Twenty Five

Joubert is late forties, maybe fifty, wife looks a bit younger from the little they can see. Nobody else in the house, no kids, no dog. If they have children, they must be grown and gone. The girls circle the neighborhood, swap positions out of caution. A few cars pass, but nobody is on foot to pay them any attention.
It's nine fifteen.
Katya, "Let's go. I can see TV flicker, they aren't going anyplace tonight. Store opens at ten, we will come here tomorrow early and see what happens."
Back at the Hampton, they knock back a vodka, share a pizza and are asleep assassins by eleven thirty.
This morning, Katya is in the car Katja had last night, Katja and Ellen in the other. Everyone is armed and dangerous, including, one presumes, Joubert.
Garage door opens at seven thirty, the tan Accord backs out, Mrs. Joubert alone at the wheel. Katya scoots into the garage, careful to step over the beam that stops the door coming down, bent over she just makes it.
"Tell Ellen to go to the front door and knock. Give him a story about a stalled car."

Ellen walks to the front door and knocks.
Joubert doesn't open it, Ellen sees a shadow on the peephole in the front door, "Who are you?"
"Car stalled, looking for jump start, I have cables."
He cracks the door, has his free hand on the butt of his holstered weapon, looks  over her shoulder, "Where's the car?"
"Halfway down the block."
Joubert unsnaps the safety strap on his holster, "So you walked past four houses to try this one? What's that about?"
He startles at Katya's voice behind him, "We are not paid to kill them, only you."
He's quick to react, head jerks around, gun rises, Ellen and Katya fire simultaneously, brain and blood paint the door. The Glock drops to the floor, body topples next to it. Ellen walks to her car, Katya does quickie home exploration, finds two thousand and change in cash. Into a gym bag goes the Glock and several boxes of nine millimeters, along with two brand new .38 revolvers and a half dozen boxes of bullets.
They are back in time to have the Hampton breakfast, "We will need to keep one car and drive to Houston. Don’t want to ship this many guns or risk them in luggage for TSA to steal."
Katja, "Ees okay, let me see," she gets the route on her phone, it's all I-10, but it's also fifteen hours, "we will make a vacation. Six hours to El Paso, stay one night, next day seven hours to San Antonio, maybe stay a night or two, then only three hours to Houston."
In the car, Ellen says, "Nine grand to take a plane ride to Phoenix, and a tour through south Texas. And I got to shoot his ass."
Katya, "This time, Katja keeps watch from car. Maybe somebody comes along and she has to deal. Cops patrol, neighbor stops by, have to distract or disable."
Ellen, "We haven't talked about it, how far do we take distract or disable?"
Katja, "Until they are no more a problem. Every time will be deeferent, you haf to eemprovise. If you can distract with talking, okay, if you have to knock out, okay. You may have to keel. We are not going to jail because of nosy neighbor or cop on patrol."
Ellen, "So I shoot a cop if I need to?"
"You want instead prison?"
Ellen, ", orange ain't my new black."
"Then shoot, and you haf to shoot anyone who can connect you also to target. No witness, no prison."
Ellen, "I got it."
They don't stop for lunch, just gas and coffee, in El Paso at four thirty, master suite at the Camino Real. El Paso is a cheap date, good hotel, suite only one eighty a night. The room is pure commercial plain, clean and spacious though.
Ellen, "Maybe a walk around downtown, then a shower, I need to move after sittin' in the car."
After a long walk and a warm shower, nice and unwound, they decide on the County Line. A few beers and big rib platters later, they make their way back to the suite, have a nightcap, then each other for dessert. Sated and sexed, it's near eight the next morning when they start to stir.
Ellen, "I got coffee comin', don't know if anyone wants breakfast, just told 'em to send up a basket of rolls or pastry."
Katya, "Plenty, ribs were good last night."
Ellen, "I gotta make us some baby backs at home, try out a few barbeque sauce recipes."
They caffeinate, put the rolls in a bag, pack up the little they brought and get on the road. The breakfast pastry makes for lunch, another couple of coffee stops and they roll into San Antonio at quarter to five.
