One Hundred One

Janah spends time with Lauren to find out where she is academically. She’s pleasantly surprised. She’d come across Kahn Academy and Open Culture during long days locked in her room. She’s eight and can do algebra, has a basic understanding of statistics and even some probability. She told Janah she likes numbers.
Janah introduced her to code, or I should say Janah got Daria to introduce her to code. She’s already doing simple programs.
When Susan returned from Greece, I sprung the news, “Another granddaughter, granny.”
Sis, “Christ, you’re up to thirteen over there?”
“Well, she’s only eight, confiscated Cassie’s room.”
“Cass didn’t…never mind, Cassie doesn’t think in terms of minding, she doesn’t mind anything.”
“She’s happier with Oceane anyway, they’re like the strong nuclear force.”
“I’ll take your word, I don’t know from quantum physics. Doing robot code is hard enough. Eloise wants it to do everything.”
Now that Lauren is into code, she goes to Susan’s a couple of times a week. My mom is impressed.
“She’s sucking up the process like a vacuum, we look over buggy strings, she’s getting good at spotting errors.”
“You teaching her to hack?”
“No, Daria does that. Try not to get the child arrested please.”
“Janah would just make a call and spring her.”
We wanted her to go to school, make friends, do kid stuff. The problem is, she’s got a tight routine. Swim, breakfast, work on the robot. Lunch, nap. Code or hack, gymnastics with Dasha and Daria three times a week, free time she’s with Cassie and Oceane. I don’t know what they do, but Lauren is content to be with them.
Amaya and Chloe return from Japan, Katya and crew stay over a few days to unwind before going to New Orleans.
Lauren is happily at the center of attention, particularly when Amaya announces a shopping trip and salon appointment.
Amaya, “Lauren, you have a great mom, but she has the fashion sense of a monk, which she is. Her idea of fashion is skinny jeans. I, however, have enough fashion sense for everyone. No more going about town in baggy shorts and unruly hair. We leave in an hour, Angelo will drive us, Dasha must go to keep an eye on things. First, new outfits, then to the salon, then I shall order things from Chloe Couture made just for you. You shall be splendid.”
Lauren, “Mom, I’m going shopping.”
“Have fun.”
Dasha, “Eemaya, we haf guests and lunch and dinner to prepare. Take Katya and Katja, they will see more of city and you could not get better bodyguarding peersons.”
“I take your point, are they willing to accompany?”
They are, the four go off to wherever Amaya has in mind, she has favored shops. Since Sloane has grown up, I’ve lost touch with kid style. Lauren is going to be transformed, once Amaya makes up her mind, it’s no good arguing.
We do lunch light, Nikko and Zi are at the office, the rest of the girls hang on the roof. We decide to spar in the workout room. Dasha, Ellen, Sarah, Mani, and me.
We go hard, mixed martial arts, time on the qi dummies, finally collapse on the mats with bottles of water.
Ellen, “What is Dasha’s weight program? You on steroids?”
Dasha, “Bearoids.”
“What in hell are bearoids?”
I explain the transmission.
Sarah, “Like you did with the eagle and owl, and Sloane with the wolf. You guys are your own zoo. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.”
“Not a bad description actually. We’ve never tested what the twins can lift, or how far they can carry or drag it. I know Daria tossed around a two hundred twenty pound man like a bag of styrofoam peanuts. And they move around the parkour barrels on the roof like Chan used to. Those barrels are three hundred each.”
Ellen, “When Dasha had me pinned, I thought she was wearing Kevlar, or a suit of armor. Her muscle is like granite. Surprised you stay so flexible.”
“Ah, of course, you and Daria were flexible in the first place.”
“Bear does not interfere with flexible, only make muscle dense and ligament strong.”
Mani, “Ellen was shocked when you tossed her across the mat.”
“Ellen ees most beautiful girl, but ees tough as cheep steak, she does not anyway give in to pain. Now she will come wiz me and I will make her forget pain.”
Ellen grins, “I can work with that.”
They strip, dump the gis in the laundry room and go upstairs.
Sarah, “Looks like the three of us can get up to mutual relaxation after a nice warm shower.”
Three more girls strip, we head to my room, Janah’s in a pretzel yoga position in front of the water rock.
Sarah, “Unwind gorgeous, we’re going to shower, then get nasty.”
Janah never has trouble getting nasty. Foursomes are for more than golf, and we bring new meaning to the term hole in one.
Janah does Sarah while I tingle Mani, we swap, Sarah’s between my legs using her tongue expertly. Janah has Janah Erotica face, don’t have to guess what she’s feeling. A make out break, then J and I strap up and do them missionary position for another round of orgasm, we finale by flipping them over and doing tush tongue until they release once again.
Sarah’s face is in the pillow, she’s still quivering. Mani’s catching her breath.
Mani straps up, “On your knees Janah, I got something for your anal delight.
Janah bites her lip, she loves analstim.
Sarah, “Come along Daphne.”
I follow her to the bathroom, she turns on the shower, we have the dual rainfall kind. She steps in.
“I need to pee.”
Sarah grins gets on her knees, “Get in.”
“But…oh,” I’m slow, but not that slow.
She kisses my legs until the flow starts, then I stream into her mouth. Most goes in and back out, she’s swallowing the rest. I discover it’s rather erotic when a hot girl drinks your pee.
When I’m done, she licks me, I go off splendidly.
The things one discovers in the throes of lust. 

