Twenty One

This morning we decide to go to the restaurant for breakfast. They call it the Lobby Lounge, we order traditional, emphasis on protein. Eggs to order or omelets, cottage cheese, crispy bacon and sausage patties. Sloane has a strip steak with her eggs, she is part wolf after all. We just eat and make minimal conversation. It’s not like we can discuss how to dispose of Leclerc’s bodyguards and kidnap him for interrogation.
Fed, we return to our suite with cups of coffee and sit to figure out what happens next.
Dasha is in my head, “We haf already got names and location of customers. Two are in Vancouver, one man and the woman flew in from Seattle and San Francisco. Nikko has anyway to go to San Francisco for beezness, she says she can see the woman, then go to Seattle and deal wiz the man. Daria and Zi will also go, I will travel wiz sister.”
“Let me check with the boss.”
“Janah, one customer is in San Fran, the woman in Seattle. Nikko’s got business in San Francisco, they can refocus both of them while they’re out there.”
“Tell them to go for it. They are not to kill, enough physical persuasion to get their attention and show them the video of their cars arriving and them inside. They will be monitored. Any more child sex and we take it public. And get a hundred thousand dollars from each. We’ll send it to one of the abuse programs. If either is really rich, up the cash requirement, I want this painful.”
Dasha’s been listening in my mind, “Da, I will tell Nishiko, we will get beeg money and beat up abusers.”
“Leave them functional Dasha, like able to walk and talk, got it?”
“Da. You will come to San Francisco?”
"Can't say just yet."

​She misses me when we have to travel, but she can’t say that. One time her sister was out of town and so was I. The twins don’t do well apart, but Daria can make do. When I’m gone too, it’s not good for Dasha.
We learned our lesson, if I have to be gone, the twins stay together, if Daria travels on business, I’m home with Dasha. Despite the fact that they can be in each other’s head, talk telepathically. Even stoic Daria can only do a few days, then she needs to be with her sister. 
I understand, Janah and I have been in each other’s minds since we were eight, we still don’t like being physically distant. Like Daria and Dasha, we don’t need to be in arm’s length, just know that at some point during the day we’ll be together. 
Ellen, “Geez Daria works quick.”
“She’s like Nikko, got a project, get moving. She’s an enormous help in our business dealings, even as focused as Nikko can be, our stuff has gotten so vast she’d be overwhelmed.”
Lauren calls, “Hey mom, miss you so much. When can you get home?”
“Soon, day or two, we aren’t going to spend a lot of time on this. Keeping Sis busy?”
“She’s such a great teacher, I’m coding like crazy, then Lacy, Taylor and Amaya kill me with dance. Amaya is relentless.”
“She used to say the same thing about Lacy.”
“I’m exhausted when we’re done, but when I see my hot legs in the mirror, I’m grateful for Amaya’s persistence. I get off looking at me, with the help of the toy you got for me. I’m in love with myself and a battery operated device.”
“If it works for you sweet, it works for me. Emma B taking care of you?”
Lauren giggles, “She doesn’t get much chance, when I’m at home Amaya is my slave, when I’m at your mom’s she’s fawning over me. It’s so good to be me.”
I used to say the same thing, actually I still say the same thing.
“Do your part and graciously accept the adoration, I’ll be home soon to adore you in person.”
“Emma B is going to walk me to Susan’s. The city is quiet, but none of us goes anyplace without either a martial artist or the bot.”
“Nikko is traveling with Zi and Daria tomorrow, that leaves Dasha to cover you and Amaya. Well, Chloe is a kendo 6th dan but it would be hard for her to carry a katana around Greenwich Village.”
“Susan is a 5th degree black belt, but no worries, Chan sent two monks to each of the condos. Girls of course, but advanced disciples. I watched them practice gung fu on the roof, they are really good. They can’t handle Dasha though, she tosses them around like stuffed animals.”
“Ah, good for Chan, I’ll let Janah know. Even with an escort, you pay attention, there are still crazies around.”
