
In the office, Katya’s on the phone, “Hello Gerard, it is Katya.”
“Hello dear girl. I would like to have a word, in private, I’m just finishing up breakfast at En Vie.”
“Come to house when you are ready, we can talk in office,” she clicks off, as usual leaving the other side listening to nothing.
She goes to the main room, “Ellen, Gerard is coming. Make fresh tea please, sister and I will see him in the office. Where are girls?”
“Upstairs cleaning.”
“Tell them to put on jeans if they come down, we do not put on display for southern gentleman, or any man, gentle or no.”
She returns to the office, Katja is looking over spreadsheets from Katya Donut and the rental property. One is a condo on Governor Nicholls, the other property is a strip mall with four stores, one a Katya Donut location. They lease, don't own, the other three spots.
Knock on the door, Ellen brings Gerard to the office, “Tea in a sec.”
Katja, “Ellen, Eduardo sent e-mail about broken dryer.”
“Already saw it, repair guy going this morning, may be there already.”
“Da, good, thanking you.”
Ellen goes off, Katja says, “Ellen ees best wonderful girl, always on top of things, great chef, look out for twins, Mani and Sarah.”
Gerard, “Don’t forget so gorgeous she makes one’s eyes dance.”
“Da, ees true.”
Katya, “What do you wish to discuss?”
Gerard sips tea, “Have you seen the news regarding a pedophile on the prowl?”
“Da, yes.”
“Niece of an acquaintance, parents are devastated of course. The little girl is a blank. I mean she remembers some if it, she was clearly violated. They think she may have been given marijuana in a brownie. But she’s gone, not catatonic, just withdrawn, will not talk about it. So far the therapist can elicit nothing.”
“It has not been so long, maybe in time she improves.”
“We’ll see I suppose. I’ll be direct, the suspect is out on bail, pleaded not guilty. Stupid really, she was seen getting into his car, unfortunately no CCTV or citizen camera, just an eyewitness. And the witness got the make of car wrong, so many cars resemble each other, but it is white and it does have a dinged rear bumper the witness said it did. He also has no alibi for the time in question. Given his record, bail was high, can’t say what the logic of releasing him was, too many people in jail one presumes. He does have to wear an ankle monitor.”
“You want him dealt with?”
“Yes. The uncle said he would pay, I commiserated, said I understood his feelings, but didn’t pursue it.”
“Good. We do not need to be paid, do not want any contact with relative, even if you are in the middle. We can get police photo, mug shot was in the news. Do you know where he lives?”
“Yes, naturally they didn’t post his address, but I have friends on the force. If you saw the mug shot, you know he took a bit of a beating when he resisted arrest. He claims he didn’t and his lawyer threw police brutality into the mix.”
“Give it to me.”
Gerard reads off a slip of paper, hands it to Katya.
“They have the girl’s statement, such as it is, his physical details are muddy, Naturally the girl was confused, scared, small wonder she’s trying to suppress it. They might try hypnosis, but the therapist wants to put that off until she’s more communicative. Hypnosis can be tricky, particularly with a child.”
“When is trial?”
“Couple of months they say, the attorney will stretch it out longer if he can.”
“Okay. We are going out of town Monday, back in a week.”
“It can wait that long,” he stands, “thank you.”
“When we return, you will come for dinner, one of Ellen’s steak dinners maybe, or the fish with meunière sauce.”
“I’m sure to enjoy anything Ellen makes. We’ll talk again week after.”
He leaves, Ellen comes in to collect cups, “Ellen, ask Sarah to come down, just Sarah.”
A couple minutes Sarah shows up, “Ellen said you wanted to see me.”
“Da, close door and sit.”
Sarah sits, she’s not the curious type, a plus in her relationship with the twins.
“You know of the girl abducted by pedophile, Ellen said.”
“I know what you said, but could you really kill him?”
“Yes,” matter of fact as if she’d been asked if she wanted coffee.
“We will get photo, his address and monitor his movements. Katja or Ellen will fly the drone, we can take a look tonight. Better not to fly it during the day.”
She doesn’t know they could kill him with a dart, she only knows they have a drone, and then only the one with no dart gun attached. Katya had also agreed to use the poison only on Shadows, how she uses the tranquilizer is up to her. She has no moral stance on killing by any means, but if a twin agrees to a condition, that’s how it will be.