One Hundred Two

Shopping girls return just before tea, back to some normalcy, “Lauren, your cut is adorable, who decided, you or Amaya?”
Her hair is just to her chin, a bob, cut to frame her face along the jaw line.
“She said I could get the bob, or a longer cut to my shoulders, layered and feathered she called it. I went shorter, easier to manage with swimming. I love it.”
Amaya, “Style-wise, we went girly hip. Not little girly, but cute frocks, cool sneakers, platforms, sassy little shorts and tops. I’ll do winter soon, but I’m getting some of that from Chloe Couture along with leggings, hats and scarves.”
“Sounds like you’re all set.”
Lauren, “We dropped the clothes at the dry cleaners, Amaya says it sets the colors better.”
“We’ll get her a bikini if we go to St. Martin’s next year. She’s been swimming upstairs like Oceane and Cass, in the buff.”
“I like it, it seems…exotic.”
Well, at least she didn’t say erotic.
She scoots upstairs with Oceane and Cass.
Katya, “We have to go home tomorrow, going to Houston first, check the shops, to the range, then fly to New Orleans.”
“You know, we didn’t ask, how was Japan? I kept up with Amaya in my head, there was no trouble at least.”
Katja, “Nyet, Japanese make everything go smoothly. Sisters have had enough Miso soup for a while.”
Ellen, “I loved it, Chloe’s fans are nuts, cosplay and kawii all over the place. They have a cute fetish, and the girls are scrumptious, like Nikko.”
Nikko, “Zi and I did cosplay once.”
Ellen, “You? Get out.”
“They used it as a distraction to beat up three assholes who were tormenting a teen girl.”
Sarah, “Loved to have seen that. Two girls hit on Ellen, they were maybe fourteen.”
Ellen, “I was flattered, we flirted, that was it.”
“Technically the age of consent in Japan is thirteen. In Tokyo, however, an adult can’t have intimacy with anyone under seventeen.”
Ellen, “Didn’t know the rules, but fourteen is off my Christmas list anyway. They were tasty bits though. They said they did it with each other all the time.”
“Girls in America do it all the time. It’s not like they get pregnant. Janah stole my virginity at fifteen.”
Janah, “I hardly had to steal it, you gave it up at the drop of your panties.”
“I wasn’t wearing panties, I wasn’t wearing anything, you had just given me a bath.”
Katja, “Sounds like you seduced Janah.”
I smile, “It worked, took almost a year, I started when I was fourteen.”
Janah, “We pulled an age out of the air, fifteen. I figured a bit of restraint might be in order, but I was sorely tempted to get an early start.”
Nikko, “That was the last time Daphne showed any sexual restraint.”
“You didn’t have any hesitancy, we jumped each other within days of meeting.”
“Did I say your lack of restraint was a bad thing? Besides, I was a simple Japanese girl, ignorant of the guile of gaijin sluts.”
Amaya, “Hah! The last time you were ignorant was in the womb, and I’m not so sure about that.”
Nikko admits nothing.
Dasha, “Dahfoney, we haf dinner for feexing. You will grill filet steak, I will make marching sauce. Baked stuff potato wiz chop vegetable. Also fried mushroom and cauliflower for appetizing.”
Sloane, “Yay, my favorite”
Ellen, “What can I do?”
Dasha, “You will sit and haf cocktail drink, I will let you distract me wiz peerfect legs.”
“Awww, so sweet. Let me at least chop veggies, I’ll help stuff the potatoes.”
Girls go off to whatever, we clear tea and sit around the table chilling. We don’t need to start dinner prep for an hour.
“Do we have French bread?”
Dasha, “I forget, I will go to bakery now.”
“Sit tight, I’ll go.”
I hop up, go upstairs to slip into jeans. At home wear is a t-shirt and knee socks, formerly panty free, but with Lauren here, we add that bit. She’s adopted our home casual, so cute in her socks. Lauren is four feet tall, she wears platforms to get a bit of height; except for Eloise, the rest of us are five six and up.
As I leave, I notice Ellen and Dasha have disappeared. I do the honorable thing and avoid going into Dasha’s mind, but I’d confess I want to.
As I walk to the store, Dasha clicks in, Dahfoney, I am making Ellen feel gud.
I have to stop, otherwise I might walk into traffic. I see a flat hard tummy and Ellen silky skin, then Dasha is looking up at Ellen smiling down, her tongue slides across her upper lip, then she bites the lower, her eyes close. She looks really happy.
When I return, they’re just coming downstairs, the others filter in for drinks.
Got what you wanted?
Da, she ees hot girl, she likes Dasha to leek.
Get yours?
Nyet, sister and I are wiz Katja and Katya tonight. I tell Ellen since she did not haf Japanese girl in Japan, she can haf Japanese girl in New York wiz Chinese girl also.
Does Nikko know yet?
Ellen texts her and make sexy suggestion.
What did Nikko say?
Her idea was good for warming up, that Ellen will haf many more services to render before they are done. She ees liking already.