Katya, "We are at Hyatt Riverwalk, a suite, nice sitting area, big bed, two baths and a wet bar.”
Ellen, "Sure is nice to travel first class, sheesh, this is neat, view of the whole damn city."
Katya, "Let’s see what Riverwalk is all about."
Stroll up and down, stop for a frozen margarita, then come on Bohanan's, Katja looks over the menu.
"This ees good place, I am for feesh, they haf all kinds of beef also."
Round of vodka shots, then another, followed by lump crab and shrimp cocktails, seared sea bass and grilled red snapper, split a crème brulée and double chocolate brownie.
Ellen, "Damn, I gotta pedal that bike a hundred miles when I get home, row another hundred."
Katya, "We are having a little vacation, time to splurge. Tomorrow, we will see San Antonio, find a lunch place, goof off. Plenty of work when we get home."
In the suite, Ellen says, "Let's watch a movie and finish getting plastered."

Twenty Six

Since the Riverwalk is fifteen miles up one side and down the other, they get a workout by touristing. They make about five miles one way, find a lunch spot, see the Alamo, walk back to the Hyatt. There are shops, even department stores, but it's nice outside and the twins aren't shoppers anyway. The idea of twenty pairs of shoes would never occur, they don't have twenty pairs of shoes between them.
Ellen, "Wound up getting a long walk in, what time is it?"
Katya, "Five. Time for a bath and relax."
"We will haf Mexican tonight, or back to Bohanan for steak."
Ellen, "Mexican sounds like fun, just pig on nachos and margaritas."
Katya, "Good for me."
They wind up off the Riverwalk, a place downtown called Rosario's.
Ellen, "Well they got the margarita part right, this house special with orange liqueur is good, I gotta make us these at home. Travel is fillin’ me up with good recipe ideas."
Big plate of chicken fajita nachos, second round of margaritas. They stick with traditional entrees, enchiladas, flautas, crispy tacos, mixed beef and chicken.
Katja, "Food ees good. We will find good Mexican at home, haf sometimes a night out."
No dessert, and after two margaritas and two beers, best to move along. The twins have Russian alcohol capacity, not precisely sober, but hardly drunk. Ellen is giggly, but after the filling meal she's tipsy, not smashed.
Ellen decides a double down on her twins is a fabulous idea. She takes them on the couch in the sitting room, then to bed. Katja dozes off while Katya straps up and elevates Ellen up to and through an enthusiastic orgasm, then a second.
Katya snuggles into her sister, covered from behind by Ellen's curvy tight legs. It's after midnight, no one stirs until eight thirty.
Ellen stretches, "Damn that was good, Katya fucked me sideways silly. Guess we need to clear out and get home."
Katja, "Da, I will find a donut shop, we will see what ees in San Antonio."
On the way, they stop at Snowflake, a half dozen variety for a taste test while they drive.
"Ees only standard, better than chain Kreespy Krim."
Ellen, "No, your place blows these away, too heavy, your dough is airy and light. Good, not exceptional, and Krispy Kreme is just nasty."
Katya, "They have a small selection, probably smart, cater to breakfast business, close early. Breakfast croissant is okay, but not very much filling. We overfill."
"We charge more, they haf cheaper price. Place had steady crowd, must be doing something okay."
Ellen, "They got their way. Must be two dozen places in Houston with the same kind of product. I think of Katya Donut as gourmet fun food, not just sugar bread. Still, hardly ever had a donut I couldn't warm up to, soul comfort in a paper bag."
Penny calls Katya about an hour in, "You available?"
"Da, yes, later today."
"I'm around, see you then."
Katya clicks off, "Need to see Penny this afternoon."
Ellen, "Great, a payday right behind a payday, wonder where? What if it's San Antonio? Wouldn't that be a coincidence?"
Back home, they skip lunch, donuts will hold them until dinner. Katya leaves to see Penny, Katja and Ellen do a tour of the shops. Katja's satisfied, they return to the house, Katya's back, rowing away on the machine.
"What ees job?"
Katya stops, towels her sweaty face, "Cop, police captain."
Ellen, "Sounds dicey."
