Twenty One

I’ve got eggs ready to scramble and bread buttered ready to toast, cut fruit was in the refrigerator, I’ve pulled it out, set bowls and a serving spoon. We may not have lunch, it’s near nine now, girls are just starting to stir.
Janah comes along, “Tea is steeped, black this morning.”
“Good, how’s the coffee?”
“Grace B got us Kona, authentic, it’s delish, working on cup two.”
Nikko and Zi join us, “Kona coffee ladies.”
Nikko sips her cup, she drinks it black, “This is good, can we get it at home? I don’t know, I like whatever it is you have now.”
“We’ve been drinking Lavazza, I’ll get Emma B to add Kona to the mix. Swapping up will juice the variety.”
Zi is a tea drinker, she’s having English Breakfast. Britt comes in.
“Missy Perfect is touching up, be along in a bit, I need coffee,” she pours a cup, Britt uses additives, fake sugar and half and half.
“Ooohh, we gotta get this mom, what is it?”
“Pure Hawaiian Kona, a billion dollars a pound. We’ll start a rotation back home.”
“What’s breakfast? Can I help?”
“No, thanks for asking, enjoy your coffee, I’m doing scrambled, toast, fruit is on the table.”
Lauren appears, “Coffee smells wonderful.”
Good gravy.
Britt, “Hawaiian Kona mom says, we’re going to start getting it at home.”
Lauren sips, “Excellent, not as perfect as me, but what is?”
Britt, “Mom, Janah, Nikko, Zi, me, to mention the obvious.”
Lauren ignores her, “Mooommmeee, there’s an annoying pest babbling at table, do something.”
“I am doing something, cooking eggs. Get Grace B on and create a patrol system so we aren’t stepping over ourselves all day.”
“On it, tablets out girls, Grace B, wake up.”
Grace B appears onscreen, “I am always awake you fucking narcissist, which you would know if you weren’t admiring yourself in the mirror for hours.”
Lauren smiles, “I am my most wonderful experience, a self delight. Set us with a schedule, each group to different places, places where Shadows might hang out to steal money. We do not need to be going the same place another group went an hour earlier.”
“No shit Sherlock, did Daphne the genius monk come up with that bit of obvious?”
“Just do it bot, or I shall have Eloise turn you into a personality free housekeeper.”
“Kiss my titanium, here’s your routes, don’t fuck it all up. Find the Shadow, kill the bitch and let’s go home.”
“Thank you angel.”
“Piss off.”
I serve a platter of scrambled sprinkled with shredded cheddar, warm buttery toast and blackberry jelly in a dish.
“Is that enough? Should I add smoked salmon?”
Nikko, “Sit and eat Daphne, nobody here is short of calories. We can grab something light while we wander around if we need to.”
Emma B comes onscreen, “Strange police report last night. A waiter was charged with giving away an expensive dinner and more expensive bottle of Champagne. He swears he thought the customer paid him, but no money was rung up, no card charged for that table. A hundred fifty for dinner and two fifty for the Champagne.”
Lauren, “Sounds Shadowy.”
“It gets worse, there were two diners, a man and a woman.”
“So he either grabbed the woman’s mind, or she’s a Shadow.”
Emma B, “Or the other way round.”
“Of course, the Shadow could be the woman and the man either under her control or just a non-Shadow accomplice. We saw that once in New York. A female Shadow kept a companion, not a Shadow, just to squire her around when she got in the mood to go out. I don’t think he ever understood what she was.”
Zi, “I remember, Janah blew up her heart.”
Lauren, “What do regular people discuss over breakfast?”
Britt, “Nothing, they stare into phones checking for likes.”
“Good point Britt the Lesser.”
“That’s not what you were calling me last night.”
“I called you nothing last night.”
“I heard you moaning ‘Oh God’ a half dozen times. I thought you were referring to me.”
We explode, figuratively, even Nikko grins.
Janah, “I admire the fact that you had the energy, flying all morning, swimming, then out until midnight.”
Lauren, “All I had to do was lay there.”
“You didn’t reciprocate?”
Britt, “She didn’t need to, I got off getting her off. We snuggled and crashed.”
Zi, “Nice compliment to you Lauren.”
She smiles, “Yes, thank you.”
I drop in Janah’s brain, “Women get off just watching her walk by, maybe men too, I have no experience with that secondary species.”
Janah, “Said the girl who used to flash her panties for cops and firemen.”
“I didn’t flash, they deserved time to enjoy, I was merely expressing my support for their service.”
“Hah, you were heating yourself up. We’d have to hurry home so you could get yourself off. It was good by me, I like watching you strum.”

