Ellen, “Dang, we’re out burning ammo and I get a text that you’re back same day.”
Katya, “We caught a break, early enough to follow him to a restaurant for lunch. He parked out of the way so his car does not get scratched, left himself wide open for us to take him. He has no problem putting a belt to his family, but protects car.”
Mani, “No details of how it went I assume.”
“No. Sisters did not take a trip anyplace, two unrelated people did. Some person with a man’s name reserved a room at a hotel but did not check in. Van was rented to a different man, not girls. All there is, is nothing.”
Katja, “Eef you ever go, one thing you must first think over. It ees no as seemple as pull trigger, walk away. This is torture, ees messy, and you haf to talk to target so he will understand rules.”
Mani, “If it comes up, all I can do is see how I feel about it then. I think I can do it, but like you said, being there is different.”
Ellen, “Honey, after we saw the pictures of his wife and kids I’d be happy to neuter his ass with a butter knife.”
“We haf anyway twenty grand payday, fly to New Orleans in the morning.”
Mani, “And see Sarah tomorrow night!”
Ellen, “She’s a sweetie, spends half her time texting you, must be love.”
“Only three of four a day, a few minutes. She’s weirded out by all the boys, boys, boys her friends go on about.”
“So she’s not out?”
“A couple of girls know, a teacher I think. Other than her athleticism, she’s not remotely butch, and lots of straight girls do sports. She doesn’t see a reason to make an announcement and it’s not like she’s hitting on classmates.”
It’s getting late and everyone was busy all day, they make their way to bed and a welcome night’s rest.
Saturday morning, close up the house, private car collects them, then to Ellington Field. Skipping Bush International and even Hobby is a plus, much quicker. Like flying into Lakeshore in New Orleans instead of Louis Armstrong, no traffic, no TSA fiddling around. Back in their Quarter home by eleven.
Mani, “I wonder if the Society will have another job soon?”
Katya, “Pearson said they usually have a month or even two month break. I think they don’t want Social Workers to get too caught up in it.”
“She doesn’t know there are two others then.”
“No, I wanted to do a job, then a second, then see. Another team means another chance to get paid and sooner than waiting out the break. Gerard may have told her there are two more people living with us, he didn’t say.”
Katja, “Ees anyway not so important, the money, we haf millions we do not spend now.”
Ellen, “Speaking of, the new thing pushed it back a bit, I need to get settled on a piece of real estate. Mani, let’s take another look at the place on Magazine street, the one that needs work.”
Katya, “And I am supposed to call the landlord for the donut shop expansion next week.”
Mani, “Remember, I go for my boobs Tuesday.”
Ellen, “It’s on my phone.”
Mani decided to go for a bit of breast augmentation, she’s small and basically flat chested. She decided a couple of medium apples might be nice, she has no interest in big, just something instead of nothing.
The twins occupy themselves with books or online, Ellen and Mani go off to Magazine Street. The property was a house, then portions of Magazine morphed into a minor shopping, restaurant, coffee shop strip. The place they’re looking at was a home long ago, then a knick knack store of some sort. Whether it failed as a business or the owner just moved on is unknown.
Ellen’s peeking in the window, “Mani call the number, the sign’s so beat up I’m not sure it’s even listed with them any longer.”
Mani dials, back and forth for a minute, “When do you want to see it next week?”
“Tuesday. I take you to the doc for eight, they said you will be ready to go for noon. So call it nine.”
Mani tells the agent, “Yes, she’ll be here for nine Tuesday morning,” clicks off.
“Good enough, let’s go home, I need to think up dinner.”
Mani, “Can we have steak? Marchand de Vin? I’m addicted to that stuff.”
“Don’t see why not, let’s go do battle at Whole Foods.”
Hour and a half later, they’re hauling in groceries, put things away, go the their rooms to lose jeans and freshen.
Downstairs again, Ellen does a simple Worcestershire and soy marinade, covers the filets and into the refrigerator. She lays out the ingredients for the sauce, which is an hour and a quarter process.
“Let’s see, if we eat at seven thirty, I need to start sauce at six-ish.”
Mani comes from upstairs, “Twins are napping, there was a toy on the bed, must have pre-relaxed before they relaxed, ” she free roams Ellen’s smooth legs and tight tush, “turn around, I need to get my tongue loosened for Sarah tonight.”