"Our end is fifty thousand."
"Fuck yeah, for that much, I'll use two bullets. How soon's he need to be dead?"
"Before end of next week. He is to testify the week after that."
Katja, "What ees case?"
"Police corruption, he sold protection to bad guys, drug dealer, pimp, illegal guns."
Ellen, "They couldn't figure out people weren't getting arrested?"
"New gang comes along, he arrests new gang, not old gang who pays him. He got in trouble because he sold out to new gang, arrested old gang bosses, now they turn on him."
"Ees stupid."
Ellen, "I'll say, he couldn't see that coming?"
"Got a lot of cash. He tried to make it look like another unit, not him, but in the end they found out he was the source. Drug dealers in jail, cop is out on bail but monitored at home. We get more money because getting to the cop is risky."
Ellen, “So it must have hit the news, corrupt cop is a big story.”
"Where ees job?"
"San Antonio."
Ellen, "Well sheeyt, makin' a round trip."
Katya, "We stay here until Sunday, then to his house and see what the situation is. It is Thursday, we need to go to our range tomorrow, rifle practice. We may need to do this long distance."
They're working with silenced Ruger rifles, a Mini-14 and a Mini-30. The fourteen uses .223 ammunition, the 30 uses .308. The difference is significant over distance. For a hundred, even two hundred yard shot, the smaller caliber is fine. For anything longer, they'll need the .308.
Drop is another factor, on a five or six hundred yard shot, a bullet can drop six feet or more. If you aim at his head, the bullet lands in the dirt. Wind and rain require other adjustments if it's a distance kill. None of these problems are likely to be a factor, Katya figures maybe a hundred yards at most. Still, they practice up to five hundred yards. Ellen is the best at it, none of them hit the distance target the first few rounds. Slowly, they improve accuracy, but they aren't military snipers by a long shot. Is that a pun?
Katya, "We will have to get reasonably close, a hundred yards. We are not good enough for more distance, lots more practice and under different conditions."
Katja, "We are anyway good enough for this job, time to go home, clean guns, haf vodka."
Ellen, "Ellen, "Good to have a plan.”"

Twenty Seven

It's two thirty in the afternoon on Sunday. Assassin girls are down the street from the target's house. Two cops in an unmarked car in front, a uniform at the back door.
The gang he's going to testify against decided hiring outside talent to dispose of their problem was less risky than DIY. A hundred thousand versus a lengthy stretch in a Texas jail is a bargain.
Katya, "Cops aren't taking chances, windows closed, blinds drawn. He's alone in there, sent his wife off someplace until it is over."
Ellen, "How in hell we gonna get to him?"
Katja, "We haf to get cop in back out of the way."
"We gonna kill him too?"
Katya, "Nyet, not unless it is the only option. Maybe air gun and tranquilizer dart. We will watch the rest of the day, maybe target comes out for some reason."
By eight nothing happens, they go to the hotel, this time a standard Hampton, no Riverwalk, no distractions.
Ellen and Katja research dart guns, the dilemma is the tranquillizer, a veterinary prescription item. They would have to break into a clinic or find a substitute.
Katya surfs the net, finds out how to make chloroform, it's pretty simple. Bleach, acetone, ice, containers and a funnel.
"We will have to restrain him and keep the towel over his mouth until we're done. He can wake up pretty quickly if we don't. It might make him sick, and if he breathes it for a long time it will kill him."
Ellen, "Once we have him out, we don't want to take a lot of time anyway. Going to be tricky, a cop is trained to react, and he's on guard in the first place."
Katya, "I am not in favor. If we had tranquilizer we could shoot from the air rifle, that's better. If we inject chloroform, we kill him."
Katja, "Then keel cop first, or just keel target wiz chloroform."
Ellen, "Might be the only way to do it."
Katya, "Tonight we will watch. Cop has to go to the toilet, he either pees in bushes or goes inside. Maybe we can get to house while he's inside, surprise him when he comes out."
It's ten thirty, cops switched shifts at eight. The back door guy has been inside once, about long enough to use the toilet, came out with a cup of coffee. They heard him say something as he left the house, only person inside is the target. Katya and Ellen are too far away to catch the words. Katja is watching the street side.