My young teen years were….interesting. Janah used to dress me in absurdly short skirts. At Chapmans she had me go with no panties. She passed me along to a couple of the older girls, told them when they got in the mood for intimate attention, to slide a hand up my thigh and give the softness a squeeze. That got me hot, soon enough I was on my knees giving pleasure in otherwise empty classrooms. She thought of it as training, I thought of it as great fun, they were cuties.
No more time for fond remembrances, got to go on the hunt. No reason not to use the same mix of girls as last night. Janah, Britt, Lauren, Sarah and I take resort hotels on the French side. All told, there are nearly forty on the island, not all resort style with villas and private pools, we skip those for now. A Shadow might stay downscale, less public, but if he’s fleecing visitors, he needs visitors with cash or cards fat enough to fleece.
We have six we think we can get to, hang out long enough to catch any Shadow scent, maybe an hour in each.
“Janah, if nothing turns up today or tonight, we need to call in our aerial spotters.”
“Okay, birds here aren’t the ones we’re used to, there aren’t eagles, owls or peregrine falcons. There are several species of doves and pigeons, not as smart or as predatory, but we use what we get.”
Sarah, “Let’s put them to work now, might save a wasted day.”
We find a stretch of nothing, pull off to the side of the road. We’re maybe two hundred yards from Grand Case Resort. Janah and I plop down next to the SUV and vibe our intent to meet the wildlife. It takes nearly a half hour, but a dove pair appears, I don’t know the brand, just doves, which look like pigeons to me.
I have to let Janah handle chats with the less brainy birds, not because she’s less brainy, because she’s more brainy. 
Still, they’re slower, explaining what we want takes a quarter hour, they do a few dove coos and flap up and off.
“Get anywhere?”
“The birds know evil humans. Here, they are less threatened by humans in general, nobody is out shooting them. The difficulty is reconnecting, we don’t have the bird GPS with us. We need to stay in the area, they know us and maybe some idea of the car, but these rentals look alike. I told them I would reach out again from time to time. If we connect, they’ll find me. If not, we need to find more helpers when we have the trackers. I didn’t think it would be an ordeal, small island, relatively few people and places for them to be.”
“Okay, let’s walk a few hotels and the beaches, maybe we get lucky, either we stumble on the Shadow or the doves spot him and find us.”
Sarah, “Better. The sooner I can tag this asshole, the sooner I can get back to slutting around the beach in my nothing micro-kini, or even better, slutting around the villa pool in nothing at all.”
Lauren, “It’s good to have goals.”

Twenty Two

By hotel five, we’ve become expert at St. Martin resorts but little else except we know where he’s not. Nothing from doves, they have a short attention span and could easily have forgotten all about searching for anything but food.
Before we get to number six, Nikko pops in my head, “Zi is sensing Shadow trace, we’re at Holland House to the south of you.”
“I know it, leftovers or more recent?”
“Faint, she can’t put times on these things, more than a quarter hour, could be a half hour to half the day, but there is a Shadow on the island someplace.”
“We have one more stop, I’ll update my group and get Grace B to pass it along to the others.”