“Will do mom, you take care of yourself too. See you soon.”
We click off, I pass the message along.
Janah, “Dear Chan, always a step ahead. He knows we’re out here, he’s not going to leave our family unguarded.”
“Eloise, let’s take another look at the compound, I’m curious about the girls. They swim, take dance, study English. What else happens?”
In fifteen she has a bead on the second floor dorm, the windows are near floor to ceiling on the poolside, the other wall has a couple of flatscreen TVs and a couple of couches facing them.
The girls are up, white t-shirts, clingy, not cotton, must be rayon, maybe silk like some of ours, and knee socks. Two are brushing two other’s hair, one is reading a book to the other three.
Janah, “Something familiar….close up on the faces we can see.”
The cam zooms, we can get the hair brushers and the reader, the others are either faced away or a side view. The cam lingers on each, shifts to the next.
“That’s it, serene, gentle smiles, absolute comfort with each other.”
The girls listening to the reader are holding hands, a young one’s head on the older girl’s shoulder.
The cam goes to the brushers, one leans in and does a double cheek kiss to the older girl, then strokes her cheek tenderly. The second puts down the brush and sits in the girl’s lap, head rests against her shoulder. She gets a kiss to her forehead and the tip of her nose. They don’t move.
Ellen, “Certainly fond of each other, it doesn’t look sexual, but it is intimate.”
Grace B, “Like nymphs in an idyllic setting. Notice the furnishings, nothing is modern but the beds, not Victorian, more like ancient Greece.”
Janah, “Yes, the beds are Tempur-pedic adjustables, thoroughly modern.”
Sarah, “Rather a dichotomy, the girls are pampered, healthy and seem…I don’t know, they aren’t unhappy.”
Sloane, “You aren’t suggesting things are fine like they are?”
“Of course not, they’re being used for entertainment, expensive entertainment. I wonder if they’re mildly drugged.”
Janah, “Not out of the question, Grace B, see any signs of disassociation, confusion?”
“Nothing registers, eyes are clear, bright even, not drug bright, engaged. My search through the web and the dark web covers a variety of websites with young girls. The more common legal ones show girls in various outfits, posing for the camera, plenty of tiny skirts with panties showing, or just in miniscule bikinis or panties and bras. There are videos that suggest flirtation, poses are everything from playful to sultry to sexy. The dark web has child porn. Some of the kids look out of it or simply resigned. Some appear to be happy, even enthusiastic. Giggles and grins while they kiss penises or get licked and fingered. All the things adults do.”
Ellen, “Never seen it, but I have no idea how to access the dark web, think I’ll stay off the dark. It’s depressing enough seeing these girls manipulated.”
Janah, “That’s what it is. They are catered to, given the best of everything, the exchange from their point of view isn’t so bad versus being in an orphanage in Latvia or wherever.”
The flat screens blink on. One shows a stream of videos of girls in the first category Grace B described, the other in the second more lurid porn category. The graphic video is the happy girl kind, like it’s all play and teasing. No kids are pushed around, none are penetrated, no cum shots to the face like adult porn. It’s fondle and lick, similar last night’s activity. All the children are girls.
Janah, “Now we know how they got brainwashed, they don’t have television, they have kiddie porn-o-vision.”
The girls watch only casually, most look for a few minutes, then chat with each other, two read a book together, a couple swap manicures and nail polish. 
Janah, “At least they have no fascination with it. He runs this crap to make them believe it’s normal, common. They’re children, they don’t know any better.”
Nikko’s in my brain, “We watched the drone feed, you need to get those kids gone. Just death dart the adults and be done with it.”
“Nikko thinks we need to get moving, she wants us to plug the adults and remove the kids, like now.”
Janah, “I’m fine with the guards and the women. I want to interview Leclerc. Daphne. Come up with a strategy, like for now.”
“Got one, listen up.”