Sarah, “And thank you. Rabid dogs must be put down. Anything else?”
“Nyet, we will have ordinary day, see what comes up tonight. He can only move a mile from his house, other than grocery trips, he probably doesn’t want to go out. Apparently he has money, he has his own lawyer, not court appointed. His car is a common white sedan with a dent in the rear bumper. We don’t know the make yet, there was some confusion about that.”
Sarah smiles, “Almost finished upstairs, Mani may be done by now. Do I tell her, or Ellen?”
“Okay by us, we just wanted you to be sure, or have the chance to say no before talking to them.”
She leaves, Katja says, “She ees sounding committed, no foolishness.”
“No, she will do it. If she handles it well, she can be useful in our other businesses.”

Thirty Four

Lunch comes and goes, after a rest, they go to the gym to pedal, row and gymnastics. Sarah hits the streets for a five miler.
After cool down and showers, they have afternoon tea.
Sarah, “Tea is a great idea, a little oasis in the afternoon, I’m partial to Ellen’s flourless chocolate cookies.”
Ellen, “Katja found the recipe online and introduced them to the donut shops. Original recipe called for walnuts, we switched it to chopped almonds.”
Mani, “Sarah is going to make her bones?”
Katja, “What ees making bones?”
Ellen, “A Mafia term, to get accepted into the gang, you have to kill someone they want dead.”
“Ah, yes, I heard it on moovey, Sarah ees going to get her bones on pedophile pervert person.”
Sarah, “I can’t wait, can I kill him before we go to St. Martin’s?”
Katya, “All depends on opportunity. Drone will tell us something maybe. He does not leave his house much, can only go a mile. He wears an ankle monitor, part of the condition for bail.”
Sarah, “Can’t believe they even granted bail.”
“He pled not guilty, there was only one witness to girl getting in car. Why she got in without a fuss is unknown, but she did, she was not struggling. Witness did not think much of it at the time, only when she showed up on amber alert.”
“What if he is innocent, I mean, could there be a mistake?”
“Police seem sure, two identical cars is beyond belief. Gerard is convinced, police might have more than they are saying. He did not have one child only, he just got away with the others.”
“How did they catch him, I didn’t follow the story.”
“Stupid. First thing cops look for is a relative, domestic dispute. That was not the case, two parents, no problems.  Cops went to house, car is backed into a carport, they walk around, there is bashed bumper. Police tracked license and car with dent, went to house, car is backed into a carport, they walk around, there is bashed bumper.”
“How did you find out.”
“Of course, he’s got police connections.”
“Among others. And you do not ever mention any connections outside this house, you understand?”
Sarah, “What connections, I don’t know about anyone’s connections, I’m just a dope high school girl.”
“Good enough.”
Tea wraps up, Katja fetches the drone, sticks it on the charger, the battery registers half full.
Ellen, “How do they get it to fly so long? Don’t most of the small ones go like fifteen minutes or so? Particularly with a camera running.”
Katya, “Battery that runs the video does not have to be battery that runs the drone. In this case, Pearson said they had invented a graphene battery, which is not officially approved. Whoever makes them has talent with hardware. It lasts longer and charges in minutes. I would like to meet this person.”
Her sat phone dings, “551389.”
“Pearson. I have a request, out of our normal procedure, but we consider your team a special case. We want to meet, we can come to New Orleans for a couple of days at your convenience.”
Katya, “Good. Who is coming?”
“Me and the second Mrs. Pearson.”
“Who makes drone?”
“A girl in our family, our family are not blood relatives, we call ourselves family.”
“I would like to meet her.”
“She does the hardware mostly, one of our twins does the software.”
“Then both. Twins will not go anyplace alone, bring sister also.”
“It’s rather strange, I don’t know your history, none of my business. But one of our twins sound remarkably similar to you. I’ve never spoken to your sister of course.”
“They are Russian.”
“Like vodka?”
“Yes, Russian Standard, and fond of blinis with caviar.”
“We have them frequently, with Russian Standard. Let me guess, one has little accent, one keeps her Russian jumble.”
