Grace B and I scoot back to the house in the Spyder. Oceane, Sloane and Cassie are on the dock to greet us.
Sloane, “We followed most of it through Grace B’s video feed, she’s awesome.”
Grace B strokes Sloane’s hair, “And you did your part, rescuing Oceane and Cassandra from those vile creatures. Now I have work to do.”
Oceane comes to me, “There is strain, you want a shower. Cassandra will be along afterwards.”
Can’t argue, we kept things under control, but I still had to worry about the 
you-never-knows that come with these things. A hot shower, wash hair, dry and settle under the covers. I feel Cassie slip in, squishes alongside and lays her head on my shoulder. My brain blips to hibernate.
When I blink awake, Cass is still scrunched in, Dasha blinks down at me.
“Ees tea Dahfoney, I haf a cup here, and for Cassie. You do not anyway need to come down now, ees better to relax.”
I’m happy to follow instructions. Cassie’s presence reenergizes, not a bolt of energy, like a gentle charge. Dasha goes downstairs, Cass and I sit cross legged on the bed and sip green tea.
There’s no conversation, she doesn’t converse, or hardly at all. I get up, find a brush then sit behind her and brush her hair. Least I can do for getting my battery boosted.
As we prep to join the others, Cassie looks up at me, “Tonight I will visit the man Leclerc. Do not think of him now.”
Janah, “What’s that about?”
“We’ll find out when we do.”

We don’t discuss Society work or Shadows during tea, occasionally Nikko gives us a business update towards the end. Tea is for communion, retreating from our many activities and being with each other. Since its past tea, anything’s up for discussion.
Katya, “What happens with Vancouver?”
Susan, “Yes, we heard the… what, boss is there, Claude Leclerc, right?”
“No plans for now, Cass will look into it.”
The extended family understands that Cassandra is unique. We don’t know how she travels to the past or peers into the future. She has no power to change anything, and her visions of the future, like Oceane’s, require interpretation, they aren’t high res video. 
We spend the next days doing what we do in the mountains. Fishing fans fish, sometimes off the shore, other times Dasha pilots them to spots around the lake. Ellen is into it with Susan and Chloe, Lacy and Taylor go to lounge on the boat and take in a bit of sun. Katja rides along, she likes to hang with Dasha.
The rest of us go foraging for berries and herbs, hike to the falls, climb the rock wall that runs alongside. It’s about a hundred feet, half steep slope, half more like a true rock climb. I’ve banged in pitons over the years to use as extra hand holds and steps. 
Cassie proves to be nimble as a cat going up, gives us a collective heart attack when she leaps off . Then she’s hovering in the air and floats herself back down.
Sarah, “Christ, I thought she’d gone suicidal.”
Sloane races across the fallen tree to the other side of the river, maybe a creek. It’s wide, about forty feet, but two feet deep. A string of boulders line the edges near the falls which funnels the water into a narrower channel of about twenty feet. The pressure forces the water out over the cliff instead of eroding the edge. The result is that the falls are the same height every year. In the dead of winter there are no falls, the whole thing freezes.
This evening I’m grilling burgers, Dasha has fries in the oven, I have garden burgers for Oceane, Cass and Janah. Cassie will eat whatever is put in front of her, but she also likes to have the same food as Oceane. There’s a pile of grilled mushrooms, cheese slices and crumbled bleu to add. We’ll have a burger buffet with cold Sapporo or a snappy red blend Ellen discovered and had shipped up.
Right at the moment, it’s cocktails, Amaya likes to bartend, but with so many she’s enlisted Grace B to assist. Women are spread out in small groups, either in the cabin or lined up on the porch.
I monitor Janah’s conversation while I organize the stack of patties. My grill is on the side porch, keeps the smoke away and all Dasha and I have to do is pass stuff through the window.
Janah, “Appears the vigilantes are running out of gas. Conflicts are sporadic, thousands of them have been put in detention camps and the military says it will take a long time to process them for trials. Over a million weapons have been confiscated and destroyed.”
Susan, “Remember when the gun crowd was sure the government was plotting to take their guns away? Then they go crazy after a bombing and manage to give the government a reason.”
Katya, “Times Square Truthers have spread the idea that the government blew up the Times building to create the chaos, as an excuse to take away guns.”