Twenty Two

Eloise has one drone, Oceane the other, they’re loaded with Oblivion and each one has a single tranquilizer dart for Leclerc. We’re not counting on getting all of them outside. Sloane and I carry dart pistols with the same combos. Eloise modified the pistols to carry multiple darts, we each have three Oblivion and one tranquilizer.
Our backup options are Sarah and Ellen. They have Ruger .308 rifles with scopes and suppressors.
The problem is obvious, we don’t want to start killing people with the kids around. There afternoon downtime is when we need to strike and get things cleaned up before this evening’s customers arrive. 
I drive, park the SUV in a stand of woods, Oceane and Eloise get the drones airborne. The girls have just finished swimming. If their day runs true to form, they relax and nap, then go to dance. We’ve only seen one day, the routine might change, we have to keep options in mind.
“Guards are hanging out around the pool. I’d say drop them, but it creates confusion and we aren’t on site. Ellen, Sarah, find a spot to sight in.”
Ellen, “Top of the wall, it’s a hundred yards away, they aren’t gonna see up laying on it. We need a boost to get up.”
“I’ll handle that, let’s go.”
Janah, “What are you going to do?”
“Sloane and I are going to do a sneak and strike. I figure it like this. We have drones locked and loaded, we have Sarah and Ellen locked and loaded. If Slone or I draw attention, Leclerc or his people are going to come find out what te hell we think we’re doing. Then we get busy. We have maybe an hour and a half window.”
“Then get going.”
I boost Ellen to the west wall, Sarah hands up the Ruger. We move to the south wall.
“The pool house is in the way and the east wall is only a partial view. Can you handle the roof of the pool house?”
Sarah, “Sure.”
We scale the wall, make a break for the pool house. I boost her up, she grabs the ledge and pulls herself over. I loft the Ruger and she snatches it by the barrel. The roof is flat with a retaining wall about two feet high. She’ll have to peer over the wall facing the house, but I figure if someone spots her, it works to our advantage. They don’t know the rest of us are here.
“Sloane, left, use your speed and get to the left rear of the house, you set with the dart gun?”
She frowns at me.
“Just checking, get moving.”
I do Shaolin creep alongside the pool house, then slink around the right side of the pool and across the lawn to the right back corner. I look over, speedy Sloane is already in position and headed to the patio door.
Behind her, I see a guard rounding the corner, her wolf ears pick up his movement and she crouches, but he’s already seen her. He has a gun drawn.
There’s a pop! The big man has a small hole in his big head, his brain decorates the wall of the house. As he falls, Sloane takes his pistol and lets him sink into the shrubbery lining the wall. She heaves his body behind the bushes and proceeds to the patio door while giving Sarah a thumbs up.
I head to the patio door to join her, kick the sliding door open, it’s a good one, slides silently along the track and clunks against the jamb. 
There’s scrambling inside the house, a door shuts, a woman scurries down the hall. I motion Sloane to stay clear, peek inside, Guard Two has a gun pointed at the door, spots me and fires.
He succeeds in busting the glass on the pool house door and giving Sloane a sense of his position. I take a second quick peek to distract him, he fires again.
“Dude, you’re making a mess of the pool house.”
Sloane leaps across towards me, she’s parallel to the ground with the dart gun drawn, thwip!
She lands on the other side of me, I take another look, he’s string at a dart in his chest, then he’s flat on his back staring at the ceiling.
Ellen arrives and waves Sarah down from the roof, we go hunting.
“One woman went down the hall, the cook. The other is likely upstairs with the girls. Maybe Leclerc too. Sloane and Sarah, go up, I’m going to check his office. Don’t assume the women aren’t armed, pay attention.”
They head to the stairs, I cross the room to the closed door of his office, stand to one side and tap the door.
“If you’re in there Leclerc, your guards are down for the count. Open up and save yourself some grief.”
“What is it you want? There’s no money here.”
“Sure there is, you collect cash from your customers every night when they come to play with the children.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Funny, I have it on video, want to see?”
