Chapter Twenty One XII

We’re back at the Bellagio. Demond and the others had a pimp meet, after a bit of drama from Finney and Zimmerman, they faced the new reality. We have the bulk of their money, what they have in cash they’ll need to live on. When we estimate that’s dried up, they’ll get a cash infusion. In a few years, three or four of the girls will be eighteen, they will move on, expenses will shrink. We doubt the girls will be going to college, but if they do, we’ll pay for it out of the money we’re holding.
Janah, “I’m going to talk to Dixon.”
While she’s on the phone, the rest of us have tea, settle down from the excitement.
“Daria, you did a great job snagging Schuss, she went out like a bad bulb.”
Daria blinks.
Chloe, “What now, go home?”
“I guess, Janah will let us know when she’s done with Dixon.”
She returns, pours a cup of tea and sits, “He’s happy. I didn’t go into how, just that the problem is resolved. If he or his colleagues spot the women, he’s to let me know immediately. I don’t think it will happen. He’s smart enough not to ask questions. We have new pals in Vegas, he said we should stay for a couple more days, see a show, give him a call and he’ll set us up with premiere seats.”
Daria, “I will play roulette.”
Janah giggles, “We don’t need you creating attention, we don’t need more money. As it is, we’re tying up a couple of zillion dollar a night suites. Let’s do tourist stuff tonight and tomorrow, we’ll go home day after. Surveillance is minding the targets, if there’s a problem while we’re here, we check out of this place and go elsewhere to handle it.”
Amaya, “Chloe says they were intimidated. They know we have their former security wrapped, they know we have audio and video of them delivering the girls, and evidence of the girls engaged in prostitution. They are unlikely to try and slip the noose, they got off light.”
“Ask Dixon if we can get in Cirque du Soleil tonight, if not then tomorrow night.”
Janah rings him, asks, “Pick up tickets at will call tonight, we’re in the third row center. Then a late dinner at Le Cirque courtesy of the house.”
I get the menu online, wow, this will be fun.
Amaya, “Yikes, what a menu, and Janah, the vegetarian menu is exquisite.”
Janah, “Yum. Time for a Jacuzzi, then cocktails, then a fabulous show.”
Amaya, “Okay weird girls, into showers, then nails, then I shall make you exquisite, you too, Vesnushki, and get going, I have to prep and dress four women and myself. That after doing most of the work today. I should win a medal.”
Dasha, “You haf only to talk like man, frighten pimp women. Ees seemple. Make drama later. You will make us beautiful now.”
Amaya smiles, “Oligarch. While you bathe, I shall select the perfect combinations. Casual elegance, you will dazzle. And, Eloise, you will wear what I select, not combat boots and a t-shirt, do not even think of it.”
Eloise pushed her glasses up her nose, only to have them slide back down when she stares at the floor, a soft, “Okay.”
“Well, do not stand around, scrub, wash hair, you have ten minutes. Chloe, I shall fetch the polish I want, stay here, I’ll need you to help.”
“I’ll do one, three of us can do the three of them in no time. They can dry while we shower, then you can do makeup.”
Amaya, “Thank you Daphne. At least the twins know how to apply makeup properly, I will have to do Eloise myself, her idea of makeup is Chapstick.”
After Amaya’s work, Janah comes in from our bedroom, “Gosh Eloise, you are adorable.”
Eloise blushes, “Amaya gave me big eyes,” she blinks through her glasses, she looks like an anime doll, a sophisticated one.
“Well, they are beautiful, dark and mysterious, I don’t think I’ve ever seen your nails polished, black shatter, they sparkle.”
Amaya, “At least she does not bite them, she has actual nails, all she needed was shaping.”
Dasha and Daria are in silk pants and identical blouses in different colors, one has hair parted left, the other right. Different nail polish, maroon and dark blue. Rings on four fingers, diamond and sapphire bracelets with matching chain earrings. Maybe in the dazzle of the hotel and the Cirque show, no one will recognize Chloe.
I collect the tickets, we wait on line to enter the theater, a man in a dark suit approaches, “Please, this way,” his palm open towards the entrance.
We’re being escorted to our seats, I hear, “That’s Chloe Sylk, such a darling, she and her entourage get the VIP treatment.”
Amaya, Humph! Her entourage, what nonsense. I suppose they expect her to party all night and make a complete fool of herself.
Another comment, “It’s Chloe Sylk, here in Vegas, I guess everyone likes Cirque du Soleil.”
I guess we’re sort of busted with the Vegas security folks.