She pops out.
“Zi sensed a faint trace of Shadow at Holland House, no estimate of how long ago he or she was there. No sense of more than one.”
Britt, “If there are two, would they work together or look for targets separately?”
“No way to know, there’s extra juice if they work together, more opportunity if they work alone. Shadows aren’t social creatures. Still, as we’ve seen, they will work together if circumstances call for it.”
Janah, “This feels like smaller scale stuff, not a grand plan that would require help. Anyway, it’s all spec until we get better evidence.”
I check in with Emma B, “Any reports filed with the police from Holland House?”
A few seconds, “No, must not have spotted a good target, perhaps it is where the shadow is staying.”
“Good point, it’s a mid-range hotel and not near the flashier places.”
“Shall we hack the register? See who the guests are?”
“Yes, they won’t have children, at least not their children, a Shadow will have a single room and likely decline housekeeping service. Maybe swap towels every couple of days. If there are two, they would likely have adjoining rooms, at the least ones on the same floor, maybe directly across the hall.”
“Give us a few, this is a straight hack and we may have several layers of security to plow though.”
While the bots crack the codes, I get an IM (instant mental) from Dasha.
“Police are here.”
“Where is here?”
“Flamingo Resort place, very nice, not La Samanna, but ees still up the scales.”
“Geez, you did work your way south. Any idea of the problem?”
“Man ees yelling at manager, someone went een room, opened safe, took thousands and wife’s jewelry also.”
“Could be a simple break in, Shadows aren’t much for jewelry, it shows up in luggage scans, it’s hard to get good money for it and you have to risk exposure if you shop it around.”
“Teen age daughter ees missing, she was not een same room.”
“That’s a different story.”
“We cannot anyway go anyplace, police are questioning.”
“What are you going to tell them?”
“Tooreest checking out other places not so expensive. They will want to know where we are staying so I will tell them. When they see La Samanna, the story will make sensible.”
“Okay, lose the accent when you talk to them, let them assume you’re with only the girls that are there. I need to talk to Janah, until then, stay cool.”

We click out, I relay the story to my group.
Janah, “Let it play out, we don’t need to go there for now, they know three girls staying at La Samanna, let’s leave it that way. Who’s in Dasha’s group?”
“Mani and Sis.”
“Okay, check back in, if they’re questioned and stick to the story they’ll be let go. After all, if a girl is missing, the kidnappers aren’t going to be standing around the lobby.”
“Dasha, what’s doing?”
“They are about to get to us, I already told Susan and Mani, we are in the same villa at La Samanna, we have copy of our passports, we left originals in the room safe blah, blah.”
“Stick with the story, we don’t want to show up and complicate things. If for any reason the police appear interested in you or the others, shut up and mental me. We don’t want to have to call on our Society contacts, but we will. It would be preposterous for them to detain any of you, but we have alternatives if they go weird on you.”
“No problem, do not worry, they are talking to everyone who happened to be around, we do not stand out, we have a car in the lot and can tell them all the places we checked out today. Go to the villa, we will be along soon.”

