Filets the first night, followed by various intimate couplings or triplings, and a quadrupling of two sets of twins. All subdued in the privacy of various bedrooms.
Today, breakfast is a nod to international, Miso soup, blini with sour cream and caviar, smoked salmon with capers, onion bits and fresh lemon, toasted bagels and crunchy English muffins.
“Katja, you guys have been to Prescott before?”
“Nyet, Mani and Ellen only, short trip, they did not tourist.”
I know to leave it there, must have been a hit, they call it conflict resolution.
Janah, “Remember when they found the dead guy outside the gun club in town? It was a big deal because there’s so little crime in Prescott.”
“Best they don’t find out how much criminal element bought a zillion acres and built a mega-manse just north of them.”
“There’s not much to see, Prescott town square is quaint but unremarkable. Primarily the place is about views, rolling hills and mountains. There’s a small lake a couple miles north of town, but there’s no reason to go see it. Nikko found this place and we like it because it’s a laid back stretch of nothing. There’s an annual rodeo they make a big deal out of, none of us are into cowboy or ranching.”
Katya, “There is so much space here, views from the mountain to surrounding mountains, a pool, bikes and the track, no reason to go riding around in a car.”
Ellen, “And putting the noisy stuff way behind the guesthouse and the garage was smart, between the sound wall and the building, the engines are just a distant hum.”
“Nikko got good engineers and architects. The distance and the outbuildings blocked most of the noise, the sound wall came later and pretty much dampens everything if we’re out around the pool. Inside, all the walls, floor and ceilings are soundproofed.”
Ellen, “I wondered, as I fell asleep it was like being in one of those sensory deprivation things, I slept really well.”
“If it gets too quiet, there’s an app on the phone in your room, you can click and play white noise, or thunder and rain, several other things. It only plays in the bedroom, not all over the house. I forgot to mention it.”
Sarah, “Daphne and I relaxed to a thunderstorm, we provided the lightening.”
Mani, “I can imagine. That might be a good idea for New Orleans.”
“Me and Daphne having sex? I’m good with it.”
Eloise, “Katya, do you have a speaker system for the house?”
“No, just what is on the computers.”
“If you want, Daria and I can install a system, don’t have to drill holes in the ceiling, we use small external speakers with amazing sound. There are wireless Bluetooth speakers for androids and tablets, but they involve usb cables to charge and might play for five hours before you have to recharge. We use speakers wired into the house electrical circuit. Download the music you want, and click selections off your phone or tablet. The actual storage is on a separate plug in device, no batteries to replace or recharge. It isn’t portable obviously, but that’s not the purpose. We can put one in any room, each room can play entirely different music, or white noise, waterfall sounds, whatever you can download you can play.”
Katja, “It is good idea for us. When you come to New Orleans next, we will have room to room stereo, what about TV, Netflix, like that?”
“Same thing, we just route the connection to the speakers, saves you having to have external speakers attached to your computers.”
Ellen, “Neat. Come down whenever, I’ll make us something good to eat, you can visit the Quarter again.”
Playtime, it’s cool outside, but the pool is heated. We’re a mile high, it’s sunny much of the time and it also warms the water during the day.
“If you’re going outside, bear in mind the sun, the cool temps and breeze will trick you into a sunburn. Best to hang under the umbrellas after an hour, that’s all the mommy I’ll do for now, enjoy. Oh, lunch will be out buffet style whenever Dasha and I think it up, tonight is pork loin with stuffed baked and some kind of salad, maybe Italian.”
Ellen comes to Dasha and I, “I want to make something one night, how about veal marsala?  Must have a good meat place, the filets last night were excellent.”
“Sprout’s will have fresh veal, probably get all the ingredients there, we’ll take a run in the morning.”
“What about Janah, the sauce has beef broth.”
“We keep a supply of homemade veg broth frozen, if you use mushrooms and Beyond Meat chicken strips, that’s good with her. Ocean will prefer it as well. Sprouts will also have Marsala wine, and a good fettuccini pasta. We’ll all be in marsala heaven.”
“Great. We’re here four nights, suppose we combine cooking and have fried fish the last night?”
“Perfect, Sprouts will have catfish, trout if you prefer.”
“Then we will have trout amandine, bit of a production, but your kitchen is restaurant scale, if the three of us work it, should be fine. Mani is cut chop and stir if we need her.”
“If you wish, we didn’t invite you to work.”
