We ended Volume I with Janah and I discovering the joys of physical intimacy. We have, for years, known the joy of mental intimacy. We can read each other’s thought, instantly, no matter where we are. We have no idea why, we just do. People say they don’t think they want another person to read their every thought. They want their mental privacy. Fair enough. We don’t find it frightening at all. What if another person understood exactly what you were thinking, with no judgment. No judgment because they understand you, completely. The people who say they don’t want anyone inside their head are frequently the same people who claim to want their sig others to know and accept ‘who they really are.’
Does anyone see a contradiction? What they mean is accept the image they present.
Janah and I found each other when we were about nine. It was confusing at first, who is thinking what, but we eventually learned how to separate. We also see through each other’s eyes, hear what the other hears. That was bizarre too until we figured out who was actually seeing what. I used to try and pick up a glass that Janah was looking at in her room across town.
We met in person at twelve, her parents moved to the condo above ours in Greenwich Village. Janah’s dad, James Svensson, is a diagnostic psychiatrist, her mom, Kara, an artist. I have two moms, Susan Sylk, my bio mom, and Chris Fischer, my moms lover and my other mom. Janah and I became everyone’s daughter, so we share three moms and a dad.
Janah is a bit of a freak. She has natural snow white hair, and she’s an eidetiker, she has what people call a photographic memory.
I’m another kind of freak. I have unusually quick reflexes, and heightened senses. I can smell sickness like a dog, hear a whisper in another room, see like a telescope or a microscope, which pays off considering my fascination with martial arts. And my martial arts are about to expand exponentially.


My Life of Crime as a Shaolin Priest II

Daphne Sylk