Twenty Nine

Chloe goes off, I decide a hot shower is in order. Just as I’m steeping out, Janah comes in, I leave the water on, she steps in. Our showers are massive, they don’t have doors, the dual showerheads are towards the back, in our room there is a Jacuzzi, nearer the front, Janah likes to sit and bubble sometimes. I’m not a bath person, shower and go.
“I imagine you figured out I went into one of sexual fugues.”
“How many girls did you make happy? I checked out when you were with Sloane because Chloe came in. I was playing with me, then she took me over, then I took her over, and over again. Chloe is such a delight.”
Janah, “What was the question? Oh yeah, volume. After Sloane, I went to the workshop and tush tingled Eloise, she gets amazing orgasms when her butt’s licked. Britt was in the working with her, I was already on my knees, so…you know. I went downstairs and was pleasuring myself on the couch when Ellen and Mani came along, I did both of them. I’ve had a two hour orgasm.”
Janah orgasms when she’s providing the pleasure, I’ve known her to orgasm just looking at one of our girls and thinking about it. All the way back to Chapmans, I would uncross my legs, my short skirts covering near nothing, I went to school panty free. Janah would get off staring at me. Susan caught on, I mean, all I had to do was reach up for a glass to make it plain. When I’d lean over to kiss mom before we left, she’d run her hand up my thigh, tingle me with her fingertips and tell me how bad I was. Hah! She in her tiny robe, that never seemed to stay belted, particularly when Janah was eyeballing her long lean legs. That’s when Janah discovered she could get off just looking. She has to intentionally think salacious thoughts, it doesn’t happen every time she see a naked girl. Around here, she’d never quit vibing.
“A few girls missed out, surprising you got the living area to the three of you without a parade passing.”
“I think the others were mixed and mingled in various bedrooms, I don’t know who was where. I did spot Valeria, she wasn’t exactly spying, she was sitting on the first set of steps while I took my lust out on Ellen and Mani. The others didn’t see her, when I finished off Ellen, I checked the stairs again and she was gone.”
“It’s about time for her to decide when she takes the treatment, Dasha is going to talk to her, may have already talked to her. Valeria is fourteen, we think, lots of our rescued girls have no official birth certificate.”
“True, it’s not like they’re trees and we can count the rings. She’s post pubescent, just.”
The bedroom door slides open, it’s Dasha.
Her eyes roam my bare territory, then she leans on the opening to the shower and watches Janah lather up.
“I haf already sex wiz sister or I would haf you make me feel gud.”
“I can do it anyway.”
“Maybe tomorrow, sister was enthusiastic, I am leeked both ways, then fucked wiz strapping on toy. I leaf her mumbling een bed and come here. Anyway, I haf spoken wiz Valeria, she ees ready.”
“Good then, Janah will start tonight. She knows it’s a series of injections? Some recipients get a bit feverish or experience a lassitude for a few days.”
“Da, I told her she might get warm, or feel like she ees in slow motion, that it passes and she will be even more energetic. Valeria is tough girl, she will make no complaint.”
“Like the Mamas.”
“Da,” she’s looking me over, pushes me to the bed, I sit lean back on my elbows, she kneels and spreads my legs, “I cannot anyway resist, you will feel gud now.”
Geez, what a day.
While Dasha does me, I hear the door slide open, just a bit. Our doors are essentially silent, but my owl hearing precludes absolute silence. I turn and look, I see a thin strip of Valeria peeking in, then she slides it further, comes in and sits next to me on the bed. Dasha keeps at me until I’m squirming then a gasp of luscious pleasure. My tummy is a ripple of tight muscle, I clutch the bedspread and moan. Valeria’s expression, what I saw if it in the midst of my vibe, never changes. I feel like a science experiment, albeit a happy one. I feel gud.
Dasha looks up at Valeria, “Your treatments start tonight.”
“Da Mama.”
“And when you are feenish in a few days, if you wish, you can peek a girl and she will show you about sexy time.”
“I am deciding who is to be first. I will be like Daphne, eventually everyone.”
Janah and I laugh, even Dasha gets a hint of a grin, “Then all of fahmahley ees most fortunate girls.”