Janah, Security here is the best in the country, in part because they don’t babble. They look out for annoying people, protect high rollers and celebrities, toss pickpockets and card counters. All Darrell Dixon knows is Mrs. Pearson (Janah’s Society name) must be friends with Chloe Sylk. He’s assigned one of the staff to look after us, that’s all.
The show is typical Cirque, wonderfully entertaining, amazing acrobatics, quirky and bizarre, reputation intact. As we exit, our escort appears, so do a dozen Chloe fans.
“Hey Chloe, love you,” phones snap pictures, our escort says, “Want me to shut it down?”
“No, no, Chloe is used to this, she doesn’t like disappointing her fans. She’ll take a few pictures with them if that’s okay, the we’ll go to dinner. I’m Daphne by the way,” I stick my hand out.
He shakes it, “Cal, nice to meet you.”
While Chloe does her thing, I chat with Cal, “Thank the hotel for the extra service, we are most appreciative, you’ve been with them a while I see.”
“Yeah, ten years, best job I ever had. Security is tight, they treat us well, pay’s good. No complaints. I took in Ms. Sylk’s movie, loved it. I gotta daughter, she’s all up on Ms. Sylk, I hadda take her to the flick or I‘da never heard the end of it.”
“What’s her name?”
“Adele, she’s fourteen, light of my life.”
“Call her, Chloe will say hi.”
He looks at me, “Yeah? I dunno, I’m workin’.”
“Dixon won’t give you any grief, it’s customer relations.”
He grins, dials the phone, “He honey, it’s daddy, gotta surprise for you, guess who I’m standin’ next to....Chloe Sylk.”
I hear a screech through the phone, “Ohmygod, really, are you joking dad?”
He hands the phone to Chloe, “Hey Adele, what’s doing? You dad is helping me navigate the hotel. He handsome, and he’s totally proud of you.”
“I can’t believe it, he asked you to call me? No, wait, no way, he wouldn’t do that, he wouldn’t even say he’d seen you.”
Chloe, “No, my friend was talking to him, he said you went to see my movie, so I wanted to say hi, and thank for going, did you like it?”
“It was only the coolest thing ever, I went with dad and three of my friends. You are sooo good with that sword, what do you call it?”
“Yes, the katana.”
Chloe, “We have to run, dinner date, but I’ll take a picture with your dad, okay?”
Adele, “Oh, wow, really? That’s cool. I wish I was there.”
“Thanks again for seeing the movie, nice talking to you Adele, bye now.”
I snap Chloe and Cal, then a solo of Chloe for Adele in front of the Cirque poster. Cal escorts us to the restaurant, keeps an eye on the diners. Two more suits appear and stand a discrete distance from us. They are there to make sure Chloe and her friends have an uninterrupted dinner.
Janah, “Geez, we’re not even high rollers.”
“Daria is, at least for one spin of the wheel, Zi plays a mean Hold ‘em. Besides, they think they’re being protective of VIPs, that what casinos do. They also know it will make for more chatter, people will see what kinds of guests they attract, table of hot girls with a minor movie star and fashion model. Guess the casino crowd doesn’t much read novels, nobody’s recognized Amaya.”
Amaya, “Except a woman two tables over, she’s waving a copy of one of my paperbacks at me,” Amaya nods and smiles, the woman is pointing to Amaya, then Chloe, the others at her table turn to look.
Janah, “Feeling all that tonight, let’s tune out and enjoy cocktails and dinner.”
Amaya, “A bit over the top, but I suppose it gives a few people celebrity stories to bring back home.”
Their group is leaving, I see the woman approach one of our guardians, he comes to our table, “Lady wants to know if she can get Ms. Amaya to sign her book. I can send her along, but she’s a fan, so am I.”
Amaya stands, “We shall not disappoint, better for the hotel not to be heavy handed.”
“Thank you, Ms. Amaya.”
Amaya goes over, exchanges a few words, signs the inside blank page, all smiles, the woman is clearly delighted.
On the way back to the table, she asks the guard, “Are you really one of my readers?”
“Yes, ma’am, every book, saw the movies too.”
Amaya smiles, “Enjoy the dance?”
He grins, “Best part.”
“It was fun, give you a little inside story, remember the dressing room scene?”
“How could I forget?”
“It was not faked.”
He grins again, “I’m gonna see it again, buy the DVD and watch it a few thousand times.”
Amaya, “Suppose I send a copy to you here at the hotel, I’ll sign it, what’s your name?”