Pearson laughs, “My God, it will be like quadruplets.”
Neither woman attempts to peer into the past. It isn’t relevant to the present relationship. If they had, the coincidences would have amazed them. Both sets of twins were sold to Russian child sellers in Houston. The other twins killed their captors with kitchen knives a couple of years before Katya and Katja were taken from Russia. The organization had simply replaced the dead Russians with other Russians, without mentioning the murders of the prior crew. Katya and Katja show up, three more dead Russians. What the organization made of it is unknown. Perhaps wondered what it was about twins, young girls so relentlessly ruthless.
Katya, “We are going for vacation next week, to St. Martin’s. Anytime after.”
“Now let me guess, La Samanna.”
“Da, giant villa, too much room, you should maybe come there.”
“I wish, let me see the schedule. Not good Monday or Tuesday, we can get in Wednesday. How long are you there?”
“Cripes, if I tell them we’re going to St. Martin’s, the whole crowd will want to go, no, wait, two are in LA next week, two others are in San Francisco mid-week to Friday. That leaves seven. Tell you what, if we can book space, we’ll come.”
“We will have two free bedroom and bath. There are five of us, I sleep with sister, we are lesbian, the other three frequently sleep together.”
Janah nearly chokes, “I’ve got eleven queers here, all female, one transgender.”
“That is anyway no problem for us. Do you, um, what is term, mix and match?”
“All the time, we don’t do exclusive.”
“We are the same.”
“Good to know. What else? I’ll send a schedule, by the way, my name is Janah, the other Pearson is Daphne.”
“We will meet, then have cocktail and talk things over.”
“Bye for now.”
They click off.
Katya covers the fresh information with the others.
Sarah, “That’s too much to just be coincidence…guess anything’s possible.”
Mani, “This will be interesting.”
Katya, “Time for cocktail.”
Sarah, “Geez, where’d the time go, it’s quarter to seven.”
Ellen, “Grilling burgers in thirty, gonna do ‘em on the griddle in here so I can keep an eye on the fries.”
Mani, “I’ll take care of fries, should we start both at the same time?”
“No, get the fries going, it’ll have to be done in batches. Drain ‘em on a stack of paper towels and put the cooked ones in a warm oven, like two hundred. Sarah, do condiments, ketchup, Kewpie mayo, horseradish mustard. And there’s Inglehoffer sweet hot pepper mustard in the pantry, Katja likes that one. Also, cut onion slices, I’ll grill those to sweeten them up and get the raw onion smell out. What else? Oh, mushrooms, pack of sliced in the refrigerator. Rinse them in the colander to drain. And crumble blue cheese. Christ, I sound like a drill sergeant.”
Sarah laughs while she brings the sisters their drinks, “Mani plays drill sergeant with me, I like it, Thai terrorist. She makes me do the filthiest things.”
A second round, then cabernet with burgers, followed by flying the drone to the perv’s place.
Sarah, “His name is Frank Warren, Frank Asshole Warren, Frank Soon To Be Fucking Dead Warren.”
He lives in Gentilly, a slowly rebuilding wasteland after Katrina. Since the storm destroyed everything, there are empty lots where there were formerly houses. It’s a good place for a sex offender, his place is only the second house on an otherwise empty block. Curtains and blinds are drawn. Likely being cautious, someone might be looking to do him serious bodily harm.
Puff of smoke. He’s outside anyway, in the dark on an elevated deck. Many replaced homes are built off the ground, and on land built up five or six feet. Serves a purpose besides flood protection, cars can park underneath the house. His is there, still got a dinged bumper.
Katya, “Video all around the house, and get a shot of the steps going up to the deck, then stick the tracker on his car.”
She does, last step is the click of the GPS tracker to the metal bumper brace under the car. Katya says, “Enough, bring it in. If he is there tomorrow, he is finished.”
Ellen, “Why not go tonight?”
“Everyone has drinks, Sarah needs a clear head for the shot, I have an idea for tomorrow. ”
With snifters of Cognac, they watch a segment of Luther, which Katja discovered on Amazon.
Sarah, “Alice is cool, cold blooded and ruthless, my kind of girl.”
Katja, “They haf three seasons, no, four now.”