Lacy, “No end to conspiracy theories.”
Katya, “No end to stupid people.”
Taylor, “They still don’t know who did it?”
Janah, “I intentionally left our Society contacts alone, figured they had enough to do without feeding me the latest suspicions. But some have called to talk over possibilities. They aren’t dumb. They feed me information about an intransigent abuser, a few days or weeks later, he’s partially disabled and moved to another town. They have no way of knowing if I am directly involved, or just a conduit to people who handle the problem. Regardless, they see me, or Daphne, the other Mrs. Pearson, as a well connected fixer.”
Susan, “Which is true. So then, what are they saying?”
“Eight years ago, there was a Presidential candidate we all recall, Donald Trump. He got blasted in the election, but in the process of running, he pulled together groups of white power types with grievances against everything, and particularly against Hispanics and Muslims. Those angry white guys made connections at his rallies. Out of it was born a loose nationwide organization that work much like terrorist cells. Seems they learned terrorism from terrorists, that is, how to operate in small groups with a small cadre of commanders calling the shots.”
Lacy, “And nobody noticed?”
“They weren’t doing anything, going to gun shows, out in the woods playing soldier, but that’s been going on for decades. They hid in plain sight as survivalists, hunting clubs, pretend to patrol the borders looking for illegals. The difference is, they networked.”
Taylor, “What that got to do with blowing up the Times building?”
Katya, “Their first foray into domestic terrorism. Blow up a major building, in a major city, the blame knee jerks to Islamic extremists. It’s a good plan.”
Susan, “So they become terrorists in order to defeat terrorism?”
Janah, “In effect. I doubt defeating terrorism is a major objective. They want terrorism, without it they have no excuse to beat up or kill people they don’t like.” 
Lacy, “This is…bizarre, but weirdly logical.”
Taylor, “Still, so much explosive, in Manhattan, how did they get it in the building?”
Janah, “This isn’t public knowledge, never mention it until it is. There are old subway tunnels underneath Manhattan, out of use, supposed to be closed off to keep the homeless out. But they weren’t sealed off so effectively as to prevent ever accessing them. the logic was the city might need them again. The explosives never went in the building, just underneath. With no foundation, the building came down.”
Susan, “Amazing, and nobody noticed people stacking explosives?”
Janah, “They used Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN). It’s the main ingredient in Semtex, the most powerful non-nuclear explosive. You can drop it or throw it around, nothing happens, it needs a starter explosive, but can also be detonated with a laser. My contacts think it was brought in over months, even a couple of years, in small amounts. It doesn’t deteriorate, leave it sitting there until you have enough, then set it off. Bomb sniffing dogs can’t detect it. Bore a hole just large enough to access the empty tunnel, crawl though and stack up the explosive, crawl out and do a reseal good enough not to be noticed. It’s not like subway maintenance is paying attention to sealed empty tunnels, they have enough to do to keep the working parts working.”
Nikko, “Then we should get to Manhattan and restart the businesses we closed.”
Janah, “Yes, I think so. Most of you go. Some of us will stay here and see what Cass comes up with in Vancouver. We’re three quarters of the way there already, no point in flying to Manhattan only to reverse course.”


On the last night before most return to New York, I’m heading for bed after downsizing the kitchen. Everyone has gone to various assignations except me.
I walk past Sloane’s room, hear muffled noises, it isn’t conversation. Then I decide to see where Janah is so tap into her head and look through her eyes while I make my way to our bedroom.
I see Sloane from the side leaning against a credenza, she’s looking down on someone, can’t be Janah. Then Janah’s eyes move lower, well, well. It’s my dear mom, and she’s kissing Sloane’s cock. I’m not sure she’s ever actually sucked a dick before. When she got pregnant with me, she said it was one two and out.
She’s sucking one now, her mouth sliding along the shaft, back and forth.
Janah, “Susan’s found a new toy, appears to be rather enthusiastic about it too.”
“Expanded horizons.”
“Yep. She’s asked about it once or twice, I mean how I liked it. I gave the experience high marks. Tonight she decided to give it a shot, or get the shot, not sure how this ends. Sloane has staying power.”
“Can I play voyeur, or do you want privacy?”