Ellen grins, cocks her head, “Is cooking for your girls work?”
“Point taken.”
By the time Dasha and I have the kitchen squared away, Oceane is putting on a diving exhibition, along with Sloane spring boarding half the distance of the pool. Okay, I exaggerate, it’s an Olympic pool, but a good third. We have guests, and though they wouldn’t mind, Oceane is in her one piece instead of her normal none-piece. Cassie is poolside watching, she’s in her kart and bike gear, which presumes Sloane has plans for them.
Sloane comes over to where we’re gathered, “We’re going karting, then biking, we have a third of each, come on Sarah, kart with us, then we’ll have a bike training session.”
Sarah, “I can’t fly over those hills.”
“Neither could we, go slow, roll up and over, it isn’t a contest. Come with me, my stuff will fit you.”
Off they go to Sloane’s room, then back down in bike gear.
Sarah, “This is neat, I’m feeling all bad girl,” she flexes her fingers over her palm, covered in leather glove, “maybe we should have fight club, different opponents. Katja wails on me at home, maybe Dasha?”
Dasha, “Day after tomorrow, you can go home beat up Friday.”
Sarah points her finger, “You are so on…”
Amaya shifts her chameleon voice to Michael Buffer, “Letz…getreadyto…rUUUMMBuuulll.”
Ellen, “Damn, you got it precisely, how’d you get down that deep?”
We laugh, Chloe says, “That’s simple stuff, wait until she gets going. Amaya has the octave range of a pipe organ.”
Off in the distance, I catch the low buzz of the karts, some of the others swim, the rest lounge under umbrellas and chat. I don’t follow, how much of their back stories they are sharing is up to them. 
Dasha and I go to our home base, the kitchen, “We have maybe cheeken salad, egg salad, not on sandwich, wiz crackers. We have spicy pickle slice,” we marinate them in Tabasco Habanero Sauce, “and cheeps.”
“Good, let’s get busy.”


I boil eggs, my method after trying all sorts of alternatives, is to put them in room temp water, then let the eggs cook as the water heats to a boil. Let them go another minute or so, turn off the heat and ignore. If I want the yolks not quite cooked, take off the heat as soon as the water boils, swap the hot water for tap with a few cubes of ice. We also add them to the chicken salad, with spicy pickle relish, Tonkatsu sauce, Kewpie mayonnaise, onion and chopped roasted almonds. We use Kewpie, Japanese mayo, it’s firmer than American, it isn’t pumped full of air, made with rice vinegar and a bit more edge than common mayonnaise. A good alternative is olive oil mayo.
Tonkatsu is a fruit based soy sauce, thick, sweet but not cloying. It’s great with Boar’s Head Chipotle Chicken, I’ve used it on corned beef, pastrami, or regular chicken fingers. Try some on a baked potato, doesn’t take a lot, you don’t need to drench the food with it. It’s going to go well with tonight’s pork.
“When do we need to do the pork loin?”
“Maybe an hour before, hour and a half better, If we haf tea at four, then after. I am marinate already wiz gharlic and rosemary. We can start potato at the same time, mash and stuff in skin wiz chop mushroom, roast vegetable on the side, broil wiz a leetle chiz on top to melt or we can meex wiz crim chiz instead.”
“Cream cheese, makes the potatoes tasty gooey.”
“Da, okay. I haf romaine lettuce, chop thick, add Boscoli olive salad, artichoke heart, toast crouton, rice vinegar, anchovy on the side.”
“That’ll fill them up.”
“Da, wiz Ben and Jerry vanilla bean and Ghirardelli brownie. I will make before tea, house ees smell gud.”
Our clan and guests come in just before noon, go to refresh, then circle the table for lunch.
The dirty dirt bikers show up, “You know the drill.”
They undress outside, leave the stuff in the laundry room and shower poolside. Soap and shampoo are in the stalls in plastic dispensers on the wall. There’s a cabinet with stacks of big towels.
They come in wrapped in fresh towels, Sloane, “We’re famished, Sarah only crashed once, not bad for a first timer.”
“I tried to go airborne, first time got a tiny leap, then I got brave and lost it.”
Mani, “You’re not limping, brain still intact?”
“The protective gear is amazing. My knee and elbow hit the dirt, didn’t feel a thing. It was just a fall to one side, I didn’t flip the bike or anything. Cassie is crazy good, it’s like she’s flying, Sloane is just crazy.”