She drops to her knees, kisses elegant legs, then loosens her tongue and Ellen at the same time.
Ellen, quivers and sighs, “Watching you work is a turn on all its own, watching you work on me is scintillating sensuality.”
Mani, “I love to sex you,” she returns to kissing legs, “turn again,” she kisses the shiny smooth tush, “oohhh, look, another tingly spot.”
Ellen groans, the pleasure of analstim, a few minutes later, she’s vibing through a second orgasm.
“Oh Christ that feels good.”
Mani giggles, “I love to lick all sorts of things. Plan to introduce Sarah tonight.”
Ellen runs her fingers between Mani’s legs, “Somebody’s stimulated. Sit on the table and spread.”
Ellen kneels, pulls Mani’s legs over her shoulders, leans in. Katja and Katya appear. Even steamier, Mani likes an audience. A gasp, she pulls Ellen’s head against her, the signal to stop in place, don’t move…..then the rush, hormonal soup of ecstasy.
“Aw gee, Ellen’s tongue and twins to watch…I want die like that.”
Ellen kisses the soft spot, “No dying until I’ve had you a few thousand times Thai slut,” she looks to the twins, “want anything, I’m good to go.”
Katja, “Sisters haf play wiz toys for fucking. Will take you up for offering later.”
Ellen, “Just say ‘come along bitch’ and I’m there.”
Off to the showers, then it’s time for Mani to collect her pal, Ellen starts cocktails, brings them to the twins in the courtyard. She sits with her preferred bourbon, twenty one year old Elijah Craig single barrel luxury at one forty a fifth, or five bucks an ounce. The twins are cheap by comparison, Russian Standard is twenty six for the 1.75 liter, a half gallon, a mere forty cents an ounce. A shot is one and a half ounces. In a bar a drink might run five bucks in New Orleans, much higher in a place like New York. Now you know how bars and restaurants make money.
“I love that first chilled hit, fire in the throat, warmth in my tummy, gets me mellow and ready to grill. I have to check on my sauce, back in a bit.”
Once the prep for marchand de vin is done, about fifteen or twenty minutes, it simmers slowly to reduce the wine. When it’s just right, the sauce slides slowly off the back of a spoon, something like maple syrup.
The gate slides open, Mani pulls the Honda in, clicks the button, the gate slides closed.
Sarah, “Ellen! Katja, Katya! Man it’s good to see everyone. I drove my mom nuts looking at the clock all day.”
“Busy at the boutique?”
“On Saturdays it stays pretty steady, but it’s tourists, they come in look and look, most just leave. Mom’s stuff isn’t cheap. We get our share of the relatively well heeled, and she has a local following. It make a little money, that’s not why she does it. Doctor Dad makes a ton, it’s just something to keep her occupied, he’s at the hospital all the time. Not sure when they found time to have me.”
Mani, “Lucky for me they did. Sit, I’ll take your stuff upstairs, you want wine I’m sure, maybe I’ll have Champagne, how about that?”
Sarah, “Super.”
Mani takes the small valise inside.
Sarah, “She’s so great, bundle of energy. We’re gonna have a few rounds tomorrow, I kinda got into the fighting thing.”
The girls have monthly sparring sessions, and it gets rough. The wear headgear, a mouthpiece and a light chest protector, but use martial arts gloves, not fat boxing gloves. A solid punch or kick can sting. They do it for the exercise, also to be prepared for uncooperative targets. Sparring is nothing like a street altercation, but it does teach you that getting hit doesn’t mean you die. They learn to fight through the pain. In a street fight, much of the time adrenaline masks pain, you don’t know how hurt you are until it’s over.
Katja, “We will all haf session.”
Sarah is in tiny snug stretchy cotton shorts and a halter top with not much halter. She smiles as she sees Ellen enjoying her race girl legs, crosses one over the other and runs her hand down to the knee and back up.
Ellen, “You might have to pay for those shorts later honey.”
Sarah, “Do a job, don’t they? I had to tell Mani to keep her eyes on the road. Mom asked if I painted them on. I reminded her I’d seen pictures of her in high school and college. She never wore anything longer than four inches above the knee. She asked if it works as well on girls as hers did on boys.”
“What’d  you tell her?”