We may not see them after dinner.
Janah, I’m taking on Sarah later, can you find something to do? Always, I could even just go to bed.
The twins are twinning, that leaves Eloise available, no, hang on, I think she and Mani are plotting.
No sweat, I can throw myself on Amaya’s mercy, she loves it when I grovel. And the movie star has her own set of luscious demands. Maybe Amaya will put me in a film.

Amaya, I do not do porn slutski, not on film anyway. You will not have to grovel, Chloe has made it clear she wants you to come and service us tonight. She likes that bit you do to her tush with your tongue.
Her Perfection appears, pours herself  a drink, raises her glass to me, I smile sweetly.

One Hundred Three

Janah’s alone in our room, I come in, “Party pals disappeared?”
“I heard them leave about an hour ago. Suspect Sarah wanted another go with Sloane’s boy part this morning, she is leaving today.”
“I better find Lauren, she may be getting an abundance of sex-ed.”
I find her in her room, just sitting up and blinking awake, “Morning mom, gee, I need to pee.”
I straighten her bed while she does wakeup things, she comes out in her nothing, walks to the closet. We don’t do chests, everything is in the mega closet, outfits, shoes, belts, accessories. Cassie keeps her things in here, not interested in clothes, she has a half dozen chemises of varying lengths, a few simple dresses, sneakers and two pairs of shoes, one pair of winter boots. Amaya will have the place filled with things for Lauren, all of which will be given away every year while she grows and Amaya buys all new stuff.
She’s in front of the three way mirror Cassie never looked at, “I got a cute butt mom. Do you think I’m gonna be a hottie?”
“Keep after swimming and a bit of gymnastics, give yourself muscle tone. In Arizona there’s the big pool and diving. In Canada we hike mostly. Oceane swims there but she has to use a wetsuit, the water’s cold.”
She slips on a silky t-shirt, hands me knee socks, sits on her bed and crosses one leg over the other. I do one sock, she uncrosses and crosses, do the other. 
“You want shoes?”
“Yes, I’m the family midget.”
“You’re slightly taller than average for an eight year old, four feet. Your hands and feet are bigger than the rest of you, which means you have lots of growing to do. I’m guessing five six. Like Janah.”
Time to take Katya and the crew to the airport, Amaya and I do it, Dasha’s got to feed the rest.
Hugs around, we decide to travel to New Orleans in the early fall. Our parting vision is Ellen up the stairs to the plane in her snug shorts. Just before she goes in, she turns to see if we’re checking her out, smiles and winks. 
Amaya, “Geez she sizzles.”
We drive back to the condo, Nikko, Daria, and Zi are gone, Dasha has the kitchen in order. I go to the roof, Cassie is hovering over the pool while Oceane swims. Dasha is watching Lauren on the balance beam.
“Walk slowly, do not look at beam, five steps, turn around, five steps back.”
Sloane races around the parkour course, leaps twenty feet from one barrel to the next. She spots me and comes over.
“Don’t race the ledge until Lauren understands why you can do it but she shouldn’t. She doesn’t have wolf balance.”
“No way, she’s not getting hurt up here, a few bumps from gymnastics maybe.”
Lauren tries to spin her turn instead of stepping it, wobble, drop, Dasha catches her.
“Whoa, I’ve got a ways to go.”
“Not so bad, everyone falls, ees four feet only and mat ees cushion.”
Dasha also put a cushioned cover on the beam itself, it’s easier to walk while Lauren’s learning and she won’t crack her skull if she hits her head. I have her wear martial arts headgear anyway, we aren’t going for Olympic medals.