Sloane growls, shows her pointed incisors.
“You don’t scare me, Wolfie, save it for the Shadows. I need to give it another go tomorrow. I won’t jump like Sloane, bet I can get it up a few feet anyway.”
Amaya, “Formula One this afternoon. Can everyone drive a shift?”
Katja and Katya nod a yes, Mani says, “Yep, we had a truck in Mississippi.”
Sarah, “My dad insisted I learn to drive a shift, he got used jeep when I was thirteen, took me out to the country and I drove dirt roads, even off road.”
Mani, “You never mentioned it.”
“Driving a shift never came up. We went once a month for a year, I had it down, he sold the jeep. It was a year after that when I hit on you at the boutique.”
Amaya, “Good, then Daria and I will offer a training session, then two at a time can follow me around the track until you get a feel for it. I’m assuming an interest, you may not want to do it at all.”
Katya, “Where else can we drive race car for free? Sisters will have a turn.”
Mani, “I’m in and I’m sure Sarah will want to.”
​Sarah’s upstairs with Sloane, wonder if…it’s none of your business Daphne, move on.
Amaya, “Good then, how’s two o’clock sound? Couple of hours, back for tea.”
Plans made, some go off to rooms to chill, others remain around the table and talk while Dasha and I clear up. Dishwashers washing, we join the chat group.
Phone dings, it’s Janah’s Society phone, she goes off to talk to whoever. It could be a Social Skills team, a contact or one of the departments. 
Danika, “Janah gets a dozen calls a day poor dear.”
“There’s the Society, the Shaolin temple, her mom calls maybe once a week, her dad frequently, the ranches, Maddie at our Greenwich Village school and the schools in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Joan Wayne, and a few of the other girls we knew at Chapmans still check in. Mini calls frequently.”
Ellen, “Who’s Mini?”
“An old friend, I knew him before Janah came along. He and Chuck owned the Village Diner until they retired. We financed the purchase by some guys Mini knew to make sure it stays a diner, Nikko bought the building.”
Nikko, “We keep not wanting more businesses, but things come up. It isn’t particularly profitable, but my mother opened a Japanese grocery in the other ground floor space and it’s doing well.”
Katya, “Why is it not profitable?”
“Because we gave a good deal to the restaurant and a better deal to Mrs. Murakami. Ari taught Amaya, Chloe and me geisha and the tea ceremony. Nikko’s dad taught Nikko, Chloe and me kendo. They didn’t charge us for hours of training, we don’t charge them for the space. The property value has gone up, adds to our net worth but it’s immaterial, we aren’t selling, if that changes we'll hand it to the Murakamis.”
“I see, makes sense. Nikko gave us an overview of Murakami Sylk, a few more dollars in rent will not anyway make much difference.”
Katja, “Nikko, we have money sitting around in bank and brokerage account. If you see something interesting and don’t want to buy it yourself, maybe we can buy and your property management company can run for us.”
Nikko, “What number are you comfortable with investing, and do you want to finance it or pay cash?”
Katya, “Good question. If we can get a good loan, we can get something worth your time to manage. I do not want to take on commercial property of size, our small pieces in Houston and New Orleans are easy. I have no expertise in major commercial or residential. Is there something around fifty million? We can pay cash for that much, or maybe it is better to put in ten and borrow forty or fifty.”
“You will need a separate corporation, don’t get on the hook personally. If there are cash flow problems, you can wind up sunk.”
“I put each of our small properties in different LLC. They are paid for now, we do not have mortgages, homes are paid for as well.”
“Okay, I’ll call our people, we run property in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. None are cheap, square foot costs are lower in Chicago. We do mid range, no high end. Occasionally we come across a low end that can be demolished and built from scratch. The cities like it, juices up their property tax revenue in the long run and freshens up the area.”
“You will let me know then. We are ready anytime, but no particular rush.”
Amaya, “Enough high finance, time to play.”
Sloane and Sarah come down, Janah returns from her call.
Janah, “Sarah and Sloane look relaxed.”
“Perhaps they napped.”
“Uh huh.”
Nikko, “Mind your business ladies.”
Dasha, “Girls are feenish wiz sexy time, now for the track.”
Sarah grins, so much for minding our biz.