“I’ve got a gun, come in the door you die.”
“Janah, I’m opening the front gate,” the control panel is right next to me, I press the button, “I need Grace B to bust a door. You might want to watch the windows lower floor right. He might try to beat a retreat.”
I open the front door, Grace B strolls in, I point to the door, “He says he’s armed.”
“If he ruins my dress, I shall kill him.”
“Not until Janah’s done.”
She twists the door handle clean off, give it a shove and there’s our boy. He wasn’t lying, her has a gun, little thing, but he’s a little guy, five seven in his lifts.
The gun pops, loud in the enclosed room. Grace B keeps going, he pops twice more, starting and not believing, she’s clearly not wearing a vest but his bullets make a clinking sound when they hit. He resorts to throwing the gun, which she snatches out of the air. He makes a dash to the open window, gets halfway out when he’s suddenly zipped over the sash, there’s a yelp and a groan.
I look out the window, Janah has her walnut crushing fingers around his throat, he’s gurgling. She lands a knee between his legs and drops him. Grace B goes out and drags him back. We wire him up to his office chair, I leave him with Janah and Grace B, he’s not going anywhere for a while.
I cross the main room and down the hall, Ellen has the cook under wraps. 
“Leave her and let’s go upstairs.”
There is only the one other woman, the one who handles the girls. She’s just sitting, docile as a druggie. The girls are lined up in their chairs, they don’t appear to be afraid, they aren’t squirmy, more like they’re watching a play.
Sloane, “Tabitha,” she nods to the woman, “has been most cooperative. Says her job is to take care of the girls, see that they are properly trained and educated, which means how to talk to customers and perform.”
Tabitha, “The girls are well cared for. This is all they know. Where they came from was much worse, and the abuse would have been much worse. Two of the oldest experienced it for age four and five until we got them when they were seven.”
“Why not the others?”
“We got them very young, practically toddlers.”
“How old are they?”
“Two are seven, well, Uma is six and a half. Two are eight, one nine, two are ten, one eleven. I could be off on the older ones, records were incomplete to say the least.”
I don’t ask names or where they came from, we can explore that later.
“Leclerc run the show, or is there someone further up?”
“A network, but each house is run by one man, or in one case, a woman.”
“How many?”
“Six I think, Leclerc was vague, he occasionally mentioned cities.”
“Europe mostly, London, Madrid, Frankfurt, he mentioned calling Buenos Aires once, but I don’t know if it was about the business. Someplace in South Africa and I heard Moscow, can’t verify that.”
“Any in the United States?”
“Not that I know of. Look, these girls, they don’t know anything is….improper. they think they are performers. They spend most of their time in their own dream world.”
“Never, unless you count aspirin and occasional antibiotics, they get infections like any kids. Fewer, they are secluded, I supposed clients have a cold starting up and they catch things from them. None of them have been sick for months.”
“Why are you in this?”
“Someone needs to look out for the children, they’re little girls and men are grossly incompetent. It was going to happen with or without me, and, well, the money is…”
Figures, I look at Sloane, “Take her downstairs and park her. Tie her up. Go to Janah and send Grace B up here.”
I shift back to the woman, “You won’t be hurt, I can’t have you running off or making calls.”
She nods, Sloane follows her out.
Sarah, “She’s harmless, maybe not the Samaritan she believes herself to be, but who is?”
“We’ll let her go, the cook too I suppose. What are they going to do, complain to the cops?”
I walk over to the girls, “Who’s the oldest?”
One girl stands, “I am, my name is Nadia.”
Grace B arrives, she’s managed to swap shirts, looks like a man’s dress shirt, Leclerc’s probably, they’re about the same size.
“Ladies, this is Grace B, ask her anything, see if you can figure out the mystery.”
They look at each other, actually smile, intrigued.
“Nadia, come with me, let’s have a talk.”

Twenty Three

We go to one of the bedrooms.
Nadia, “Do you want me to perform for you?”