Mani, “Wonder why we didn’t pick up on it?”
Katja, “I saw it on list, never got around to watching. Sisters are sleepy, goodnight to all.”

Thirty Five

A fresh new Friday, Ellen’s doing light breakfast today, croissants, cut fruit, smoked salmon slices with lemon and capers. Katya’s on the IPad, Warren’s car hasn’t moved, she lays it aside. The tracker will send her a text if the car moves.
“Hasn’t left, after breakfast, fly the drone over and check out the house again. Keep it high, if somebody sees it maybe they think of a bird.”
The day moves along, quiet in the Quarter house, quiet at Warren’s. The drone showed only a closed up house, like the evening before. At three thirty, a text beeps.
Katya, “Car is going ,” she watches, it travels about a half mile, she taps in the location, “supermarket.”
Twenty minutes later, another beep, the car returns to his house. Tea comes and goes, it starts to get dark around seven.
“Ellen, make sure the Glock is loaded and silenced.”
“All done, I’m carrying as well.”
Katja flies the drone, zeroes in on the house, then the deck, nothing.
At eight, Katya says, “Drive to his house. Maybe he goes out to smoke, if he does he might have the cigarette and go back inside, will only be a short window of opportunity, no…wait, does not matter, if we know he is home, just knock on door and shoot.”
Ellen takes the IPad, she needs to see what the drone sees, she and Sarah take the Hyundai. Ellen replaced the plate earlier with one from Florida. They cruise the neighborhood, streets are empty, only pass an occasional car, don’t see any patrol cars. Warren shows up on the deck, sits in a chair and lights up. He doesn’t have to worry about lung cancer, soon he won’t have to worry about anything.
Ellen, “Walk around the back, stay underneath the deck. I’m gonna rap on his front door, ring the bell if there is one. He will either ignore it, or get up to see who it is. The problem is, does he go through the house or down the back steps. He won’t like somebody knocking, but he’ll be worried it’s the cops and if he doesn’t answer it’s more trouble.”
“Skip all that, I can hear him move and be up the steps before he knows what’s what.”
“Go for it, pay attention, and click the hammer back, the trigger pull will be easier. And get the brass if you can.”
Ellen’s watching the screen as Sarah scoots under the house, past his car and under the deck. Warren flicks the butt over the deck, footsteps on the wooden deck. She climbs the stairs.
Warren hasn’t turned around, he sees her coming up the steps.
Sarah, “Sorry if I scared you mister, I saw the cigarette butt fly, figured someone is up here. I got a dead car and no phone, can I use yours to call my folks?”
Warren sees a teenage girl wearing a black Fedora, jacket and jeans. One hand is in her jacket pocket, the other he can’t see resting on the side away from him. His brain defaults to safe.
“Lemme go get it, just wait out here.”
Screen door opens, he twists the handle on the wooden door. Just as it cracks open, there’s a soft pop, a dark hole in the back of his head. Warren falls forward into the kitchen. Blood drips from entry wound, the hollow point shredded his brain but didn’t exit. Sarah sees the casing, picks it up and sticks it in her pocket, she stands trembling for a half minute then, flushed, returns to the car.
“One perv down.”
“I saw, nice work. Friggin’ drone optics are amazing. I saw a hole appear in the back of his skull. He won’t be thinking of kids or anything else. And you remembered to grab the shell. One question, why did you just stand there?”
Sarah giggles, “I had an orgasm.”
Ellen bursts into laughter, “Jesus, that’s friggin’ funny.”
Sarah ejects the magazine and racks it to pop the chambered round out. She notches out the remaining bullets and puts them in her pocket. Now the gun is completely unloaded, reinserts the magazine and holsters the weapon. She removes the latex gloves, leaves them inside out, they go in the pocket with the bullets. Did you know they can lift prints from the inside of a latex glove? At home, she’ll rinse and cut them into little rubber bits.
Ellen clicks the remote, the gate to the courtyard opens, she pulls in and it shuts automatically.
Mani, “We’ll you aren’t in jail, must’ve gone well. We’re a cocktail ahead of you.”
Sarah, “I’ll have some of Ellen’s Elijah Craig if I may.”