Most of the house goes out to watch the formula ones, Danika Su and I remain to swap towels and freshen baths. The girls are good about making their beds. Downstairs, Su is running a swiffer across the floors, we have wood, not carpet. Carpet is a dirt magnet and impossible to get really clean. When we’re all gone in a few weeks, Danika and Su will cover every corner, shelf and any other flat surface and make dust disappear for a while. When we call to tell them we’re coming, they’ll do it again. The HVAC system helps, good for filtering and keeps the air crisp and clean. A series of super quiet commercial vents over the cooking area avoids filling the house with kitchen scents, important since the downstairs living area is one giant room.
“Thank you, house is in order, our guests are neat, that’s helpful.”
Danika, “I have towels in the washers, they filled both and there’s a few left over. All the swimmers and sixteen girls, towels are at a premium.”
“One of us will check later and get them to the dryer. Linen closet empty?”
“Not yet, we could go a couple more days, Amaya must have bought the store out.”
“I think she bought an even hundred of everything, bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. I recall it taking two days to get them all washed and folded. Then another day to deal with the bed linens, which is more complicated. All the beds are super kings, but each room has different sheets and pillowcases. I had to put signs on the shelves in the linen closet.”
Danika laughs, “Amaya’s creativity comes with a bit of extra work, it’s worth it, the rooms are gorgeous.”
Chloe appears, “I’m designated tea helper, Dasha was busy racing. They’re about to wrap, but everyone smells of engines and rubber, even the spectators. Going to be a lot of showers soon. In fact, I’m going for mine now, I reek of eau du engine and I just watched. Katja and Ellen are hooked. Sarah took a few laps, then she and Sloane went off on the dirt bikes.”
“Where are Cassie and Oceane?”
“With the others, they don’t drive formula one and Cass didn’t bike, when Oceane is around, Cass sticks pretty close.”
“Like no-minded I assume.”
“That’s kind of it actually, good call. They swim in each other’s universe, I see mingled auras. Zi’s commented on it as well.”
“Wonder if they can talk mind to mind, mental like some of us?”
“I presume they do something to connect, they don’t talk much. It was fortunate to find Cassandra, she’s good for Oceane and vice versa.”
“Janah doesn’t deal in fortunate, she wanted a companion for Oceane, she intended to find one, like she intended for the rest of us to show up.”
Chloe, “Glad I was intended, I have the most amazing life, and I’m to the shower before Amaya catches my pit crew aroma.”
The others come in, Amaya, “We reek of gasoline and burned rubber, it was fun though, Ellen and Katja took to it like pros, Katya was more than respectable. Your urchin and her pal Sarah are dirt piggies, they are outside showering. Good thing, I see the house has been tidied.”
“Tea in thirty, take your time, drag the jeans and shirts to the laundry room when you’re done. ”
Sloane and Sarah come in, wrapped in towels for the second time today.
Sarah, “I made a decent jump and didn’t kill myself. My second almost wiped but I got control at the last second, it’s a thrill on those things. Doubt I can talk Katya into a dirt track in our courtyard at home.”
“Just hop a plane and come here, your crew can come out even if we aren’t here. Danika and Su are around.”
“Oh, cool, but, Boney Sloaney won’t be here.”
“Sloane can get on a plane like anyone, fly to New Orleans and then out here with you and any of your crew that wants to come.”
“Great! Um, what about Oceane and Cass? I mean, Sloane kind of looks after them, will they miss her?”
Sloane laughs, “You don’t understand them yet. Out of sight, out of mind. They won’t know I’m gone, I’ll just reappear in their universe when I’m back. I could be gone five minutes, five days or five years. They don’t do time.”
“Go dry hair. We need to get tea done so Dasha and I can get to dinner prep.”
Chloe comes downstairs as they go upstairs, “Daph, what do you need me to do?”
"Water is boiling, time to steep. We’re doing a big dinner, so just sugar cookies and ginger snaps. Use the dining table, too many for the low table.”
She lines up teapots, adds boiling water and swirls it around the pot to heat it and dumps the water out. She adds Japanese Gyokuro organic green and covers the pot to allow the steam to condition leaves for a quarter minute. After which she fills the pots with boiling water. This tea is not as tart as Sencha, it’s more nutty and vegetal. We do not sweeten tea in the afternoon, thus the addition of sugar cookies and ginger snaps. In Manhattan we can get Japanese sweets from the Murakami grocery, but Arizona isn’t Manhattan, their idea of Japanese is sushi.