“That it works on Mani. She rolled her eyes, ‘I can see that, I can also see she gets your complete attention,’ I’m like, mom, are you blind? She’s adorable. Then Mani showed up, looked me over and said, ‘wow.’ My mother laughed so hard she choked.”
Ellen, “Nice to know she’s okay with it, us.”
“She has a boutique in the Quarter, gay people are everywhere, transgender people, people with dual sexual preference and people with none. My dad’s oblivious, he spends so much time in other people’s brains I think he’s forgotten about his.”
Mani returns with two glasses of Champagne, hands one to Sarah, leans in for a kiss.
She plops next to Sarah, “I gave the sauce a stir, it’s reducing nicely, but it’s still watery.”
Ellen, “Needs another forty or forty five, I’d just gotten to the slow simmer part when you guys came in.”
Mani, “Sarah’s got me on a slow simmer.”
Sarah, “I’ll have Marchand de Mani all over me later.”
Katja, “Sarah ees good tease girl, she ees like attention.”
Sarah giggles, “I doooowa, my mom was like that, must be genetic. Mani said you’re thinking of buying a place on Magazine Street.”
Ellen, “Going to see it Tuesday, I’ll research sales in the area Monday and get a feel for prices. It needs work, not gutting, but major surgery.”
“What are you going to do with it?”
“Back to residential. Whether we sell or lease is undecided. It’s zoned mixed, someone could have an office for clients for instance, but live there as well. The front is all one room, hallway down the middle with a kitchen dining area, two bedrooms and a bath. If we buy it, I’ll add a bath, and the one there needs an overhaul. One bedroom is large enough to add a standing shower , sink and toilet without cramping the space. It won’t be anything like this place. No commercial oven or dishwasher, no rainfall shower or Jacuzzi. The rear is a plain yard with a crappy chain link fence. I’ll stick a deck out there and pave much of the rest, put up a privacy fence.”
Sarah, “Pretty big project.”
Mani, “We decided to do something where we had learn more nuts and bolts contracting. Ellen has a good general contractor and the woman who did the interior and furniture is reliable.”
“So you don’t pick furniture or window treatments yourself?”
Ellen, “Too much running around. I gave her the general idea, she’d send photos, I’d say yes or no, mostly yes, she caught on to our tastes quickly enough. Time to fire it up.”
A second round of drinks, Mani handles creamed spinach and mashed potatoes, then warms a loaf of Leidenheimer’s French bread. Butter’s on the table, nice and soft.
Sarah’s swiping crusty French bread through her remaining sauce, “God that’s heavenly. Whoever invented it should get an award or something.”
Ellen, “It’s French for wine merchant, who made it first I don’t know. The French made thin sauces in the sixteen and seventeen hundreds, then started adding flour to thicken. After that came roux, which is butter and flour reduced almost to a paste. Then make sauce with that as a base. Along came reductions, slow simmer to take out much of the water, to make the sauce richer. ”
Sarah, “Well yours is like your legs, perfect, marchand de legs.”
“Awww, so sweet.”


The evening deteriorates in an orderly way, Mani and Sarah up to Mani’s room after dinner.
Mani, “Need to pee.”
Sarah, “Um..I have this thing, oh God you’re gonna think I’m weird, or a perv or something.”
Mani, “Tell me, nothing is that weird, and we’re all pervs around here.”
Sarah giggles nervously, “Can I watch?”
“You want to watch me pee? Girls pee in front of each other all the time.”
“No, yes, I mean up close.”
They’ve lost clothes except for tiny t-shirts, Mani sits on the seat. “Show me.”
Sarah kneels in front of her and spreads Mani’s legs I bit wider, “Can you do it, I mean, with me right here?”
Mani leans forward and kisses her, “Must be true love.”
She straightens, with a half bottle of Champagne and two glasses of wine, the flow, flows. Mani watches Sarah’s face, she’s almost transfixed, biting one side of her lip. She puts an index finger in the stream.
“Warm,” she pulls it away, then she puts it in her mouth.
Mani reaches for the toilet paper, Sarah lays her hand on Mani’s, “No, just stand up please.”
When she does, Sarah licks the drops, it’s a strange sensation, Mani twitches, a short squirt into Sara’s open mouth. She swallows.
Mani, “Sorry, it was almost like a tickle.”
“No, I like it. Do you hate me now? Please don’t.”