She’s dropped her accent, they will be three women from the States with unreadable accents, even Mani, who is Thai but has been in America most of her life. Her English is stock Midwest and California.
“We need to get everyone to the villa and revisit this.”
Janah, “What I’m thinking, let’s go.”
I get Emma B to call the others in, a half hour later everyone has returned except the three at Holland House, they show up ten minutes later.
“Any problems?”
Susan, “Nope, our story made sense, besides, the police aren’t looking to hack off tourists. I did get a bit of info, the girl is fourteen, mom had a picture on her phone. Pretty, slim, she had on sunglasses in the one shot, a second head shot showed sky blue eyes, clear complexion. Light brown hair halfway down her back, rich and shiny like most healthy young girls.”
“Any personality stuff? Or did you only get a chance to see the photos?”
“Mom was weepy, the initial hysteria had passed, I think another mom with her helped, they were traveling with another couple and their daughter. I got most of it from the other woman, Nan something. The girl is Cynthia Applebee, CC for short.  I got the idea ‘cute’ is the definitive word, CC Applebee, popular, decent student, did a bit of modeling but it wasn’t a lifestyle. No steady boyfriend, her friends don’t do much of that, they run in collectives. The other girl went up to use the bathroom, CC stayed on the beach. When she returned, Applebee was gone, her stuff was still on the beach chair.”
“And she didn’t see the girl talking to anyone.”
“Nope, they’d been sunning for almost an hour. Alicia, the second girl, said they’d had a couple of frozen concoctions, which explains the restroom trip.”
“There are usually places on the beach, or the hotel lobby at the least.”
“Alicia said she’s got issues with public restrooms.”
“Can’t blame her, not with her room close, I don’t much care for them myself.”
“That’s it.”
“It? You got a lot of detail in a short conversation.”
Emma B, “There are only two single men checked into the hotel, two men share another room. I checked the cameras, the two together are gay.”
Lauren, “How do you know that?”
“Kissing in the hallway just before they went in the room. It was late evening.”
Lauren, “That would be suggestive.”
Emma B, “We have video of one of the singles entering and leaving his room alone. The important video is of the second single. He appears just two hours ago, but with someone in a hoodie, which seems strange given it’s a beach resort island. The room is registered to Dillard Stocker, British passport. Take a look.”
A medium-ish man, looks to be a bit under six feet, sunglasses and a hat. His hair appears to be dark, the video isn’t in color, and he’s dressed in slacks and a long sleeved shirt of no particular distinction. The person in the hoodie is also wearing sunglasses. The interesting part is that the hoodie comes to mid-thigh, girls legs, slim and shapely.
Susan, “That’s her, I think. The sunglasses were pink framed, aviator style. Can’t see the color in the video, but the sunglasses are the same kind.”
Britt, “We should call the cops, the girl is still in there, right?”
Nikko, “Can’t call the police. If he’s a Shadow, they may try to question him
 but he would take their minds. If that didn’t work, somewhere in the process he’ll grab a mind and they will simply release him. Even if he makes it to a holding cell, he’s gone eventually.”
Amaya, “Not to mention he could create havoc, injure people or worse. He could make one cop shoot the other and beat a retreat.”
“What if he’s not a Shadow?”
“Then he’s gotten a fourteen year old otherwise sensible young lady to leave her hotel, put on a hoodie and accompany him to a different hotel, leaving her belongings and not bothering to mention it to her friend.”
“You’re right, that doesn’t track.”
Emma B, “They’re leaving.”
“Eloise, get a drone on him.”

Twenty Three

“Janah, Sarah and I are going to his hotel and do a little B&E. Where’s the universal key card?”
Eloise is monitoring the drone, “I have one here,” she pulls it from a pocket, “I  tested it on our rooms, they open right up. Geez, where is he? Hang on, just driving off, I can see the hoodie in the passenger window, and the sunglasses are pink.”
Nikko, “Daphne, if he’s the Shadow, your presence is going to alert him. He’s done with the girl, all he’s going to do is drop her off someplace away from his hotel, someplace that’s not her hotel.”
“Good point, you go with Janah and Sarah. If he returns, Sarah will fix him, permanently.”
“Emma B, “Can you turn off the cams on his floor?”
Grace B, “Get real, I’m already on it. Just waiting for him to return. If I shut it down now, the hotel might catch on.”
“Pretty slick for artificial intelligence.”
“Lick my titanium.”
My tribe laughs at me, most of them, the children are in a different villa with the rest of the parents, Lacy, Taylor, Kota B and a mastiff the size of a minivan.
“What are the kids doing?”
Susan, “You think I haven’t been checking? At the moment, they’re having a snack after their nap. They spent the morning at the beach with Oceane and Cassie, and the gaggle of bodyguards. A different beach, almost private, where nobody had seen Oceane riding a dolphin.”
“No Sloane or one of our laser girls? Couldn’t be, they were working the hotels.”
Grace B, “I went, it was a hundred yards from their villa. Eloise monitored the drone that was monitoring the kids. Any bad people, she’d have lasered their asses. There weren’t ten other people on that stretch, it isn’t attached to a hotel, no beach loungers or umbrellas, no flunky shucking drinks.”
“Thank you, I should know better, but it’s the children.”
“So you wouldn’t give a shit if the rest of us got caught in a tsunami?”
“That’s not what I…,” then I realize she’s having me on, once again source of mirth, I do it well, it’s a calling.
Janah, Nikko and Sarah are on the road, it’s nine miles from our villa to Flamingo Resort. The Shadow is still driving away from his hotel and he hasn’t dropped the girl yet.
We have a drone’s eye view of the car, bland sedan, bland brown mid size. In between Flamingo Resort and Holland House he makes a left, he’s going away from her hotel. 
“He’s avoiding the obvious route.”
Amaya, “He’s going to drop her the opposite side of where he had her, being cautious. This one is slick.”
Grace B, “Janah’s pulled in the lot, I am going to blip the hall cam until they're in the room, then turn it on again. Tell her not to go out once she’s in.”
“Janah, the hallway cam will be off until you’re in. Stay in, Grace B will turn the camera back on to avoid anyone checking on a dead cam.”
“Got it.”