Girls surround the table and pour, we use tea cups for afternoon tea, that means no handle, hold the cup with two hands and sip.
Katya, “Tea is good, different from Russian black.”
“You have made Russian tea?”
“Da, we use sometimes Samovar Tolstoy’s Sip Black Tea, but we do not add jam.”
“Da, make tea traditional way, like Chloe did today, then add a teaspoon of strawberry jam, plus raw sugar crystals. Like our twin sisters, we do not favor sweet tea, but many people like Samovar method.”
Dasha, “Dahfoney, you will learn Samovar method. When ees peerfect, we will introduce at Ultra Violet. Customer will enjoy preparation at table, staff will like learning new technique.”
“Dang, that’s a good idea, and thanks to Katya for mentioning it. And I don’t see why we can’t expand the jams, use orange, raspberry, cherry. We’ll give it a taste test, I’ll order the tea online and have it sent here. We could have our technique down before we return to New York. Cocktails at six-ish, dinner at seven, pork loin, stuffed baked, roasted vegetables, brownies and ice cream.”


Dinner is wrapping, Katja, “Pork loin was excellent Dasha, and potato with cream cheese, mushroom all good.”
Ellen, “Nice touch on the vegetables, warm but still crunchy, I don’t know why people cook them to mush.”
“Find a spot to light, we need to clear the table. Brownies and ice cream in, what, half hour?”
Zi, “Sounds right, digest a bit first.”
Amaya, “Bar is still open but the bartender is closed, so help yourself, we have Cognac as well. I’m told it’s an after dinner tradition for our friends,” she puts snifters on the counter.
Katya pours a half dozen, “You found acrylic snifters, I had not thought of it.”
“You can get them on Amazon, we use acrylic for all our beverages except hot drinks. Does not shatter if it is dropped, stick them in the dishwasher and they come out clear and shiny. Good for around the pool.”
Amaya leans into Katya’s cheek, “If you have no other plans, Chloe and I would welcome a visit later from you and Katja.”
“V noch, to the night,” she raises her glass to Amaya and sips.
Half the group is watching a movie, Let Me In with Chloe Moretz, she’s easy to watch. I’ve seen it and join the others around the fireplace.
Janah, “We have a Society project, no major thing, it won’t take more than two. Our other teams are either on hiatus or working, so this one falls to us.”
Nikko, “Where?”
“Ft. Worth Texas, outskirts. Pimp running a stable of underage. They work nearby Dallas as well. Texas thinks that arresting the girls but not the johns or the pimp is a good way to handle the problem. Typically idiotic law enforcement. We’re going to approach the situation differently. Surveillance is collecting video and audio of the customers, we know who the pimp is, actually there are two.”
“What happens to the girls?”
“Ranch if they want it, social services if not. We can’t approach them in advance like we do with abuse victims, whoever goes will have to explain options. It’s a onetime offer, if they return to prostitution, we’re out of it.”
Katya, “We will take it, it’s on the way home and we have to go to Houston anyway. It can wait until Friday or Saturday?”
“Yes, we weren’t going to go right away, better to collect more video of grown men and juvenile prostitutes. We’re going to stick them on the web and send video to their families. This is a Society project, you can’t kill the pimps, much as I’d like to.”
“Maybe he will pull gun and we fear for our lives.”
“That’s acceptable.”
I return to the kitchen to cut brownies and dish out ice cream, which needs to soften a bit, when I have plates arranged, I announce dessert.
“Brownies and ice cream, self serve,” then ignore my own direction and fix Janah’s and watch Ellen do it for the twins before she gets hers.
Others share a plate, Oceane and Cass are upstairs redesigning the universe. Sloane takes one small plate up for them to split, comes back for her bigger one. Oceane and Cass don’t do much sweet, Sloane has the metabolism of a blender.
They click the play button and finish watching Chloe Moretz destroy the bullies badgering her young boyfriend.
Janah and I are alone in bed together, if the others have arranged assignations I don’t know about them.
Janah, “Appears our tribes are maturing, our last encounters, St. Martin’s and New Orleans had more open lasciviousness.”
“Sarah was in her lesbian infancy and enjoyed showing her stuff. Mani said she had a tour into masochism, but that sort of lost its fizz. They spar like our martial artists do, if they go after it like Nikko, Zi, Dasha, and I, it’s quite enough pain. The others did the girl tour, maybe they’ve settled on a narrower range of partners.”