She starts to pull up her chemise.
“Nope, stay dressed, just some questions.”
She sits on the couch, “Okay.”
“You may not understands this, but the performances are illegal. Little girls do not have sex play with adults.”
“We know. We do not have a choice, we do it because we have to. It is kind of gross, but we are actresses, that what Tabitha said. And we have to help pay our way.”
“It’s over now, no more acting, not naked acting with grownups anyway.”
“Can we still live here, it is really nice.”
“No, we will take all of you to another nice place, in America.”
“We are not used to a lot of people, and we cannot be separated, we are all sisters.”
“Everyone stays together.”
She thinks this over, then, “Do we have to, um, I mean, we know almost nothing about…” she waves her hand, “outside, other places.”
“You can adjust as you wish, nobody will force you to do anything. You will be cared for, when you grow up, you can do whatever you want.”
“We do not want to grow up.”
I start to say that’s not possible, then I remind myself that it is. This will take thinking over and more discussion, just not now.
“We can talk it over more later. Let’s get back to the others, you can explain to your sisters however you wish.”
In the dorm, Grace B is answering a few zillion questions and the girls are staring at the flat screen.
“One of the younger ones says, “Nadia, look, this is their house, see? All their friends live there, so beautiful.”
Not sure if she means the house, Amaya and Chloe are waving, full of smiles.
Nadia, “This lady says we are going to live there.”
“Well, there and another house, Grace B, show them Arizona on the other screen.”
The Arizona spread appears on the second TV.
Nadia, “How does she do that?”
Grace B, “I am magical, like all of you.”
Giggles, then a burst of chatter, “Look at that pool! And…what is that thing?”
“A racetrack, you can drive little cars around on it.”
They watch wide eyed as the screen changes from room to room. 
“Do we perform for them, they are all girls?”
Nadia, “No more performing, except the plays we put on for ourselves.”
“We do not have to pretend to like grownups touching us? And do that thing, the gooey thing?”
I answer, “Never again.”
Tears, they hug each other, my heart twitches.
Amaya, “Rush them here this instant, I shall have them doing real performances, not nasty ones.”
“Pack up Chloe and Zi, get a flight out. We need them read and they can’t read auras or intentions over the internet.”
“I’ll check in with an arrival time.”
“Book more rooms at the Fairmont while you’re at it please, we’re kind of busy.”
“Will do.”

Let’s see, phone calls to the Society, we put them on alert before we left, “Pickup is ready, Cleaners in an hour.”
The phone clicks off, we don’t exchange names or pleasantries.
“Janah, hope you’re closing, Cleaners in an hour.”
“He’s cooked, well done.”
First I think she must have darted him herself, then I see Ellen coming from the office.
“I didn’t get to shoot anyone, so I shot Leclerc, little round hole in his forehead, a dum-dum, be fragments all over his brain. Little trickle of blood down his nose, otherwise nice and neat.”
“Amaya, Chloe and Zi are coming in, we need our Sensitives to read the girls. I’m not sure they know reality from fantasy.”
“After Oceane was done with me last night, I’m not sure I do either, man she’s amazing, and scrumptious, gourmet lesbian.”
Amaya checks in, “Three more suites in the corporate name, I assume you will have a grown up with them.”
“Chloe or Zi, Grace B can take the…wait, they all sleep in a dorm together.”
“Yes, I saw it, two rooms adjoin, are you suggesting I am not an adult?”
“More like Ellen’s here and I thought you might want to get after those legs.”
“How thoughtful, put her on alert for me, I want her to myself. We’ll be in for four.”
“Geez, you work quick.”
“Blue Sky had a jet at Teterboro, and we pick up three hours flying over.”
“Ellen, Amaya requests your exclusivity this evening, that work for you?”
“Sheeyt, Amaya alone, I’m gonna crawl over everything, twice. Damn, Oceane last night, Amaya tonight, good thing I’m a tough bitch, would kill a lesser woman.”