Valeria leans over and kisses Dasha on both cheeks, turns to Janah, “You will tell me when to come for injection.”
Janah, “I will, after dinner we can monitor you for a couple of hours before bed.”
She nods, looks up at me, “You will kiss me now.”
I head for her cheek, she stops me, “Nyet, like girls kiss.”
How precious, my tongue explores hers, hers mine. I’m going gently, not a blast of passion. I let her break it off, she does but not right away.
She looks into my eyes, “Nice, spasibo.”
“S udovol'stviyem.”
She stands and leaves.
Janah, “I imagine that was a pleasure.”
“Of course, she’s adorable, I’m honored to have the first intimate kiss. Or perhaps it’s not her first, how would I know?”
Dasha, “The other children kiss her on the lips, not wiz sexy kiss, but kisses anyway. They are always kissing her cheeks, shoulders, neck. Now Valeria ees biggest sister and special to them.”
“Janah, did you know that?”
“News to me, obviously they only do it when it’s just them in the dorm. Kota B would know, but she doesn’t rat on the kids.”
“What does Valeria think about it?”
“She ees pleased.”
“She’s almost unreadable, like certain Mamas.”
“The children know.”
Children always do.


Another few weeks of blessed ordinary, our martial artists are razor sharp, we had the aches and pains to prove it. Valeria took her treatments with no ill effects, she said she slept more the first week but she insisted on doing kitchen duty as normal. If she’s picked her intimacy mentor, I haven’t heard about it.
At breakfast I announce, “Time to go to Arizona, winter’s gone, spring has sprung. The parents have flown off again, Japan, Kyoto and surrounds for a month, then returning to Malibu for a few, then to Canada. Susan and Lacy want to get their fishing gear on and empty the lake of walleye, crappie and trout.”
Amaya, “Good, I’m race track withdrawn.”
Uma, “Yay, the karts.”
Ellen, “And the gun range, I may not be able to hit the side of a barn from twenty paces for all the practice I’ve done lately.”
“You’re all going to get your fill of your selected hobbies.”
Lauren, “Whatever happened to the drone guys?”
Janah, “My bad, I got distracted and it went out of my mind. Freddie and Calvin made bail but are banned from owning drones of any kind. They also had to register as sex offenders. We anonymously informed everyone on their contact lists and their employers of their new status. We turned over their files to the DA, everything horrid had been taken down from the normal net, the bots regularly sweep the dark net for child porn and delete it when it turns up. With VR, the volume of child porn has dropped dramatically. There are always those who want the titillation, and there are still lots of adults who crave sex with children. Shadows are hardly the only pedophiles.”
Nikko, “Good enough, when do we leave for Arizona?”
“Day after unless somebody has a local commitment, I checked the family calendar, nothing was posted as a conflict.”
Amaya, “The only ones of us who do much outside the compound are Chloe and I, if we need to see someone in Hollywood. Now I take those meetings on the videophone, same with our lawyers”
“Sloane takes Oceane to the beach once a week, lately she’s been happy to do her water time here.”
Sloane, “She likes to swim with the children and she knows we don’t want the kids on public beaches. They attract attention, we are attention averse. Chloe makes public appearances and talk shows occasionally, only because she doesn’t like to disappoint her fans.”
Amaya, “I am writing Chloe a new script. She is going to be the mysterious ward of eight insanely precocious children, who get up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem, aggravate the crap out of the local police and, of course, solve the crime. It will have my patented snappy slick dialogue and a huge dog, I am thinking of setting it in Victorian England. No drones, no cell phones, no internet, only dogged persistence and bright energetic minds.”
Zi, “Sounds like great fun, got a title?”
“Have not put a letter in a word processor, frankly, the project just popped in my mind two seconds before I announced it. Now I am stuck with producing a script.”
Lauren, “The Mamas okay with it?”
Amaya, “The children, and Chloe, will be in Victorian costume, with the requisite British manners. What do you think Dasha?”
“Children are only children een physical age, not so much children een brain. They will ask me and sister what to do because they are polite. But they will want to do it, acting is one of their main interests, like the plays they put on for us.”
“Excellent, a fair question from Lauren however, she’s more than just a hot bod with an empty head.”
Lauren, “Do you refer to mommy Daphne?”