They switch to tumbling, and finish with Lauren swinging back and forth on the high bar. No tricks, just a pendulum swing.
“On last swing, let go and try to land standing up. I am here, you will be fine.”
She let’s go a little early, hits the mat flat footed but her momentum takes her forward. Dasha snags her.
Lauren giggles, “That was fun, can I try one more?”
“One only, you haf to go slow, gymnastic ees hard on joints, you must build up.”
This time she lets herself go higher and releases as she hits parallel, sails up a bit higher. I see her contort to get her feet under her. She does but overcorrects. If Dasha didn’t catch her, she would have landed on her hands and knees.
“What a spaz,” she laughs.
“Your body will make adjustment. Three days a week only for now, and someone must be for spotting, me, Daria, Dahfoney. In between sweem, make sure to do splits, back bends every day.”
“I’ve been doing them. Oceane and Cass do it with me. Oceane can stand on one leg and hold the other over her head. I can do it, but she has to help me balance.”
“Enough for now. Go and build robot machine, sister will give you hack project this afternoon, tomorrow morning ees for coding at Susan’s.”
Janah, “I’m not seeing the need for her to go to school.”
“I’m not seeing how she has time. We travel half the year. She hasn’t expressed any desire to meet other kids. Sloane did school for a while but it didn’t take. I don’t subscribe to the theory that kids have to flock together to learn how to bully, or avoid bullies, or text, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, Tumblr or whatever. Only old people do Facebook anymore. She’s learning to code and hack, what good is sticking her face into videos and adding a few filters, then getting three hundred messages a day?”
“Tweens and teens eat it up.”
“It’s a way to avoid dealing with mom and dad, not to mention self delusion. They count Snapchat friends, who may or may not be friends, and scores, which are no more than the number of snaps sent and received. Kids get caught up in an imaginary competition. It’s a fake way to think of yourself as popular and a big deal, or a loser I suppose. Kids spend hours on that stuff instead of studying or physical exercise. 
Janah, “I’m wondering if technological progress is an oxymoron.”
The end result of our conversation is me asking the one affected, “Lauren, you have a decision to make. While you have a busy life here, none of us are eight or nine. If you want to know kids your age, then school is one way to do it. I’m not concerned about your education, you’re whip smart and do plenty of things here to learn. But we can’t supply girls for you to friend or hang with. Any thoughts?”
“Already talked it over with Sloane and Cass. Sloane said she was bored mostly, Cass didn’t say anything, but I got to think out loud. I have tons of things to do and learn. Do I get to build an actual robot in third or fourth grade, do they teach me to hack, code, is there a better gym coach than Dasha, a better swimmer than Oceane, a better statistics teacher than Janah? Cass taught me that.”
“Cassie, how?”
“I thought of all the questions as I talked, she…I don’t know, they seemed to come into my head.”
“If you change your mind, speak up. Otherwise, you have a schedule, it’s flexible, but what you’re doing affects other people, stick to it as much as possible. It shows consideration for their time.”
“I don’t mind mom, I’m not locked in a room anymore, my life is like total freedom.”
I hug her, that hadn’t occurred to me.