She mentals her sister, "Nothing, cops sit in car, they went to house one at a time. Back now, just sitting."
Katya, "We may get a shot from here. Cop talked to target but the door was only partially open, could not see him. Lights stay on in house, probably all night for guards to go in and out. Target bedroom looks like it is back left, light came on after back door cop returned to his post."
"You can no see shadow move?"
"No, blinds drawn and curtains closed."
"Da, okay, we wait. Ellen haf rifle ready ?"
"If she gets clear shot, she will take it."

About two, back door cop goes inside.
Katya moves to the house, "I am going to take care of this one, then we will go in and finish job. Two cops, they are still in car?"
"Da, window ees down though, be quiet."

The back door opens into the house, there's a screen door that opens out to the left. Katya puts herself to the right, Ellen is behind her. The door opens, then the screen door opens, Katya has her gun to the side of the cop's head.
"Don't turn around, don't even breathe, you never see me, go home alive. Fuck around, go home dead, two cops in front go home dead."
Her voice is breathy and low, she won't be mistaken for a man, oh well. She takes his service revolver, Ellen pulls his arms back and cuffs him with his own cuffs, he tries for cool, "You aren't getting away..."
Katya taps him hard with the butt of his gun, hard enough to produce stars and a stumble, "I don't mind killing you, try not to be stupid."
Ellen wraps duct tape around his mouth, pulls a cloth sack over his head and secures it, pulls him down, tapes his ankles together.
"I have your gun and my gun. I don't think you want to get shot with your own gun, be still and live."
He can't reply, can't see, can't move, Katja backs away, Ellen goes inside.
In front, the driver's door opens, the plainclothes starts to step out.
Katja's in a ski mask, moves next to him, puts her gun to his head, "Not now, sit, she clicks the door shut, “passenger, be very still and everybody lives. Hands on the dash."
Passenger can't resist cop macho, he tries to ease out his weapon, Katja taps the driver across the bridge of his nose enough to smart, not to break it, then shoots the passenger door armrest. The silencer works well, little more than a soft pop inside the car.
"Take the gun out with your left hand, two fingers, drop it over the back seat," she pulls driver's weapon, tosses it behind him, "now handcuff yourselves together, through the steering wheel."
A bit of shifting, passenger tries to distract her with patter, she shoots the radio, "Shut the fuck up and get it done. She pops off another round between passenger's feet, "Next shot is your knee."
No more swagger, one set of cuffs bind a right and left through the steering wheel, second set duplicates.
Katja, "Out of curiosity, why is he in protective custody? You made the job harder. He was supposed to go two months ago, then he's arrested. It took me a while to figure out."
Passenger cop, "Due to testify against some very bad guys."
Katja, "Didn't know that. Sorry your case got screwed up. I’m not cheap, he must have pissed somebody off big time.”
They look at each other, driver looks at Katja, "Looks that way."
Katya, "It is done, we are where you dropped us off."
Katja tells the two cops, "Simple now. Cop behind the house is tied up, bump on his head. I leave, you can honk the horn until someone shows up, it will be noisy and embarrassing. I call it in and only your people will find you, not the whole neighborhood and a news crew. What do you want?"
Driver shrugs, trades a glance with his partner, then, "Call it in."
Katja crosses over one street, collects the car, takes the first left then down two blocks, Ellen and Katya get in.
Katya, "They will figure out there had to be at least two of us. It will be on the news, and it will get back to Penny. We are not going to be able to pretend I am the only one in this."
Ellen, "I didn't say nuthin', guess I could be man or woman, they gonna know it was three."
"No, back door cop knows two people, one a woman. Cops in car know one woman. From their point of view, it could be the same one. Katja knew the back door cop was tied up with a busted head, they will think she was there. One person goes in and shoots the target, the other handles the cops in the car. Three may never occur to them."
"Too bad Katja had to get involved."