My tribe groans.
Amaya, “Daphne saved your perfect ass, and mine, apologize immediately ingrate.”
Lauren, “Sorry mom, a bad joke.”
“I appreciate Amaya’s gratitude. Still, I’ve set myself up to be on the receiving end most of my life, think nothing of it.”
In the afternoon, chill time, Dasha finds me, Valeria is with her.
Dasha, “Valeria would like to approach Oceane, I told her she needed to talk to you. I will leave her wiz you for instructing.”
We sit cross legged on the bed, “Do you know why Dasha  wanted you to talk to me first?”
“Nyet, you will explain.”
“Oceane is not like the other girls. She is extremely sensitive, her skin, how she is touched. She likes sex, but it has to be gentle. For instance, and we have to get personal now, run your hands along my legs.”
She slides next to me, facing the opposite direction. Her hand glides along the inside of my thigh.
“Now, use less than half of the pressure, and only your fingertips, like this,” I trace my fingers lightly along her leg.
She does it to me.
“Exactly, that is all the pressure you should use with Oceane.”
“She feels that?”
“Intensely. If you go harder you will feel her tighten up, she won’t say anything, she won’t break, but it’s no longer pleasurable to her. Now for the kissing part, pucker up.”
She does, I barely brush her lips with mine, “and when you use your tongue, do it like this,” I just contact her tongue with mine, lightly flick and slide it over and around hers.
“You do it to me.”
I get a good copy, entry could be lighter, “Ease your tongue in, the rest was fine.”
“I will try again,” we go back and forth, this training stuff is working our great.
“You have deliciously soft lips, Oceane will love your kisses.”
Dang, I get an almost smile.
“The finale, or the main event I should say. I’m going to lick you, I know Oceane will be first, but you chose a unique girl, is it okay?”
She nods, lays back, popped on her elbows so she can watch. I shift between her legs, head by her knees. 
“Start like this, or Oceane may, probably will, she generally goes first. What a girl does to you is generally, not always, what she wants done to her.”
“How ill I know?”
“You won’t, that’s part of the experience, finding out the preferences of your partner.”
I start in kissing her thighs, lips barely making contact. I look at her while I kiss, she’s focused like we’re making a roux, in a way, we are. Just enough heat, keep stirring, stop when the color is just right.
She spread her legs wider.
“Put your thighs next to my face, very gently,” geez they feels like satin, “ready?”
I see a nod.
I ever so gently kiss the target, then again, and again, watching her. Her eyes half close. Then a soft touch with my tongue, her hips undulate, I hear a little gasp, so far, so luscious. I keep after it for a few swipes, easy, near nothing swipes, raise my head.
“Got the idea? If I keep going Oceane will be second, this is a training exercise under special circumstances.”
“Da, you will lay down now.”
She repeats the movement on me, yeowich, I’m wet.
“It is good.”
At first, I thought it was a question, but I’m not sure, I reply in kind, “It is good.”
She keeps after it.
“If you’re staying with it, I take a bit more pressure, just don’t bite anything.”
“Show me.”
We swap again, this time I work it like most of us want, a healthy enthusiastic action, some slow, some faster, her head is back, spine arched, breath coming in quick gasps. 
Then, “Aaaaahhhh,” along with a lovely twitch and squirm.
I hold my tongue on the tender part until she subsides, she has the most adorable orgasm. I raise my head and kiss her tummy, then her lips.
“I taste me on you.”
“Nice, isn’t it?”
“Da. Maybe Oceane is second.”
I laugh, “It will be Ocean’s first with your succulence. Dasha must have given you hygiene instructions, and some vanilla flavoring.”
“Da, Mama shows me. Girls must stay fresh…on both places.”
“Yes, some of the girls like their tush tingled, but if you don’t want to do it, it isn’t a big deal.”
“Does it feel good?”
“Want to find out, I’m rather an expert, it’s one of Janah’s favorites.”
Flip over, the best position is for you to rest your head on a pillow, and have your knees under you, butt in the air.
She does it, I do it, she has a second orgasm.
“I take it you’re good with it.”
“Da, you give me another climax, how does it work?”