“Lou, Louis Capri.”
Amaya, “If I send it to your attention at Bellagio security, is that good?”
“I’ll get it, they might give me a promotion if I let ‘em see it.”
“I will be sure to include a note, thanking you and the hotel for watching out for us.”
Lou, “They might make me the boss.”
Amaya returns, we have one of the more fabulous dinners I can recall in all our travels.

Chapter Twenty Two

Up late, we spend our last day lounging in the suites, Zi is gone, none of the rest of us are gamblers, we can’t let Daria knock off another casino. We have a late, quite late, breakfast downstairs, return to the room. Not sure what the others did, Janah and I got up to the friskies for a couple of hours, hotels bring out extra frisk in her, then we have tea at five, decide on dinner in the room.
Amaya, “I am going to create party girls, Dasha, Daria, Eloise and Chloe will be splendid as we grace The Bank dance club. May as well give them the benefit of our celebrity film star and her ultra hot girlfriend.”
Janah, “Ooooh, that sounds like fun, let’s get our vamp on Daphne.”
And we do. The twins are gorgeous, Chloe resplendent, Amaya would look gorgeous in overalls, but tonight she’s in a micro mini. I’m warming and we haven’t even danced yet.
Janah called our security pals, so at ten fifteen, before the club opens at ten thirty, we are ushered to the front of the line, a reserved table awaits. Two buckets of Cristal, gee, this celeb thing has neat benefits.
The beat pumps, DJ is too fond of his own voice, somebody unplug his mike please, but the music is good. The thing about these places is you don’t much dance with anyone, you just dance. The crowd is affable, any drunk unaffables are quietly escorted out, can’t talk, the music prevents conversation.
Chloe is spotted, she is more or less dancing with Amaya, but a fair number of partiers manage to dance near her, then the guys spot Amaya and a fair number more appear. Other than ear numbing dubstep, nobody’s being obnoxious. I spot the twins dancing with Eloise, who has transformed into a ball of energy, think vibrating superstring.
Janah, Let’s claim our table and watch the show.
She and I return to our spot, mercifully not next to the dance floor, up a level. A set aside VIP area, including big guys who don’t dance, just keep an eye on the crowd. The table next to us is full, I recognize an actor from a popular TV show, don’t recognize the girls or the other guys. The twins and Eloise return for libation fortification, Chloe and Amaya join us.
Over vodka and champagne, we enjoy the crowd enjoying themselves. It’s not our normal entertainment, which makes it interesting, at least as interesting as people bouncing up and down and waving their hands in the air can get. Fluorescent lights flash in multi-colored strobe, TV Guy comes over and leans into Chloe, she smiles, I see her introduce Amaya, kind of wave to us as her friends. He’s quite polite, smiles and nods. Chloe invites him to sit. I have no idea what the conversation is, considering the noise level they might not either, but Chloe laughs and Amaya high fives him. She pours him a glass of champagne, they toast. The surrounding crowd has noticed, people love being in the same room as celebrities, surreptitious phones come out, four security guys materialize and surround our table, warning off pictures.
Chloe, Amaya and TV Star are oblivious, I can see Amaya is telling a story, TV is listening and smiling, then a long laugh, hand covers his mouth. He stands, kisses Chloe’s hand, then Amaya’s, bows to the rest of us, rejoins his group.
Nice guy?
Amaya, Charming, total gentleman, gay as the nineties.
Who’da thought?
His TV character is straight, that is what we were laughing about, he has two or three vampire girlfriends he has to kiss regularly, he said gay vampires are not ready for prime time.
I don’t follow today’s entertainment personalities much, is he out?
To the people who know him. He does not care if people know, but he said it is not something he wants to announce, like his personal life is a flagship for every other queer.
Good for him, he’s like Chloe then.
Except Chloe has me for a girlfriend, she should take out ads in the New York Times and mention it at every opportunity.
Uh huh.

We return to the dance floor, party our collective booties off, with intermittent stops for refreshment until the place closes at one, then retreat to the suites.
Janah, “Sheesh, that was fun, we haven’t clubbed in…when have we clubbed?”
“Last time that I can recall was Dallas, when we tracked down the rape lesbians for Jesus trio, Dasha and Daria have gone to a few places at home.”
Janah, “I’m going to start going with them once in a while, they haven’t had any problems.”
Amaya, “No, they have not, at least they never mentioned it, have you had problems with guys at the clubs?”