"Nothing to do, it was a fluke that he gets out of the car just then, she couldn't just sit around and hope he wasn't going to the house. Once he got clear of the car, there would be no way to control the situation but to shoot them both. We left bullets in their car, and one in the target. I think this time we get rid of both guns. One other bit of luck, dead quiet neighborhood. Also, Katja made her accent go away."
Ellen, "I didn't think of that, she did? How'd you do it?"
"No accent on jobs, Katya has almost no accent.....I keep mine but I can speak plain English when I want to."
Katya, "We should learn another language, enough to communicate on the job. Spanish is common enough, but that's a problem. There are lots of Hispanics who would understand. We cannot use Russian, it gives us away."
Ellen, "I always wanted to learn something Asian, like Japanese. Don't know if I can learn the writin' though."
"We don't haf to learn kanji, just only to talk. I will buy program, we will learn good enough for work."
Ellen, "What are you gonna to tell Penny?"
"That I hired help and paid him out of my end. She doesn't know about twins, she doesn't want to know more than she has to."
Ellen, "I'm too wired to sleep, let's just grab our stuff from the hotel, I'll drive, you can sleep if you want."
Four hours later, they're home. Along the way two unloaded guns go in different street drains. Katya left the back door cop's service piece near him on the ground. Embarrassing enough to be found trussed up with his own handcuffs and duct tape without having his gun disappear too.
Two days later, Penny hands Katya an envelope, "The balance. Client is happy, you're happy, I'm happy… cops, not so happy. But if the cops were happy, we wouldn't be happy. Can't please everyone. News is up in arms in San Antonio, three cops overcome and their witness dead. Naturally all the fingers point to the dealers, but they were alibied tight, in jail at the time. There's talk the drug dealers got nothing to do with it. Leaked that the hit was scheduled before the cop was busted."
Katya, "I managed to drop the hint that the arrest messed up my original plan. Drug guys will still be suspects, but they knew that when they looked for an outside contractor."
Penny, "So you hired help."
"Yes, a guy I know, or I know now, he was referred to me. With the target under house arrest, I needed help, I paid him out of my end. He did well, might use him again."
Penny, "Local?"
"No, Chicago, originally from one of the Slavic break offs. Barely speaks English, which I considered a plus. On the job, I did the talking, he was silent. The police there have no real idea what happened or who hired who for what reason."
"Your making a rep, difficult job carried off as efficiently as could be expected. Didn't kill three cops, far less messy and made it work by confusing the issue. Course, we might wind up taking work from bad guys."
"We are bad guys, people who pay to have someone murdered are bad guys."
Penny, "Some days I think there are no good guys, just bad and worse."
"That’s why we get paid."
The killers weren’t described in the press, cops decided to keep the fact that, apparently, two women took down three cops and killed the target. The girls assume it’s one of those bits they hold back until arrests are made.
Back home, Katya puts the second twenty five in the safe next to the first twenty five. They don't deposit contract money until a couple of months after the jobs and then only in smaller amounts. It's Penny's job to check cash for markers and verify it's not fake. Katya always double checks, so far, Penny's been right on the money about the money.
Ellen, "That was fun, target was asleep, dead to the world, then just dead. I wouldn't mind goin' out like that."
Katja, "Maybe I will shoot you when you are old lady."
"Just make sure it's old, not, like forty, anytime after fifty will do. Can we spend some of the money? I liked goin' to New York, get outta Texas, see the world. Maybe we can go to Japan when we get better at the language."
Katya, "Practice every day for a year, then we will see."
Katja, "Where do you want to go?"
Ellen, "Weather's gettin' chilly, maybe the beach, the Caribbean, Bermuda or Jamaica, like that. Want me to look up some spots?"
Katya, "Da, okay, January or February. Unless work comes up. Do not get anything that cannot be changed."
Ellen, "Goody, this'll be fun ya'll, beach, sun, little nothing bikini. Hang out, fresh seafood and cold beer." 
They begin to learn a few phrases in Japanese, a language program won’t help, that’s for tourists. Katya wants to learn the kanji, with her eidetic memory she can do it on her own from the internet and an English Japanese dictionary.
Ellen, "Great! One of us will be able to read signs and stuff and it ain't gotta be me. I made reservations, we fly to Bermuda, The Fairmont Southampton, a one bed suite, two baths, two balconies, look at this beach!"