Ellen, “One for me, too. You’ll have to settle for a verbal, I didn’t record it. If something went sideways, we don’t need a visual record.”
Katya, “Good thinking, I forget to mention it. Never record kills. What about previous surveillance?”
“Didn’t record that either.”
Ellen tells the story, she didn’t hear the conversation, “He didn’t go directly to the house, I saw you saying something, how’d you handle it?”
Sarah, “My car went dead, didn’t have a phone, could I use his? That’s when he went to get it. Just popped in my head. I could have done him on the deck, but I wanted close range. I bring up a gun, he could do anything, charge me, leap over the deck, then I’m shooting on the fly.”
Katya, “Advantage of being girl, he did not see any threat.”
Ellen, “And Sarah kept her distance until he turned his back. Handled like a pro,” she doesn’t mention an orgasm.
Mani, “So, how do you feel, you don’t seem to be freaked.”
Sarah blushes, “I watched him fall across the doorway and had a flipping orgasm.”
Mani squeals, “You are sooo weird.”
Sarah, “It wasn’t like a sex orgasm, I mean with you guys, not a body rattling, gasping blast. It was gentler, a warm tingly flush, but definitely an orgasm.”
Katja, “At least you are not crying and full of regret wiz beeg drama queen act.”
Sarah laughs, “No, nothing like that. I’m ready for another go anytime, it was awesome, to wrap a cliché around it.”
“There will be more. Now that you have have chewed a bone, you can know more about our business.”
Sarah smiles, she’s being offered complete acceptance, no need to silently speculate about what they do in the life they don’t talk about.
While they enjoy drinks and a pile of peeled jumbo shrimp, Katya runs through their occasional assassination sideline, then the Society refocusings, ending with Shadows.
Sarah, “Christ, you have a lot on your plate. Can I assume I’m in the mix of all of it?”
“Up to you. You can do murder for hire only. Or beat up asshole so he minds his manners, or go after Shadows. Shadow is most dangerous, but we use the drone for that.”
Sarah, “What does the drone do, besides observe and track?”
Katya explains the tranquilizer and Oblivion, the toxin. Then explains that the agreement with the Society is the toxin is for Shadows only.
Katya, “Mrs. Pearson, the Society, does not know we do murder for hire, not exactly anyway. Pearson is a smart woman, sharp, she will suspect, but she says nothing. It is our business. The work is in three different buckets, and we follow Pearson’s rules for refocusing and Shadows. How we kill Shadows is up to us, just simpler to use dart. Pearson says some are telekinetic and can move objects through the air, which they use to injure or kill. We will always use darts unless there is no opportunity, then we can shoot them, they are not bulletproof. Pearson will not use guns, but has no objection to lethal dart. I do not see the difference, but she has her ways.”
Sarah, “Wow. You know, I get a feeling about some people, a hard black vibe. Sometimes I think it might just be in my head, but I’ve seen people who just look vacant to me. Nobody else seems to notice, so I blew it off as a vivid teen imagination.”
Katja, “You are maybe seensatif person, Pearson talked of them. They can sense Shadows. That’s where Shadow came from, seensatif person says they are like black hole, a person, but empty.”
Sarah, “Yes, that’s it!”
“Well, they are anyway meeting us in St. Martin on Wednesday, we will find out more.”

Thirty Six

Sarah’s walking through the villa, “Christ, this place is as big as your house.”
Mani, “Look at that pool, crystal clear, and the view!”
The five look down from the patio out to the stretch of beach and sparkling blue water. The resort left a basket of tropical fruit and a bottle of Champagne. Not sure if it was available, they brought Russian Standard and Ellen’s Elijah Craig with them.
Ellen refrigerates the Champagne, “Never heard of this one, but it’s real French Champagne, not sparkling wine.”
Sarah, “Mani, let’s bikini-up and walk the beach, anyone else?”
Ellen, “I’m in.”
Katya, “Sisters will enjoy pool and sun.”
Ellen, “Sunscreen, don’t ruin your trip with sunburn, remember the tops of your feet.”
Katja, “And beeg hat also, don’t burn head where hair ees part.”