Janah giggles, “They didn’t settle on us.”
“Like that matters, I’ve got you to myself, tell you what, let’s not sex, just merge.”
“Lovely thought.”
Merging means we become one physical entity. Mentaling is one mind, two brains. When I mental, as I can with Janah, Nikko, Amaya or the twins, our communication is instant. Merging is a step beyond, two as one. The sensation is bliss, there is no other, no separation, I am Janah, she is me. If you can mental, it doesn’t mean you can merge. I don’t merge with the others, for instance.
Both sets of twins can mental, talk in their heads to their twin, neither merges because they are in effect identical anyway, one is the other all the time.
We always wake up energetic and refreshed after a merge and it’s no different today.
“I’ll get breakfast going, Ellen, Dasha and I need to get to Sprouts for tonight’s and tomorrow’s dinners, Ellen wants to cook tonight.”
“What are we having?”
“Veal Marsala, Beyond Meat marsala for you.”
Downstairs, I run into Dasha along the way, then Ellen shows up.
“Figured it might be good to have another hand at breakfast, what are we doing?”
Dasha, “Standard American, bacon, sausage, scrahmbulled aig, pahncake.”
Ellen, “I’ll be the fry cook, assume you like bacon good and crisp.”
“Absolutely, I’ll crack eggs and get them on when the cakes are done, they’ll stay warm in the oven while we do the eggs. Danika brought fresh cut fruit home yesterday, we needed a milk and bread run and she spotted a good berry and cantaloupe mix. Dasha made crème fraiche last night to top it with.”
Girls begin filing in for coffee or tea, I put out the big bowl of fruit and smaller blows alongside, the crème fraiche in a separate bowl. What else? Help to have spoons wouldn’t it? Stack a pile next to the bowls, a larger serving spoon for the fruit.
Ellen begins frying, Dasha’s flipping cakes, when she’s got forty made I dump half the bowl of three dozen eggs on the griddle and start pushing them around with the spatula. As they firm, I drop the other half next to them. In three minutes I have a pile of soft scrambled, Dasha has pancakes on two platters and Ellen has bacon and sausage on two more.
Chloe is grinning, “You guys are the most efficient short order cooks, you look like Mini’s old crew at the Village Diner,” she laughs, “look like is not what I mean, none of you resemble short Greek guys with goatees.”
“Hope not.”
“No, I meant the efficiency of motion of course. Not a wasted move, zip, flip, onto the next bit. Ellen’s got her game on just like you and Dasha.”
Ellen, “I had the benefit of time in cooking school, Daphne learned from Ms. Alva, Dasha learned from Daphne.”
I’d told the story of Ms. Alva one evening when we visited New Orleans, not to dip into our past, but to explain how I got enamored with cooking.
Sloane zips down, “Dashacakes, yay! She makes the world’s best pancakes.”
“Spasibo, Sloane, where ees girls?”
Oceane and Cassie float down the staircase, park at the end of the table together. Dasha spoons bowls of fruit and drops crème fraiche on top, “Eat it all, fruit ees gud for girls, a leetle crème fraiche also, ees only wheeping crim and buhtermeelk a little. And do not take all morning, we haf to go into town for sprouting store and ees long drive.”
After fruit, they split a pancake and a few spoons of eggs, good enough.
Danika, “I don’t know how they can settle for a half pancake, these things are splendid.”
Sarah, “I’m not settling, Sloane, Cass and I are running the hills today, we need calories.”
“Lunch today will be dig around in the fridge for cold cuts, condiments, bread is on the counter. Your cooks will be shopping, tonight is Ellen’s veal marsala.”
Mani, “Oh God, sooo good, you guys are in for another treat.”
Amaya, “I may have to run the mountain with Sloane and the crazy girl.”
Sarah, “You mean me?”
“No, but if the shoe fits, I’m referring to the alien Cassandra, otherwise known as Moonbeam. I shall swim with Oceane, it’s cleaner than slogging around in the dirt.”
“Amaya, you don’t run anyway.”
“Of course not, running is suggestive of hurry. I do not hurry, the world must catch up to me, I need not catch up to it. I am perpetually in the forefront. Plus I can dive, good for proprioception and maintaining my anatomical perfection.”
Danika, “It’s after nine, shopping girls need to go. Su and I will clear and clean, thank you for another splendid meal.”

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