I laugh, “And they both hit you up, made the first move so to speak.”
Ellen’s eyes twinkle, “I hadn’t thought of that, wow, ain’t I the lucky one?”
“Honey, luck got nothing to do with it, more like heat, as in hot.”
“Awww, so sweet, I am so glad to be me.”
Lot of that feeling going around our group of killer lezzies.
Cars arrive to collect Cook and Tabitha. They’re going to be dropped off at different hotels, given cash for a few days. They can’t take their phones. There was some bitching until I explained that they were getting to stay alive. They can buy a phone anywhere. I also had Grace B play the video for them, we have them at the scene with the pervs and a bunch of naked little girls. A reminder them that any attempt to put us in the picture would result in it being released to the constabulary.
We always disguise for these little adventures, but they still saw more of us than we’d like. A little blackmail goes a long way. Oceane, Cass and Eloise were never visible, nobody has a clue about them.
Speaking of which, we need to get everyone hauled to the hotel. A small transport bus arrives, we get the girls situated, they packed enough to dress for a few days. 
The driver of the bus gets out, give me the keys, gets into a trailing car and they take off.
Ellen drives the SUV with the rest of our troop, we’re in the hotel in just over a half hour.
Sarah, “How’s the house thing work? I mean, when the dead guys hit the news?”
“It will never hit the news. Cleaners will make the bodies disappear, any leftover kid stuff will hit an incinerator someplace, we have his computers. He gave Janah access to his safe, she got all the cash and any records. There wasn’t much. His computer had sample videos of the kids, but dressed, no soundtrack. He must have used the videos to draw in customers. If we missed anything, Cleaner’s will find it. When they’re done, the house will be empty and ready for sale.”
“Cripes, thorough.”
“We’ve done this for a long time. Any funds we dig out and steal will go into trust for the girls, as will proceeds from the sale of the house and small extras, like the cars. Daria has the accounts and passwords.”
“He gave them up that easy?”
“The drugs are powerful, he couldn’t resist, particularly after an infusion of qi from Janah. Willpower is nonexistent. It used to take longer, we had to use hallucinogens and amphetamine to destabilize them, it could take all night, sometimes longer. But David Li at the temple keeps refining the drugs. Now an hour is a long time.”
“Efficiency rules.”
We set girls up in the adjoining suites, two kings and sofa sleeper in each, two baths in each, plenty of room for a night.
Janah, “We need a plane for them, Zi, Amaya and Chloe can go with. They’ll have more time to talk and read the girls’ responses. Tonight, just feed and entertain.”
“Amaya booked the return, ours too. Plane leaves at ten, nine hours with time zone changes though.”
“We’ll be in the condo before eight, good enough.”
I load the room service menu, pizza is popular, simple too. The question now is do I turn on the TV? I ask Nadia.
“We have never seen TV really. Sometimes something was on downstairs, the men watched games. But we were not interested in that. When we weren’t at dance or the pool, we stayed in our room, except for the…”
“Got it. Do you think they want to watch TV?”
“Probably not. We prefer to be with each other, we have lots of things to do, recite poems, dream up new plays. They would like to have more clothes, everything at the house was the same, we had to dress it up with ribbons and bows.”
“Amaya, the blond girl waving at you from our house, is a fashion consultant. You will have more clothes than you know what to do with, including costumes. Oceane used to do cosplay, you might like that.”
“What is it?”
“She’s got photos on her tablet, I’ll get her to come in and show you. Then you should go to Chloe’s website, there’s lots of cool stuff for girls.”
She brightens, “They will like that, can Oceane come now?”
Oceane appears, I have no idea how she intuits these things, but she’s her wither her sidekick Cassie.
Girls circle the table, Oceane brought four tablets, she loads her photos first and shows them how to navigate.
In two minutes it’s evident I’m not needed, kids are pointing, commenting, giggling, I hear a few ooohhs and aaahs. Back to our suite.