Katja, "Ees nice, what ees flight?"
"Everything has a stop from Houston, but not too bad. To Atlanta, then Hamilton, the Bermuda airport. About six hours total. I put us in first class."
Katja, "You haf passport?"
"No, I need one?"
Katya, "Yes, it is simple, fill out a form, attach a photo, take it to a post office that handles passports. Get the expedited service, takes maybe three weeks."
"I'll get it done tomorrow. Wow, a passport, like a world fuckin' traveler. Nobody trailer trash Ellen is going first class to a suite in Bermuda for a week with two luscious twins. Got-tam, how the world turns," she sniffles, teary eyed.
"S'all causa you guys, I mighta had to move to frickin' Oklahoma with my useless mother."
Katja, "Do not make seetimental, you haf done your job for us well. We are glad for having you. Now feex something good for dinner, sister ees hungry and ees anyway time for vodka cocktail."
Ellen smiles, kisses Katja, "Still, thank you."
"Da, da, ees fine now already, haf a drink, what ees dinner?"
"I got filets marinating, gonna fire up the grill and scorch 'em, loaded baked, the creamed spinach we like. Bottle of decent Cabernet too."
Katya is halfway through a medium rare charred filet. "Very good Ellen, you are grill expert, as good as any steakhouse, even better, we can enjoy it at home."
Ellen, "I got us a good one, gets hotter'n hell, great temperature control. Sear both sides, lower the heat and wait. Found out that adding nutmeg and orange zest makes 'em tasty, and dusting with baking soda and salt keeps the pepper from coming off on the grill. Some kinda chemical thing."
Katja tells Katya, "Maybe later we will dust Ellen wiz nootmaig and orange zesting, she will be also tasty."
Ellen giggles, "Last time you used powdered sugar, I was dessert."

Twenty Eight

Flights go smoothly, good thing, they only had a fifty five minute window in Atlanta. A thunderstorm could have blown that all to pieces, but it didn't. They land in Hamilton on time, pick up a standard rental sedan and drive to the Fairmont. The airport is on one end, the hotel on the other, but it's a small island, a thirty minute drive.
Ellen, "I gotta pay attention, the car is backwards, roads too."
Arrive at the hotel without running over anyone, up to the suite. It's afternoon, flight in at one forty, an hour for customs, luggage, car rental and drive.
Ellen, "What ch'all wanna do? I say we put on suits and take a walk on the beach, find us a beer."
Bikini'd, floppy hats and a wrap, they make their way down the beach, Ellen, "Damn, look at that water, see clear to the bottom, it's gorgeous."
Katja, "Ees beautiful place, good for us coming here. No beezness, nobody to shoot. Sister ees relax."
It is good for Katya, she's wrapped tighter than Katja. Neither girl had a good experience with their mother, unstable in the first place, then twins came along. She was expecting one child, not two. In her fragile brain, the second to be born, Katya, was a punishment, a curse. When the beatings came, they were directed to Katya far more than Katja. Towards the end, Katja figured out that changing identities would save her sister some punishment, she became Katya until mom disappeared. Lucky for mom, she was a razor’s edge away from the twins' vengeance.
Parked at the Cabana Bar, cold Stella Artois draft, snack of jalapeno poppers, avocado guacamole and tortilla chips to accompany.
Ellen, "Damn, look at that water, see clear to the bottom, it's gorgeous. Seventy degrees and sunny. It was forty five and wet when we left Houston."
A table of golf dweebs is eyeing the girls, only Ellen notices, "Guys across the way gonna make a move."
One stands, stroll over, "Afternoon ladies, like to invite you over for a drink, if you've a mind."
Ellen, careful not to smile, "Appreciate it, but no thanks."
"Well then, if you change your mind, just come on over. Tomorrow we'll be taking one of the boats out for a reef dive. Love to have you join us, beautiful sight, all those fish."
Katya and Katja have been stone still, the man flicks his eyes from Ellen to Katya. He feels a chill, colder than the slight breeze off the beach could create. He decides retreat is the best course of action.