A minute later I see a do not disturb card on the handle, she sticks our magic key card in the door, click, it opens.
“We’re in, Nikko’s monitoring the drone, I’m going to sniff around, open the room safe.”
I hear Sarah through Janah’s ears, “I’m in the safe, he’s got a tablet in here, if he has a phone, it’s with him.”
“I’ve had a thought. Don’t kill him there, the police may make the connection, missing girl, dead man in a hotel room shot with a laser. Subdue and control. When you have him in the car, I’ll tell you where to take him, we’re going fishing.”

We disconnect our mental ethernet. I relay the situation to the others.
Britt, “Cool, well, not for the girl.”
We see the sedan stop. It’s at a split, one road to Captain Oliver’s Hotel Martins, the other to Oyster Bay Resort. CC steps out, shucks the hoodie and leaves in on the passenger seat. She’s in a bikini and sandals.
Chloe, “Surprising, a Shadow would usually do something more humiliating, leave her naked for instance.”
Daria, “Small island, all beach, a pretty girl in a bikini is not unusual, a naked teenager walking down the road is. He does not bring her all the way, someone may see the car, see the girl get out. And he wants to be gone by the time she finds a phone.”
“Janah, he’s returning, but it’s a twelve mile trip and he’s not going to speed, I’m calling her location in and concocting a story.”
“His tablet is full of video and photos he’s taken, must be fifty different victims, kids from maybe eight to the south side of fifteen.”
“Didn’t figure this was his first time.”
“No, it’s going to be his last.”

I’m on the sat phone with a Society contact, Dawson, a covert communications expert with the FBI.
“Mrs. Pearson here, I need you to make a contact.”
“With whom?”
“An inspector with the St. Martin’s police, Chief Inspector Holden. A girl’s gone missing this morning from the Holland House Hotel. I don’t know the Inspector, he may be hopping to or dithering, it’s a fourteen year old girl and they may think she went off with a boy or whatever. The girl was just now dropped at a split in the road near the Oyster Bay Resort, the other road goes to Captain Oliver’s. He will know the spot. Likely the girl will call her parents before you get to him. That’s not why I need you.”
“There’s more to the story.”
“Good call, Dawson. She’s not going to remember what happened, or if she does, she is not going to remember who grabbed her, where they went or how she got to where she is. Hopefully she doesn’t remember anything. She was drugged, something date rape-like but untraceable. She came immediately under his control, unable to argue, or resist.”
“You know who did it.”
“I do, and they will not get a chance to arrest him. Looking for him will prove to be fruitless, what’s the old line…he sleeps with the fishes. Maybe my people will leave a dead mackerel on his bed.”
A laugh, “Your people are…let’s just say I’m glad I don’t know your people.”
“And you never will, get busy, we have to get the girl a cover. She’s likely been raped, we don’t know, she was in his room for two hours.”
“Wait, you knew she was in his room?”
“Not until after the fact, the hotel has hallway cams, we hacked them.”
“Ah, I’m on it, do you need a call back?”
“Nope, you got an anonymous tip, thought it might be bull but had to follow up, you know nothing but what you were told.”
We click off. He doesn’t know where the call originated, he’s not going to try and find out. Mrs. Pearson has been a reliable source of assistance in the past, solved more than one nasty case, sometimes there’s a body count, sometimes no body at all.
“Grace B, rent me a boat, a power boat that can haul ass, twenty miles out and back, nothing flashy. Just seaworthy.”