“You already know.”

I do, she likes me to watch her have sex with other people. She goes to Susan’s occasionally, sometimes mom, sometimes Lacy or Taylor. There’s the odd foursome when Janah is feeling particularly exhibitionistic. While they have wine, Janah strolls around nude until everyone is suitably worked up, then she does them all.
I strip and lay in bed, tease myself while I watch the show.
Janah swaps with Susan, who moves to the bed. Then another well, well. Janah slips next to Susan, they kiss while Sloane kneels between mom’s legs and puts her dick to its other intended use. 
Janah lays on her side next to them so I get the wide angle view.
“Wow, Sis is….”
Janah giggles, “Sure is.”
There are deliriously happy orgasmic sounds, Susan is kissing Sloane, passionately hardly covers it.
Sloane dismounts, Janah licks the cock, Susan is still breathing hard. Janah spreads her luscious legs and Sloane enters her. Another squirmy orgasm. 
The finale, Susan and Janah’s heads together, Sloane pumps herself off into Susan’s mouth, then Janah’s. A shot of the slippery white over Janah’s cheek. Susan leans in and licks it off while Janah squeezes the shaft to get the last dab.
Sloane wipes it across her lips, Susan and Janah kiss, I explode.
I go to the bathroom to refresh the working parts, then return to bed. Susan comes in.
“Janah’s staying with Sloane tonight, I think she has a plan for another go in the wee hours. I assume you saw me, um, do the thing.”
“A one off, or potential repeat performance down the road?”
She grins shyly, “I promise not to monopolize her time.”
We snuggle and fall away. 
Everyone flies out except Janah, Oceane, Sloane, Cass, Eloise, Grace B, Ellen and Sarah.
We’re having midmorning coffee, waiting to see if Cassie has anything to say.
Oceane says it for her, “The man you call Leclerc lives in an enclave surrounded by walls and gates. There is security. People come to his house and they have sex with children.”
“How many people, how much security?”
“One at a time, sometimes two, a man and a woman. They give Leclerc an envelope with a lot of money. They have to pass a guard at the gate, they show him a card, another guard at the door, they show him the same card, he keeps it.”
Cassie wouldn’t know how much money, math isn’t her thing.
“Cass, you did great,” she looks at Oceane.
“She doesn’t remember any of it now. We are going outside, I will forget as well.”
“Sloane, go with, we don’t need them disappearing again.”
They leave, Sarah asks, “How does she just forget? I wish I could just forget stuff.”
“We don’t know how they do anything. Drawing pencils levitate to Oceane’s hand, she says the pencils tell her what to draw. She handles an object and can say what the person who handled it last was feeling, even stranger, what the person who created it was feeling. Cassie travels to the past, her travel to the future is far more vague. Oceane gets premonitions that turn out to be right more than not. Some are so unspecific it’s hard to gauge whether it happened or not.”
Ellen, “And Cassandra levitates, to put icing on the cake.”
Grace B, “They only visit our world, their world is limitless.”
Ellen, “I’m feeling inadequate.”
Grace B, “All humans are inadequate. You are better off knowing it.”
Ellen laughs, “You sound like Katya.”
“She is a realist, like Nikko and Daria.”
Sarah, “To the question. When do we fly to Vancouver and kill this asshole?”
Janah, “Tomorrow. Eloise, you have the drones ready I’m sure.”
“Yes, and a small supply of drugs. I am assuming you want to talk to Leclerc before he dies.”
“Preferably, if there are more, we need to know, and we will.”
We kill the day in nothing, R&R for what may be an active next few days. Near tea time, Daria checks in.
“I have Leclerc’s address, he has two cars, both SUVs, take the license plates down,” she rattles them off, I park the numbers in Janah’s head.
“Susan and I are hacking his accounts later, it will help if you get details when Janah interviews him.”
“Yes, you might just wait, once she wears him down, she’ll get the numbers and passwords. You guys relax tonight. We’re going in the morning, surveil the house with the drones, you can follow the feed and see if you spot anything we miss. I’ll ding you when we have the drone in place.”
“Da, okay, we are tired anyway, Susan will be glad to have a cocktail and watch a movie, me too.”
“Is the city more settled?”