“Girls orgasms are mental and physical. Janah orgasms just looking at one of us, if she includes thoughts on what she’d like to do to us. It happens sometimes, just go with it, probably better not to screech or moan.”
“I will do your pussy now.”
Dasha’s influence, she doesn’t consider pussy to be anything but the soft loveliness between a girl’s legs, it isn’t an expletive. For that matter, neither do the rest of us. One of our regular approaches, besides just starting in with fondling and kisses, is to say, ‘Your puss is on my mind.’
I give this bit of advice to Valeria and include, “Most of the time you will know from glances, a stroke along the thigh, kisses to shoulders and cheeks. It doesn’t take much to get us going.”
Enough explication, I’m steaming, lay back, she lets it rip, I’m a goner in minutes.
Valeria is laying next to me, dreamily staring at the ceiling, “Sex is good.”
“Sex with you is delightful, remember, Oceane takes a different approach.”
“Da. Why do you hold my head when you orgasm?”
“That the universal signal to stop, an over stimulated clitoris can be painful. When a hand clasps your head, stop and hold your tongue on the spot lightly, it’s more than enough stimulation, no more licking. As you get to know your partners, you will automatically sense when they’re peaking. Until then, you will feel them hold your head still.”
“After, what then?”
“Cuddle, kiss, just snuggle and vibe together. It may lead to a nap, it may not. After a few minutes, either girl is free to leave, there’s no rule, no obligation to stay entwined for an hour. Whatever you feel like. If a girl has a special request, it’s up to her to make it, it’s up to you to comply or say not now. Don’t do stuff you don’t want to do, nobody gets mad. I like to shower afterwards, feel the warm water and a good lather. If you invite your partner, sometimes it leads to more play, sometimes it’s just two girls showering together, there’s no rule.”
“We will shower now.”
Dang, Christmas comes to Daphne.

Thirty One

Time to return to what passes for reality around here. We dry hair, brush each other out with a partial blow dry, finish with an air dry. I slip on the standard family uniform, slinky form fitting t-shirt. Amaya, Lauren and Valeria are too fashion conscious for just t-shirts, they range from snug stretchy shorts to skirts. Valeria selects outfits from Chloe Couture, short dresses and skirts, silk blouses, platforms that add curve to her lean long legs. She digs around in Amaya’s jewelry vault for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Her fingers are smaller than Amaya’s so she has her own selection of rings. I think she’s up to a hundred, but in fairness, she wears four or five at a time.
We are just in time for tea, I get a lot of sly glances, my satisfied smirk may be giving me away. But if they’ve figured it out, they will never say anything sassy in front of Valeria, it is her inauguration, a deeply personal event to be acknowledged in respectful silence.
Valeria goes to the Mamas, whispers something, they glance at me, then deliver double cheek kisses to their young lady. Valeria joins us at the big table, she is not one of the children anymore, now the elder sister.
Janah, “As you are aware, I didn’t follow, it was a private time for Valeria. And I don’t want a recap, private is private. I must say, whatever happened, her entire demeanor has changed.”
“Something you, maybe Chloe or Zi might read. Valeria was never little girly anyway. She’s Dasha II. It was mostly an accident of selection. She told Dasha she wanted to have her first go with Oceane. Dasha brought Valeria to me because Oceane is a special case. The idea was for me to give her pointers on what to do and how to do it given Ocean’s sensitivity.”

Janah, “You can’t instruct intimacy by just talk, you have to touch. One thing led to another. I’m sure your reminded her, it will be Oceane’s first time with her, and it will go much better if Valeria understands Oceane’s sensitivity.”
“She got it. And yes, she is everything you imagine her to be, and she has a grand plan to get to everyone in turn. Why not? We live in a lesbian candy store.”
“Be foolish not to try all the flavors.”

I hear Janah’s sat phone ding, that can mean someone needs an intermediary. Mrs. Pearson is the invisible connection between agencies that can’t communicate directly. Janah generally handles it, I am also Mrs. Pearson if she’s indisposed. Our phone alters our voiceprint slightly, both Mrs. Pearsons sound alike to whoever is on the other end. Needless to say, we don’t do video calls. 