“Grace B, keep an eye on the kids, Oceane and Cassie are in there, I don’t want Cassie to get some notion about balconies or to wander down the hall.”
“I’ll bust her little ass.”
She’s back in normal mode, sassy, but she won’t let jack happen to any of them.
“Take each one’s picture and caption it with a name, we don’t even know all their names yet.”
Grace B, “I know them, send it along in a bit.”

Twenty Four

Amaya, Zi and Chloe arrive at five, lots of hugs, then introductions by Grace B.

"Nadia is the oldest, eleven
Uma is the youngest, six and a half
Zofia is seven
Devona is eight, as is Karol
Jesica is nine
Tasia and Valeska are ten."

“They’ve been checking out Oceane’s cosplay and Chloe Couture, I think you’ve picked up new fans.”
Amaya, “You are all splendid already, I shall make you ultra-splendid.”
One of the little one, Mandy, asks, “What is ooltra? We are learning English, we never hear ultra.”
“Like the top, good, better, best, ultra.”
She turns to Devona, “We will be oooltra.” 
We don’t have any reason to change their given names, which may or may not be the original given name. They have no idea of surnames. None are related by birth.
Chloe and Zi remain with the girls, still lots of interest in Chloe Couture. Grace B loads up their photos and the girls are able to digitally try on various outfits. Each one shows the others their selections, suggestions are swapped, all genteel, ‘try that one,’ not, ‘this would look better on you.’
The girls came from two different Ukrainian orphanages, their primary language is Russian. That’s helpful, both set of twins speak it, so does Oceane, Janah can make her way around in it, as can Sloane. It explains the bursts of Russian when they get excited about something.
Cocktails in our suite, pizza is delivered along with Diet Coke. Pizza was apparently not on the menu at Leclerc’s, they dig in like ravaged wolves.
Then it’s baths or showers, Grace B attends, the rest of us are in our suite.
“Anything, Chloe, Zi?”
Zi, “Their auras blend constantly, I never saw eight people on such virtually identical wavelengths.”
Chloe, “Agreed, what you have is a self contained unit of eight parts, fiercely loyal. They are about each other. As bonded as our twins.”
Janah, “Makes sense, all they know is each other and a few skanky adults.”
Zi, “It’s more than that, I can’t get my hands on it yet, it will take more observation.”
Chloe, “Agreed again. I don’t think we’ll have to actually read much, it will become evident in their actions. Other than our own family, I’ve never seen a group of people so content with each other. There’s not a whisper of envy, anger, not a harsh word. We haven’t been around them long, maybe something sneaks in.”
Janah, “Makes life simpler for us, they aren’t broken. Dasha and Daria were different, they would never be resigned to their young situation, they were preparing to kill to get out of it. Katya and Katja did kill to escape what was going to be a sexually abusive situation. Slit three grown men’s throats in the course of a few minutes. These girls were younger when they were taken and completely ignorant of the world.”
“Subject change, dinner, the roast chicken is good, we didn’t try burgers.”
Janah, “Vegetable salads for me and Oceane and the margherita pizza, we’ll split it.”
Amaya, “Whatever shows up, we’ll eat, I need another vodka, shall I open wine?”
Chloe, “Yep.”
Dinner comes and goes, Chloe and Zi go in to check on girls, Amaya and Ellen disappear.
Chloe returns, “Zi and I will bunk with the girls by special request.”
“That’s a good sign.”
“What we thought. If they sleep in, we can get them fed on the plane. If they get up, I’ll get something simple from room service. See you in the morning.”
Janah apparently has plans for Sloane and Eloise, Sarah slides into bed with me. 
“I left the door open so we can keep an eye on Oceane and Cass.”
“Good, anything I can do for you?”
“I was thinking more what I’m going to do to you. Tongue first, then toy, if you can still breathe, I’ll be available to receive.”
“I’m a trained martial artist, you shall definitely receive.”
She grins, we get busy.