Dasha, “No ees problem. Eef boy ees annoying, Daria takes his brain, he forget what he want, go away. Only one time, bully boy try to kiss me, I feex.”
“Fix? What did you do?”
“I smash foot like Dahfoney shows, then grab by balls and squeeze. He ees no anymore bother.”
“So you didn’t get into trouble?”
I can see this is going to take more interrogation.
“Nyet, fine, but what happened, after you did what you did?”
Dasha sighs, like I’m a six year old kid who keeps asking why, “He ees on floor, foot broken, but he ees no notice, Daria, what ees ne soznayushchiy?” (prn nee sosnyschi.)
Dasha, “Da, unconscious.”
“Did he faint?”
“What ees faint?”
Daria, “padat' v obmorok.”  (prn. pahdatube obmarik)
Dasha, “Who ees to know? He ees on floor, no move.”
“Was he alright, I mean, later?”
“We leaf club, what happen to boy ees no anyway mahter.”
Guess that’s true. She didn’t kill him, I would have seen something in the news.
Janah, “In the future, use less violent discouragement Dasha. We don’t want you bringing attention to us, not like that. I know he shouldn’t have touched you, but from now on, only the force necessary to do the job. Once you broke his foot, he was done, do you understand?”
“Da. We will not get fahmahley in problem.”
Janah, “Okay then, if the situation is serious, do what you have to do. Perhaps Amaya can come up with a few general guidelines, to separate personal violence from hormonal boy behavior.”
Amaya, “Chloe and I shall work on it. The twins are excellent students, this was a one off, not a behavior pattern. I give them as much grief as anyone and they haven’t tried to kill me yet.”
Dasha, “Dahfoney, ees no to worry, we keel only Shadow, beat up boy in club ees seemple. Now you will make vodka for us.”
Amaya, “I will do it, we are all wound up from the club, we shall have drinks and watch something mindless on TV. What time do we leave tomorrow Janah?’
“Noon. It’s private and we have a limo from the hotel, we can sleep in later than usual. Food will be on the plane if we don’t take time for breakfast.”
While Amaya bartends, I find episodes of Wire in the Blood we haven’t watched. For the next hour and a half, we enjoy Dr. Tony Hill walk around looking baffled but eventually finding the gruesome serial killer.

Chapter Twenty Three

Ahhh, back home, “Janah, you talk to Darrell Dixon?”
“Sure did. He’s glad it didn’t turn messy. Over the last twenty years, Las Vegas has worked to attract families, not just gamblers. A child prostitution scandal makes people believe Vegas is the epicenter of perversion. It’s hard to measure the cost of damage control, but they don’t need the grief. He gave me names of two other casino contacts who wanted access to us for special circumstances.”
Amaya, “Sounds promising, good connections, although I guess it also means the potential for more work.”
Janah, “One hand washes the other, they know our parameters, physical abuse or children. He said we’d never have to pay for a room, a drink, a meal or entertainment, even if we don’t come for work.”
“Good, that means he doesn’t know we could buy a casino if we wanted to.”
Janah, “Don’t give Nishiko ideas or we’ll all be dealing blackjack.”
Amaya, “You maybe, I shall have my own resident show, sellout six nights a week.”
Nikko, “I don’t need another business to run. If we need cash, I can fly Daria to the roulette table, she can turn twenty grand into seven hundred thousand in one spin.”
Daria and Eloise are in the workroom, they didn’t even unpack. Amaya takes their stuff and either puts it away, or to the laundry, another stack for the drycleaner.
“I’m going to the cleaners in the morning, put everything in the bag by the door.”
We didn’t get in until seven, it’s into the cocktail hour, girls fortify, I call Marconi’s for pizza.
Dominick, “Hey Daph, you must have been out of town, good trip?”
“Great, Las Vegas, small business matter, mostly goof off. Even won a little money at roulette, saw the Cirque du Soleil show, went to a dance club, it was fun.”
Dominick, “Leave any bodies in the desert?”
“Not a one.”
“So Nikko didn’t go.”
I laugh, “Actually she did, it was only a small matter.”
Dom doesn’t know exactly what we do, but his brother Gennaro is on the less legitimate side of the Italian family. Rumors roll around New York, we have friends who were in the prison system, the car service we fronted is run by former inmates of Italian extraction. People in the culture talk, same as our Chinese friends. What we do is opaque, but they know it isn’t legal. One reason they like and respect us. We don’t march to society’s corrupt tune.
Pizza arrives, we gather round the TV, travel tired, watch an old favorite of mine, Payback with Mel Gibson and the hot Maria Bello.