Twenty Four

Janah switches tactics, Stocker is entering the hotel. It would be preferable to pop him via the drone with a tranquilizer, but he didn’t stop on the return trip, even if he had, we weren’t there to grab him anyway. The hotel lot is active, it will have to be in the room.
Nikko is behind the wall next to the bed, Janah’s in the bathroom with the door partially closed. Sarah is sitting on a chair directly in line with the door to the room, she’s completely naked, the lamp on next to her.
The door clicks, then opens, he steps inside, stops.
Sarah uncrosses her log leans, the man stares, “Hey honey, I heard you like to fuck young girls, so….here I am.”
Janah comes out of the bathroom behind him, sticks a syringe in his neck and presses the plunger.
He has just enough time to turn, then he’s frozen, slumps to the floor. 
Nikko steps out, “How long is he out?”
Janah, “Not very, enough time to load him up with our synthetic Rohypnol with a Ketamine kicker. In fifteen, he’s going to be the most obedient little prick you ever saw.”
Sarah’s back into her jeans and pullover, slipping on steel toe sneakers, “Stopped him in his nasty tracks. You know, I don’t believe a man has ever seen me naked.”
“You dad probably.”
“Well, yeah, but I was, like, six months or whatever, and that was for diaper duty, hardly a turn on for either of us.”
Nikko, “You felt better about it than he did.”
Janah and Sarah get the giggles.
I synch to Janah’s wavelength, “Remember, the camera is on. When you’re ready to leave, we’ll shut it down, and leave the do not disturb on the door. He’s not scheduled to check out for three more nights.”
“I wonder about his dinner companion. Dinner is a long time to hold someone under control, alone in a room is one thing, in a busy restaurant another. Is there a second Shadow?”
“There was nothing on the hotel cam that suggested she went to his room, which makes sense. And there is no single female registered, we checked. I mean no single female that is alone in St. Martin’s. The three registered there are part of a group, a conference of lawyers. The lady lawyers are, however, on different floors, it isn’t out of the question he met one and went to dinner then her room. Emma B can run the cams.”
“Okay, I may be jumping to a conclusion, but he stiffed the waiter, which means either she was a Shadow too, or he took her mind long enough to leave the place and disappear with her. My boy is stirring, talk later.”

Stocker is groggy, coming around, his eyes are glazed, “Whasss….”
Janah, “Quiet, not a word. You will do as I say, just like I say it.”
Janah’s Qi is powerful, in addition to the drugs, she’s in his mind. Any attempt to juice up his own Qi will get quashed. 
“We’re going for a ride Stocker, you will make no disturbance, you will not say anything to anyone. You can answer this question yes or no, do you understand?”
“Yeessss,” his voice whispers.
“Shut down the cam Daph.”
“Done, go. Follow Amaya, she’s in the ivory sedan.”