“Military everywhere, there is travel in and out but they randomly search cars.”
“I assume they didn’t find Katya and Katja’s guns.”
“Nyet, all broken down, but we were waved though. Cars full of women, no hijabs.  They left the rifles in Canada, not so much screening particularly on a private flight.”
“Smart. Keep an eye on the parents. I know you have full days, opening the restaurants and whatnot.”
“Property management kept a skeleton crew and maintenance people. We hired extra security, bomb sniffing dogs and more sensitive metal detectors. And we made them obvious, right in the lobby and outside. Underground parking and delivery was closed, everything was delivered from the street and all trucks were searched before anything was unloaded. Vigilante terrorist would go to less troublesome targets.”
“Should have guessed, Nikko is most thorough.”

We blink off, I relay the information to the others.
Ellen, “Dang, Nikko covers bases I didn’t know were bases.”
“I’m sure she got input from Zi and Daria, it was a collective effort. We have management in San Francisco and Chicago, all of the properties had to be dealt with, not just our personal holdings.”
“The owners went along with the extra expense?”
“I doubt she charged them, it would be like Nikko to chalk it up to customer relations. Maybe she split the costs, I don’t really know. Just getting security people must have been a nightmare.”
Janah, “What’s for dinner?”
“We’ve chewed through most of everything. Tonight, herb and mushroom mac and cheese for you. The last round of grilled walleye. Then the restaurant is closed. We’re out early, there will be breakfast on the plane even with a relatively short flight. We’ll want to get busy as soon as we arrive.”


All checked into the Fairmont Vancouver, Coal Harbour and Stanley Park Suites. They both feature king beds, double sofa sleepers and two bathrooms in each suite.
Janah, Oceane, Cassie and I take Coal Harbour. Grace B in our room as well, she doesn’t require a bathroom. Ellen, Sarah, Sloane and Eloise take the Stanley Park.
We unpack and meet in our room. I’ve ordered tea and coffee, we had a sizable breakfast on the plane and nobody wants lunch.
“I think we get the drone up and take a look at Leclerc’s place, one reason for the room, a private corner balcony.”
Eloise, “Both of them?”
“I don’t see why, we just want a layout, entrances, what the grounds look like. Keep your distance and use the zoom. Tonight we go for audio when it’s dark.”
After a bit of assembly, the drone is airborne. The target’s house is only six miles as the eagle flies, more like a twelve mile drive from the Fairmont.
Grace B pours more coffee, fetches Janah a second green tea.
“Cassie, no hovering except in the room. Grace B, remind her every quarter hour or she’ll forget and go off the balcony.”
Grace B, “I could tie her to my arm.”
“Just remind her, she’s not to go on the balcony without one of us.”
Ellen, “Sheesh, he’s got a big damn place.”
The screen shows a mega manse, must be twenty thousand square feet if it’s an inch. Pool, no tennis court, just gardens and lawn. The pool must be heated, it’s chilly in Vancouver and there are swimmers. Little girl swimmers, naked little girl swimmers, eight of them. Blond and light brown hair only, slim and pretty. Ages appear to be six to nine or ten. Two men, the large variety, on each side of the pool on opposite corners.
Sarah, “Looks like they keep a sharp eye on the kids. The place is walled, I don’t know where they think little girls will go.”
Janah, “Upwards of half a million in kids in that pool. Drowning is expensive.”
“You think they get fifty or sixty thousand per girl?”
“I think I might be low. There’s the rental value, the pervs don’t get to visit for a few hundred bucks per, my guess is a minimum of ten thousand, and that’s not overnight. A couple of hours tops private, maybe an hour of parading them around while the customer has a drink or two.”
Ellen, “They aren’t sold?”
“Sure, if the price is high enough, or the girls get past ten or eleven. After that, they become more like escorts. I’ll be interested in finding out how it works and how off I am. He also has to change the girls occasionally, some regulars may come to see the same one or two girls, others want variety.”
Guards point, must have said something, the girls get out of the pool bundle up in towels and go inside. Eloise circles the house looking for open windows, which are most of them, curtains are pulled back throughout the place. She finds their rooms, it’s dorm style, roomy enough. Flat screen TV, on the wall se can see. She moves the drone to one side, door open to a bathroom. A woman comes and collects towels, the kids file into the bathroom, must be for showers.