The other reason the phone summons us is for Society work. Emergency room doc, a nurse, a social worker or a cop suspects or knows of bad behavior. They can’t get victims to admit abuse, certainly not testify. Maybe even a neighbor thinks there’s something strange or ugly going on across the street, but can’t prove it. Those stories get shared, and sometimes get shared with one of our contacts. The sharer doesn’t know the person she’s talking to is a Society contact, she thinks she’s just venting frustration to a colleague or acquaintance. 
At that point the contact calls in as much detail as they can supply. We arrange for surveillance, poke around in lives, everything from listening devices to surreptitiously installing video in the house. We have people across the country, PIs, other security types, retired agents for this or that. People who like keeping a hand in the sneak biz.
If they come up with evidence, it’s no good in court, we don’t apply for subpoenas, we are the judge, jury and carry out the sentence. We call our surveillance folks Surveillance. Simplicity is good.
If the complaint is real, we send what we call Social Workers, or sometimes we say Social Skills teams out to refocus the pest, it’s almost always men. We thought about calling it Extermination, but we don’t kill people. Social Workers teach the target new social skills, refocus his anger. These guys don’t understand twelve steps or anger management. They understand pain. We speak to them in the language they can comprehend, it's almost compassionate if you stretch the definition.
The Society is technically The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to People. But since it doesn’t formally exist, it was shortened to the Society long ago. It began with a small group of well heeled individuals that got tired of reading about this or that beaten woman, abused child, often multiple abused children, sociopathic slime with no conscience. When one of the group had a relative killed by an abuser, they set up the Society. Mrs. Epstein was the Mrs. Pearson then. Janah and I took it over when they retired. Janah and I were the original Social Workers.
Dr. Epstein died at a ripe old age, a few years later so did Mrs. Epstein. They left us millions, plus the millions in the Society’s coffers, and a 5th Avenue condo worth a kazillion. We turned that into a rare book library that was run by monks from the Shaolin Temple. They still run it all these years later. Scholars still come in droves, well, droves is an exaggeration, they have to present credentials and come by appointment. It can take months to get one.
Enough back story, details are in prior books.
Janah’s in my head, “Come to the office.”
As I go in she’s just ringing off with the caller.
“Mom and stepdad, real father unknown, are pimping out the woman’s daughters, all of eight and ten. Mostly stepdad, mom is in a stupor most of the time, booze and opioids.”
“Geez, druggies can get that stuff legitimately these days.”
“She is getting it through a clinic. It’s more like stepdaddy preferring to get his cash flow off the backs of the kids than getting an actual job. He’s also using them for his own pleasure.”
“Ugh, so what trailer park are we visiting?”
“More upscale, think townhouse in suburban Dallas.”
“No, how much money can two little girls bring in?”
“Two beautiful blond girls? Three thousand a pop, sux for both. Surveillance records one appointment a night, their calendars have been full.”
“Oh, then a minimum of a hundred twenty thousand a month, I don’t suppose they take credit cards.”
“Virtual currency. It’s all done via the dark net. Kids go to an upscale hotel to visit Uncle Perv, in from Duluth or Tallahassee to see his nieces. Occasionally it’s Aunt Perv, and even Aunt and Uncle Perv.”
“When do we leave?”
“Who goes?”
“You’re the field commander. The house is no fortress, maybe we don’t even go there. Step-perv has a rather large black man that delivers the girls and retrieves them, maybe we block delivery, I don’t know, you’ll think of something.”
“Nikko will be pissed if she doesn’t go. We’ll add Chloe or Zi to handle the girls, plus you’ll be there. Pass along the names to Grace B, if he’s got money stacked someplace, she’ll relieve him of it. Mom sounds like she’ll be in enough high water when she’s left with a crippled hubby and no source of money.”
“My thinking, run it by Nikko, let’s take Zi, she likes taking care of Nikko.”
“She likes being Nikko’s slave.”
Another mild exaggeration, but with a ring of truth. Zi got one look at our Japanese warrior and her slim glass slick legs and made herself the personal, um, assistant. Nikko didn’t want a personal assistant, but Zi was so attentive, and so willing, she acquiesced and allows Zi’s pampering. Actually, it’s not much different than Janah and me, a bit of subservience is in my nature, inherited from Susan. I like Janah to tell me, not to ask me, I like anticipating her desires. The compensation is superb.