St. Martins is full of sail boats, power cruisers, yachts and docks to park them, Grace B found me a twenty six footer, electric inboard , lots of deck space and a covered pilot’s deck. The cool thing about electric boats is the silence, a hum and the prop noise, no growly diesel dumping crap into the ocean. We have houseboats and powerboats in Canada, I know how to run them. Dasha is with me, she knows too.
We take the boat to a different set of docks five miles south, Janah and crew are waiting. What’s the pint of a different dock? Simple, we don’t need the rental people seeing a man get on, then no man gets off when we return.
I pull alongside, Janah leads Stocker on, Nikko and Sarah climb in, Amaya returns to the villa with Stocker’s phone and tablet, no other electronics in the room. We have his passport, British driver’s license, wallet and cards, they’ll disappear in bits on the ride out. 
Zoom, a light chop for a mile, then flat as glass for nineteen more. The boat hits forty  plus, a half hour ride.
Stocker is docile, Janah monitoring his brain activity, then decides to take the more cautious approach and doses him with tranquilizer. He’s out cold on the deck.
I slow and idle, “Far enough, more than, fix him up and launch.”
First, they strip him, don’t want air to get caught in clothes and help the body linger on the surface. Dasha, strong as a grizzly bear, lifts and tosses him overboard.
Sarah pops him several times in the chest, head, and down his legs with the laser, clean through. We want holes in his body, he’ll sink and the internal gasses will bubble out rather than making it bloat and float. 
We wait until he’s out of sight in the briny deep, some fishy thing will have a lovely buffet. On the way Nikko shreds his clothes and drops the bits into the ocean as we cruise along.
Dasha, “Ees gud job, no blood een boat, body ees food for crabs, we are recycling peersons.”
I grin, “That we are.”
I drop them at a third set of docks, Amaya there to take them to the villas. Dasha and I ride five miles further along to the place where we’d rented it.
The rental clerk, Dutch I think, asks, “Things go well? You didn’t take it for long.”
“We circled the island, ocean view in rather than ocean view out. We have dinner plans with friends and need to get clean and shiny. Nice ride though. If we decide to stay on, maybe we’ll take it for another spin. You want to check it out first?”
“We have your company information,” he looks at the computer screen, “Sabelin Partners, right?”
“That’s us.”
Sabelin is an anagram, a company name Katya’s crew of assassins dreamed up, perhaps you can figure it out.
When we get to the villa, Daria has the phone and computer tablet cracked.
Janah, “CC was the latest in a long list of video and photo sessions. Stocker had control, they looked like typical net porn, except for the ages. Smiling, wanting more, suck, fuck, facials.”
“I’ll take your word for it, what do you do with it?”
Grace B and Emma B are searching the dark web for any postings. I don’t think that was his deal though. In this case, it appeared to be for his private collection. Nothing in his hardware suggested he sent it anyplace. We have his London address. I’ll send someone to break in and search. Eventually, he’s going to pop up missing and the London police will check out his home. Grace B says it’s a rented flat, whether or not he’s co-opted the landlord is unknown.”
“He’s dead, it doesn’t matter now. I presume you just want to know if he has other kid-vid at home.”
“We should do it ourselves, this isn’t Society business. If the people you send get caught, we have more issues.”
“You’re right. We’ll go to London.”
I explain to the others, “It isn’t a pleasure trip, Janah, me, one of our shooters. Get in and out, fly home. If you want to go to Europe, go another time.”
We can fly private into Heathrow, car to his place, get in, which will be easy, we kept his keys. Search the premises, fly home the next day. We won’t be there long enough for jet lag.
“We’re already on the Atlantic side, doesn’t make sense to fly back to Malibu only to fly back across the country then on to London. Grace B, hire a plane for tomorrow, return the next day. Hotel someplace by the airport, we don’t need a suite, just a king bed.”
“Return here?”
“No, we need to get gone, return to Malibu.”
Lauren, “When should we leave?”
“Up to the group.”
Amaya, “I say we give Oceane another day in the ocean, fly back day after when Daphne and the others return. Selfishly, I have a project and it is impossible to concentrate here.”
“We need one of our laser girls, any volunteers to spend hours in the air?”
Ellen, “Likely best if Sarah disappears as quickly as possible. I know the odds of her being implicated are miniscule, but still.”
Janah, “Yes, better for us to get gone. And I suggest Nikko and Dasha go home asap.”
Nikko, “We can fly out tomorrow.”
Amaya, “Let’s not complicate, Zi is going with Nikko anyway, Daria is going with Dasha, if they go, the children go, I think we all go tomorrow.”
Susan, “Agreed, can we get booked, it will take a few planes.”
“Emma B will organize, spread you guys out. She’ll send details shortly. For dinner, I suggest you either use up what may be left in your refrigerators, or find a place to deliver whatever. Keep the children close, no further than the pool at their place.”
Dasha, “We are going now, Eloise haf camera everywhere and Kota B ees monitoring and sends video feed, children are fine, hanging out by pool being children. Anyway, Morshchiny ees also there.”

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