“Hate a girl who drinks my pee? Why? It’s like…”
“Worship and, I…, well, I’ll just say it, humiliation.”
“And you like that.”
Sarah blushes adorably, looks up to Mani, “Yes.”
Mani, “You like what you like. I can be domineering.”
“You can?”
“Compensation for being small, Ellen likes some of it. I make her walk around naked all day, she can’t get dressed until I give her permission. She loves being ordered around by the twins, but they’re fairly gentle about it. She wants us to hit her, but we just can’t. Tried it a few times, Ellen wanted it, I dropped it though. Fighting, like we’ll do tomorrow is how we compromise. We can’t do it just to do it, but training gives us a reason.”
Sarah, “You could hit me…if you wanted.”
“I don’t know, that part we can do the same way we do Ellen. Maybe I’ll think up other stuff, but you have to be honest, if whatever it is doesn’t suit you, say so. I won’t make you do anything you don’t like, doesn’t turn you on.”
“I’m good with that.”
“Have any idea where this came from?”
Sarah, “Sort of. I fudged when I said I was a virgin to sex.”
“So you did with other girls before, that’s okay, so did I.”
“It wasn’t exactly voluntary, at first. I was ten. Three girls at school, older, fourteen, trapped me in an empty locker room at school. They…touched me, kissed me, stuck their tongues in my mouth. I pretended to resist because they thought they were being mean. Then one of them pulled off her panties and made me lick her. Then I had to lick the other two. I said no, but they pushed my face into their pussies and ordered me. When I was done, they spit in my mouth and laughed. They figured out I liked it when I started masturbating while it went on. They thought it was hilarious, even believed they’d turned me into a lesbian. I had to bring them lunch, follow them around like a puppy. They decided I couldn’t wear panties at school so they could reach under and play with me whenever they wanted.”
“Not around other people?”
“Oh no, they were careful, but I became known as the slave. Girls just thought I was sucking up to be one of them. When they teased me about it, I got…excited. I’d run to the bathroom and get myself off.”
“How long did it go on?”
“Till the end of the school year, they went to high school, never saw them again.”
Mani, “Wow. But you were okay with it, and that’s when you learned you liked humiliation.”
“Pretty much. Towards the end, they used to make me watch them when they pee’d. I had to do the thing I did with you, and they really laughed when I’d diddle myself while cleaning them with my tongue. They called me Miss Pissy.”
“Nobody caught on?”
“They didn’t say it in front of anyone. It was their private joke. Looking back on it they probably didn’t want other girls to know and risk some of them wanting in the game.”
Mani pulls her to the bed, “I’m wet, sex wet, if I don’t get after you I’m going to explode.”
Sarah laughs, hand to mouth, “I started to keep it a secret, I had this feeling about you though, that you would get it. Must have gotten a domination vibe from you. Maybe I’m just crazy.”
“Change of plan, turn over, on your knees, lay your head on the pillow, I’m gonna make you insane.”
While Sarah learns the joy of analstim. In the twins room, Ellen is in the identical position, Katya underneath tongue teasing her clit, Katja behind, tingling her butt. Ellen’s slow sizzle reaches the combustion point, it’s like levitating, then flying.
Ellen rolls to the side quivering, “I’m…geez, can’t make a clear…what was I saying?”
Katja, “No thinking, you must leek sister now,” Katja straddles her sister’s head, facing Ellen laying between Katya’s legs. The festivities resume. In a few minutes, the twins simulgasm. When the hormones settle, sisters strap up and take turns, first Katya does Ellen in the ass, then Katja pushes her over, spreads succulent legs and screws her senseless.
Bad girls.
Morning creeps in, girls don’t move until eight thirty. The three shower, Ellen goes downstairs to make coffee and tea. Sarah wakes, goes to the bathroom, as she’s brushing her teeth, Mani comes in and starts towards the toilet. Sarah catches her arm.
She starts the shower, “In please.”
“I have to pee.”
“I know.”
Mani stares at her, grins, “Oh.”
She rinses, they climb in, the warm rainfall shower runs over them. Sarah kneels , Scoots underneath Mani’s open legs. A warm stream in her face, down her body, she opens her mouth.


Scrub, rinse, toweling off, Sarah says, “That was….oh God, I like it.”