I find Nishiko, fill her in.
“This guy have a name?”
“I’m sure he does, I didn’t ask, Janah knows and is getting Grace B to worm her way into his digital life. I just call him Step Perv. Mommy is a non-entity, we won’t have to fix her, she’ll self destruct when the cash runs out.”
“They give addicts substitute drugs these days.”
“They don’t give them quarts of bourbon, she’s got that Jones too.”
“Okay, maybe I just make her too ugly to go outside. I’m not going down there to give her a total pass.”
“Agreed. We only have one real obstacle, the delivery boy is a massive Negro, we’re still tracking down his background but we’ll know by the time we hit Dallas. It’s the four of us, we aren’t going to kill anyone and if you and I can’t handle one guy, no matter how big he is, we need to burn our black belts.”
“He won’t be a problem.”
Nikko is in samurai calm, you don’t want her coming for you in samurai calm.

Thirty Two

While any of our tribe, children excepted, would be willing, even anxious, to make such a trip, we have a rule. Well, not so much a rule, just a traditional system. I decide who needs to go, that’s who goes. I sometimes ask for volunteers, when I’m looking to spread the opportunity. And they are free to ask to tag along, like a Society safari. When we go to work, only designated Social Workers get game. The extras hang at the hotel or tour whatever town. Since we’re also relocating to Arizona, the others have things to do besides fly to Dallas and sit in a suite.”
Then a mini surprise, Valeria corners me.
“I will travel and observe. Maybe also help with children.”
“I don’t know, have you spoken to Dasha or Daria?”
“Nyet, I am respectful of Mamas, but I am my own girl now.”
“It can get ugly, no, it will get ugly.”
“Da. It is already ugly for children.”
Can’t argue with that.
“Get your passport arranged, Emma B can do it. We aren’t leaving the country, but in case you need to show something we can’t have it in Valeria Kazakova’s name. and get Amaya to alter your appearance slightly before you take the photo.”
She blinks at me, goes off to make arrangements.
“Dasha, Valeria is coming along, her idea.”
“She wants to be part of all fahmahley, this is part. She ees, in our eyes, an adult. I will remind her not to interfere, you haf told her ees violence I am sure.”
“I did.”
“She will be gud Social Working peerson, you will see.”

She drops off. That’s the twins, say what they have to say and go on to other business.
“Janah, Valeria is taking a ride, she made it plain she wasn’t asking permission.”
“You were beating up punks when you were twelve, she’s fourteen, I think, she may be barely fourteen, she sure isn’t fifteen. What’s for dinner?”
“Good question, I got involved with the project, I’ll have to get to the kitchen.”

I find my cohorts slaving over glasses of wine, Dasha is slaving over a chilled Russian Standard. Britt is alongside cranking out a tomato and romaine salad with feta.
“Thanks for pitching in Britt, some of us are traveling to Dallas tomorrow, fix a bit of child prostitution.”
Britt, “Ugh, Dasha told me. You can turn Nikko loose for all I care, I’ve been there.”
“This isn’t a Shadow, check that, as far as we know this isn’t a Shadow. Surveillance doesn’t know from Shadows. Zi and Janah can tell. If he isn’t, he gets neutered, not terminated.”
“You and Janah have your rules, Sarah would fly out and kill him just for the orgasm.”
Sarah’s at the table with a vodka rocks in one hand, fondling Mani’s thigh with the other, she giggles, “Guaranteed.”
Britt, “Him dying or your orgasm?”
Mani, “Both.”
Valeria is intently laying steaks on a platter, “Grace B, the grill is ready?”
“Did you fucking ask me to get the grill ready a half hour ago?”
“Then what do you think, Cossack?”
Valeria, “Take this platter out in twenty minutes, and refill my wine.”
“Bossy little twat, now that you have Daphne twisted around your finger.”
“Daphne’s finger is for twisting around me. Go be useful.”