One Hundred Four

Weeks pass as they are prone to do, not that it matters to us, we don’t age, except for Lauren. She’ll have a decision to make after puberty. We haven’t told her, more interesting to see if she picks it up on her own. Like she’ll be nine, ten, eleven, but we always look the same. Or she might do the math, figure out that Janah and I met physically at twelve, at fifteen in the temple for ten years, then out for over twenty, but we still look twenty five. And our parents appear to be in their early to late forties.
Time flies when you’re immortal.
Janah, “We have a project of a different sort, a mystery.”
“A mystery like a Shadow, or a mystery mystery.”
“How does a whole town disappear?”
“You mean shy of a nuclear explosion, or Walmart shutting down?”
“This town was so tiny, the wasn’t even a Dollar Store.”
“Like a population of two.”
“A couple dozen, not quite, twenty three.”
“And then there were none.”
“Not one, no bodies in the woods, no notes, no messages in blood, or even ink. The staties drove through the ‘holler’ one week, the houses, such as they were, were occupied, next drive though, empty.”
“They hollered, nobody hollered back.”
“Not a whisper. Plates on the table, wash on the line, beds made and unmade. Some cars run out of gas, a tractor in the middle of a half plowed field.”
“Is there something to narrow down a time of day? Like breakfast dishes, dinner dishes, any clocks or watches stopped?”
“We’re going to take a look, ask questions. The call came to the Society from a contact at the State Police.”
“What state?”
“At least it won’t be hot, who goes?”
“It isn’t a refocusing or a Shadow, at least I don’t think it’s a Shadow. Two dozen minus one is a lot of people for a Shadow to control, and why? Bunch of farmers or moonshiners in a place with no name? Doesn’t make sense. Leave the troops here to mind the businesses. Amaya and Chloe stay have projects, Eloise is absorbed with the robot. I’m thinking Oceane and Cass, they can tap into things no one else can.”
“Then Sloane will go, she won’t want them out, even with us.’
“That’s fine, maybe her wolf nose will come in handy.”
We inform the family over tea.
Nikko, “Sounds interesting, we have a few major new tenant meetings, two in San Francisco, I need Daria as well as Zi. If things get crazy Daphne can tap into me or Daria.”
“Dasha, are you good with taking care of the rest here?”
“Da, sister will only be gone a few days, only Eloise, Lauren, Eemaya, and Vesnushki, like a vacation.”
Nikko, “I need Daria two days at most, she needs to be in the negotiations to intimidate the lawyers, then she can fly home.”
Dasha, “Eef something ees wrong Dahfoney, you will say and I will fly to Montana. Sister will meet me, we will take care of any problem. Eemaya will not anyway let anything happen to Lauren.”
Lauren, “I want to go.”
Settles one potential difficulty.
“Good enough, we leave in the morning. Sloane, make sure the ethereal girls have clothes packed, plan on three or four days. Basics, it’s a working trip, jeans, hiking boots, sneakers, sturdy shirts and jackets. Temperatures run about seventy five to eighty for highs, forties to fifties at night. We won’t freeze to death, but it may be chilly.”
Amaya, “ I have not wintered Lauren yet. I shall pack for her, she will be layered and she can take a couple of our watch caps and scarves.”
“Give Sloane jeans and whatnot for Cass and Oceane, Janah has things that will fit okay, Sloane can share her stuff as well.”
Amaya, “They will be suitable for backcountry work. Just do not let anyone photograph them. I am afraid they will look like rubes.”
“Nobody around to photograph apparently. Couple of state cops and an empty small town.”
“Lauren, you need to come with me, we need to make a fake travel ID and your last name needs to be in my fake travel name.”
“Cool. Like spies. Do I get a wicked name? Electra?”
“No, we use unmemorable ones, Smith, Johnson, Wilson. First names like Sharon, Alice, Mindy, nothing weird or unusual. And you can call me mom, but you have to remember to use the others’ travel names or don’t use a name at all, got it?”
“No Janah, Sloane, what are their travel names?”
I make a little list on her phone, J is Janette, S is Sharon, O is Olivia, C is Christine, D, me, is Darlene. 
“And you will be Lindy Stevens. When we get to Montana, wear your cap and glasses everywhere. The glasses are tinted enough to distort those big dark eyes. Layered clothes will do the rest. Don’t get into conversations with people, act shy. Keeps us from blurting out personal things, like where we really live. You and I will be from Kansas, there’s no New York, no Greenwich Village, no condo.”
“So whoever we see there doesn’t know about the Society.”
“No. Nobody knows there’s a Society except us, your grandparents of course, Chan and Black. Even Social Workers, Minders, Transportation, and Surveillance don’t know the Society. They know they get paid to do what they do by people they don’t know. We occasionally see Surveillance people, Minders, who are also called Compliance. But the rule is, don’t chat, don’t act like you have any idea who the others are, like they don’t exist. It’s safer for everyone. And you know never to talk about the Society except with the family.”
“Yes, except nobody here talks about it either.”
“Not much. It has mixed connotations, we do good, but we use violence sometimes. Emotions, feelings are mixed about it. We see it as necessary, so we do it.”
“The man, from before, he would get angry sometimes.”
“Shadows are like that, they have a low tolerance for frustration, they want what they want when they want it, with the least amount of effort possible.”
“Most of the time I didn’t know how he felt, I can’t remember much, he always seemed vague, like a Shadow actually. Whatever he did to me, I’m glad I don’t remember.”
“You’re here and you’re healthy, good enough.”

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