"Perhaps another time," he walks back to his pals, says something, they glance over, return to their drinks.
Ellen laughs, "Katya, you nearly blew out his brain with that death stare."
Katja, "Sister ees not for making chitting chat wiz men."
Ellen, "I noticed, 'nother minute he'd wet his ugly red pants."
Another round of beer, then a third, they don't talk much, just absorb the calm Caribbean crystal water. Late afternoon eases into early evening.
After a warm shower, Ellen is surfing dinner options, "Steak, burgers or seafood?"
Katja pours three vodka shots, "Seafood."
Ellen, "Ocean Club. Lots of options."
After lobster bisque and seafood corn chowder, they share pan seared whaoo, swordfish and steelhead trout. Add three sauces, piquillo pepper aioli, kaffir lime sauce and cajun garlic butter to flavor the fish.
Katja, "I never haf piquillo pepper, ees good, not hot, sweet only."
Ellen, "I’ve seen them in the store, comes in jars like artichoke hearts. I can make this for our grilled fish, might be good in spaghetti sauce too, or even with pulled pork."
Dinner over, no dessert, they opt to go to the room. Cold vodka shots and three naked girls don't take long to create sexual mayhem. An hour later, Ellen is searching for air, a discarded strap-on vibrates on the floor.
Katja is to the right, kissing long silky legs, Katya is snuggled on Ellen's left, she sighs, "I am the best fucked girl in Bermuda."
Katja's made her way up the inside of Ellen's thigh, leading to the inevitable, Ellen gasps, "Christ, now I'm for sure gonna lose my mind."
A few minutes later she does, at least if you count a near unintelligible string of joyfully profane verbalizations broken only by squeaks and moans.
Next morning they don't start moving until nearly ten, Ellen, "We killed a bottle of vodka between us last night. There's seventeen shots in a seven fifty, five or so each. Guess that ain't so bad after a big dinner. You guys don't look worse for the wear."
Katya ,"We are Russian, vodka is functional necessity like strong black tea, also caviar, the three food groups."
Ellen laughs, "I'm turning Russian. I need to listen to my Japanese program, gonna park on the balcony, catch the sun and practice."
Katja and Katya join her, the Pimsleur lessons are a half hour each, after one, they turn over to tummy for the second. Then inside, an hour of Caribbean sun is enough for now. Showers, airy sundresses and a drive around the island seems right. They pick up fish sandwiches at Art Mels, the hotel concierge said it was a must stop. It's a tiny place, no tables, just order, take the bag and go.
Ellen, "These fries are great, and a fried fish sandwich on raisin bread, whoda thought?"
Katja, "We could have gone with two, ees beegest sandwich ever."
Katya's eating the fish and leaving the bread, "fish is nice and crisp, like Ellen makes."
Ellen, "How sweet. I love cooking for you, good appetites, not picky."
Katya, "Appetit prikhodit vo vremya yedy."
Ellen, "What's that mean? I got appetite."
Katja, "Appetite comes with eating."
They drive to Hamilton City, park, walk Front Street and enjoy the loads of shops. The twins aren't shoppers, they tend to stick with basics in clothes and shoes, and not a lot of either. Ellen is more fashionable, but it isn't a life mission for her. She manages a couple of skirts, a gauzy blouse, one pair funky leather clogs. Stop for tea at the Hamilton Princess, British style, scones and colorful pastries accompany.
At five, drive back to the hotel, into swimsuits and a late afternoon ocean swim followed by a walk down the beach. It's near seven thirty when they return.
Ellen, "Good to get the exercise. Long walk in town, swim, long walk on the beach, you guys hungry?"
Katya, "What are the other options?"
"Tonight I suggest Newport, they have light to heavy, I'm in the mood for a burger, they have fried chicken, all kinds of things, open until eleven."
Katja, "We will shower, haf cocktail vodka, eight thirty."
Katja isn't issuing an order, it's how she suggests, directly. If the others wanted to do it differently, they would say so and Katja would be fine with it. Ellen understands her two psychopathic darlings, she's one of them, just a friendlier version.

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