Grace B pours wine, “I am changing plane reservations since five of you are going to Dallas tomorrow, twenty five clinically insane women and children, three bots and a dog that could pass for a wrinkled pony to Arizona a day later, getting Twisted Daphne and her Band of Vigilantes flights, hotel reservations and transportation. Emma B is fabricating licenses and passports for said vigilantes while we simultaneously update the financials for your stupidly rich family. Not to mention Amaya having me fact check a ridiculously long list of items for her Chloe and the Brats film. I now know more about Victorian England than that pussy Sherlock Holmes and his fag hag Watson. Speaking of Watson, I also just kicked that IBM piece of shit’s ass in three dimensional Go, so piss off.”
It’s impossible not to laugh, except Valeria, her expression never changes, “You are already finished with all that, just bring the steaks when I want them.”
Grace B, “Fuck, she is on to me.”
Ellen, “Marchand du vin is ready, I’ve baked barbeque chicken for the anti red meat girls, mashed for the side, French bread, corn chowder to begin.”
I mental the menu to Janah, who I didn’t see come in from the office, “Sounds yummy, glass of red sounds right.”
Grace B hands it to her, “Your travel details are on your phones, it is an hour flight, you are at the Wormwood, Executive Suite with an adjoining bedroom, one SUV, requires a driver, no GPS, not an option on driverless vehicles.”
“Well done.”
“Anything for Your Majesty.”
Janah giggles, Morshchiny is poking me with her snout, I hand her a bit of raw steak, “That’s it for you, make it last,” she goes off to the children’s table, flops down, drops the hunk to the floor to lick it for a bit before she gulps it down in one piece. Then she licks the remaining molecules off the floor, rolls to her side with a satisfied huff.
Dinner commences, if Janah adds anymore family we’ll need another table. We decided to break the tables up rather than the one long bit we had. Meals sometimes felt like a board meeting, so we have five six seaters, providing more elbow room.
Chloe, “We changing the table in Arizona?”
“I don’t know, what does everyone prefer? This was a test, all we need do is push them all together again.”
Sloane, “Just leave it in Arizona, keep them separated here, something a little different.”
Amaya, “Agreed, I like the space, I also feel obliged to let everyone enjoy me when we all sit together. Sloane’s suggestion helps me have it both ways.”
Nobody else has an opinion, looks like we don’t make any changes in Arizona.
An aside. You may or may not wonder why I refer to Malibu, but don’t name a city in Arizona. It’s because Malibu is big, and has tons of residential and commercial development. Our Arizona home is off a two lane road from Highway 89 not quite halfway between Prescott and Flagstaff. We’re also a few miles from the two lane up a private road we added when we built the house. There is no reference city.
Nikko swipes a hunk of bread through the marchand du vin, “Amazing meal, again, the sauce is to kill for, thank you chefs.”
Janah, “Anymore sauce? I notice the bowl of mashed isn’t empty…yet.”
Emma B, brings a fresh plate, adds mashed potato, zaps it in the microwave for a bit, then brings it to Janah who adds warm sauce to the cavity she created in the center with a spoon.
“God it’s so good, what a piggy I am.”
Everything is gone, corn chowder bisque, Ellen added cream at the end in a burst of inspiration, steaks, chicken, although I swiped a chunk for the mastiff, now the potatoes have disappeared. All that’s left of the bread are the crumbs on the tables.
Uma turns to us from the children’s table, “Is there dessert sister?”
Valeria, “Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.”
These days, we have sugar free cake with a sugar substitute that isn’t maltitol, the sugar alcohol that created havoc in most people’s stomach. The new stuff bakes like sugar, something Splenda just couldn’t do, the frosting tastes like sugar frosting with the same creamy consistency. 
The children burst into simultaneous ‘Yay!’, cake is always welcome and we don’t do birthdays, too many of our girls have no exact birthday. Those of us who do fail to see how the day we slid into the world covered in uterine fluid and blood is a cause for celebration. It’s not like we did anything remarkable.
Nadia, “Kota B, we will have cake in the dorm in a half hour,” the to the other children, “We need to prepare for later.”
They rise en masse, thank yous for the chefs, and scurry up the circular staircase with Morshchiny in tow.
Lauren, “Prepare for what, a Zycyryn trip?”
Kota B, “Tonight they cast spells for the safety of Valeria as she travels with the others to Dallas.”
“What about our safety?”
“They know you can take care of yourselves, this is Valeria’s first outing.”
They have a point, no reason to waste a good spell for girls who don’t need them.

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