Slathered and hatted, the three leave to stir lust and jealousy on the beach. Katya and Katja decide bikinis are pointless for the pool, it’s perfectly private unless somebody’s flying a drone. They swim for a while to loosen travel kinks, then park on lounge chairs and enjoy the nothing together.
Two hours later, the others show up, the twins have been inside for the last hour, already showered and relaxing on the couch, jazz plays over the sound system.
Ellen, “We trawled the beach back and forth, then parked at the patio bar for mimosas.
Sarah and Mani got the requisite stares their not swimsuits were designed to provoke.”
Mani, “Us? Please.”
Ellen smiles, “I noticed one or two checking me out.”
“Hah! The waiter practically drooled on you.”
Sarah, “If the twins had come along, we might have been banned from the bar.”
Katja, “They haf beautiful girls all the time, it ees for rich persons, with lots of hot teenage daughters to parade around.”
Ellen, “That was the case. I don’t know how restrictive mom is at home, but here they let ‘em wear bits of string like ours. One girl, couldn’t have been more than fourteen, had on a thong so tiny she was effectively nude.”
Sarah, “And she was eating up the attention.”
Ellen, “I’d eat her up anytime.”
Mani, “Pervert.”
“Bullshit, you were going down on Sarah when she was fifteen.”
Sarah laughs, “I picked her up if you recall.”
“Like that was a lot of work.”
Katja, “Girl doing girl ees deeferent, nobody gets pregnant.”
Katya, “Age of consent is sixteen in St. Martin.”
“There you go.”
“There what goes?”
“Just sayin’, and it’s thirteen in Spain.”
“None of which is relevant to the fourteen year old.”
“No, but consent is relative, and if she gave it to me, I’d show her lovely self a lovely time. I did a girl once who was thirteen, but then I was twelve. We got after it too, a whole school year until her dad got transferred. We did it in empty classrooms, sleepovers at her house. God, if her mother only knew what was happening down the hall from her bedroom. She was all into some religion, one of those churches that aren’t denominational. While she was on her knees worshipping empty space, I was on my knees worshipping her daughter.”
Mani and Sarah laugh, Katja says, “Lucky girl to make sex wiz Ellen.”
Ellen smiles, “All over me, it was great.”
Mani, “Now we’re all over you.”
“Even better. I’m gonna shower, be nice if two girls came in and, you know...”
Mani, “Done.”
The three go upstairs. Katya takes the opportunity to make her sister feel warm, then flame.
It’s an hour before they come down, Katja asks, “Water stay hot all that time?”
Sarah, “We were only in the shower fifteen, we got really nasty after, then did a second rinse.”
Ellen, “You have a nice afterglow.”
“I haf beeg orgasmic.”
Sarah, “And Katya?”
Katya, “You will give me orgasm later, Ellen and Mani must use toy on sister.”
Mani, “Cool, Ellen brought our best stuff.”
Ellen, “Good thing they didn’t go through our luggage, private jet helps avoid a crapload of customs issues.”
 Katja, “Sun ees set, time for vodka.”
Katya, “What do we do for dinner?”
Ellen, “I booked us at Trellis for eight, it’s part of the hotel, we can walk over. French and seafood , I think everything in St. Martin’s is French and seafood.”
A drink by the pool, it’s only quarter after seven, so they have another, then make their way to the restaurant. Trellis is open to the ocean, it’s dark, the view is rich velvety moonlight on calm water.
They share seafood appetizers, peeled shrimp and crab, for entrees the twins choose steak with wine sauce. Ellen, Sarah and Mani order two grilled fish dishes and lobster. They can taste around, one dish is amandine, the other is covered lightly with lemon butter.
Ellen, “Nice to see they have a light hand with sauce.”
Sarah takes a hunk of lobster and dunks it in melted garlic butter, “Oh geez, this is sooo good, try it Mani.”
She cuts a chunk and serves it to Mani, who rolls her eyes, “Sheesh, here have a bite of amandine.”
They ordered a second bottle of wine during dinner, then Cognac to finish. No dessert, bikinis reveal excesses. Pleasantly full, not stuffed, they walk back to the villa. It’s not late, late, but it is ten thirty.
Girls refresh, intimate follies ensue. Sleek Caribbean island, lush accommodations, fine food and drink, use your nastiest imagination.

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