“I imagine a gym style shower, line of showerheads, soap and shampoo dispensers, one wall of sinks across from stalls.”
Eventually girls reappear, must be nap time, they lie on their beds and the lights dim.
Sarah, “They aren’t shy, none of them wear anything but socks.”
We scan the rest of the house, so far we’ve seen two guards and a woman. There must be more, the guards don’t work twenty four hours a day, and there will be a cook, the one we saw must be the housekeeper.
Two upper floor rooms have curtains drawn, maybe where the late shift sleeps.
In one lower corner room, there’s a massive desk and a computer screen. A man is tapping the keyboard.
Janah, “Leclerc, fits the description Daria got from her interviews.”
“Eloise, zoom into all the windows, we can get a decent sense of the place.”
We spend the afternoon, playing peeping Tomasina. Around three thirty the girls file into what looks like a dance studio. Plain wooden floors, stretch bars along the rear wall at varying heights, they are little girls after all. They have all the accouterments, leotards, knee warmers, ballet slippers. After warm-up, it seems like they are following a video. There is no instructor, but they all look up at the wall in the same direction. The littlest are still getting the hang of it, the older ones are quite good, graceful, coordinated, balanced.
Ellen, “I was wondering where all the curvy tight legs came from, now I know.”
“Had to be dance or gymnastics, swimming doesn’t build leg muscle in quite the same way.”
An hour passes with a ten minute break in the middle, they file out and return to the dorm. They sit on the floor and stare up at the flat screen. Mouths move in unison.
Sarah, “Bet that’s English lessons.”
Janah, “Good catch, that’s exactly it, I can tell from lip reading.”
The last twenty minutes has the older girls paired off with a younger one, they’re having conversation in English. Little kids will soak up a second language in a few months or less with daily exposure. 
“They aren’t left languishing, he keeps them busy.”
Ellen, “Another reason for high prices, these are kids who can socialize, who have a sense of poise and self assurance. It also takes their minds off the reality of their situation. If they came from orphanages, this is likely better, except for the obvious.”
Janah, “This may be troublesome.”
Sarah, “Why? We’ve broken into complicated places before.”
“I don’t mean that. These girls are well treated, educated, exercised. They live in relative luxury. They aren’t isolated, at least there are other kids, TV, things to do. I’m also sure the people who pay to play aren’t violent, pedophiles of course, but not physically abusive. You notice there’s not a mark on them, no welts, cuts or even so much as a bruise. Most kids bump into stuff all the time, not these kids.”
Sarah, “See what you mean. Do you think they might be, if not happy, content with their situation?”
“And we roll in and completely disrupt their lives, or re-disrupt. Then we ship them back to Latvia, or whatever Slavic country they were stolen from.”
“I hope you aren’t thinking of taking on eight more girls.”
Janah, “That would be a challenge.”
Ellen, “What if we take half?”
“It’s a handful, talk it over with Katya tomorrow, it’s late in New York and we don’t have to decide anything now.”
“We could send a couple to Susan, the condo has space she doesn’t use now. I don’t have to ask, they would love it.”
Janah, “That would cut down the number Katya would need to take. Or we could ask Sonia and Black, or even send them all to our school in the Bronx. They can board there year round.”
Eloise, “They must eat in the dorm, they’re setting the table, doing a good job of it too.”
Places set, a woman rolls in a cart, goes out and rolls in a second. She leaves. Two older girls serve, soup first, then salad and a cold meat selection with sides of grilled vegetables.
Ellen, “Napkins folded in laps, left hand off the table while eating, lots of smiles and conversation. Whatever they are, they aren’t unhappy.”
Janah, “No. Unhappy comes when they grow up.”
Eloise, “I need to bring the drone in.”
“We’ll send the other one out when it’s dark, see what guests arrive and what happens when they do. I’ll order something for dinner. We’re going to be parked here this evening.”
I get thin crust Margherita pizza and vegetable salad for Janah, Oceane and Cassie have broiled salmon with roasted potatoes and ratatouille. The rest of us will share a couple of rib eyes and pan roasted chicken with mashed and vegetables. Lemon meringue tarts and cheesecake for dessert. Ellen says the Pinot Gris is acceptable, overpriced but it’s a luxury hotel.