Mani looks at Sarah’s pink blush, “I like doing it,” she takes Sarah face in her hands, licks her lips, “open,” she spits in Sarah’s mouth.
Sarah squeezes her legs together, “I want to get off,” her hands starts down her tummy.
Mani stops it, “No, you have to wait, I want you squirmy all day.”
Sarah groans, “Won’t be hard to do, I may orgasm without touching.”
They dry hair, Mani pulls on a t-shirt, Sarah picks up hers, “Skip it, you’re naked this morning.”
“In front of everyone?”
“Let’s go downstairs,” Sarah looks hesitantly at Mani, “Go I said, now, I want coffee.”
Katja and Katya are at the table, Ellen is organizing breakfast, they look up.
Ellen, “Yummy, nude Sarah, come here.”
Sarah walks over, Ellen kisses her, hand runs over the curve of butt, she licks one nipple.
Mani, “Kiss Ellen’s pussy, bitch.”
She kneels, raises the shirt, Ellen’s always panty free. She leans forward, one soft kiss.
“Bring me coffee.”
Katya mentals her sister, “She is into domination, like Ellen.”
Katja, “Ees okay, they haf a way to play, no mahter.”
Ellen, “No lunch today after such a late breakfast. What time do we fight? One?”
Katja, “Da, one ees good.”
Katya’s phone dings, “Da,” she gets up and walks to her office.
It’s Penny with a new contract, Katya listens, clicks off.
“Contract in Colorado, Boulder.
Katja, “When?”
“Anytime, details on computer later. After Sarah goes home we will review.”

Katya goes out to join the others, doesn’t explain the call.
Mani’s in the cushy oversized leather chair, practically a love seat. Sarah sits on one side, back to the arm, legs over Mani’s.
Mani absently strokes glass slick thighs, her hand comes to rest on the sensitive spot. Sarah nuzzles her neck, kisses Mani’s cheek.
She turns to the others, “I hope nobody is weirded out. Mani made me wear nothing.”
Katja, “We boss around Ellen, she likes that and likes showing herself off.”
“I wanted her to bitch slap me, but she said that’s part of the fight practice. I’m going to get mine in today along with Ellen.”
Ellen grins, “A masochism pal, how ‘bout that?”
Sarah laughs, hand to her face, “So it’s okay? I can take my clothes off, with Mani’s permission of course,” kisses the palm of Mani’s free hand, the other warming between her legs.
Katja, “We do not haf meeny rule. All sex gratify ees good. Anyway, you are beautiful athletic girl, anyone will want to see naked. Katya ees special liking.”
Sarah looks towards Katya, “Oh, you are impossible to read, quiet mostly, neither twin smiles, Katja sometimes, just a bit.”
Katya, “Sisters have a sense of humor, but you are right, we do not much smile. Ellen has gorgeous smile, we are happy when she does.”
Ellen naturally grins, shiny white perfect teeth.
Sarah, “She makes everyone hot for her.”
“Awww, thank you baby girl,” she stands, walks over, takes her hand, “hop up, Mani is the boss, but she can’t be havin’ you all to herself.”
Sarah looks at Mani, she nods, “Have fun.”
Earns her a long kiss, then she rolls off the chair and heads up the steps, Ellen behind her. Halfway up, she turns, takes Ellen’s hand and puts it between her legs.
Ellen fondles, strokes, a short show for the rest.
“Oh geez, I may ignite,” they go up and Ellen’s door closes.
Katya, “Now I am for giving sex, Mani, come here and stand next to sister.”
Kneeling in front of them, she starts in on Katja, then Mani, back and forth until she’s facialed in girl lotion and the two shudder and gasp to climax.
After they can breathe normally, Mani says, “On the edge of the couch, time for a double team.
Two girls between her spread legs, Katya’s double tongued to sensual submission., then Katja and Mani end with a long deep kiss.
Katja, “Sister tastes good on Mani’s lips.”
Mani, “I’ll say.”
Katja, “Does Sarah know about sisters?”
“Sort of, she has primo radar, she gets the vibe between you, how you touch each other gently, sometimes a kiss on the neck or shoulder. But she didn’t pursue it.”
They go off to bedrooms to refresh, Mani sits on her bed and tries to imagine what Ellen and Sarah got up to.