Dasha, “Gud movie. Porter ees tough guy, never back down to bad man, no mahter how much he ees beat up.”
“And he’s right in his observation, no matter if they say decisions are made by committees, it always comes to one person. Find that person, get your problem resolved.”
Dasha thinks it over, blinks at me, “Da, I am remembering.”
She heads up the stairs to her room, Daria and Eloise are sort of watching TV, the late news, mostly discussing a project, some new toy they want to invent.
I hear Dasha in my head, Dahfoney, you will come and make sex now.
Yay! I will definitely go and make sex with my hot Russian hardbody. Two minutes later, we’re naked under the covers doing lesbian things with our natural body parts and a toy. Nothing elaborate, Dasha likes me to crank her up with a vibrator, when she’s ready for my tongue she says so.
Tonight, after I’ve successfully met her desires, she surprises me. After a few minutes of oral ecstasy, she straps on a dildo and screws my brains out. That’s a first.
Dasha, “I do for Daria, she likes, so I do for you, you make two orgasm.”
“It was splendido, you may drill me anytime.”
“Eef you like, why not a man?”
“Good question. I only want sex with women. However, the toy inside me feels good. Our orgasms are driven by clitoral stimulation, you don’t need a penis or a toy to get to it. But women like the feeling of something deeper than oral, how we’re built I suppose. I’ve never been with a man, despite liking the toy, and it doesn’t ejaculate, no sperm.”
Dasha, “Sister and Dasha would never make sex with a man. We haf talk about, we do not like even man to touch us. Eloise haf no sex with men, she was vearjin until Daria, then you. She does not make sex with anyone else, maybe someday.”
“Our family has varied preferences. Before you came along, we did more mix and match. Then Nikko and Zi developed a more intimate relationship, but still have sex with Janah or me once in awhile. Amaya and Chloe are like that, but like others to participate sometimes. After all the years, Janah and I still go at it like teenagers. Mentaling has a lot to do with it, mentaling is intimate.”
Dasha, “Ees Janah in head?”
“No, we generally don’t mental when we’re having intimacies with someone else. She knows I’m with you, she knows we aren’t reading or watching a movie. Mentaling doesn’t allow for secrets. But we don’t have to follow every conversation or intimate relationship. We try to respect the privacy of the person we’re with.”
Dasha, “Ees okay eef she know, no mahter to me. Janah ees gud person, Daria says she and Vesnushki are more than person. She says we must respect, and protect also.”
I’m touched. She says it as a matter of fact. Daria decided, Dasha accepts. It’s not like they have feelings about it. We gave them affection and respect from the beginning, they can’t reciprocate affection, but they can respect.
“Dahfoney, you will make me feel gud again, use tongue, I like it on me. Then Dasha will slip.”
I do, she nods off shortly afterwards, somewhere in there Eloise and Daria climbed into bed, occupied with each other. When I leave, Eloise is on top of Daria with a strap on.
Janah is asleep, I snuggle in, kiss her smooth soft shoulders. She scrunches into me, we fall away until morning.

Chapter Twenty Four

“What’s on everyone’s plate today? I didn’t check the website yet.”
We’re having breakfast, I didn’t mean the breakfast plate, I know what on those, I put it there. Simple today, eggs, biscuits, cream cheese grits, seared ham slices with pineapple.
Chloe, “Amaya is writing, I’m noodling around on the fan page, then kendo would be good if you’re in the mood to practice.”
Nikko, “If it can wait until after tea, I’d like in on the session.”
Chloe, “Great, I’ll take Amaya to lunch if she wants a writing break. Anyone else?”
Dasha, “Sister and Eloise are finishing all jewelry wiz camera. Tonight you may haf.”
Nikko, “Did you get it small enough?”
Daria, “For now, you have to carry a case, like…um, thumb drive, in purse or pocket. The signal goes from pendant to box. Actual recording is there, not on jewelry. Only lens and tiny microphone on jewelry.”
“Sis said the coding was a nightmare. She did part of it on their flight to Hong Kong, she was up the whole flight.”
Zi, “Susan is supposed to be retired and relaxing.”
“She’s never going to do that. Nobody made her stay up, she gets into it. It would be punishment for her not to work. She’s going to be coding on her deathbed, except she doesn’t age, so I guess coding forever.”
Janah, “She’s been that way since Daphne was an infant. Did housekeeping and went to classes, once she landed her first job, creating spreadsheets, then websites, then hacking and corporate security. She told me the stuff she does for Daria and Eloise is the most challenging yet.”