For those who know these things, like Ellen, Pinot Gris is a more intense Pinot Grigio, with a more viscous mouth feel than the lighter Grigio. I don’t drink, I have no clue.
Ellen, “Food is good Daph, perfect rib eye, tasty chicken.”
“Figured we need to calorie up, it may be a long evening.”
Grace B, “I can monitor the video and audio feed if you prefer to go to bed and have sex.”
“Enticing offer, but we want to see what happens with the kids when customers arrive. If they draw curtains, we’ll have to settle for listening.”


Four cars arrive almost by appointment, precise ten minute intervals starting at seven thirty. Routine is the same, show a card to a guard at the gate, hundred yard drive to the house, show the same card to the guard at the door, who takes it and lets the customer inside. There are three men and a woman, no couples.
“Eloise, get the plates, looks like rentals, Daria can figure out who rented them.”
“Daria, you getting the plate numbers?”
“Da. We are following drone feed.”

That done, she pilots the drone to the rear of the place. The patio has heaters spaced around to keep the chill under control but nobody’s out. She zooms in on the rear windows, floor to ceiling, nothing blocking the view, at least not from a hundred feet in the air and two hundred yards away. 
“Eight foot walls and no neighbors, guess he’s not worried about unwanted eyeballs on the show.”
“Pool house on the other side of the pool blocks any direct view, the garage covers the right side. The only open shot from the left is covered by a trellis and vines. You could stand on the wall and not see much.”
Eloise, “Unless you have a drone.”
We can see about half the room from her current angle.
“Come to just behind the pool house, it’s dark enough and the drone is flat back. They aren’t going to notice it. We need to see the entire space.”
Ellen, “Well isn’t it civilized?”
She means the girls are in gauzy chemises or short sheath dresses, platforms or heels. Hair brushed to shiny sheen only a young girl can get naturally. Some is shoulder length, other to the chin.
Amaya tunes in from New York, “Somebody has a good eye, the hairstyles suit the face, longer for a more round face, shorter for narrow. The girls are adorable, the younger ones all smiles, the older ones so sultry well. They’ve been coached.”
“Amaya says they’ve been coached well, and the hairstyles suit the facial structure. Leclerc’s gone to a fair amount of trouble to enhance the appeal.”
Girls bring cocktails, customers are seated on separate leather couches, ten or so feet apart in a big square. Two girls sit on either side.
Sarah, “Looks like girls ask questions, the customer does most of the talking.”
Janah, “They’re good too, smiles, giggles, nods to show they’re paying attention. Like they’ve been to finishing school.”
“I was thinking geisha, same focus on the customer.”
A girl gets up occasionally to take a glass back and return with another drink, this time a glass of Champagne.
“Leclerc must limit hard liquor to one round.”
Ellen, “Makes sense, drunks get annoying. Those people are minding their manners, you notice nobody’s actually touched a girl.”
At precisely eight thirty, the first guest to arrive at seven thirty, is escorted by the two girls out of the room.
“Pull back Eloise, let’s see where they go.”
The drone goes up and back for a more panoramic view, rooms upstairs already have lights on. The curtains are sheers, we find the room where they went easily enough. 
“Bring the drone in for audio.”
It’s eight forty, a trio enters the room next door. 
“Geez, Leclerc keeps the thing orderly.”
Janah, “An hour for cocktails and chat, I’m thinking an hour for play, the spacing gives everyone equal time, but they don’t come or leave together. Nobody knows where the others came from or go to. You notice there was no cross conversation downstairs. Only between the customer and the two girls assigned. My guess about preferences is wrong. They get one older girl and one younger one, I don’t think they get to choose.”
Eloise has the parabolic mike pointed at the first room, she turns the video cam toward the second. We can see in the room, the sheer doesn’t overlap the window.
They aren’t bedrooms, there’s no bed. Another couch and end tables, split of Champagne in a bucket. The younger girl pours him a glass and sits next to him on the couch. He takes a sip, sets the glass on the end table and turns to her. One hand slides along the bare thigh, the chemise only comes to her bottom to start with, it was clear downstairs they weren’t wearing panties. He kisses her shoulders, down her torso, her legs part.