Sarah comes in, goes to the bathroom, water running, the sound of tooth brushing.
She comes out, “God she’s creamy hot. I did her first cause I thought I’d go off so quick, after all the morning fun. Didn’t work, I had an orgasm while I licked her.”
Mani, “Good, you got a second then?”
“Two more, one when she did the front, another when she did the back. Next time, would you fuck me there? I want to try it.”
Mani, “Cool.”
They lay together and zone out for an hour then it’s time for training.


They round robin, only Katya and Katja don’t fight each other. Mani’s not as big, they bash her, but not as aggressively as they do Ellen. Ellen’s gotten tough, and she and Katja go at it hard, neither wants to surrender. Katja clocks her with a right cross and Ellen slams to the mat.
Katya, “Enough for Ellen, Mani will fight Sarah. Sarah, you must not hold back. Remember, no punch directly to face, no broken nose, girls are too pretty for smashed face.”
They swap punches and kicks. Chest protectors provide safety against broken ribs, but not battered ones. Mani gets a spinning kick all the way up to Sarah’s head and sends her down.
Sarah twists her neck around, “Damn, didn’t know you could kick over your head,” she gives Mani a taste of her own medicine, hard left hook, then a side kick that sends her sprawling.”
Mani sits up blinking, “Nice shot honey.”
Katya, “Take off gear, we will practice mixed martial arts, arm locks, leg locks, choke hold.”
Katja faces Sarah, Ellen has Mani, Katya instructs. She’s memorized a few key moves off various videos, demonstrates on the girls. Soon they’re smashing each other to the mat, grappling, twisting, learning reversals and escapes. Then practice things not allowed in a ring, strike to throat, fingers in eyes, smash the groin. Obviously they don’t do any of those things, just act it. The point is to lose any notion that a street altercation has rules. An hour later, five lissome lovelies are a sweaty mess of tender spots and knots.
Sarah, “That was fun!”
They’re downing a third bottle of cold water, pass around the aspirin bottle. A freezer in the training room is filled with gel packs. Undress, stretch out and apply packs to the most battered spots. A half hour of freezing, they start to feel more normal, everyone has a stiff ankle or wrist.
Mani, “I hope your mom doesn’t freak.”
Sarah, “I’ve gone home beat up from these sessions before, and I’ve had various running injuries, she’s used to me playing hard.”
“What time do you need to go? Can you stay for dinner?”
“Love to.”
Mani twists her neck, “We all got beat up, you even rang my bell, slut.”
“Katya said don’t hold back.”
“She’s right, at least I escaped Katja’s abuse, she’s wicked powerful. Katya doesn’t let loose like her sister.”
Long hot showers, then more gel packs, followed by tea. Today Ellen has sharp cheddar, blue cheese brie with crostini and roasted almonds.
Katja, “What ees dinner?”
Ellen, “Italian salad, roast chicken, white beans and cornbread. If we want a sweet, there’s ice cream or Enstrom’s almond toffee.”
Katja, “Good, sister and I haf to look over business een office, we will come for cocktail, one hour,” they get up and go to the office, the door closes.
Ellen, “Mani, the beans are in the refrigerator, put them on the lowest setting to warm. Sarah, grab the romaine and chop it up, let’s see olive salad, anchovies, that’ll do it.”
Mani cuts up the chicken and lays the pieces out on a pan. It’s cooked, but Ellen likes to crisp the skins, so it will sit in a just warm oven, then she’ll broil it long enough for the desired result.
Cocktail hour arrives, Ellen shows Sarah the twins preferred, vodka rocks, dash of orange bitters for Katja, Katya alternates between a couple of almond stuffed olives, or just straight in a frozen shot glass.
“Vodka’s in the freezer, Katya will drink whatever I make, I generally rotate. Last night was bitters, just a straight shot tonight. Fill the double shot glass and stick it back in the freezer.”
Mani, “We’ll have a cold, sharp sauvignon blanc, sound good?”
Sarah, “Perfect.”
Mani uncorks, pours two glasses, “Ellen?”
“Later maybe, right now my usual.”
Sarah, “I’ll do it, lots of ice, three fat fingers of Elijah Craig, right?”
Ellen kisses her, “Such a cutie.”
The twins come in, Sarah hands them their cocktails, everyone plops down at the dining table, too tired to organize sitting in the courtyard tonight.