Zi, “I see where you and Daphne got your work ethic. Then Janah’s dad is a worker bee as well. I suppose your childhood environment is responsible for the multitude of things we have going on now.”
Janah, “Life apparently doesn’t want us lounging around much. We get our time outs, so does Susan. Dad started swimming again a few years ago, now he and mom travel a bit more. Kara likes being in Manhattan mostly, her art occupies her, it’s a good thing dad likes to work. If he was home all the time he wouldn’t see her anymore than he does now.”
Nikko stands, “Thank you Dasha and Daphne for getting us fed, Zi and I need to be at the office. We’ll be back around four or four thirty.”
Janah, “I have calls to make, if Chloe and Amaya go to lunch, I’ll join them, otherwise I can stay here and get something.”
“I’ve got cold cuts here, if Amaya wants a break, we’ll go out, maybe the diner, or we could always go to Ultra Violet, Dasha can check in on the kitchen.”
Amaya, “If we are going to Ultra Violet, I will carve out the time, say, what, twelve thirty?”
“I’ll call Mariella.”
Dasha and I clean up, then do housework, the time sails by, next thing we know we’re being seated at Ultra Violet, the place is packed.
Mariella, “Christ, it’s crazy. We’re loaded every day and every night. Sunday brunch is booked for three months. I think every headliner on Broadway has been in, musicians from all over town, lots from the south, some from New Orleans. They say it’s like being home. I gotta run, enjoy.”
Lunch at Ultra Violet is sandwiches, po-boys, fries, coleslaw, we have a variety of roast beef, fried oyster or shrimp, hot and smoked sausage. Janah makes do with red cabbage coleslaw and macaroni and cheese.
While we wait on the order, I hear my street name, “De Seelk, you moved on from the Village Diner?”
It’s Danny Friar, he’s with the city, the Mayor’s office.
“Hi, Danny. We’re at the diner more than here. Just came to check on things.”
Danny, “Check on what, you doing restaurant reviews now, you coulda asked me, everything is too good, and too cheap.”
“Maybe we should raise prices.”
“Don’t even think…wait, who’s we? Don’t tell me, you got a piece of this?”
“The whole pie Danny.”
Danny rolls his eyes, “Duh, I see you walk in, go straight to a table, everyone else hadda wait, they don’t take lunch reservations.”
“Privilege of ownership. Dasha is responsible for the food, she comes in regularly to make sure things are up to her standards, her standards are high.”
He looks around the table, “Where is she?”
“In the kitchen. She’s going to watch the cooks, the plates that go out, taste everything, last time we came she wound up cooking, I had to drag her out.”
“Janah, Daphne, coincidence, got a minute?” It’s hizzoner.
I stand, “Mr. Mayor, came for some cultural exchange? Put some south in the north?”
“I got to eat here once a month at least. I can’t get Mariella to make us stuff to go, but she gives me the courtesy of a seating time, probably abuse of office, but I didn’t ask her, she volunteered.”
Danny, “Daphne and her family own the joint.”
“Yeah, I know. I know who owns everything.”
“I have no idea how he finds the time. Everyplace we go, he’s on a first name.”
Mayor looks at Janah, “I need a meet, sooner the better.”
Janah, “Our private office, tomorrow morning?”
“Yeah, great, I got a council thing, can it be early, say seven, seven thirty?”
“We’ll be there at seven.”
 “Thanks, you always come through for me, this one may give you a brain workout.”
“I’ll have coffee and doughnuts, Doughnut Plant good?”
He laughs, “The best, pure New York, your food is coming, see you in the morning,” he moves off to his table.
Danny looks mildly baffled, first he finds out we own one of the more popular restaurants in the area, then we have a personal relationship with his boss.
“Seelk, anyone you don’t know?”
“We try to keep up with things in our city, particularly it’s dedicated civil servants, one day we may even vote, well, let’s not get carried away. We don’t like being on lists.”
“But Janah is, um, generous.”
“To dedicated civil servants of our city only. We don’t do national, not even state, we prefer not to do any politics, but your boss has been reasonable and honest in a city that’s full of sharks eating everything is sight, we respect that.”
Danny nods, “Thanks, nice to know somebody gets it, enjoy lunch, see ya.”
Amaya, “Wonder what he wants?”
Janah, “I have an idea, but lunch is here, let’s enjoy, maybe I’m, off base, we’ll know soon enough.”

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