Morning, Sarah’s stirring, I go to brush and flush, she comes in a minute later.
“Delightful evening, thanks you for….everything. I was lathered, getting to shoot someone gets me ultra-horny.”
I smile, “If there was anything left to kiss, lick or poke, I don’t know what it would be. You are a sexalicious thoroughbred, you’re clearly still running.”
“My times improve marginally, I stick to three and five K, marathons aren’t my bit. Since you plugged us into your RNA, not aging means no deterioration. I’m nineteen forever, barring getting blown up by homegrown terrorists.”
We dress, it’s near eight and we need to get to the airport in an hour. Ellen is up with coffee and tea delivered.
“Have a good evening?”
“Amaya is amazing, and delightfully demanding. I obey well.”
“Obedience to Amaya is its own reward, she’s consistently correct in knowing what’s best for us.”
Amaya walks in, “Of course I am,” she wraps Ellen from behind, kisses to bare shoulders, “fully recovered, legs?”
Ellen, “You’re starting to tingle me all over again.”
Amaya kisses her cheek, “Lust for me is perfectly natural, I am irresistible.”
“I never resist her.”
“Daph, you never resist anybody.”
Janah shows up, “She’s not allowed to resist, if I get a notion, her job is to fulfill it. It spills over to the rest of the girls, she’s our go to sex toy,” she kisses me, yum.
“Have fun with the joy stick?”
“You betcha, so did Eloise, and I had fun with her butt, bossy little thing, loves me to lick it. She had Sloane’s cock in her mouth and my tongue in her tush.”
“Must have been delirious.”
“She was babbling afterward. When I left this morning, she was down on it again. Sloane gets more blowjobs than the porn guys.”
“I’m going to see if girls are moving.”

Chloe opens the door, “They’re up, doing each other’s hair. They slept well, so did Zi and I, nobody stirred until this morning. Zi said being with them is calming.”
“Zi is always calm, so are you for that matter.”
Chloe grins, so adorable, the small spray of freckles, violet eyes, I decide a kiss is in order. Not a make out, a few beats linger on the lips. Nadia is watching us, maybe curious, or just observing. They haven’t seen many women interact.
“Good morning Nadia, girls excited to be going on a trip?”
“And to see the big house, Chloe says it’s called a condo.”
“We call it that, it’s not really, we own the building, not just one part. Condos are several homes in the same building, we’re the only ones who live there. The rest of it is a school, Chapmans School for Girls.”
“We do not go to school, only some lessons on the computer and to learn English. Do we have to go to school now?”
“Up to you and the others, we don’t make you do anything. If the girls want to meet other kids, they can go to our school. Chapmans is for older girls, ours is for girls your age down to Uma.”
“I will ask them,” she walks off to a chair and sits, Devona starts brushing her hair.
Chloe, “She’ll ask, her aura says there’s no interest in meeting other children, boys or girls.”
Zi, “Chloe’s right, blank on the subject, not a blip of color when you mentioned it. She did flicker when you said we won’t make them do anything. They’ve had enough regimentation, particularly Nadia, Tasia and Valeska, the oldest. They began entertaining when they were barely five. Often six nights a week. Nobody came on Sunday.”
“Janah said they paid eight thousand at first, Leclerc bumped it to ten the last few years. Usually four customers after he added Uma and Zofia two years ago. Thirty or forty thousand a night, six nights a week, two hundred grand give or take.”
“What did he plan when they got older?”
“He thought they would be escorts, travel, thousands a day paid in advance. Plus a hefty deposit on the merchandise in case of damage or disappearance. He figured he could milk that until they were twenty or so. He didn’t have a plan for longer. Just bring in young replacements after a girl got past twelve. Customers like his don’t want breasts and hips, they want prepubescent.”
Janah taps in, “Let’s get going.”
The concierge found us a small bus and a driver, ten of us and eight kids. We need two super medium jets, the next one up only accommodates fifteen. Ellen and Sarah are flying back to New Orleans.

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