The older girl appears and stands in front of him, she’s nude, her legs straddled a few inches, her hands on her thighs. He turns and takes in the view, smiles. On finger traces the soft slit between her legs, her back arches, head facing the ceiling.
Ellen, “Wow, got her act down anyway.”
We can see enough through the sheers in the first room that the performance is pretty much identical. The audio is….well, let’s listen.
‘My pussy is soft isn’t it?’
‘You are beautiful, and, yes, it’s exquisite, do you like me to touch?’
A giggle, ‘It feels soooo good, put your finger in, just a little, I like it slow.’
The cam shows similar action next door, except now the younger girl is nude and she had the customer’s cock out. She’s tracing the erection with her fingers. The man leans into the girl he’s fondling, he licks his exploratory finger, then starts in with his tongue. The girls has her hands on the sides of his head, her hips undulate gently.
There’s a moan from the audio that coincides with the open mouth of the girl.
About forty five minutes have passed, room two has the older girl doing the hand-job, the customer is licking the younger girl.
Sarah, “He’s hung in erection-wise, I image Viagra is involved.”
He ejaculates, the creamy white shoots up his bare chest, then over the girl’s hand. The younger either climaxes or does a good imitation. Tissue comes out, they clean up, then the older goes off for a minute and returns with two washcloths. One appears to be wet, she runs it up the shaft and over his chest, the younger girl follows tithe the dry cloth.
The first room darkens, we hear a car door slam and an engine crank.
Janah, “Military precision, exactly nine thirty two. Guess they’re allowed a couple of minutes to get downstairs and into the car.”
We catch the audio finale in room three, room four left the sheers parted. The part we see, the last twenty minutes, was a little different. It’s the woman. She’s nude on the couch, the younger girls straddles her face, the older girl sits alongside and uses her fingers to stimulate the woman. The woman orgasms, rather noisily, with a lot of thrash, must have been a Big O.
Ellen, “Woman’s got a nice bod, all toned, she’s what thirty two, three?”
“Looks about right, may be older and just well kept.”
Sarah, “Maybe it’s a fluke for this particular evening, but the men weren’t fat slugs either. Older than the woman, fifty-ish I’d say.”
“If we don’t get Leclerc wrapped tomorrow, then we’re in for another performance tomorrow night. We can verify he’s as particular about his clientele as he is the girls.”
Customers are gone, girls are in their dorm. They carefully hang their dresses, put away shoes and collectively move to the shower. We have the audio on, but there is almost no conversation, they don’t recap their experience. Makes sense, they all did essentially the same thing.
Janah, “Interesting. If tonight is the norm, customers cans touch, kiss and lick body parts but no kisses to the face or lips. The girls masturbate them, but there’s no oral contact on their part and no penetration other than fingers.”
Ellen, “Time for a drink, a nice Elijah Craig on the rocks Grace B.”
Sarah, “I’ll have vodka.”
Sloane, “Me too.”
Janah, “Glass of white for me and Oceane, Eloise?”
“The same please.”
While Grace B arranges, I see Sarah whispering in Sloane’s ear, no doubt suggesting a later assignation, Sloane is smiling.
They have cocktails and we wind down with TV. Some serial killer something on Criminal Minds which must be in its twentieth season by now.
The program ends, surprisingly Oceane and Cass hung around, then I see why. Oceane moves next to Ellen, runs her hand along the sleek tight thigh, leans in and gives Ellen a long kiss.
Janah, “Let’s retire to the bedroom, give them a chance to play.”
Sarah and Sloane go off with Eloise and Grace B, Janah and I go to the bedroom and leave Oceane to enjoy Ellen’s luscious legs. Sometimes Cassie gets involved, sometimes she just hovers and goes off to other worlds.
When I come out of the bathroom, Janah is nicely nude on her tummy. I sit and fondle the satiny smooth tush.
“Any special requests, I’m up for anything.”
Janah pulls her knees underneath her, rests her head on the pillow, “Do that thing you do so well.”
I move in behind her, kisses to the tight yoga tush, then tongue to the point of attack, Janah adores analstim, and I’m superbly trained at providing it.

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