Ellen, “Mani has her enhancement Tuesday.”
Sarah, “I’m ducking school that day so I can help take care of her.”
Mani, “For sure? That’s great, I might be a little ditzy.”
“No sweat.”
Katja, “Sisters will travel Monday then, eef Ellen will haf help for Mani, you are sure Sarah?”
“Absolutely. Where do you have to go?”
“Just only Houston, we are expanding one shop, there is beezness to discuss. We would not go eef Ellen was here only, but you will be helping.”
Mani, “I’ll be fine, still, happy Sarah will be around.”
Sarah, “And I can come Wednesday too if you need me, really it’s okay.”
Mani, “Go to class, if I need the help, you can come after school.”
Second rounds, then time for dinner, salad, platters of roast chicken, cherry sauce for dipping, white beans with ham pieces and Ellen’s jalapeno cornbread.
Sarah, “I watched a documentary last week about child sex slavery, how prevalent it is in America. These pimps pack them up in a van and haul them to various cities, Atlanta, Las Vegas, all over. They run ads on the dark web. Girls are arrested sometimes, but almost never the pimps or the customer. How stupid is that?”
Ellen, “You think anything can be done about it?”
“Well, you would think that with all the other money the governments wastes, they could be more aggressive on child prostitution and more helpful to the child prostitutes. There were cases where mothers pimped their girls to men to get money for drugs. If mom needs a fix to get through the day, give her a safer alternative in controlled conditions so she doesn’t peddle her daughter for it.”
Katya, “Chasing around drug dealers is big business. DEA and local vice cops get paid, social workers get paid, gun manufacturers get paid, rehab centers, courts and judges, bail bondsmen, prisons. They don’t want to stop the drug business. They want to put on a show and make money.”
Sarah, “Gee, I never thought of that, that’s disgusting.”
Dinner over, Mani drives Sarah home, Ellen cleans up. The twins go to read the details of the latest contract.
Katya and Penny use Tor, the anonymous browser. Katya showed her how to set up an ad in the dark web for conflict resolution. Customers don’t send cash, they pay in bitcoins. Customer pays the full amount upfront, it’s stored in a bitcoin vault. Both parties have a code, both codes have to be entered to open the vault and release the funds. There’s no point in the buyer trying to withhold payment, he can’t get to the money with only half the code and only Penny can receive the bitcoin credits, not the buyer. They found a couple of brokers to anonymously convert bitcoins to cash. Naturally there’s a fee, but it’s all cleaned up when they get it. Penny wasn’t surprised that so many people want someone dead.
The new target is a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Must be more than typical academic squabbling. The job, however, doesn’t specify any need for urgency. They go to the main room, Mani is just returning.
“Sarah’s mom is so cool. She asked about her limp, Sarah explained the training session. Her mother said, ‘Good, in this city I’m glad you’re learning how to protect yourself.’ Cool mom is also hot, she was in tiny shorts, hip huggers at that, she caught me staring while Sarah was putting her stuff up. I blushed a bit, she smiled and winked at me. I wanted to kiss her, I’m sooo nasty.”
“What ees nasty? She ees beautiful woman, you admire, she should be compliment.”
“Are you traveling soon?”
Katya, “Job is not a rush, we will not travel until you have a couple days rest, maybe Thursday.”
Mani, “Oh, gosh, I’ll be okay, I’m touched that you decided to wait.”
Katja, “We haf no much feeling for anyone, but our leetle fahmahley of killer girls ees deeferent. We must look after each other.”
Mani bites her lip, a small tear, “Thank you, I don’t know what to say.”
Katja, “No need to say. You will haf teets, then sisters will go kill professor person.”
Mani, “Wonder what Sarah would think of our sideline?”
Ellen, “She’s a sweetie, but she doesn’t get to think of our sideline. She did seem agitated about the child sex thing.”
Mani, “She talked about it on the ride home, not in a happy way. I didn’t encourage her, just listened. She switched topics to a race she’s in next Saturday. It’s in the morning, she’s going to the boutique after, then coming over. I told her to skip going home first, she can bring her stuff to work and walk here, it’s only a few blocks.”
Ellen, “Why didn’t she do that in the first place?”
“She wanted to go home, shower, get fixed up, you know, like a date. We’re past that now.”

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